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there's little i control

i apologize for my lack of a post last week....we are having some pretty glorious weather round here. makes up for the 7th round of sickness that we've been dealing with. to say that this winter has been brutal in the sick department would be an understatement. it might be safe to say that i have intimately known almost every virus that has floated around this winter. i'm happy it's spring because i'm hopeful that it means the end to the cold season. i'm not holding my breath because if a spring cold comes around chances are we'll get it, but it's nice to be hopeful.

out out

with all this great weather the little is frantically using her favorite word - out. she says it double time. out out. and with a canadian accent. [not sure why but it's true]. basically from the minute she wakes up until the end of her day she'll go to any exit or window and emphatically request out out - out out. it's really cute - except for when you have to tell her - i'm sorry we just came in from out out - or no - we have to stay in in now. what a pathetic and sad face she sometimes makes. occasionally she'll even whimper "out out" "out out". if she could figure out a way to stay outside all the time i think she would.

how cute is martha????????

last week i had the immense pleasure and treat to spend the afternoon with martha of uniform natural . she came out to my studio and we sat and chatted. my parents were here and so our visit was peppered with interruptions from the little, but mostly we were able to discuss art and process and making in a really lovely way. martha is incredibly astute and sincere in her observations and questions and responses [as if you had any doubt about that]. i could feel my body and mind viscerally responding - reverting to familiar territory - thinking more academically and speaking about one's intentions and ways of making in a meaningful and purposeful way.

highlights from our talk: the differences between architecture and art [some of them anyway - revolving around the idea that architects must be more concerned aware of public safety and more concerned about "client satisfaction"] ann hamilton , tara donovan , my desire to visit the walker , and how architects have an incredible ability to accurately access situations/people, and how they are so aesthetically put together [best clothes and glasses. always].

i am so grateful to the internet for providing the means for this to happen.

and so - i have to get cracking. i have a statement to concoct, a website to update, artwork to tackle, dishes to wash, a studio visit to prepare for.... i'm still hoping to write a spring manifesto . happy tuesday!

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the number generator picked 44. which turns out to be this is yellow .

please contact me and i'll get your doily shipped out to you!

i just want to say how LOVELY it was to read the enthusiasm about this project. and how great it was to see and "meet" some new to this blog peeps. and i wish i had enough doilies to give to everyone because i loved the thoughts on where everyone would put them. i think i'm going to work on making a limited edition set of small vinyl doilies so hopefully anyone who wants them can have them. doilies all over the world in all sorts of places is a daydream i'd love to make a reality. it's a matter of production - where, how much, etc. but i am starting to research. if anyone has any ideas/thoughts/leads on this, i'd love to hear them.


i've been working on a new idea in the studio. here's a first sketch of said idea. well actually it's the backside of said sketch. i always love the backside of embroidery. so much that sometimes i show it as the front. in this case that probably wouldn't make sense, but out of habit i always turn something over when i'm done working on it to see what it looks like. almost every time i like it just as much or MORE than the front.

i don't know if it's the surprise, if it's just that there's so much evidence of process, if it's the random mess...

the problem with this idea of mine is that one piece will most likely not stand alone. and i'm not sure what kind of fabric to use. this idea stems from my desire to actually do something SUPREMELY minimal with thread - simple. clean - but with a hidden meaning/agenda if you choose to look for it. i just don't know if it's going to translate yet.

on that note. i should try and sketch out another one. maybe on another fabric just to try it out....

have a great weekend !

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grey boots on

i know we are wimps here in california, but there was frost on my grass this morning. yesterday it didn't get above 42 degrees. that's cold for us here [there was actually snow a mere few miles away!].

so how glad was i that my whooga boots arrived?? i should take a photo of the box they came in. brown with a yellow bow. too cute.

i have super cold feet. my husband calls them icicles. they are always cold. it's kind of sad really. but these boots have been great. they are totally lined with fur on the bottom - soft. and i love that i can wear them both tall and short. i no longer wear uncomfortable but cool looking shoes. i now gravitate toward comfort AND style - so these fit the bill.

i have been wearing them almost every day since they arrived. maybe my feet are now like ice chips instead of blocks of frozen-ness ??

if you are looking for uggs they have the regular ones too. whooga .

whooga boots

speaking of warmth.... look what arrived from amisha for the little.

amisha quilt

doesn't it take your breath away??

and speaking of quilts....

marilyn quilt

we inherited this baby quilt too. it was given to us by my friend marilyn. she runs the art office where i went to grad school. we became close while i was in school. she's this great lady - full of piss and vinegar. she has given me some amazing things over the years. all her vintage christmas ornaments, an old bike, this quilt [it was hers from the 20's or 30's]. i love the hand embroidered details

marilyn quilt bulldog detail

makes me want to knit [the boots] or quilt. i'm such a lazy sewer, though. i don't know if i could ever do a quilt justice. i'd love to try, though.

heather present

i also need to thank heather smith jones for a lovely package she sent awhile back. including art for the little. [she is going to have an amazing art collection. seriously. i should frame everything and show you]....

and i also have to thank
gwen present

gwen . she always gives great presents - inside this were some robot goodies. :)

she has a new vintage shop
jenny penny vintage you should check it out

i think that wraps up the eye candy.... hope you are warm wherever you are....


if you want to read an interview of me... check out the little bird gallery blog

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it's that time again. roid week

so i'm digging polaroids out from the archive again. last year's trip to new hampshire and maine for lisa congdon and my show at art stream studios . i'll show the diptychs maybe on friday...

above... the artists who had a studio next to
mav's . their window was gorgeous.


lights at artstream

the plane the plane

the plane in the doorway at the apartment we stayed at


the hydrangea in my room in new hampshire


mav's old studio
mailings for port2port press


go internet community go!

A few months ago, Angelia suffered a fire in her Virginia-based studio/handmade goods shoppe - the red thread studio . You can read more about it right here .

Basically, she lost all of her stock, so Design for Mankind is leading a fundraiser to help her recoop her merchandise and get the shoppe back in order. We'd love to raise $3,000 in order to support her efforts and, in turn, support the handmade community.

I've donated some underdog ink merch - and there's a TON of great art by great artists available! There are a few donation tiers, offering free handmade goods and artwork for any $5+ donation that's received. See it all here . go. support. help.

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a domestic life :: 08 :: swan

the last completed domestic life sketchbook drawing. i have a bunch more polaroids, but haven't made any more drawings. sigh.

this is the window sill in our new and improved bathroom [i will post about this someday]. the little blue swan is from my grandmother. our whole bathroom is white and blue. the window is right above the tub -- when i was looking for windows i HATED the frosted/privacy ones. so i splurged and bought Strossel Design window film from rare device it's really pretty. and makes me happy.

mini herb garden

if you want to see more of my house. well, actually more like snippets of my house you should go to cafe mom . sheri kindly asked me to participate [sheri + shari also put this joy + ride together. it's a GREAT spot for inspiration and has featured countless of my favorite artists/bloggers].

above is one of the photos from the tour. the great herb garden in colander idea isn't mine. someone brought it over as a hostess gift the other day. cute, huh?

there's also a funny photo of me from the 70's - doing a model pose. heh heh.

have a good wednesday!

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i have no concept of what day it is....

this post will contain all the random things i've been meaning to post about but have been forgetting.....


christopher faiss sawhorse desk

my former studio mate makes beautiful things [and installs them for other people]. above are his spiffed out sawhorses [what is it about sawhorses that is so appealing?? i want a pair of these, but with galvanized accents instead of bronze.... if only...] i have been hounding him to get his website together for gosh i don't know - like 5 YEARS?? well - we finally did it.


i keep forgetting to mention that i have been in more dialogue videos. the last two were on niche: friend or for [with pia ] and this week social networking [with kate and will ]. i have a hard time watching myself, but i watch the videos to see what other people say. i kind of close my eyes when i'm onscreen and then re-open them when i don't hear my voice anymore. i always feel like i'm saying the dumbest stuff.


my origami mobile was featured in cafe mom today. thanks sheri


the mixtape zine giveaway w/ my birdie on the cover is still going... till tomorrow.... [what i love about give-a-ways is all the new people you meet online]


4 random polaroids from Japan. i did say i'd post more of those, right? these are all the cute things in front of stores and in parks [and that i always seem to shoot on the left side of the frame??? why is that?]

blue elephant

green tea soft



bye for now.

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on this day

anniversary ::

1. The annually recurring date of a past event, especially one of historical, national, or personal importance: a wedding anniversary; the anniversary of the founding of Rome.
2. A celebration commemorating such a date.

i'm not even sure how many years this would have marked for my grandparents. but they would have celebrated their wedding anniversary today.

[above: their passport photos that sit on my desk]

i think about how different my role as wife/mother is from my grandmothers... very different indeed. i will most likely not be a permanent stay at home mom. i am not the homemaker that she was by any means. [husband cooks more than i do]...

i come from a long line of long lived relationships [knock on wood]. my parents have been married for almost 40 years. my husband and i have been married for 6 years, but together for 17....

my grandfather was not overly or overtly affectionate with my grandmother. i think in her heart of hearts she wished he was. she would have relished constant romantic attention. he was also not always the world's most easy man to live with. he could be demanding, had a sharp tongue and quick wit which could cut sharply, it was usually his way or no way... i often feel as if i had a really exceptional relationship with my grandpa. as the first grandkid - and the first little girl in his life [he had 3 sons] - i got very special treatment indeed.

but for their 50th wedding anniversary there was a big party. and i will never ever forget how my grandfather stood up in front of a room full of people and spoke about what his wife meant to him. it was so moving. and there were small tears... he spoke of seeing her across a room, of dancing... of what kind of mother she was. it was beautiful.

sometimes it's not how often you express something, but how truthfully and deeply you do when you do it.

tomorrow erin at design for mankind launches a new project of which i am a participant. let's just say i'm attempting to overcome my camera shyness....

and shari has launched everyone needs a rock . so true. go see lots of artists, friends, and bloggers show off their favorite rocks....

be well

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a domestic life :: 01:: mcnulty

i did not mean to be gone for so long. but grading really took over. i still have some letters of recommendation to write and a few loose ends to tie, but i am very close to being on "break". this is very exciting. the big [7 foot] drawing i mentioned a while back needs to be ready to ship by january 6th so that is on my mind. and in the works. i'm making progress, but slowly.

so here is installment one of "a domestic life". one polaroid + one interpretation of that polaroid. any medium. no restrictions in the interpretation. the polaroid will be of something that is in my domestic life. [i'm sort of thinking this means something contained in my house or yard, but we'll see if i stretch that]. i'm not going to put a timeline on when i'll do a round - but i'm hoping it will be pretty regular.

new projects

i bought some yarn in the hopes of making some holiday gifts. but have quickly realized that very few, if any, of these will be done in time. i'm having a hard time getting my holiday cards out this year, let alone shopping or anything else. i think it's just going to be a bit holiday quiet around here. and that's going to be OK. we're going to be breaking ground on my studio [and re-doing our bathroom], amongst some other big things so it feels very full round here. not much space for present buying or wrapping or cookie baking....

before signing off i just want to bid a very very fond farewell to a few blogs that are signing off and have been daily sources of inspiration and friendship to me. you will be sorely missed.
\\\ port2port \\\ up through thursday
\\\ simply breakfast \\\ up through the end of the year
\\\ girl in green \\\ up for not sure how much longer

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our wedding in tahoe was really lovely. it's so nice to watch two people so genuinely in love tie the knot.

we also spotted a bear. a big black bear. i've never been that close to a bear outside of a zoo. we are such city people it's kind of funny.

shot the above winter berries. will i ever tire of this type of shot? i have to say no. it's on repeat in my mind. and i love when other people do it too. shari does it really well .

happy thanksgiving everyone!

tomorrow is gobble gobble day here in the states. i'm in charge of the meal. i'm going traditional. turkey, cranberry sauce [of course!], peach stuffing, brussels sprouts, yam mashed potatoes, pomegranate and persimmon salad, gingerbread cookies w/ pumpkin ice cream for dessert.

i even made a floral arrangement. [my martha moment]. it's in a pedestal piece my grandmother gave me. the candlesticks are hers too. the table cloth i'll use tomorrow and the dishes will also be from her. i'm happy that she will be part of our meal.

if you are in the states i hope you have a lovely holiday. i think i'll be taking the rest of the week off from the internets. i have plenty of cleaning, cooking, and packaging of stuffs to do. but before i go....

new project

ever since completing drawing a day i have wanted to do another "project". i have figured one out. a domestic life. more on this soon.

and finally...... ez , and her partner in crime melissa asked me some really great questions. i'm the guest for tea over here today. if you check it out you can see a picture of a very small lisa....

see you next week!

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have you seen peer yet?

this has sort of been making the rounds already, but if you haven't seen it....

i'm happy to be part of a self-portrait coloring book put together by wolfie and the sneak's rene

Top row: Abbey Hendrickson, Heather Smith Jones, Julianna Swaney/Oh My Cavalier!, Sandra Juto
2nd Row: Bonnie Rue/Model Citizen, Hernan Paganini/Puloverchito, Kate Bingaman Burt, Shannon Rankin/Selflesh
3rd Row: Camilla Engman, Jen Ray, Katey Nicosia/One Good Bumblebeer, Stephanie DosReis
4th Row: Danna Ray/Groundwork, Jessica Gonacha, Kelly Lynn Jones, Substudio
5th Row: Frances Hawthorne, Julia Rothman, Lisa Solomon, Will Bryant

see sneak peeks of the pages here

visit the peer website for more info and links to all the artists

purchase the coloring book for $48

post images of your colored in pages here

these are some of my favorite artists... it's kind of a thrill to be in a book with all of them. i can't wait to see my copy.

abby's bird

speaking of peers.... i was lucky enough to meet abby glassenberg and her husband charlie at my show at artstream studios . and she agreed to trade with me.

i heart my tall bird.
you can see her website here and you can get one for yourself here

3 cups

this is what i sent her.... i was making a series of small cup/doily works to warm up in the studio again. and i wanted to incorporate "real" doilies too. i'm trying out different colorways to see how the imagery changes.

and speaking of peers.... i'll be posting on ship of fools on friday. part 1 on our new book the elegance of the hedgehog

happy mid week

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zipper heaven

when i behold a rainbow of zippers [do you know the poem by wordsworth ? i think i had to memorize it when i was in the 10th grade?]

yesterday i had the pleasure of hanging out with kim of true up fame. we did a little fabric store tour of SF. it was pretty darn fun. it felt like i had known kim for eons. and of course i have online [she was one of my first blog reads], but that translated into face to face too... i have a stack of cool fabrics to show you.... [just have to photo them]. above is the zipper selection at britex . this, of course, made me drool. color coordinated zippers of all sizes? it's like art to me.... i'm serious. i started thinking about how i might make zipper art....

speaking of art you should all help karen gelardi with her new project assembly . i did.

and if you haven't already please go see shari's photos at emprise review

since it's back to school time, my pal timothy buckwalter asked me what i thought about teaching and being an artist... he actually asked me questions, but ended up posting my responses like a narrative. you can read part one and part two

and gwen made some underbug [underdog ink + bugheart] stuff that she's selling in a little shop

enough links for one day, no? i have to get back to work on my syllabus... almost there almost there almost there

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quick fix

this photo has nothing to do with the post, but what's a post w/out a photo? i just added elastic to my green shoes that kept falling off my feet. i couldn't be happier. elastic is an underrated substance me thinks....

so i was tagged by my fellow oakland artist katrina ... and i haven't done a meme in awhile so here goes... i'm not going to tag anyone, but if you want to play along, please consider this a tag

1. what were you doing 10 years ago?
wow. can i think back that far?? 10 years ago i was working for a gallery in down town san francisco. i was making some drawings that would lead to the work that i used to apply to grad school with. we were just starting to think about looking for a house for ourselves and out pets because we were going to loose the house we were renting.

2. what are five things on your list to do today?
1. catch up on emails
2. order flowers and a book for folks
3. finish mending a target for an upcoming show
4. write a blog post
5. work on my syllabi for upcoming classes

3. snacks you enjoy
lately i've been VERY into popcorn. i can't seem to get enough. also loving all the peaches, plums, apricots and berries that are in season. and yogurt. i've been on a serious yogurt kick. almost one a day. [if i'm feeling indulgent i'll allow myself a cream top yogurt. yum]

4. places you have lived
by far this is the most boring aspect of my life. i'm a california girl. i was born and thus lived in tuscon, AZ, but really i've only lived in los angeles, santa barbara and the bay area - berkeley and oakland

5. what are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire
oh this is hard.... that would open up so many things..... ok let's give it a whirl.
1. i would buy a building and set up a non-profit art space with a gallery and artists studios - all the rent would be subsidised and below market rate. i'd have facilities for the artists to use [like a wood shop, foundry, etc]. i'd also set up an outreach for youth - offering afterschool classes to supplement the non-existent art education in schools.
2. have my mom and dad totally retire [unless they wanted to do some kind of work for "fun"] and send them on a very long all expenses paid trip to where ever they wanted. AND either buy them a home [and make it really green] or update their current home anyway they desired. [i know my mom wants hard wood floors]. sort of along the same lines i'd do the same for me and my husband in terms of housing. either move or greenify our current house [and i guess it'd be easy to build a studio in my yard now with that kind of cashola]
3. buy lots and lots of art from struggling emerging artists that deserve support
4. support good causes like animal rescues, finding alternative fuel sources, organic farming, cultivate some bee hives
5. go on vacations to all the places that i've dreamed of seeing and never have [paris, morraco, berlin, vietnam, spain, portugal, sweden, etc. etc. etc.]

i think this list could get longer....


been thinking a lot lately about things UNDER the surface. things that you can't necessarily see, but are there. for all of us. and how little things - things that you can wear [like rings], or smell, or see - can remind you those you love, miss, or memories....

go read the jargon of authenticity by eireann. i love her thoughts on language and the words we choose to use....

back on friday with a show announcement!

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before i talk about the show i want to thank stephanie levy - whose work i have long admired - for asking me to part of her series artists who blog. you can read my interview here

AND... the winner of the blogaversary give-a-way is SOSSER - perhaps your "pick me pick me" prayer worked? please email me as your profile is blocked and i can't find you.... :) so i can mail you your prize!

pattern reDefined - new synchronized tank : radial formation

my trip to LA was so good. catch ups with family and friends [we spied nancy reagan], meeting a special baby, shopping with grandma, and the show. oh the show.

this is one of those shows where things just really clicked. i was excited to be a part of this show from the get go, but then seeing all the work together made my heart cartwheel. above is my new tank configuration. round and smaller.... reminiscent of the toxin doily drawings of mine also on view. the best part? ONE PIECE. yes. i succumbed and glued the sucker once i figured out placement in my studio. as much as i love a good installation, sometimes there just isn't enough time.

pattern reDefined

my work alongside Freddy Chandra's and Jil Weinstock's is simply put a good fit. we are all interested in repetition. we are all so interested in color [the show actually matched - which could be a detriment, but in this case it worked. i loved how green, blue, yellow, bounced around the room in all of our works]. ultimately we are all involved in negative space. but what i didn't realize until i was standing in the exhibition was how we all are invested in material - not only the media that we use to make our own work, but the actual materiality as well. physicality. how we start to touch with our eyes... or want to touch from looking. i firmly believe that artists need to make conscious decisions about their materials for each choice can add another layer to the work. this show proves that point. what happens when you embed drawings into resin that looks like candy, when shirts and doilies are made of rubber, when felt is used to represent a tank or thread is sewn onto paper to give a drawing a new dimensionality? what happens is that the familiar is not. that our perceptions are altered. that what is known to be hard becomes soft and visa versa.

pattern reDefined

anyway, the show is up through august 16th at walter maciel gallery . THANK YOU to everyone who came out! and to she that couldn't but sent flowers because she was working on a great project.

this week my studio is a factory as i frame and wrap the work for an upcoming show with lisa congdon at art stream studios . it has to go out monday at the latest.... happy tuesday!

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one two three


um. i feel out of blog practice. my laptop came back [but now has a red random pixel on the screen. i have to take it back, but i'm not ready to give it up again so soon].... and then i got really really sick. flu sick. sick in some of the hottest weather we've had here.... there is something really not nice about being sick in sticky hot weather. it really feels like punishment.

on the other hand... i turned in my grades. so i'm officially done teaching. this has been one of the hardest years ever for me in terms of teaching and keeping it all together. so it feels good to have a summer of not teaching. i like what i'm going to teach in the fall [JUST 2 classes!] and so i really want to tweek the syllabi and come back refreshed.

anyway.... news? i do have some

contemporary textiles

i'm in this book! along with people like matthew barney and ghada amer [and a whole long list of others]. in a 100 years i never would have thought my work would be amongst pages that contained their work. it's very humbling.

amisha YOUR piece is the image they used !!!!

anyway - the book is on amazon.

and the FOUR? well... believe it or not.... june marks the fact that i've been blogging for four years. how did that happen?? and in honor of that i feel like i should have one of those leave a comment and you'll win something giveaways. i'm not sure exactly what you'll win but i'll throw in a funny wool pompom ring

pom pom ring

in colors of your choice. and maybe a tote or a T from underdog? so yeah. leave comment. random winner will be selected next monday July 1st.

thanks for reading. for being my friends. for your support and interest and to stop from just going all mushy i'll just say you guys are darn swell.....

more news this week. three shows are coming up quick!

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doily 2217 drawing

above is the piece i'm donating to southern exposure's auction - Optic Illusion - this year. their auctions are always really fun events to attend. happening tomorrow night from 6-10pm. i won't be there this year but it's a great great chance to scoop up work by great artists. more info here .

also jan / poppytalk posted a little q/a about my studio on design sponge the other day. it's here . thanks for asking me jan. it's been really fun to read and see all the studios on the guest blog .

have a great weekend. gardening is in my future.

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hi there. i didn't mean for it to be a week since i last posted, but ... so it goes.

first up i'd like to thank erin from design for mankind for including me in her dailies project . a day in my life can be seen here. reminded me of when i did a similar thing for self-portrait tuesday

seth koen

last week i went to go see my friend seth koen's show at gregory lind gallery . seth was a year ahead of me in graduate school so i've been fortunate enough to see his work progress for quite some time [we're in a critique group together as well].

i think what i love most about seth's work is the purity of it. he takes simple simple shapes - like circles and ovals - and makes me really pay attention to them. every small choice - in color, in material, in size, in placement - becomes oh so much more important.

the last few years seth has been crocheting. creating these soft sculptures that hint at masculinity [or the lack/deflation of]. the colors would remind me of sports teams, or tube socks. his work also often spoke to relationships... how things [people] might be tied together, who carries more weight... how we can be pulled taught, rest together, tied over distance, etc.

for this show seth decided to hand carve these really delicate maple sculptures. they are so thin. so fragile - and they cast amazing shadows [of course i was drawn to this]. they speak to the same ideas, but it's a perfect example of where your material choice matters most. hard rather than soft i begin to think about how the shapes and pieces relate in a new way.

but for me the most successful pieces were the ones that incorporated both the crochet and the wood. there is something so impossible, so wrong, so odd, so childlike about the combination that just grabbed me. i felt like the two components really worked.

seth koen 2

my favorite piece from the show.

you can see the entire exhibition here

it feels to me like seth is on that precipice. i think all artists like their latest body of work the best. it's like an instinctual gut reaction. for me it's rare when something "sticks" for an extended period of time. often times i find myself with one foot in an old body of work and one foot in a new body of work. trying to make that cross over between areas seems terrifying and new and exciting. seth is there - but his transition is graceful - and integrated. i'm really excited to see where he goes next.

have a good monday!

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there's a new beholder

hi there.

the beholder has just re-launched their website! in addition to some paint chip pieces, i've put up all the inedible cupcake series from the i want sugar show. my plan is to update the beholder with work now and again that is for sale. i'll try to remember to announce here if something new is going up.... here is my info page.

my pal timothy buckwalter curated their first online show - and was nice enough to include me. i love his theme. hint [if you like echo and the bunneymen - click quick]

jen has some work on there too - as do a host of great artists... it's fun to get lost in that site....

one great link. i'm not even sure how i found this - but i'm LOVING wil freeborn/ghostschool. his drawings in his moleskine are so wonderful.

hope your week is off to a good start!

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winter white :: diana fayt

for shari's winter white week. it's been so lovely seeing white pop here and there in blogland

delicate ceramics by the lovely and talented diana fayt . she gave me them along with her amazing calendar a little bit ago. they have tiny impressions in them. the ceramic is paper thin. epitomize delicate. you can still get a calendar for yourself!

diana also has a great new blog . have you seen it?

i'm fighting a cold. i don't want it to win.

my studio visits went well. now i just have to plot and plan. {i'll give you some sneak peeks soon}

lisa and i have a theme for our show at airstream studios . we just need to research. i also got a piece of lisa's art. i'll photo it soon. but i feel very lucky. i didn't get any photos, but i have a serious crush on wilfredo . he's also the best dressed pup i've ever met.

tomorrow is the first crit for my creative process class. i better bring ricola.

have you seen these sophisticated wall stickers by harmonie-interieure ?

have a good thursday!

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dead man

for abby's beautiful film week

jim jarmusch is an all time favorite director and Dead Man is full of such amazing imagery.... i love the scene on the right - i've never seen a dead person look so hauntingly beautiful. plus the plaid suit johnny depp wears is beyond perfect. this is a movie that i'm glad was not made in color.

i was just "talking" to someone about how i tend to remember/like movies that aren't happy. i like darker, sadder, slice of life movies.... not sure what this says about me but it seems to be true.

mama i'm tired

please think good thoughts for my little tonka. he had surgery today. i will miss his snoring in bed tonight.... i hope you get to come home tomorrow.... i'm sorry you'll have to wear an e-collar yet again. sigh

and a few links....
i haven't met viola yet, but i hope to. she just launched her website chewing the cud . very sweet

sarajo frieden updated her website. she'll have a show at little bird soon.....

and ... did you know the library of congress is on flickr ?!?!?!?!

happy mid week.

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red shari

so... it's hard to describe meeting shari . if you read her blog you feel like you know her. when i have met other blog friends, they just seem more of what they are like online. with shari, she is as kind, sweet, thoughtful and quietly funny as you might think [anyone who can name bands the measles and the mumps is kosher in my book]. she thought she was too quiet for our meet-up - but honestly we were in a big group of folks. many of whom can hold a room full of attention no problem. her traveling companions joe and tom were quick witted and very fun... i felt as though our group - including kathleen and aurora had known each other for much longer than we actually had. it's the beauty and sadness of these types of meet-ups. thrown together for span of time w/ a common allegiance knowing that the grouping is temporary... which really only makes it sweeter, no? i feel super lucky as shari will soon be coming to calif. for a visit and we will then have some one on one time.

shari brought me the most AMAZING books. the one on heath that i have been eying for ages, and this amazing collection of cool indian stuff . and some chocolate. swoon. thank you friend!

despite the missing art, aurora and i DID get to see a little bit of nashville. i haven't been anywhere in awhile where everyone KNEW we were not from the area.... it seemed like we were exotic species coming from california and new york. ha!

hatch show print

one of the highlights of the trip was our visit to hatch show print . an amazing print studio. what i wouldn't do to work there.

hatch cat chair

the arcade - where sq ft lives - is this very neat old fashioned mall. i had fun looking at the old type, other galleries, and nooks and crannies there. [are you noticing how many of these photos are ending up as diptychs? couplets on the brain] BTW. there is a nice write up of our show by david maddox here


oriental lunch


54 decco

rainbow cast

artists/designers are also using the shops as their work spaces. quite nice.

and a few shots of nashville:


i don't think this is the real location of sun records at least not anymore? but one they set up for the country music museum [my guess as it was close by]. just thinking about johnny cash and sun records made me happy

jacks bbq

can't go to the south without eating BBQ. jacks bbq is what we sampled.


godly light

shari has a day shot of this place!

two step

and there you have it.

started teaching last week [where did my break go?]. i'm excited to be teaching creative process again. it's a free for all class - 2D, 3D all media - and so it's really fun. plus it has a lot of non-art majors in it - always makes for lively discussions and approaches.

finally - i wrote our last post on amy hempel's book for ship of fools . if you are interested in joining in the book club next round we have to pick a new book. help us decide!

happy weekend!

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