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s t i l l {body} :: day 4

s t i l l .
yesterday i got a pedicure. this is because we leave tomorrow to attend a wedding over the weekend. a friend gave me a gift certificate to a spa. i love being pampered like that. luxury.

so i wanted to shoot my feet. but i also wanted blurr. especially because it was early. and blurr somehow is equaling s t i l l for me [i was thinking of uta barth , but of course i can't compare].

i'm also s t i l l over here

so no post for me here tomorrow.... but there will be one on poppytalk. [hello to any new readers from there].

today was a long day. we discussed the "meaning" of art - or rather how all art has meaning - or rather how i won't let students simply say: "my work has no meaning" or "i want the viewer to come up with their own meaning" [this is a big pet peeve of mine]. also had a critique in my drawing class. i love seeing how the students have progressed. it never ceases to amaze me how in the span of weeks they can go from being afraid to make a mark on a page to taking big risks and solving big problems and understanding how to use color, line, shape and value to their best advantage. many of them still don't trust that their work is good unless it's "realistic", but i think we convinced one person today that his view of the world via drawing was compelling because of [not despite] its lack of "accuracy".

ok. i guess i had more to say than i thought. have a lovely weekend. see you next week!

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s t i l l {body} :: day 3

s t i l l .
this morning it is foggy and colder. the light is greener and bluer

i'm also s t i l l over here

my mom sent me this link to some absolutely BEAUTIFUL kimonos. just breathtaking. go look

have a good wednesday. i'm off to get a little pampering. [can not tell you how excited i am about this]

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i'm over here this week.

s t i l l {body} :: day 2

s t i l l [body] day two

and my outake - what i think i would normally shoot:

s t i l l {body} :: day2 :: outake

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good morning. i hope everyone had a good weekend.

the ├╝ber talented martha put out a call for s t i l l photos this week. the twist for this go around is that she wants you to incorporate a body part. instructions and examples are at the end of this post .

i'm not very good at including people [let alone myself] in my photos... so i thought i would give it a whirl. here's my shot from early this morning.

s t i l l {body}

holiday card :: underdog ink

i uploaded my holiday cards to underdog this weekend. above was my personal card from last year. designs from years past are also available. [i can't stop making the skaters . there are also some T's SUPER reduced if you are up for taking a gander.

finally... i'm guest posting at one of my all time favorite blogs this week poppytalk . i tried to highlight some stores/galleries that i really love. all my posts together can be found here

because of the guest posting i might be a little quiet over here. thinking maybe i'll try and post a picture every day? a little challenge to myself.

have a great week!

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