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wallet size me

this piece is in an exhibition called by a thread which opened friday at the san jose institute for contemporary art .

there is an artist talk on thursday night and i will be there. first standing by my piece to answer any questions about it [they mandate this!] and then as part of a panel talking about the exhibition. if anyone is in the south bay and wants to see me wiggle and squirm in front of my piece - i'll be there!

this is an older piece of mine. they are all self-portraits - the images of me i collected when i went to visit my parents. they were all wallet sized photos - and thus the title of the piece is "wallet sized me". i'm showing the wrong side [back] of the embroidery. the side you don't see is actually neatly stitched. there are a couple reasons for this - one of which is just to reveal what is normally hidden.

wallet size me 1975

this was my passport photo when i was 2.

uppercase magazine

and some press :: i'm the blog beautiful feature in uppercase magazine issue 4 - thanks martha . uppercase is really really really a beautiful publication. they do a bang up job.

bring in some spring

and just because :: the plum trees are blossoming all over the place. i brought a few branches in to make it feel like spring.

i took this photo using my iphone and the hipstamatic app . man is that a fun app to play with.

hope everyone is having a good week. today there were blue skies and big fluffy clouds. fluffy clouds always make me happy.

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2009 art + design :: pg 1/2

i was asked awhile back if i would answer some questions for a chinese art/design magazine. online here . then they asked me for what seemed like a gazillion images of my studio/work. i had NO IDEA how the spread would turn out.

2009 art + design :: pg 3/4

2009 art + design :: pg 5/6

2009 art+design :: pg 7/8

i was shocked to find 8 pages.... and a design that really fit my work

and off on another tangent

french paper -- sumo

i love FRENCH PAPER . they are so smart [they are behind pop ink ] and their sample books make me drool every time i handle them. i really want to make a screen print or something using their papers. someday i will.

anyway... the are going to be at the how conference in austin... giving away samples and paper glasses and other cool stuffs. i wish i could go just for that [although the conference looks great anyways]. i think kate is going....

AND... if you have been wanting some polaroid film... here's how to grab some at an amazing price... thanks to the lovely folks at polapremium - you can SHARE THE LOVE . if i didn't have a bunch of packs sitting in my fridge i'd be beggin you all to help me buy some film! :D

ok. that's all from me.... poor cc woke herself up every 45 minutes to an hour 1/2 last night in her sleep attempts to roll over [did you know kids try things out in their sleep?]... so needless to say i'm a bit spacey this tuesday morning....

till next time...

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one two three


um. i feel out of blog practice. my laptop came back [but now has a red random pixel on the screen. i have to take it back, but i'm not ready to give it up again so soon].... and then i got really really sick. flu sick. sick in some of the hottest weather we've had here.... there is something really not nice about being sick in sticky hot weather. it really feels like punishment.

on the other hand... i turned in my grades. so i'm officially done teaching. this has been one of the hardest years ever for me in terms of teaching and keeping it all together. so it feels good to have a summer of not teaching. i like what i'm going to teach in the fall [JUST 2 classes!] and so i really want to tweek the syllabi and come back refreshed.

anyway.... news? i do have some

contemporary textiles

i'm in this book! along with people like matthew barney and ghada amer [and a whole long list of others]. in a 100 years i never would have thought my work would be amongst pages that contained their work. it's very humbling.

amisha YOUR piece is the image they used !!!!

anyway - the book is on amazon.

and the FOUR? well... believe it or not.... june marks the fact that i've been blogging for four years. how did that happen?? and in honor of that i feel like i should have one of those leave a comment and you'll win something giveaways. i'm not sure exactly what you'll win but i'll throw in a funny wool pompom ring

pom pom ring

in colors of your choice. and maybe a tote or a T from underdog? so yeah. leave comment. random winner will be selected next monday July 1st.

thanks for reading. for being my friends. for your support and interest and to stop from just going all mushy i'll just say you guys are darn swell.....

more news this week. three shows are coming up quick!

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or shameless self promotion.

illustration play

i'm actually quite excited an honored to announce this news.... i've been included in a new book anthology called Illustration Play. what is most exciting is that it includes a bunch of artists i've really admired for a long time. to be in their company is an honor i never thought i'd have a chance to talk about!

we each have a multiple page spread [i think 10 pages total?] and a little questionnaire in the back with all our our handwritings.

Illustration play

victionary press did such a nice job. i love that they made little stickers from all of our works and stuck them all over the front and back cover. they have more shots of the inside on their site .

amazon link to the book : Illustration Play

david park

timothy buckwalter asked me to submit a 500 word essay on a moment that made me want to be a painter for a KQED piece he was putting together. my thoughts on david park [pictured above] and john zurrier - the person that introduced me to him are here . what's great is that john's response to the same question is right below mine.....

finally.... the multi-talented patricia asked me if i would participate in her collection of interviews blog craft synergy . my interview is here . if you haven't checked out craft synergy you can get lost in all the interviews she's conducted. wow. thanks for asking me to participate patricia!

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readymade mag - i made some plastic plates !

i was super duper excited when readymade asked if i wanted to do a little something for their holiday make it yourself guide.

using the makit melamine plate kit i made 4 designs of plates. 3 ended up in the magazine. i actually really like how they shot the spread.... how excited was i that the coolest bento boxes were in the shot with my plates ?!?

readymade mag - plastic plates

the pdf's for the shadow drawings are available here ....

sorry i've been a.w.o.l.... it's what must be right now. i'm hoping that once classes are over i'll be able to catch my breath a little.

be well friends!

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