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there's little i control

i'm a bit tired of being sick. i'm battling illness number 5 this winter. more accurately WE'RE battling illness number 5 as the little has been super ill. this one was kind of a doosy - i won't go into details - but let's just say that some things make you realize that there is no place like home - even if there are piles of laundry and taxes to do. [never in a million years would i have guessed i'd be happy to see tax paperwork]

sneak peek of an installation

so... last year this 7' drawing was on exhibition at a gallery. this year i've taken this drawing and added some more wall elements to create an installation for a show opening this Saturday - the 27th - at the fine arts gallery at San Francisco State University.

the opening is from 1-3 and i'll be there ! come say hi - if you are around. the other artists in the show are really great : Julie Chang, Victor De La Rosa, Jennifer Ferré, Dustin Fosnot, Taraneh Hemami, Andrea Higgins, Ernest Jolly, Katie Lewis, Mung Lar Lam, Victoria May, Ali Naschke-Messing, Francesca Pastine, Anthony Ryan, Jeremy Chase Sanders, and Jina Valentine. [you'll notice some cross pollination with the by a thread show at the ICA in San Jose]

this is the drawing that was all about me being pregnant - here's the skinny on it.


this is just because it's too cute not to share....



ICA outfit

this is the outfit that i wore to the ICA talk on feb. 11th. gwen said she wanted to see it. so here it is. vintage dress....

and i also have to thank gwen as she sent a fantastic box [she always sends lovely packages].

thanks auntie gwen

in it was a valentine robot for the little. who immediately said ooh ooh and hugged it.... how cute is that?? gwen was kind enough to post a tutorial on how she made it so you can make one too. nothing like robot love . i'm happy that even though it's not mine, i get to hug it too !


and one more thing to note: on saturday i start a month long stint over at habit .

if you have yet to see habit then you really should take a gander. the brain child of emily and molly it's a lovely place to stop and behold.

i'm so honored to be asked and be amongst such amazing company

i have to dust off my camera and try to take some good pictures. nothing like a bit of pressure, no?

see you soon.

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there was cake

thank you so much for all the first birthday wishes... oh yes there was cake - homemade poppyseed with buttercream frosting... and there were cucumber sandwiches too. it was a lovely afternoon. and then we ALL got sick. one by one every. single. person. that came to the party. it was not food poisoning, but a really wicked stomach virus. oh dear. [hence no post this last week].


i thought i would share with you my vintage boston egg shaped pencil sharpener. it is my friend and companion in the studio. i think maybe gwen would like it.


it has been raining incessantly here. if we didn't need it so badly i might start complaining. i actually really like rain - the smell, the sound, the feel. but days and days in a row and we get a little stir crazy. the little gets VERY stir crazy. any break and you'll find us wandering around outside with an umbrella bundled up so she can look at some flowers and cars and birds.

this morning, i glanced over at the buddha in our garden and it looked like he had just had a good cry. i like that idea.

tonka in school

and finally some funny art.... i was asked to do a drawing for dogs in school an exhibition. [visit the website to learn about why dogs in school].

i immediately thought of tonka as a dunce. couldn't help myself really. i think he might complain and say he's no dummy, but... he doesn't talk - only snores and snarfles, so he really has no say i'm afraid.

Jan 30-Feb 25, 2010 at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland OR

art sales benefit project grow

tomorrow i'm driving down to monterey to be interviewed for a video that companions another show i'm in. no idea what to wear. no idea what i'll say. sigh. hopefully my hair will cooperate.....

more soon i have LOTS of new art to share. made 10 pieces for ETA 7 .

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a party hat

i knew she wouldn't wear it for more than 2 seconds. but i wanted to make it anyway. maybe it will end up in a box. maybe we'll take it down next year and see if she'll wear it then. maybe it will become part of a celebratory tradition.

maybe not. it doesn't really matter.

detritus from the making.

first cupcake

her first taste of something sweet with gooey icing. carrot cupcake. one candle. i sang happy birthday over and over and she would smile. maybe next year she'll know what it means.

it's hard to believe a whole year has passed.

i can still picture your tiny tiny face, eyes closed, pink and blue striped hat, bunny blanket, wrapped like a papoose, held over my head, hovering - like an angel. your eyes opened for a brief second before they swept you away.

and now you are one. wow. and we celebrate with family this weekend. your second taste of cake.... and more singing.

happy birthday my dear sweet not so little girl.



that is the sound of me hitting the wall. last week went a little haywire to say the least. sleep deprivation + almost anything out of the ordinary = a bad cocktail.

event one :: i think it started when the power went out last week. i was trapped upstairs holding cc w/ no way to even find a flashlight [which we do have upstairs, and which i would normally hunt down in the dark, but when you are carrying a baby - all bets are off]. we don't usually loose power as we're on the same grid as a hospital so it was a bit startling. candles out. camping lantern on... little LED reading light - suddenly indispensable.

event two :: i won't go into gory details, but lets just say i even lost my saliva swallowing skills. i kid you not. [a pill stuck in your esophagus will do this]. i had no idea how much spit one would generate over an hour until i emptied it out of a cup i had to spit it all into.

event three :: and then there was the biblical moment. a whooshing sound and pitter patters a plenty - what the heck? i open the kitchen door to bouncing little black objects scattering as if they had been set free from a long confinement. the floor normally white a sea of black dots. what the heck? bugs? no. where did these things come from... what are they? black beans. yes. from the pantry cabinet. over turned and spilling..... i swear all i could think of was that scene in magnolia where the frogs fall from the sky.

where are the photos for this post you ask?
OK to occupy

on the flip side - fantastic news... my studio passed final inspection. it's "ok to occupy".... which means

did i mention i hate packing?

let the packing commence. do i need to mention yet again how much i hate packing? unpacking is more my speed. when you unpack you can re-organize. [oh ikea here i come], but packing? nightmare. moving? nightmare. and with a baby strapped to you, you can't quite lift and shove like you're used to. my former student anna has come to my rescue. offering to help she's been a guardian angel. seriously.

and... my mom comes tomorrow for a long weekend. cc and i are super excited about this. i don't even have the vocabulary [or the brain cells to use such vocabulary] to describe how ecstatic i am about this.

and soooo... i am going on an internet break. i'm not comprehending anything i'm reading anyway - and pretty pictures just make my head spin. i'll be back soon - hopefully after a long nap....

two bits:

i'm in this week's design for mankind dialogue on self discipline.

and oh! here's me goccoing with the little [note to self must finish those prints!]
we gocco

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happy valentines day

so... why have i been gone?? well.... i have a new valentine

i had a baby girl.... january 12th at 6:04pm. she wasn't supposed to come until feb. 23rd, but i guess she decided that the womb was not the place to be and that the world was just way too interesting to stay cooped up any longer.

she had to stay in the Newborn ICU for 10 days - which in the scheme of things was not very long - but those were 10 of the longest days of our lives. it's really hard to get discharged from a hospital and have to leave your baby behind.

we've been getting to know one another - and getting used to a totally new routine. and my expectations of what i can get done in a day have shifted beyond belief. at the same time when i look at her, i can't imagine my life without her - she has just embedded herself in a way that is hard to describe.

parents talk about the absolute love they feel. and we all, in theory, understand and nod and agree. but then it happens to YOU. and it's beyond anything that you can put into words.

i don't want this to become just my baby's blog. i've been thinking a lot about if i still want and or need this space and what i want it to do. for now i think yes - i do need this space - mostly as a place to still think about and talk about art and the funny things that get made or photographed in my life [some of which will obviously now be baby oriented]. i will not stop doing all those things. in fact my studio in my yard is WELL WELL underway - it's so exciting.

and i miss all my friends online. there are moments [particularly late at night] when i feel very isolated - everyone is asleep except for me and my baby - and it reminds me of how you can feel alone in the studio. and that was why i have grown to cherish this space and the friends and community i feel like i have here.

granted i don't think i'll be able to post or visit other people's blogs or comment on other people's blogs as much as i have in the past, but i'm OK with that and hope you are too. then again - you never know, right?? and the one thing i'm really learning is that you have to take things as they come and adjust accordingly. it's all in the stride.

i don't think i'm going to show many pictures of my baby here [i will post pics on flickr for friends and family often i'm sure]. and i don't want to name her here. it just feels like she should remain a bit private. but... her name is two colors in two langauges - so i'll refer to her as my dear friend wenders did before i would reveal her name. color color - or cc

new baby

but i will give a little sneak peek of her. after 8 months of feeling like a giant science experiment [being pregnant is such an otherworldly experience!] she's here ! she's here!

her grandparents are coming for a visit today.
life shifts in grand ways.

see you soon!

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