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there's little i control

i'm a bit tired of being sick. i'm battling illness number 5 this winter. more accurately WE'RE battling illness number 5 as the little has been super ill. this one was kind of a doosy - i won't go into details - but let's just say that some things make you realize that there is no place like home - even if there are piles of laundry and taxes to do. [never in a million years would i have guessed i'd be happy to see tax paperwork]

sneak peek of an installation

so... last year this 7' drawing was on exhibition at a gallery. this year i've taken this drawing and added some more wall elements to create an installation for a show opening this Saturday - the 27th - at the fine arts gallery at San Francisco State University.

the opening is from 1-3 and i'll be there ! come say hi - if you are around. the other artists in the show are really great : Julie Chang, Victor De La Rosa, Jennifer Ferré, Dustin Fosnot, Taraneh Hemami, Andrea Higgins, Ernest Jolly, Katie Lewis, Mung Lar Lam, Victoria May, Ali Naschke-Messing, Francesca Pastine, Anthony Ryan, Jeremy Chase Sanders, and Jina Valentine. [you'll notice some cross pollination with the by a thread show at the ICA in San Jose]

this is the drawing that was all about me being pregnant - here's the skinny on it.


this is just because it's too cute not to share....



ICA outfit

this is the outfit that i wore to the ICA talk on feb. 11th. gwen said she wanted to see it. so here it is. vintage dress....

and i also have to thank gwen as she sent a fantastic box [she always sends lovely packages].

thanks auntie gwen

in it was a valentine robot for the little. who immediately said ooh ooh and hugged it.... how cute is that?? gwen was kind enough to post a tutorial on how she made it so you can make one too. nothing like robot love . i'm happy that even though it's not mine, i get to hug it too !


and one more thing to note: on saturday i start a month long stint over at habit .

if you have yet to see habit then you really should take a gander. the brain child of emily and molly it's a lovely place to stop and behold.

i'm so honored to be asked and be amongst such amazing company

i have to dust off my camera and try to take some good pictures. nothing like a bit of pressure, no?

see you soon.

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grey boots on

i know we are wimps here in california, but there was frost on my grass this morning. yesterday it didn't get above 42 degrees. that's cold for us here [there was actually snow a mere few miles away!].

so how glad was i that my whooga boots arrived?? i should take a photo of the box they came in. brown with a yellow bow. too cute.

i have super cold feet. my husband calls them icicles. they are always cold. it's kind of sad really. but these boots have been great. they are totally lined with fur on the bottom - soft. and i love that i can wear them both tall and short. i no longer wear uncomfortable but cool looking shoes. i now gravitate toward comfort AND style - so these fit the bill.

i have been wearing them almost every day since they arrived. maybe my feet are now like ice chips instead of blocks of frozen-ness ??

if you are looking for uggs they have the regular ones too. whooga .

whooga boots

speaking of warmth.... look what arrived from amisha for the little.

amisha quilt

doesn't it take your breath away??

and speaking of quilts....

marilyn quilt

we inherited this baby quilt too. it was given to us by my friend marilyn. she runs the art office where i went to grad school. we became close while i was in school. she's this great lady - full of piss and vinegar. she has given me some amazing things over the years. all her vintage christmas ornaments, an old bike, this quilt [it was hers from the 20's or 30's]. i love the hand embroidered details

marilyn quilt bulldog detail

makes me want to knit [the boots] or quilt. i'm such a lazy sewer, though. i don't know if i could ever do a quilt justice. i'd love to try, though.

heather present

i also need to thank heather smith jones for a lovely package she sent awhile back. including art for the little. [she is going to have an amazing art collection. seriously. i should frame everything and show you]....

and i also have to thank
gwen present

gwen . she always gives great presents - inside this were some robot goodies. :)

she has a new vintage shop
jenny penny vintage you should check it out

i think that wraps up the eye candy.... hope you are warm wherever you are....


if you want to read an interview of me... check out the little bird gallery blog

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i was going to title this post good things - but then that phrase has become so martha stewart associated i decided to use the word pleasant instead. it doesn't slip off your tongue or ring as nicely in your ear, but whatever. i'm all about the compromise.

the wisteria has bloomed in my yard. this signals spring to me. the smell is so wonderful. i took the little under it this morning just to smell it for a few minutes. before the flowers fade. i also tried to take some polaroids - but i have lost my polaroid mojo. if anyone finds it i'll give them a reward for its safe return.

my mom left. this is going to sound sappy, but until you have your own child you just don't realize what exactly your mom REALLY did for you when you were growing up. i was so beyond grateful to have her here. things that at one time seemed small [sleeping in, doing dishes solo, a relaxing bath!] all of a sudden were really wonderful extras that i didn't even know i had been missing.

and on the cute front:

isbn4-579-11182-4 - mom and girl outfits

leslie has been living in japan [jealous]. she has an etsy store - which she is having a huge SALE in because she is moving home.

i bought the above book. [isbn4-579-11182-4 - if you are interested] am dreaming of someday making matching outfits for me and cc. wonder if i will make this dream a reality?

postal inspired stamps

i also bought these postal stamps. which i am way way way too excited about. have already used them on various mailed items.

OK. enough pleasantries for today. everytime i take a break from the internets they seem to grow exponentially. how does that happen? anyway - have a good weekend. i'll be back early next week with an exciting art [affordable!] announcement.

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have you seen peer yet?

this has sort of been making the rounds already, but if you haven't seen it....

i'm happy to be part of a self-portrait coloring book put together by wolfie and the sneak's rene

Top row: Abbey Hendrickson, Heather Smith Jones, Julianna Swaney/Oh My Cavalier!, Sandra Juto
2nd Row: Bonnie Rue/Model Citizen, Hernan Paganini/Puloverchito, Kate Bingaman Burt, Shannon Rankin/Selflesh
3rd Row: Camilla Engman, Jen Ray, Katey Nicosia/One Good Bumblebeer, Stephanie DosReis
4th Row: Danna Ray/Groundwork, Jessica Gonacha, Kelly Lynn Jones, Substudio
5th Row: Frances Hawthorne, Julia Rothman, Lisa Solomon, Will Bryant

see sneak peeks of the pages here

visit the peer website for more info and links to all the artists

purchase the coloring book for $48

post images of your colored in pages here

these are some of my favorite artists... it's kind of a thrill to be in a book with all of them. i can't wait to see my copy.

abby's bird

speaking of peers.... i was lucky enough to meet abby glassenberg and her husband charlie at my show at artstream studios . and she agreed to trade with me.

i heart my tall bird.
you can see her website here and you can get one for yourself here

3 cups

this is what i sent her.... i was making a series of small cup/doily works to warm up in the studio again. and i wanted to incorporate "real" doilies too. i'm trying out different colorways to see how the imagery changes.

and speaking of peers.... i'll be posting on ship of fools on friday. part 1 on our new book the elegance of the hedgehog

happy mid week

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i came home to this meal the other night. a tapas feast cooked by my husband. what a treat. gwen just posted about how nice it is to be a recipient of a well cooked meal - and i couldn't agree more.

i'm still very much in my own head these days. things are in flux. i have a long to do list - i'm just trying to line ducks up and not let anyone/anything down. instead of chattering about that i'll show you some good things that have been arriving on my doorstep.

my favorite hat this winter

a while ago natasha sent me a package of goodies including some yarn that she spun. i immediately crocheted a hat. i wore this hat all winter. all the time. i had more conversations about this hat than any other hat i've ever worn. people would ask me where the yarn came from, whether i made and sold them, could i make one for them.... you can get your own skein of natasha's amazing yarn through her etsy store luxe .

bounty from gracia and louise

gracia and louise had a little contest on their blog. i somehow won.... so this little bird and pile of goodies landed on my doorstep. the bird promptly told me his name was pietro. he was a bit worried because he had been reading about crime the whole trip, but i told him he'd live happy in a basket i have with a bunch of other soft friends. he has since nuzzled in. [i believe his eye came all the way from portugal via paula . what a global bird.] the embroidery on his backside is so hypnotic. i love it. thank you ladies.

do you live in LA? do you want to attend the Dwell Design Conference? you can use this code: BDODEC to get in for free follow this link . i wish i could go.

i'm off to an opening of my friends work. a 12 year mini-retrospective. kimberly austin's work is really beautiful. her show is happening at braunstein/quay gallery .

been thinking a lot about visual cues. also how i haven't posted any polaroids in a long long long time. i think next week i'm going to just post polaroids with captions. still want to be a bit quiet.

hope your weekends are lovely

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i got me some heath

how long has it been since i posted a corner of my home? a very very long time.

i brought home a couple of lovely wares from heath ceramics in sausalito. their store is so lovely. the people that work there are so kind. if i had an endless pit of money how much would i love to have a table full of heathware?

i love heath ceramics 2

i love heath ceramics


i'm way way way behind on some thank yous. i'm going to try and catch up here.... and i'm missing images [entire folders of photos seemed to have disappeared from my hard drive. harumph!] and i'm fearful i'm going to miss someone... so please forgive me if i do...

«« jenny , thanks for your amazing package - i can't believe i get to hold the drawing in my hands - along with all the other goodies!!

«« esoule and i traded. i got this . i love it. so much.

«« babel sent me a stack of good things to flip through and fawn over. and a bauble for my finger [always appreciated]. i have a stack to send out to her. soon soon soon. i am behind on mailing. so behind.

«« forever ago bug sent an amazing array of hoops, old time clothespins, sunglasses, a wrap skirt and a pair of THESE - which i had when i was a kid and so dearly love. they make a certain sound when you walk. clunk clunk.

«« for no reason at all liz sent me this photo . it is so amazing. noir - scary, but also delicate... that tape measure.... dangling.....


«« have you seen jen's book ?????? wow. i've been working on a 7x7 blurb book too, but not quite finished. hers is just stunning.

«« you have until TOMORROW to sign up for the ornament swap . kathleen and nicole are genius'. i so want to sign up - but i don't know if i can actually pull off a good ornament.... hmmmm

«« k.c. has been really rocking the links lately [well she always rocks them, but...] give tokyo polaroids a second look....

«« creature comforts has a great holiday guide

«« shari will be interviewing a host of creative folks this year just like she did last year.....

«« amy had her book signing tonight. [i don't think we can over-gush about this book] did anyone make it? would love to hear about it!

and so you don't curse me forever i will stop linking now. more soon....

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from natasha & babelfish

bablefish is a great source of inspiration. there are always good posts about design, art, etc. on her blog. one day she lamented that she couldn't get anthropologie catalogues in the UK. thinking that was a minor tragedy i offered to send her a few. and a deal was struck. US to UK magazine/catalogue swapping. woo hoo. i was really excited b/c i had heard so much buzz buzz about habitat and now i get to see why w/ my own eyes. that catalogue is seriously swoon worthy. along w/ the mags she sent the most adorable wallet [which i am going to use for travelling!!] and mini colored pencils. [we all know how anything mini makes me dance around]. what's more - those came in a muji bag. when is their store opening in NY? [not fast enough]

the adorable bookmark, amazingly soft neck warmer [in the perfect color w/ ORANGE buttons!!] and delectable skein of hand spun yard came from natasha . just because. if you touch her yarn you will want to make things with it. it's so amazing. i can't get over the colors either.... you can get your own here .

pink stag

when i saw abigail's stag on whip up i gasped. and then i gasped again when she sent it to me....

oh i'm a lucky lucky girl.

i've been thinking a lot about martha's post on obsession and maria's post on alter egos . good food for fodder. i am wondering if we should all reveal our alter egos and obsessions....

happy thurs!

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lots of nice things

before i start this love fest - if you have a minute - check out the auction for the christian carlos fund. it's a really good cause... and there are some fantastic things to bid on

i have been very very behind in thanking people for some lovely things in the mail... and i fear that i have forgotton somone or something in the above montage - so if i did i apologize in advance....

and i must also thank leonie for a wonderful all new zealand music compilation that just arrived... and risa for my tea party favor [of which nonething exists anylonger... but it sure smelled and tasted fantastic!!].

above.... clockwise... a print from mav . very very excited about her new project to be launched march 1st :: amazing print and fanciful bird from gracia and louise {i'm waiting for gracia to finish the teleporter so that we can pop around to each other's shows... maybe it will show up one day in a brown paper package w/ string and an 'id recorded' sticker front and center} :: the puuurrrfect color for me piece of wall jewelry by julie :: a box full of too many goodies to list from the lovely christine [vegas&venice] :: gorgeous holga prints [look at that chandelier!] from wenders :: charming framed photos and an andrea zittel book [!!!] from annabelle :: the cutest apron [with the sweetest note] from mary :: the best smelling package award goes to amisha for the luscious [i'm going to have to get over my fear of using them] indian papers and lovely soaps :: and karen who sent me such treats AGES ago... i'm finally reading the book and wishing i had more time for it... [and i wear those earrings ALL THE TIME!!]

from abee

abee sent along this delicate necklace... i think it looks a lot like a doily *smile*. {have you checked out her latest photos on flickr ??}

from gwen :: pyrex

and last but certainly not least, the dearest gwen sent some candy covered goodness.... pyrex... oh why do you make my heart beat so??

thank you friends - sometimes i come home and there's a thoughtful package waiting for me and my mood lifts and i get the biggest grin. i can honestly say that your kindness has altered my life. THANK YOU.

i do have to say gwen and i are on similar wavelengths .i think i've still got some fumes and am not on empty yet, but i do need to stop and get some gasoline soon. you know when you are at that point where you have to stop looking for the cheapest gas and just pull into the darn station? if i'm a bit inconsistant here - please bear with me... i'll try post some of what's cooking as i can.

don't forget that shari hosted the documentary project on monday. it will be back here next....

please do check out karen's post - the last on Taxonomy of Barnacles - on ship of fools . you can find the next book and the start date there too.

be well friends - i leave you with a chair i found on the side of the road
by the side of the road

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my grandma made me this coat

my grandma made me the coat pictured above !!! i don't know if you remember how many coats i have, but look at this one.... i certainly didn't have a knit coat in forrest green with cables! and it's so lovely and warm... can i say yay for me?? [oh i just did]. i *did* contribute the buttons.... it was actually fun to learn how to do that - and it's actually easy - you just need a little plastic ring to crochet around [who knew?]. but the buttons are the tiny touch on the masterful work of my grammy. THANK YOU!!

my dude [that's what she calls him :)] from jess hutch

jess saw the bunny i made awhile back and said she'd be willing to trade with me. i was floored. i mean really [i think i got the way better end of the deal] i'm a totally softie novice! she said she looked at my work to figure out the colors and i couldn't be happier !! my dude is so great and huggable. and i have to say he looks pretty darn cool w/ the nara ashtray that a friend got me... THANK YOU jess.

this is what i made for jess.... my first giraffe:

giraffe by me

i had a really good time making him. i had to give him a scarf too [since jess sent one with my dude]. my favorite thing is that he can actually sit. that was such a bonus! i could really get into this softie making thing.... if i only had more time....

speaking of which - a project just entered my life - i'm really excited, but also terribly nervous about it... more as it unfolds.... and i am way way way behind on some thank yous to blog peeps.... will try to get to that asap.

have a great friday - don't forget to check out ash's post on ship

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