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there's little i control

the number generator picked 44. which turns out to be this is yellow .

please contact me and i'll get your doily shipped out to you!

i just want to say how LOVELY it was to read the enthusiasm about this project. and how great it was to see and "meet" some new to this blog peeps. and i wish i had enough doilies to give to everyone because i loved the thoughts on where everyone would put them. i think i'm going to work on making a limited edition set of small vinyl doilies so hopefully anyone who wants them can have them. doilies all over the world in all sorts of places is a daydream i'd love to make a reality. it's a matter of production - where, how much, etc. but i am starting to research. if anyone has any ideas/thoughts/leads on this, i'd love to hear them.


i've been working on a new idea in the studio. here's a first sketch of said idea. well actually it's the backside of said sketch. i always love the backside of embroidery. so much that sometimes i show it as the front. in this case that probably wouldn't make sense, but out of habit i always turn something over when i'm done working on it to see what it looks like. almost every time i like it just as much or MORE than the front.

i don't know if it's the surprise, if it's just that there's so much evidence of process, if it's the random mess...

the problem with this idea of mine is that one piece will most likely not stand alone. and i'm not sure what kind of fabric to use. this idea stems from my desire to actually do something SUPREMELY minimal with thread - simple. clean - but with a hidden meaning/agenda if you choose to look for it. i just don't know if it's going to translate yet.

on that note. i should try and sketch out another one. maybe on another fabric just to try it out....

have a great weekend !

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gramin my book

it's feeling a bit more holiday-ish around these parts. i managed to get the mantle decorated during a naptime. after all it's our first christmas as a family of 5 [i'm including the dogs and cats]. surprisingly i even have the urge to listen to some sappy holiday music. so i downloaded some. i tried to find versions by bands/people i like [sufjan stevens, mew, arcade fire] if i like what i found i'll share.... i'll try and share some photos of holiday trimmings soon too.

i was poking around the studio the other day working working working when i opened up one of my doily books and the above envelope/article slipped out. i stopped in my tracks - seeing my grandmother's writing brought a tear to my eye. she used to send me clippings from the LA times, or just random things that she thought i'd be interested in. this article was about an art fair in LA. i know i took it to the studio and read it, and then placed it the book. and then years later here it was. i'm glad i found it. it made me feel as though i was sitting with her for a moment. in the studio she helped me build. it was a nice feeling.

so what am i working on, you ask?

sneak peek

there's a sneak peek. i'm working on some small pieces for the enormous tiny art show in february.

i'm excited. trying out some new stuff mixed with some old ideas. the small format is perfect for experimenting. somehow i feel like i can "see" easier when i work small. these are 5"x5" squares. oh so cute.

lake temescal

[this photo has nothing to do with what i'm about to say. taken on a walk with the little. cold almost winter day. made me think of shari and her pond. ]

so here i am waiting for a studio visit. i'm hungry. get my plate ready. turn on the TV [oh what a luxury]. switch on charlie rose. hello jeff bridges. hello maggie gyllenhaal. oh you have a new movie.

i am convinced charlie rose is a prophet. why you ask? well there was the time in a late night stupor cate blanchet got me started on atrophy [read the post - also around the holidays? here . when i re-read it i realized that i used to write longer and more philosophical posts. hmmm] OK - so maybe it's not mr. rose per se - but i watch the show and somehow things get discussed in a way that shoots to the core of my being. i immediately think - i was JUST pondering that.

today? jeff bridges mentioned fear. fear as the equivalent of fire. how you can warm your feet by the fire and it can simultaneously burn your house down. indeed. feeling a bit fearful about work in the studio and lack of work for money this resonated. then maggie gyllenhaal talked about how her role in this film [ crazy heart ] made her feel vulnerable. how she used to think that you had to be strong and fierce as a woman, but that now she thinks that being vulnerable is OK and is a place you can learn from. um yeah. that would be me. and then the director scott cooper talked about getting back to zero. how you have to start and end a scene at zero. and then jeff and maggie wax poetic about how that's true. you can't recreate a great moment that just happened. you have to re-live - do it again - make anew. that is exactly what i was struggling with in the studio. how to do what i know how to do but also try something new. to meld the two together and see where it takes me instead of trying to force out pieces. or re-make pieces that i already have. that just never works. GET BACK TO ZERO is a good way to think about it.

the lesson here is that if i watch charlie rose in december with actors that i like i have to be careful. or i have to really pay attention because it may just be a mirror of my mind/life. you can watch the show online on charlie rose's website. it was aired 12/16. or search for jeff bridges. [today it's on their home page, but it will move to the archive soon enough].


ok. if you are in need of a last minute gift idea? under $10? check out what some of us moms have listed on cafe mom

there's a $20 version too

eireann is featuring a month by month re-cap of her year with a photo from her archive. it's a really nice thing.

have a great weekend!

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I am officially band-aid color

i didn't think that band-aids were real skin colors. really i didn't. and then i put one on yesterday and looked down and what do you know? i'm band-aid colored. this photo doesn't really do me or the band-aid justice, but honestly - it's kind of creepy how well it matches.

these are actually the kind of thoughts that consume minutes of my day.

i was driving the other day -- rushing rushing -- always rushing -- and i had the thought -- i wonder what it would be like not to multi-task. to actually have enough time in the day to do what you wanted to do AT THE PACE you wanted/needed to do it.

we now hear all these buzz words - slow food, slow media, slow fashion [i'm tossing this one around for another side project i'm working on. but that's another post]. but i never do anything slowly really. except for when i'm actually making art.

my brain is full of ideas. grandiose and minuscule art ideas. ideas that make me want to drop everything else i'm doing - which is simply impossible and unreasonable. but my head - it wants to explode with thoughts of kites, cloud formations, viruses, toxins, balloons, bombs, slovakian bobbin lace, and military ribbons.

and then there's the whole color study work i want to do. nothing but thread and stitching and colors. really quiet. shhhh. all about texture and subtlety and getting back to the basics. but that would be kind of a left turn from what i need to complete and things i've promised to folks. i do want to get there... but i may have to be patient.

colleen double ended colored pencils

i've been inspired by these double sided colleen colored pencils that i first spied here . i like the idea of making drawings using their color combos. sometimes i find it relaxing if one element of what i'm working on is determined by some outside force. the scale, or the color, or something. it makes me feel like i have one less thing to worry about.

i'm working on these very small drawings for an upcoming show - and i found i really had to push myself to use more than 1 or 2 colors. i tend to like small shifts in a color family - like a bunch of teals and greens or several pinks and browns together. throw in one more color and i start getting twitchy. i'm trying to use at least 3 colors in some of them [the work is kind of all about 3] and it's making me work really hard. i think this is good, but part of me is still complaining.

i've also been thinking about pressure. it came up with one of my students who has had some early success with showing and selling his work. he said making art right now isn't as much "fun" as it was before because he has all these extra voices and thoughts in his head right now. i feel for him. the best moments in the studio [for me] are when you are present and yet also somehow in some other world - where you don't really have any "everyday" thoughts in your head and you aren't worried. you are just kind of making. it's hard to banish the outside temptations, influences, general "noise". i'm have a particularly hard time of it now. but i'm going to practice what i preach [to my students] which is to soldier on. discipline through it.

on that note. back to work. i have to re-write my artist statement for a proposal. this proposal is big. it's daunting. if i get what i wish for it will be pretty amazing. and that's all i'll say for fear of jinxing it.

happy wed.

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My Studio Being Built in my Backyard from Lisa Solomon on Vimeo.

ok. i finally did it. a dumb slideshow of the progress of my studio being built. the slideshow is dumb - but the studio, oh the studio is not !

i think my husband wanted to kill me for having it built in the winter while i was pregnant [and then completed after the baby came early. i joked that the little would only be able to sleep to the sound of saws and hammering since she was so used to those noises]. truth be told that wasn't the smartest idea, but thankfully he succumbed to my whims. i had it in my head that if the studio wasn't done before the baby came that it wouldn't be done in "time". i sort of needed it there to make sure that i was still an artist. or that i could and would still be an artist along with being a mother. [i had some serious fears about losing my identity.]

it also destroyed our yard and made a lot of work for him. but now we have the studio - which i literally daily can not believe is MINE - a re-tooled yard w/ a great veggie patch - 2 brick patios for sitting/eating - and there's even a grassy area for CC to play on. [thank you hubby for working so hard on our yard]

what is super duper amazing is the design. provided by the fabulous John Riordan. who writes for sew green . and who also writes books, like Boutique Restaurants [full disclosure - the image on the cover of that book on the bottom was taken by me :)].

i NEVER EVER dreamed i could have a studio like this. designed by someone like john. during the whole process - from his inspiration board, to asking me what kind of light i liked [filtered], to walking me through the process of getting permits, to having him solve all these crazy problems with the contractor - he was amazing. i have only collaborated with creative people a few times and each time it has been one of the most rewarding things. this was no exception. it feels like i owe john my first born. i am forever grateful. thank you.

i love how it glows at night when the lights are on.....

i'll show you the inside soon.


before i go. one link. the perfect blog for paper and pencil freaks [like me]
pencil talk . introduced to me by the lovely mr. levy . sigh and sigh again.

have a great week!


playing dress up

so - my first day back at work went OK! i had the back to school jitters. thought about what to wear, what to say to the students [how to be serious, but also convey humor at the same time]. the what to wear thing was a bit more complicated as i had to pick something so that i could easily pump. hence the button front dress was chosen.

i couldn't help but think i was playing dress up as i was running around the house making sure i had everything i needed. i've been wearing jeans and t-shirts and no make up for 8+ months. it was odd to wear nice clothes. when i dropped cc off at daycare they commented on how "adult" i looked ! ha !


i'm frantically getting ready for my upcoming show "binding constants" with marina luz and diem chau at rare device . it opens next friday. i'll post a bit more about it next week [if you are on my mailing list you got my newsletter already!].

it's funny that once the work is "done" there's all this other work to do. measuring, signing all the pieces, cleaning them up. hence the above detritus.


when lisa c came over to do a studio visit we were chatting about all the stuff that we reject. that doesn't make the cut and that no one ever sees. how many times did i draw or stitch something only to have it not work out correctly? above are some of the rejects and research for this show.

i'm thinking it would be really cool to curate a show SOLELY of rejects. i wonder why and what we as artists reject and if other people would think they were rejects or not.

my inks

just because art supplies make me giddy. here are my lovely acrylic inks. soldiers ready to march to work.

OK... back to getting my price list ready....
have a great weekend. see you next week!

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lunch is better with flowers

first - thanks for all the kind responses to my last post :). no wonder i like it out here in internet land.....

my old studio mate came by for lunch. it's what i miss most about sharing a studio space. we'd often stop what we were doing to eat and contemplate the universe. we'd discuss our upcoming projects. he'd ask me what colors he should use, i'd beg him to help me construct something. we'd ramble about music, the oakland A's, interesting designs, artists, clients, materials [always in search of the perfect tool].

anyway - he brought mac+cheese and an avocado corn salad and the above flowers - which looked SO lovely in their blue and kraft paper packaging i had to photo them.

thanks faiss .

his + hers sneakpeek

here's a sneak peek of what's going on in the studio.

i'm working on some new pieces for a group show at rare device that opens Oct. 2nd with 2 artists i totally admire marina luz and diem chau

my work for the show is based on my grandparents. i'm working on things that are "his" and "hers" and how i remember them and how they lived their lives.

it feels good to be making things. the nanny has returned from vacation and so i get 4-8 hours a week to work. it's amazing what i can get crammed into those hours now. there no longer any time to dawdle or procrastinate. in fact i spend a lot of time when i'm playing with the little or rocking her to sleep thinking about what needs to happen in the studio. if you could see behind the scenes it's like my brain is multi-tasking. it's whirring and purring -- images and ideas are being born, rejected, tended to, developed. then when i get in to work i'm a maniac.


other tidbits:

we redesigned papermonkey press . check out the new site !

katie from save gocco featured my doily prints the other day . thanks katie ! [great resources on her blog by the way - if you are a gocco enthusiast. i just bought some more supplies for mine and MY have they gone up in price. sigh.]

did you see that wren handmade posted instructions for her gorgeous bracelets on purl? [thanks craftlog

happy wednesday!

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moving day

this morning was the big move. what took them a little under 3 hours would have taken me and anyone i could have begged into helping me weeks. or at least all day going back and forth with our pick-up.

i can't believe that there is a building in my backyard that is mine. i look out the window everyday in disbelief.

now comes the set up part. [oh boy]. and the figuring out how to work in there with the little. do i bring a bassinet in there? will she sleep in it? do i just work with her strapped onto me via the baby bjorn or new plush ergo carrier i ordered?? i'm sure - like everything else - something will get worked out.

so i'm going to take a few days off from the internet to try and get cracking back there. i'll be back on friday, though, with a show announcement and pictures of more prints that will be available!

pretty dollys

i loved all the dollys the movers brought. why do i love dollys? yes. i'm weird.

happy tuesday!


press on tattered cultures mended tales

mom! you're famous.... well... that's you in the middle there. artweek reviewed the tattered cultures mended tales show that i was in [in hawaii] and they used the image of your portrait :)

you can read the whole article here

color tests
[this shot is better larger]

a girl could get used to 3 days in a row at the studio. i was thinking about what colors i wanted to use for my two new drawings. i tend to stick to a two or three color colorway [with various values in the colors]. but for the big drawing i really wanted to branch out into a little family of colors. [bottom row]. if i get stuck in thinking about new color combos i go and visit kuler .

karen gelardi book

my karen gelardi book arrived the other day. it's so satisfying. i love that i was a very small part of her installation assembly

and in other paper news:
ron nagle book

a while ago i did a little photo shoot with ron nagle

his gallery in belgium was putting together a catalogue and they wanted an artist in studio shot. i ended up taking all these other shots of "stuff" b/c his space was so cool - and they used practically all of them. i love how the designer set up this grid. since i'm not a PRO photographer i get a big grin when i see photos of things i've taken in print.

have a good evening and a great thursday!

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what's next

these are the colors for my next installation. i had to pick a title for my show today. nothing like pressure to force you make up your mind. "over the river and through the woods" had been rolling around for a couple of weeks and nothing better had whisked it away... and so there you have it.

i have been procrastinating coming up with my professional practices syllabus for weeks now. i am running out of time on that too. outline done. most readings chosen.... but now it's time to nuance. faculty meeting is next friday. classes start the week after that ! summer over already? wow.

CALLING ALL SINGLE MITTENS [AND GLOVES]. my dear friend wendy announced this plea [one of her current grad students] ::

Please mail your single mittens (lost their mate) to: Jean Pitman, 1541 B Palolo Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816.

They can be in any condition, any size and they can be gloves if that is all you have although I definitely prefer mittens. Include inside the lone mitten this information or a scrap of paper (if you do not do this, I will fabricate this information as part of the piece): 1.) the first name of the person who wore it. 2.) the town/city and country it is being mailed from and 3.) any brief story behind or date of loss (if you can remember). This information will be incorporated into the piece so please remain as anonymous as possible (I will not be using any last names).

If you want to see an image of the final piece/project/sculpture, please include your email address or mailing address, if you want a hard copy of the image.

Please forward this information to as many people as possible. Thank you for your participation. Jean Pitman in Honolulu, HI USA: and/or

now... since it doesn't get that cold here i'm afraid i can't help jean - but maybe some of you can? i hope so! it sounds like a cool project.

don't forget it's our last post on "magical thinking" by shari today on ship

OK - i'm on break. back to work for me..... i'm hoping to start posting some of the goodies i got in japan... and other inspiration. i'm looking for it right now. anywhere i can find it.

have a great weekend.

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here they come

i'm in that cross off 2 add 4 things to the list stage. it might be partially because we are leaving to attend the closing of my show at the richard levy gallery .... [happens on saturday evening - if anyone can/wants to come]. any time a trip is on the agenda things get a little wacky... it might also be because i started teaching a brand new to me class today - professional practices. it's funny because i've now taught long enough at one place to have repeat students. i have a feeling a few of them in the class are none to happy to have me again [i am hard on them and demanding]. oh well. i feel as though 10 sessions in 10 weeks is not enough time to really cover what needs to happen in the class. but again. oh well.

above is one project i almost get to cross off the list [must order pins]. the next tank installation is ready to go! woo. tomorrow i pick up some very weird glue that i hope will adhere 1/16" acrylic dowels to glass. i've tried 4 other glues so far and none have worked. sigh. according to this to that loctite should work [fingers crossed]. this is what is both fun and excruciating about making art. finding the tools/supplies that will work and implementing them in ways that don't compromise your original vision.

OH! please go visit an online exhibition i curated for my very talented friend timothy buckwatler . we showed his work at a gallery i used to work at - and i think he's really a funny, smart, talented guy. [and he's selling his drawings for really reasonable prices!] the show i curated is called delusions of grandeur.

and... elsewhere in blogland.... the documentary project was on shari's blog yesterday, ash posted on ship last friday, and we introduced 3 new contributors to sew green yesterday.

i've gotta motor as i'm giving a lecture on web design to a friend's class tonight and i have to prep some material... i'm not sure what my internet access will be like over the next few days - so if i don't post - that's what's up!

here's a polaroid for the road:
a chair and some leaves

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in the morning

{cough}{cough}. you'll have to excuse my voice. my foot has been rammed so far down my throat that i think i've forgotten how to speak a bit. it seemed to have gotten really lodged when i looked to my right and said hello to mr. rock... and looked to my left and said hello to mr. hard place. or more precisely mumbled hello as they proceeded to help me contort my foot even deeper down my esophagus. in a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation why the hell not DO. i mean in the most simplistic terms.... you are either living or dying and since i'm not dead....

this morning i awoke before the sun was even up. the above image is from the inside of my foggy covered car window. i guess there is some beauty to be had at some ungodly hour. the pink light as the sun rose was pretty nice too.

today was the first day of drawing one. i had 24 on my roster and over 50 in the class. yes. 50+! i am trying to make it hard for them to get me to add them. they must email me, show up on monday and basically plead their case. holy cow. i couldn't even talk to all of them once if that was the class. there was a really loud fan going too - so i was standing there yelling at the top of my lungs "this is not an easy art class! i'd rather have you try something and fail than not try! why are we drawing upside down?!"

i came home and spent the whole afternoon framing. framing and more framing. thankfully i cut the mounting papers the other night. i could hear a voice in my head going - oh this is so tedious. and then the teacher voice in my head saying - would you like me to play the tiny violin for you? yes please! a very lilty mozart song would be nice. thank you. i'd like to feel sorry for myself for 10 more minutes. all the inedible cupcakes are being framed! tara and i start installing monday [well she's doing phase I of the floor painting on sunday]. show opens next friday at mama buzz . i hope we can pull this off - we have grand ideas w/ lots of paint involved....

matilda's going elizabethan

matilda would like some sympathy. she got spayed on monday. she's not too keen on the elizabethan look, but has no choice in the matter. she no longer looks like a kitten, huh? but she's still little. maybe she'll stay little. she was trying to help me frame. maybe i can do a whole series of pieces that incorporate kitty paw prints.


this polaroid reminds me of anne . i think she's really busy and probably won't even see this, but....

so since i'm just all over the place might as well tell you that if you are in LA and want to see some art this weekend you should to go the los angeles art show . if you poke around there just might be some work of mine there.


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sketchbook :: shoes

reading mav's post today really struck a chord with me. i commented to her that i felt as though i was precariously perched. as i typed it, i knew the phrase was going to lodge itself in my brain.... and demand attention.

besides illustrating my love for alliteration [part of why i am loving a taxonomy of barnacles so much] the phrase just fits in my vernacular. i am notoriously drawn to things that hover between good and bad, easy and hard, dangerous and lovely or enticing - the purgaorty - the hybrid - the double entendre.

so i sit and think about how the new year sort of presents all these possibilities. and i am so grateful for how full my plate is. but i'm also very scared. i just said yes to a 2 person show that opens at the end of February {more on this as it approaches}. this is a fantastic opportunity, but immediately i worry about if i will blow it. i have a few pieces that i can "re-use", but i want it to be a cohesive show and so i need to make new work. on top of the work for the cupcake show. on top of teaching a new class. on top of LIFE. i want to show a small version of the RAC doily installation, but i can't possibly go to install it - so i'm frantically trying to figure out how i can make an installtion that can be put up by another's hands [hands i trust completely, but nonetheless they aren't mine - and i couldn't possibly ask someone else to paint on the wall for me.... it not only wouldn't be fair, it would ruin the integrity of the piece]

and so i feel like i am perched - almost like on a tight rope wire. balanced. excited. heart beating. there could be a pile of down pillows for me to land on if i fall. there could be a pile of treats if i balance and make it across. or there could be broken limbs and the rope could go on forever and ever.... precariously perched

above is a sketch from my sketchbook. since i don't have the drawing a day anymore i treated myself to a new moleskin..... and have been having fun doing quick, simple studies of things that surround me.... here's another sketch:

sketchbook :: wreath_tonka_chini
our holiday wreath and tonka and chini sleeping together [not so secret anymore they are!]

but i do have a new project about documentation with my favorite documenter that starts next week. you didn't think i could live w/out a project did you?

i am actually sitting in the studio waiting for paint to dry. i am cleaning up - new white walls are needed if i am going to be frantically working in here. bye-bye wall work 1 mock up.... hello ????

i also want to share what the hubby found for me on ebay for christmas. it makes me SO happy!!

scotch tailoring

and inside:
scotch tailoring contents


and oh! in case you haven't already heard... the kim family auction hit a few bumps in the road and had to be removed from ebay. but it will be back... and soon.... so continue to check that site for updates.... and by golly did people bid. i was outpriced out of everything with-in 3 hours. i really hope people bid like that again. it was nothing short of amazing! i can't wait to send the little rhino off to a new home.....

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polaroid holiday recap

how was yours? i hope full of everything you hoped for [and maybe a little extra of something you didn't know was coming!] above is my spectra re-cap of the holidays at my house.

i have been very very in my head this week - which has been actually a real treat. i am listening to ticks and tocks that i shoved aside weeks ago in an end of semester/ holiday daze/craze. i have been ruminating on where i am - from big to small - in my life, in the studio, in my house, in my relationships, on the street [looking lost]. it may be because it's the end of the year and there's this tug to wrap things up [literally ~ with big shiney bows - and figuratively ~ the new year brings new styles, new hopes, new dreams - and financially ~ the big tax envelopes begin to arrive]

i have been putting off the responsibilites of my syllabus [which is starting to switch gears from a gentle coo to an off-pitch whine. attend to me.... school starts on the 9th... you have only an outline for me..... hey hEy hEY HEY!!!] and instead am dilligently working in the studio. and thinking about the studio. and art. and as i do this i REALLY wish that my studio {besides my family} could be the number 1 focus in my life. i could paint something, tack it up, take it down, change a color, stare at something, turn it upsidedown and stare some more, cut something out, try a new paper, research wallpaper patterns and pictures of cupcakes.... for longer than i care to admit. [although here i am admitting it]

i am also on MY schedule... staying up late.... waking up 8:30-9am.... feels luxurious and wonderful. ENJOYING my coffee in the morning.... enjoying catching part of charlie rose..... speaking of which.... cate blanchet was on the other night.... and she's whip smart - uses the word astonishing as an adjective with flair - and totally captivated me. she spoke about film and stage with that twinkle in her eye.... and i love when someone is passionate and SERIOUS about their endeavors. at one point mr. rose said to her - something along the lines of - and how do you manage it all - you do so much. and i perked up - lifting my head from garbo's back and staring intently when she answered "i don'k know anyone who has managed it all.... something always atrophies".

atrophy :: a wasting away, a diminution in the size of a cell, tissue, organ or part. that word, that thought, has been the thing rolling around in my brain the last few days.... i feel many parts of my brain have atrophied.... but then again can that process also strengthen the opposite or other? meaning as i cease to care about what 8 times 6 equals does the part of my brain that jitters over color gain strength? sort of like the idea that there is only so much matter in the world and we just keep repositioning it.... and doesn't atrophy just sound smarter and more interesting than "dropping the ball", "being forgetful" - plus i like the idea that it's not atually totally lost.... just dimished in size....

so there you have it.... this is what i do when left to my own devices.... i think it's time to eat one more ginger cookie... the one sweet thing i made for the season... and there are a few left.... crunchy - until you dunk them in milk.... and then... they smush ever so gently..... and if i don't make it back before then.... HAPPY NEW YEAR! 07? 07? 07?? wow.

ginger cookies + donkey :)

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