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there's little i control

i'm a bit tired of being sick. i'm battling illness number 5 this winter. more accurately WE'RE battling illness number 5 as the little has been super ill. this one was kind of a doosy - i won't go into details - but let's just say that some things make you realize that there is no place like home - even if there are piles of laundry and taxes to do. [never in a million years would i have guessed i'd be happy to see tax paperwork]

sneak peek of an installation

so... last year this 7' drawing was on exhibition at a gallery. this year i've taken this drawing and added some more wall elements to create an installation for a show opening this Saturday - the 27th - at the fine arts gallery at San Francisco State University.

the opening is from 1-3 and i'll be there ! come say hi - if you are around. the other artists in the show are really great : Julie Chang, Victor De La Rosa, Jennifer Ferré, Dustin Fosnot, Taraneh Hemami, Andrea Higgins, Ernest Jolly, Katie Lewis, Mung Lar Lam, Victoria May, Ali Naschke-Messing, Francesca Pastine, Anthony Ryan, Jeremy Chase Sanders, and Jina Valentine. [you'll notice some cross pollination with the by a thread show at the ICA in San Jose]

this is the drawing that was all about me being pregnant - here's the skinny on it.


this is just because it's too cute not to share....



ICA outfit

this is the outfit that i wore to the ICA talk on feb. 11th. gwen said she wanted to see it. so here it is. vintage dress....

and i also have to thank gwen as she sent a fantastic box [she always sends lovely packages].

thanks auntie gwen

in it was a valentine robot for the little. who immediately said ooh ooh and hugged it.... how cute is that?? gwen was kind enough to post a tutorial on how she made it so you can make one too. nothing like robot love . i'm happy that even though it's not mine, i get to hug it too !


and one more thing to note: on saturday i start a month long stint over at habit .

if you have yet to see habit then you really should take a gander. the brain child of emily and molly it's a lovely place to stop and behold.

i'm so honored to be asked and be amongst such amazing company

i have to dust off my camera and try to take some good pictures. nothing like a bit of pressure, no?

see you soon.

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gramin my book

it's feeling a bit more holiday-ish around these parts. i managed to get the mantle decorated during a naptime. after all it's our first christmas as a family of 5 [i'm including the dogs and cats]. surprisingly i even have the urge to listen to some sappy holiday music. so i downloaded some. i tried to find versions by bands/people i like [sufjan stevens, mew, arcade fire] if i like what i found i'll share.... i'll try and share some photos of holiday trimmings soon too.

i was poking around the studio the other day working working working when i opened up one of my doily books and the above envelope/article slipped out. i stopped in my tracks - seeing my grandmother's writing brought a tear to my eye. she used to send me clippings from the LA times, or just random things that she thought i'd be interested in. this article was about an art fair in LA. i know i took it to the studio and read it, and then placed it the book. and then years later here it was. i'm glad i found it. it made me feel as though i was sitting with her for a moment. in the studio she helped me build. it was a nice feeling.

so what am i working on, you ask?

sneak peek

there's a sneak peek. i'm working on some small pieces for the enormous tiny art show in february.

i'm excited. trying out some new stuff mixed with some old ideas. the small format is perfect for experimenting. somehow i feel like i can "see" easier when i work small. these are 5"x5" squares. oh so cute.

lake temescal

[this photo has nothing to do with what i'm about to say. taken on a walk with the little. cold almost winter day. made me think of shari and her pond. ]

so here i am waiting for a studio visit. i'm hungry. get my plate ready. turn on the TV [oh what a luxury]. switch on charlie rose. hello jeff bridges. hello maggie gyllenhaal. oh you have a new movie.

i am convinced charlie rose is a prophet. why you ask? well there was the time in a late night stupor cate blanchet got me started on atrophy [read the post - also around the holidays? here . when i re-read it i realized that i used to write longer and more philosophical posts. hmmm] OK - so maybe it's not mr. rose per se - but i watch the show and somehow things get discussed in a way that shoots to the core of my being. i immediately think - i was JUST pondering that.

today? jeff bridges mentioned fear. fear as the equivalent of fire. how you can warm your feet by the fire and it can simultaneously burn your house down. indeed. feeling a bit fearful about work in the studio and lack of work for money this resonated. then maggie gyllenhaal talked about how her role in this film [ crazy heart ] made her feel vulnerable. how she used to think that you had to be strong and fierce as a woman, but that now she thinks that being vulnerable is OK and is a place you can learn from. um yeah. that would be me. and then the director scott cooper talked about getting back to zero. how you have to start and end a scene at zero. and then jeff and maggie wax poetic about how that's true. you can't recreate a great moment that just happened. you have to re-live - do it again - make anew. that is exactly what i was struggling with in the studio. how to do what i know how to do but also try something new. to meld the two together and see where it takes me instead of trying to force out pieces. or re-make pieces that i already have. that just never works. GET BACK TO ZERO is a good way to think about it.

the lesson here is that if i watch charlie rose in december with actors that i like i have to be careful. or i have to really pay attention because it may just be a mirror of my mind/life. you can watch the show online on charlie rose's website. it was aired 12/16. or search for jeff bridges. [today it's on their home page, but it will move to the archive soon enough].


ok. if you are in need of a last minute gift idea? under $10? check out what some of us moms have listed on cafe mom

there's a $20 version too

eireann is featuring a month by month re-cap of her year with a photo from her archive. it's a really nice thing.

have a great weekend!

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grey boots on

i know we are wimps here in california, but there was frost on my grass this morning. yesterday it didn't get above 42 degrees. that's cold for us here [there was actually snow a mere few miles away!].

so how glad was i that my whooga boots arrived?? i should take a photo of the box they came in. brown with a yellow bow. too cute.

i have super cold feet. my husband calls them icicles. they are always cold. it's kind of sad really. but these boots have been great. they are totally lined with fur on the bottom - soft. and i love that i can wear them both tall and short. i no longer wear uncomfortable but cool looking shoes. i now gravitate toward comfort AND style - so these fit the bill.

i have been wearing them almost every day since they arrived. maybe my feet are now like ice chips instead of blocks of frozen-ness ??

if you are looking for uggs they have the regular ones too. whooga .

whooga boots

speaking of warmth.... look what arrived from amisha for the little.

amisha quilt

doesn't it take your breath away??

and speaking of quilts....

marilyn quilt

we inherited this baby quilt too. it was given to us by my friend marilyn. she runs the art office where i went to grad school. we became close while i was in school. she's this great lady - full of piss and vinegar. she has given me some amazing things over the years. all her vintage christmas ornaments, an old bike, this quilt [it was hers from the 20's or 30's]. i love the hand embroidered details

marilyn quilt bulldog detail

makes me want to knit [the boots] or quilt. i'm such a lazy sewer, though. i don't know if i could ever do a quilt justice. i'd love to try, though.

heather present

i also need to thank heather smith jones for a lovely package she sent awhile back. including art for the little. [she is going to have an amazing art collection. seriously. i should frame everything and show you]....

and i also have to thank
gwen present

gwen . she always gives great presents - inside this were some robot goodies. :)

she has a new vintage shop
jenny penny vintage you should check it out

i think that wraps up the eye candy.... hope you are warm wherever you are....


if you want to read an interview of me... check out the little bird gallery blog

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fall sky
[can you see the moon? fall skies are just so bright]

it's hard to believe we are in the last month of the year isn't it??

i was oh so so sick a week ago. nothing like sickness to force you to slow down and give you a bit of time to reflect. even if it's through a green goo haze.

and then it was thanksgiving - the little's first. with the husband sick in bed with what i had [oh i felt bad]. baby's first non-traditional holiday. no turkey to be had at our house. we had a japanese food feast instead :) don't get me wrong - i like me a good turkey - and i really like all the trimmings [cranberry sauce in particular. and stuffing]. but i also like being a bit non-conformist [can you tell?]. growing up i remember several irregular thanksgivings in my household. we had sukiyaki, we had ribs, we had chinese food....

i used to like going to school the next day saying "oh no we didn't have turkey" and seeing the look of slight shock on my classmate's faces.

but really i've been thinking about gratitude. as we roll into december - the month where i start to feel intense pressure :: shopping, cards, grading, studio, and now also baby... oy. how are we supposed to get this all done? i have wanted to just stop. maybe this is the year that i don't send out holiday cards [or they morph into new year's cards?]. i'm grateful for so many things. this has been such a strange and amazing and jam packed year. i just picture this huge pendulum swinging back and forth the good and the not so great back to the good again.

and thus this post really hit home with me today. i can't say it any better.



if you are in the Bay Area you have to shop at Holidayland. seriously good stuff. handmade good stuff. i have some stuff... underdog ink stuff AND some things from my NEW VENTURE with a friend. we're in the midst of making sure our name isn't trademarked by anyone else - once that's all done with i'll be talking about it more here. i'm really excited about this project.

Holidayland is at

blankspace gallery

and the compound gallery

i just became one of the compound gallery's art in a box artists. it's a great subscription. check it out.

Modern Mouse

you should also shop at modernmouse. either in the store on alameda island, or online. more handmade small artisan goodness. seriously. and eleen, the owner, is the sweetest.

OK. i have to get some grading done before i crawl into bed and start all over tomorrow morning. more soon....

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someone kindly emailed to say that they couldn't comment on this post. oops! after fixing a broken link all sees to be working now?? sorry if you tried and weren't able to. and if you WANT to comment - you now can... or not.... happy weekend!

thanks for all the studio love... i'm so happy you are all so happy for me !

sketch clover

on monday i was holed up in the studio researching researching researching - and printing printing printing - pages and pages upon things for upcoming drawings. it was super nice outside and i had an urge to just sit outside and sketch for a minute.

and so i sat in my doorway [which i still have to show you - it's a custom swinging door] and sketched the clover at my feet.

it made me realize how much i miss just drawing something in front of me....

and so later in the day after a walk outside with the little i also quickly sketched this:

sketch pods

japanese maple seed pods [totally made me think of abigail and heather ]

i saw poppytalk's post on whitelines books and had to run out and get one for myself. [there was actually a store in oakland that had ONE left. just one. i snagged it]

more info on whitelines

note to self : try and find time to sketch. seriously.

i was recently gifted two books and they are UHmazing. i heart them. [it doesn't hurt that they are both by incredibly great people]

wall paper projects

by Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom owners of the curiosity shoppe

Wallpaper Projects: 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home, from Accents to Art

is a BEAUTIFUL book. with easy to follow instructions. of course i now want to add wallpaper to a ton of things in my house. i even have a couple of rolls of vintage wallpaper... now i need the time.

bend the rules with fabric

by Amy Karol - our favorite angry chicken

Bend the Rules with Fabric: Fun Sewing Projects with Stencils, Stamps, Dye, Photo Transfers, Silk Screening, and More

how much does this book rock? so much. there is something about the way amy describes things that just makes sense to me. plus she's funny. and the aunt sarah/uncle pete dolls are just the coolest idea ever? enough said.

sketching and books. [well, sketchbooks are books too, huh?]. i love holding books. turning pages... technology is great, but give me a good book anyday. yup.

2nd 1/2 of the week, here i come... hope yours are good. see you next week.

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Monica Canilao

my brain is at this very moment on overdrive. i just all of a sudden realized how much i really have to do in how little time. seriously - i think if i make a to-do list i might not be able to sleep tonight between worrying about it and waiting for the little to wake up [teething part 2. in all fairness the sequel is mellower than part 1, but i'm waiting for the surprise ending].

then again - i have been getting what i need to done. sometimes just barely in time, but it still counts if you are squeaking under that wire, right? as long as no one looses any limbs or an eye or something?

yesterday i gave a lecture with the above artist monica canilao . we actually drove up to sonoma state together. this could have been a bit scary considering we'd never met. but we had plenty in common. on the surface : gardening, eating, making art. and then after we both spoke and i got to see more of her work... i was sort of fascinated with how synergistic we were in rather odd ways. sure - we both like doily imagery and found papers - but my work tends to be sparse - hers bursts and busts from the seams. and yet.... besides literal thread there were many threads that connected us. it's always nice to find kindred art spirits. we even got to joke about how people come up to us in airports and start speaking languages we don't know. i don't get to have that conversation with everyone. and she was nice to boot.

it was the first time i spent 5 hours COMPLETELY away from little cc [i'd done up to 4, but not over]. she was with my mom and so i knew she was TOTALLY FINE the whole time. but it really was such an odd feeling. i felt liberated and happy to be doing "adult" things and yet all the while aching and missing her. she squealed when she saw me when i came home and you better believe that my heart melted and a tear almost fell from my eye.

tomorrow we do a trial "full" day at day care - the schedule we'll be keeping when i go back to work next thurs. i'm sure i'll feel equally psycho tomorrow. on the one hand i really need to tackle the 101 things that MUST GET DONE. on the other hand i think i'd rather just tickle cc and make her laugh.


did you see amy's video on lazy envelope making?

500 pencils ? handmade colored pencils. i'm drooling here. kind of really want these [and sorry can't remember where this link came from... it did come from somewhere].

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a domestic life :: 08 :: swan

the last completed domestic life sketchbook drawing. i have a bunch more polaroids, but haven't made any more drawings. sigh.

this is the window sill in our new and improved bathroom [i will post about this someday]. the little blue swan is from my grandmother. our whole bathroom is white and blue. the window is right above the tub -- when i was looking for windows i HATED the frosted/privacy ones. so i splurged and bought Strossel Design window film from rare device it's really pretty. and makes me happy.

mini herb garden

if you want to see more of my house. well, actually more like snippets of my house you should go to cafe mom . sheri kindly asked me to participate [sheri + shari also put this joy + ride together. it's a GREAT spot for inspiration and has featured countless of my favorite artists/bloggers].

above is one of the photos from the tour. the great herb garden in colander idea isn't mine. someone brought it over as a hostess gift the other day. cute, huh?

there's also a funny photo of me from the 70's - doing a model pose. heh heh.

have a good wednesday!

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lunch is better with flowers

first - thanks for all the kind responses to my last post :). no wonder i like it out here in internet land.....

my old studio mate came by for lunch. it's what i miss most about sharing a studio space. we'd often stop what we were doing to eat and contemplate the universe. we'd discuss our upcoming projects. he'd ask me what colors he should use, i'd beg him to help me construct something. we'd ramble about music, the oakland A's, interesting designs, artists, clients, materials [always in search of the perfect tool].

anyway - he brought mac+cheese and an avocado corn salad and the above flowers - which looked SO lovely in their blue and kraft paper packaging i had to photo them.

thanks faiss .

his + hers sneakpeek

here's a sneak peek of what's going on in the studio.

i'm working on some new pieces for a group show at rare device that opens Oct. 2nd with 2 artists i totally admire marina luz and diem chau

my work for the show is based on my grandparents. i'm working on things that are "his" and "hers" and how i remember them and how they lived their lives.

it feels good to be making things. the nanny has returned from vacation and so i get 4-8 hours a week to work. it's amazing what i can get crammed into those hours now. there no longer any time to dawdle or procrastinate. in fact i spend a lot of time when i'm playing with the little or rocking her to sleep thinking about what needs to happen in the studio. if you could see behind the scenes it's like my brain is multi-tasking. it's whirring and purring -- images and ideas are being born, rejected, tended to, developed. then when i get in to work i'm a maniac.


other tidbits:

we redesigned papermonkey press . check out the new site !

katie from save gocco featured my doily prints the other day . thanks katie ! [great resources on her blog by the way - if you are a gocco enthusiast. i just bought some more supplies for mine and MY have they gone up in price. sigh.]

did you see that wren handmade posted instructions for her gorgeous bracelets on purl? [thanks craftlog

happy wednesday!

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sock monkey

the other day christine asked me if i knew of a good softie maker. of course i mentioned that wendy made some of my favorite softies. i also like thelma's ... and gracia + louise sent me a few adorable birdies too [can't find any of them on their website. too bad for you].

the little sock monkey above came to my little the other day. it's ADORABLE. and it's made by volunteers for fresh art - an organization in NYC that supports artists with special needs. good good cause. you can buy a sock monkey for yourself or a little you know.

hot pink bear for ava

i made a little bear for a little girl who is turning one tomorrow. my little's first park hawaian bbq birthday party! should be fun. sunscreen - check, hat - check, long nap beforehand - hopefully!

her invitation was hot pink, so i'm hoping this was a safe color choice. i had to hide it from the little who immediately wanted to put it in her mouth.

and the luscious images??

remember when i was reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog? [one of the best books i've read in awhile BTW] well... muriel barbery's husband takes GORGEOUS photos. see here the ones from japan .

ok.... gotta get some laundry started while the little is still napping. have a great weekend everyone!

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2009 art + design :: pg 1/2

i was asked awhile back if i would answer some questions for a chinese art/design magazine. online here . then they asked me for what seemed like a gazillion images of my studio/work. i had NO IDEA how the spread would turn out.

2009 art + design :: pg 3/4

2009 art + design :: pg 5/6

2009 art+design :: pg 7/8

i was shocked to find 8 pages.... and a design that really fit my work

and off on another tangent

french paper -- sumo

i love FRENCH PAPER . they are so smart [they are behind pop ink ] and their sample books make me drool every time i handle them. i really want to make a screen print or something using their papers. someday i will.

anyway... the are going to be at the how conference in austin... giving away samples and paper glasses and other cool stuffs. i wish i could go just for that [although the conference looks great anyways]. i think kate is going....

AND... if you have been wanting some polaroid film... here's how to grab some at an amazing price... thanks to the lovely folks at polapremium - you can SHARE THE LOVE . if i didn't have a bunch of packs sitting in my fridge i'd be beggin you all to help me buy some film! :D

ok. that's all from me.... poor cc woke herself up every 45 minutes to an hour 1/2 last night in her sleep attempts to roll over [did you know kids try things out in their sleep?]... so needless to say i'm a bit spacey this tuesday morning....

till next time...

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i have no concept of what day it is....

this post will contain all the random things i've been meaning to post about but have been forgetting.....


christopher faiss sawhorse desk

my former studio mate makes beautiful things [and installs them for other people]. above are his spiffed out sawhorses [what is it about sawhorses that is so appealing?? i want a pair of these, but with galvanized accents instead of bronze.... if only...] i have been hounding him to get his website together for gosh i don't know - like 5 YEARS?? well - we finally did it.


i keep forgetting to mention that i have been in more dialogue videos. the last two were on niche: friend or for [with pia ] and this week social networking [with kate and will ]. i have a hard time watching myself, but i watch the videos to see what other people say. i kind of close my eyes when i'm onscreen and then re-open them when i don't hear my voice anymore. i always feel like i'm saying the dumbest stuff.


my origami mobile was featured in cafe mom today. thanks sheri


the mixtape zine giveaway w/ my birdie on the cover is still going... till tomorrow.... [what i love about give-a-ways is all the new people you meet online]


4 random polaroids from Japan. i did say i'd post more of those, right? these are all the cute things in front of stores and in parks [and that i always seem to shoot on the left side of the frame??? why is that?]

blue elephant

green tea soft



bye for now.

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mobile mobile

a mobile of course!

hello. we made it through last week. one long day and night at the hospital [hours felt like days] but overall we were none worse for the wear. thanks for all the emails/notes of concern and well wishes. they really meant a lot!

i've been meaning to show the mobile i made for CC. she's definitely seeing in 3D and color - so i wanted to hang something above her crib. i thought origami would be fun. i've made cranes since i was a little girl, but the wreath pattern came from a bloesem post here . in that post there's a link to many more origami sites and one of them had the butterfly pattern i also used [sorry i didn't keep track of which one]. the paper was actually a gift from the curator of the museum where i had my show 2 years ago.

the mobile is a success - she coos at it - heh heh

so onto life... i'm kind of at a loss. i'm not sure if i'm coming or going and there's so much and so little going on simultaneously. i keep thinking it's a miracle if i get 3 things done in a day [one of which is usually dishes]. my studio is slowly coming together. just a few more boxes to unpack before it will be functional. not perfect and organized the way i want it to be, but functional [which will do for now]. while i feel like i have a lot to say and potentially show here, i don't have a lot of computer time to type - or a lot of mental capacity to organize my thoughts... so it goes.

i know i didn't want this blog to become all about me as a parent - but i have found a couple of websites that i want to share with the other parents out there [these might be old news to you, but they've been great resources for me].

ask moxie this is a woman in ny with two kids who is funny and smart and writes from a down in the trenches perspective. her commenters are also funny and smart and i have laughed and cried and felt better as a parent from reading multiple posts on this site

because i want to give bloesem all the props i can... she also has this great kids site . so much eye candy and good ideas there.

of course the baby center is just a good all around quick i need to look something up site

and then there's berkeley parents network .super duper helpful if you are in the bay area - but even if you aren't - there's so much advice, good stories, helpful suggestions etc. the site is a maze... so much.

there are more, but this is where i'll stop for now.

be back soon. i have more polaroids and a couple of domestic life sketchbook pages to share....

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a domestic life :: 03 :: yarn

hello there. thanks so much for your kind welcome and words for cc! so special.

so... let's see... above is page 3 in the domestic life sketchbook. i used that blue yarn to make a friend a baby hat - and a hat for someone i have yet to send off. we were supposed to meet in person when she visited - and i was going to hand her the hat, but alas i was in the hospital.

when i came up with the idea to document/draw the domestic for this sketchbook i knew that i was going to be spending a lot of time at home very soon. i have been spending so much time at home. it makes me realize how great it is to feel comfortable at home. to be surrounded by items/colors that are soothing. i have to bust out the polaroid and start taking more photos! cc sleeps for 2-3 hour intervals so i should be able to knock out some more sketchbook pages!

bed drawing: our mirror

this is one of two new drawings i made for the domestic life show [no, i did not know that my sketchbook project and the show i was going to be were going to be titled the same! small world, huh?] at the sun valley art center . the show is up through march 21st. i wish i could see it in person. i'll show you the 7 foot drawing i made for the show soon!

a couple of links:
i'm kind of obsessed with making cakes or plaster casts or candles or soaps [i have always wanted to make soap] candies or something with the molds from here

a friend brought a shopping bag to me from this company une-nana-cool . cute cute japanese lingerie. i just love the aesthetic of the site

have a great weekend!

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s t i l l {body} :: day 4

s t i l l .
yesterday i got a pedicure. this is because we leave tomorrow to attend a wedding over the weekend. a friend gave me a gift certificate to a spa. i love being pampered like that. luxury.

so i wanted to shoot my feet. but i also wanted blurr. especially because it was early. and blurr somehow is equaling s t i l l for me [i was thinking of uta barth , but of course i can't compare].

i'm also s t i l l over here

so no post for me here tomorrow.... but there will be one on poppytalk. [hello to any new readers from there].

today was a long day. we discussed the "meaning" of art - or rather how all art has meaning - or rather how i won't let students simply say: "my work has no meaning" or "i want the viewer to come up with their own meaning" [this is a big pet peeve of mine]. also had a critique in my drawing class. i love seeing how the students have progressed. it never ceases to amaze me how in the span of weeks they can go from being afraid to make a mark on a page to taking big risks and solving big problems and understanding how to use color, line, shape and value to their best advantage. many of them still don't trust that their work is good unless it's "realistic", but i think we convinced one person today that his view of the world via drawing was compelling because of [not despite] its lack of "accuracy".

ok. i guess i had more to say than i thought. have a lovely weekend. see you next week!

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s t i l l {body} :: day 3

s t i l l .
this morning it is foggy and colder. the light is greener and bluer

i'm also s t i l l over here

my mom sent me this link to some absolutely BEAUTIFUL kimonos. just breathtaking. go look

have a good wednesday. i'm off to get a little pampering. [can not tell you how excited i am about this]

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press on tattered cultures mended tales

mom! you're famous.... well... that's you in the middle there. artweek reviewed the tattered cultures mended tales show that i was in [in hawaii] and they used the image of your portrait :)

you can read the whole article here

color tests
[this shot is better larger]

a girl could get used to 3 days in a row at the studio. i was thinking about what colors i wanted to use for my two new drawings. i tend to stick to a two or three color colorway [with various values in the colors]. but for the big drawing i really wanted to branch out into a little family of colors. [bottom row]. if i get stuck in thinking about new color combos i go and visit kuler .

karen gelardi book

my karen gelardi book arrived the other day. it's so satisfying. i love that i was a very small part of her installation assembly

and in other paper news:
ron nagle book

a while ago i did a little photo shoot with ron nagle

his gallery in belgium was putting together a catalogue and they wanted an artist in studio shot. i ended up taking all these other shots of "stuff" b/c his space was so cool - and they used practically all of them. i love how the designer set up this grid. since i'm not a PRO photographer i get a big grin when i see photos of things i've taken in print.

have a good evening and a great thursday!

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zipper heaven

when i behold a rainbow of zippers [do you know the poem by wordsworth ? i think i had to memorize it when i was in the 10th grade?]

yesterday i had the pleasure of hanging out with kim of true up fame. we did a little fabric store tour of SF. it was pretty darn fun. it felt like i had known kim for eons. and of course i have online [she was one of my first blog reads], but that translated into face to face too... i have a stack of cool fabrics to show you.... [just have to photo them]. above is the zipper selection at britex . this, of course, made me drool. color coordinated zippers of all sizes? it's like art to me.... i'm serious. i started thinking about how i might make zipper art....

speaking of art you should all help karen gelardi with her new project assembly . i did.

and if you haven't already please go see shari's photos at emprise review

since it's back to school time, my pal timothy buckwalter asked me what i thought about teaching and being an artist... he actually asked me questions, but ended up posting my responses like a narrative. you can read part one and part two

and gwen made some underbug [underdog ink + bugheart] stuff that she's selling in a little shop

enough links for one day, no? i have to get back to work on my syllabus... almost there almost there almost there

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pigmentary portraits

it's hard to believe that i leave TOMORROW for the east coast. lisa congdon and i are going out install our show pigmentary portraits. i am excited to see how our work looks together. i really had a great time researching this show. and i discovered 2 things while making this work that i want to carry over into new pieces.

1. i like the idea of patchworking pieces. each of my pieces in the show has multiple components. some of which i overlapped and hang on pins so that they spatially are on different planes. since i'm using a semi-transparent vellum i'm really liking the effect.
2. i figured out this new way to work with thread and paper. again it's a spatial thing - but i started wrapping it around the corners and edges - it becomes this really interesting formal punch.

the short scoop on the show:

In our own ways we have researched and investigated the historical origins of Indigo and Cobalt blue, Indian and Ochre yellow, Verdigris and Malachite green, Vermilion and Alizarin red, Cadmium and Realgar orange, Tyrian and Mars Violet purple, Gofun Shirayuki white, and Ivory/Bone black.

Our hope was to create a portrait of each pigment - through which we could somehow reconnect with the alchemy of colors' past.

Firm believers in the idea that one's materials can only enhance and contextualize one's work, we are interested in exploring where these pigments come from and how to present their findings in a visually rich language.

artstream Studios
56 north main street
rochester, nh 03867

if you are around i hope you come by and say hello!!

after the show opens we are headed to maine for a few days of relaxing with some friends. i'm REALLY looking forward to this. i'm getting to meet some special folks.

i'll try and post some pics of the show/travels while we are away but i wanted to leave you with some eye candy/links.

diem chau

diem's piece arrived. isn't it stunning? i didn't realize from photos, but she actually embroiders on a very thin silk and stretches that over the cup. it's really subtle. when you look straight on the illusion of the embroidery being on the ceramic surface is so lovely.....

andrew paynter

andrew paynter sent out a summer newsletter with this photo of the band mattson 2. i LOVED this contact sheet so much.

and finally.... i've discovered this new to me blog of paper and things . monica astounds me everyday with her finds. she has a great eye.

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