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there's little i control

i apologize for my lack of a post last week....we are having some pretty glorious weather round here. makes up for the 7th round of sickness that we've been dealing with. to say that this winter has been brutal in the sick department would be an understatement. it might be safe to say that i have intimately known almost every virus that has floated around this winter. i'm happy it's spring because i'm hopeful that it means the end to the cold season. i'm not holding my breath because if a spring cold comes around chances are we'll get it, but it's nice to be hopeful.

out out

with all this great weather the little is frantically using her favorite word - out. she says it double time. out out. and with a canadian accent. [not sure why but it's true]. basically from the minute she wakes up until the end of her day she'll go to any exit or window and emphatically request out out - out out. it's really cute - except for when you have to tell her - i'm sorry we just came in from out out - or no - we have to stay in in now. what a pathetic and sad face she sometimes makes. occasionally she'll even whimper "out out" "out out". if she could figure out a way to stay outside all the time i think she would.

how cute is martha????????

last week i had the immense pleasure and treat to spend the afternoon with martha of uniform natural . she came out to my studio and we sat and chatted. my parents were here and so our visit was peppered with interruptions from the little, but mostly we were able to discuss art and process and making in a really lovely way. martha is incredibly astute and sincere in her observations and questions and responses [as if you had any doubt about that]. i could feel my body and mind viscerally responding - reverting to familiar territory - thinking more academically and speaking about one's intentions and ways of making in a meaningful and purposeful way.

highlights from our talk: the differences between architecture and art [some of them anyway - revolving around the idea that architects must be more concerned aware of public safety and more concerned about "client satisfaction"] ann hamilton , tara donovan , my desire to visit the walker , and how architects have an incredible ability to accurately access situations/people, and how they are so aesthetically put together [best clothes and glasses. always].

i am so grateful to the internet for providing the means for this to happen.

and so - i have to get cracking. i have a statement to concoct, a website to update, artwork to tackle, dishes to wash, a studio visit to prepare for.... i'm still hoping to write a spring manifesto . happy tuesday!

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so... the by a thread art talk?? well.... i got to sit in between two art crushes of mine -

Lauren DiCioccio

lauren dicioccio

i really love all her work, but these hand embroidered organza "plastic bags" are just SO delightful.


Victoria May

victoria may

none of the images on her site do her work justice. i particularly love the concrete and thread/organza pieces - like this one .

it's always a treat to meet artists that you have admired and have them be as wonderful as their work. it doesn't ALWAYS work that way - so when it does - well - it's icing on the cake.

a lot of familiar words were batted around: fragility, domestic, mundane, mending, nostalgia, lineage, notion... we all answered why we use thread in our work. i was next to last and really had very little to add on the topic after so many thoughtful responses [which were all interesting to hear]. the dreaded "c" word came up - yet again. i'm talking of CRAFT, of course. i'm not going to extensively rant about this here as i think this topic has been covered numerous times by folks far more intelligent than me, but... here's the short version of what i think....

i'm always disheartened when people continue to want to push a hierarchical divide between art + craft. one artist in particular was speaking about it's all about intention. in essence i can agree to that since ever since duchamp pointed his magic art wand and declared things art - you can "intend" almost anything into art. but i also feel that art can be born even where it WASN'T intended - in some ways it's art even if someone else intends it. this artist also spoke about how they felt that you discover "truth" and "something about yourself" while making something as an artist that you don't while making "craft" [i'm really generalizing here but you get the idea]. honestly - i think that's a load of bull. i think there is "art" that is fantastic/horrid and "craft" that is fantastic/horrid and that you can have an "art moment" [aka epiphany] in front of anything that you please - be it art/craft/utilitarian item. trying to separate them into these meaningful and ultimately elitist categories seems so 20th century [i'm being facetious here - kind of]. i always want my art to be well crafted and my craft to be artful. to me it's not about if macaroni art is "art" or gees bend quilts are "craft" - it's about what moves you in some way in any given moment [and that movement doesn't need to be like or love either]. enough said.

but speaking of said... lindsay sent me a poem that she said was inspired by my work. she writes a poem a day as an exercise [ah how i love daily rituals] and she sent it to me....

She ties the tightest knots,
practices first with her sister
who calls it cat's cradle,
but it's too easy diving her fingers in, out and through,
so she moves on to the living room,
tying the arm of a chair to its leg,
then a chair to another chair,
then a loveseat, a table, a lamp, a book shelf,
the thread like spider silk
that threatens to tangle in ankles
and the cuffs of unlooking pants.

she slips a needle through the patterned wallpaper,
and ties the chairs to the walls,
holding the room to itself.

i loved cat's cradle when i was a child - although i didn't have a sister to play with... how much do i love that last thought... holding the room to itself? so much. thank you thank you lindsay.

her website
her blog

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robots @ the Ulrich Musuem

does anyone live in wichita?? i've been meaning to post about this show and keep forgetting.

the show that was at the San Jose Museum of Art has moved on.

my wall drawing isn't a part of the show, but some framed drawings are.

up through December 18, 2009
ulrich museum site . i'm dying to know how it looks there....

glow - jennifer vasher's pills

I'm also in a group show at Richard Levy Gallery in Albuquerque, NM called glow. [photos are from the gallery]

up through December 17, 2009

i really like all the work in the show, but these pill sculptures i really dig. they are by jennifer vasher

glow - long shot

here's an overview of the show

my work in glow

here's my work

i'm also in a show "Stitched, Looped, and Knitted"
@ The Mills Building through December 4, 2009
220 Montgomery Street in San Francisco
open mon-fri 8-6

this is kind of a funny show as it's in the main hallway of a downtown business building. i really do like how the work interacts with the space. i was only able to take a few pictures before they stopped me [oops].

@ The Mills Building - my work framed

what's funny is that they framed my work incorrectly. in the bed piece on the left, the orange bed should be facing the other way - but now that i see it this way i kind of like it?? i'll probably switch it back when i get the piece back, but i do like accidental happenstance like this. it makes me look at my work in a new light. maybe how someone else thinks is SHOULD be??

@ The Mills Blding - nocturna

i'm happy the 7' drawing is seeing the light of day. we had to come up w/ a way to put it on white since the walls of the space are yellow... gotta love MDF. yup.

@ The Mills Blding - lacey jane roberts

a piece by lacey jane roberts

this is actually the 2nd show we've been in together.
and i interviewed her for kitchen sink magazine a while back. see that here

@ The Mills Blding - aliza lelah

aliza lelah

other artists in the show: Emily Barletta, Lauren Dicioccio [whose work i really really really loved], Laura Kamain , Ruth Marshall, Esther Traugot, Marina Vendrell . there is some really great work in the show. [and i love the odd contrast of all this hand made stuff in this building - it's really funny]

fall walk :: look up & down

and because this post can't be ONLY about art shows.... if it looks like fall, smells like fall, feels like fall [finally chilly nights] then it must be fall right??

ok - the little's nap is almost done so i gotta run - but happy wednesday !

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Monica Canilao

my brain is at this very moment on overdrive. i just all of a sudden realized how much i really have to do in how little time. seriously - i think if i make a to-do list i might not be able to sleep tonight between worrying about it and waiting for the little to wake up [teething part 2. in all fairness the sequel is mellower than part 1, but i'm waiting for the surprise ending].

then again - i have been getting what i need to done. sometimes just barely in time, but it still counts if you are squeaking under that wire, right? as long as no one looses any limbs or an eye or something?

yesterday i gave a lecture with the above artist monica canilao . we actually drove up to sonoma state together. this could have been a bit scary considering we'd never met. but we had plenty in common. on the surface : gardening, eating, making art. and then after we both spoke and i got to see more of her work... i was sort of fascinated with how synergistic we were in rather odd ways. sure - we both like doily imagery and found papers - but my work tends to be sparse - hers bursts and busts from the seams. and yet.... besides literal thread there were many threads that connected us. it's always nice to find kindred art spirits. we even got to joke about how people come up to us in airports and start speaking languages we don't know. i don't get to have that conversation with everyone. and she was nice to boot.

it was the first time i spent 5 hours COMPLETELY away from little cc [i'd done up to 4, but not over]. she was with my mom and so i knew she was TOTALLY FINE the whole time. but it really was such an odd feeling. i felt liberated and happy to be doing "adult" things and yet all the while aching and missing her. she squealed when she saw me when i came home and you better believe that my heart melted and a tear almost fell from my eye.

tomorrow we do a trial "full" day at day care - the schedule we'll be keeping when i go back to work next thurs. i'm sure i'll feel equally psycho tomorrow. on the one hand i really need to tackle the 101 things that MUST GET DONE. on the other hand i think i'd rather just tickle cc and make her laugh.


did you see amy's video on lazy envelope making?

500 pencils ? handmade colored pencils. i'm drooling here. kind of really want these [and sorry can't remember where this link came from... it did come from somewhere].

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square of sun

i should have taken a polaroid of this moment for the domestic life series.... i bet though if i had grabbed the polaroid camera the loud clzack zzzz noise that it emits when spitting out the picture would have sent chini and mcnulty running from their spot. and who would want to do that to them?

sometimes i think cats are so lucky. find a moment of sun. lay and clean oneself in the warmth. take a nap. what a life. i find myself secretly wishing that a) i could take a nap in the sun and b) i had the ability to sleep comfortably on hard wood. [although lately in my sometimes sleep deprived state i HAVE fallen asleep on floors and in chairs in funky positions - maybe i am more cat like than i think]

a domestic life :: 07 :: girls day dolls

a domestic life :: 07 :: girl's day dolls

in my head this is my attempt at omitting information and trying to bridge the gap between the prince and the princess. see they share certain bits of information. so in my head this ties them together and sort of removes the gender quotient [and this fascinates me. the gender quotient in general and how to remove, circumvent, toy with that whole idea]. it's also sort of funny to me to see how i seem to steer clear of the figure [even in doll form]. if you just look at the drawing what would you think is going on?? i think it reads japanese - but maybe only if you are familiar with the symbolism? i'm not sure. other than that - the space is so funky. floating trees on a colored empty platform? huh?

>>>> art link >>>>>

mia christopher added me as a friend on flickr and i love her work. it's so charming. and she lives in SF. maybe i'll get to see some in person someday. i can only hope. her work has that funny empty space -- what's going on here feeling that i gravitate toward.

have a good weekend!

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RIP David Ireland

we lost a good artist this week. david ireland passed. CCA's website has a nice obituary.

above is mr. ireland's house - 500 capp street - it became an art piece in itself - a container showcasing not only objects that could be considered artworks, but a life. a life that had become a piece of art as well. he worked on this house continually for years - stripping it down - adding to it - over and over. this is a concept that i think is actually pretty mainstream now in the artworld. the idea of life as art - especially in a performative nature. but i think for mr. ireland it was natural and not so premeditated. ultimately i look at the photos of that house and think it's gorgeous in it's use and decay.

david ireland concrete ball

you may ask why i am choosing to even talk about mr. ireland - i mean there are a lot of artists that die and i don't say anything. well... i actually got the chance to work with and for him for a day.

prior to his oakland museum retrospective i got a call. my friend happened to be the chief installer for the museum. mr. ireland was going to re-create a piece and he needed hundreds of concrete balls made. would i want to spend a day making them?

i was between jobs - just out of grad school - it was summer... a fan of mr. ireland's work of course i resoundingly said YES.

there were a bunch of us gathered in a courtyard of a studio building. it was a nice and sunny day. there were wheelbarrows where concrete could be mixed for us to use. flowers were blooming. we were shown how to make the balls. and then we went to work. we stood around the table laughing, rolling, trying not to get concrete on our noses or in our hair. it felt kind of like a barn raising - a concrete ball raising.

mr. ireland - who was weak and couldn't stand for very long - came out to chat with us now and again and then he would retreat to the comfort of a cozy chair inside. every time he emerged he kept telling us what amazing jobs we were doing and how he was so grateful for our help. and that it wasn't about perfection in the balls - although seeking the perfect round concrete ball became a meditative process. [when i think of it now - even then before i really had my own studio practice -- the repetition of it all was so appealing. i do really like repetitive acts of making]

what i remember most was that he asked and REMEMBERED EVERY SINGLE PERSON'S NAME. he spoke to each of us by our names - and asked us what we did if we were artists. he was so obviously a gentle and kind soul - and i imagine an incredibly thoughtful and insightful teacher. as a teacher now i can only hope to touch a single student that way. in a simple few minutes with sincere generosity.

we each got to take a concrete ball home as a souvenir - one that we had made. i took mine out when i heard the news of mr. ireland's passing and rolled it around in my hand. i feel lucky i have a personal story to tell about a man whose art i genuinely admire.

happy june blog friends.



bug and grub brought the sweetest treats when they stopped by [tasted as good as they look]. haven't made it to miette yet - but i think it will be a must stop next time i head to SF.

they return next week for a bit more of a visit.

one of the things i love about gwen is that she color coordinates and plans her travel outfits. cutest charts ever! because i knew what colors she'd be wearing i wanted to make her a necklace

necklace 3 for bug

i really really like making these. if anyone is interested i might be coaxed into making some to sell? you could give me some color palette options and then i could give it a whirl. just a thought....

i'm about to try and gocco with cc strapped to me... we'll see how it goes. i'm working on some prints for a show. hopefully they'll come out. but i wanted to leave you with some eye candy. a former student sent me this image:

maurizio anzeri

it's work by Maurizio Anzeri . yum. besides the above piece, i really love the photos that have embroidery on them. why didn't i think of that? i've embroidered images from old photographs but never though to embroider on top. duh.

oh! and go check out abby's resurrection of 5 senses friday

have a good weekend. i'll be back next week with images of the 7 foot drawing. finally.

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press on tattered cultures mended tales

mom! you're famous.... well... that's you in the middle there. artweek reviewed the tattered cultures mended tales show that i was in [in hawaii] and they used the image of your portrait :)

you can read the whole article here

color tests
[this shot is better larger]

a girl could get used to 3 days in a row at the studio. i was thinking about what colors i wanted to use for my two new drawings. i tend to stick to a two or three color colorway [with various values in the colors]. but for the big drawing i really wanted to branch out into a little family of colors. [bottom row]. if i get stuck in thinking about new color combos i go and visit kuler .

karen gelardi book

my karen gelardi book arrived the other day. it's so satisfying. i love that i was a very small part of her installation assembly

and in other paper news:
ron nagle book

a while ago i did a little photo shoot with ron nagle

his gallery in belgium was putting together a catalogue and they wanted an artist in studio shot. i ended up taking all these other shots of "stuff" b/c his space was so cool - and they used practically all of them. i love how the designer set up this grid. since i'm not a PRO photographer i get a big grin when i see photos of things i've taken in print.

have a good evening and a great thursday!

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freedom from used cars

on the road to the opening last thursday. i spotted some escaped balloons. luckily my camera was out and i snapped the pic at a red light [no snapping while driving] - but b/c it was a hasty photo there's a lot of funny stuff in it. i rather like this. another check for happy accidents.

six weeks of drawing a day

six weeks of drawing a day were on display at the gallery. it was a really interesting and well-curated show. lots of different takes on drawing including animation and a "missing" drawing. the space itself is really gorgeous.

crossing the line

i also got to discover the work of wendy crittendon:
wendy crittendon

i am totally inlove with the pillow drawing. i want to draw pillows now. [i guess drawing beds isn't too far off, but pillows. oh pillows]

john casey has some great install shots of the whole show on his blog . it was too crowded for me to get good shots.

for gabriella

a friend just had a little girl. over the weekend i made these little felt booties from a martha stewart pattern . i hand sewed these, but you could easily production line them with a sewing machine. the possibilities seem endless - color combos... little embroidery or felt add ons.... i could spend all day making them. really.

today i cleaned up part of the studio. it was getting SO messy in there. not good for working. tomorrow [thanks to veterans day] i get a whole day in my studio. i need to start work on a very big bed drawing. right now it's like 7-8 feet long and 40 or so inches high. it will be a challenge to work this big - but i'm excited. i also want to include some 3D elements.... i think i picked out the bed i want to draw...

i think it's time to shut the computer.... see you soon

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crossing the line - show opens tomorrow night

that's the title of the show i'm in that opens tomorrow night
Thursday - November 6th from 4-6pm
at Santa Rosa Junior College's Art Gallery .

i'll be there [a little late]. i have no idea if anyone who reads this blog lives in or around santa rosa, but if you do and have nothing to do - come say hi....

but.... crossing the line seems to be what happened last night too. today just felt different. is it just me? i've never heard people honking and yelling and excited about an election in my neighborhood before....

anyway - the show is all about drawing. curated by will smith [who teaches there] the participating artist list is pretty great:
a couple are friends ::
jen garrido and jonn herschend
and a whole bunch of other cool folks ::
jen sturgill
kurt kemp
kathryn kenworth
evri kwong
todd barricklow
john casey
jean robison

i have a new art crush on kathryn kenworth...

kathryn kenworth uproot drawing

i'm excited to meet her....

to be filed under how sweet is this?

new slippers

i washed my slippers and they fell apart. the soles broke and i couldn't wear them anymore. i came out of the laundry room frowning and i told my husband. he went out to buy groceries and also came home with the above slippers for ME. how cute are they? i don't think i would have bought them for myself. i would have gone for basic black or gray... but i love them. pink and green? soft and fuzzy? those little bows? what's not to love?

have a good thurs!

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tara donovan

my tara donovan book arrived the other day. it's my birthday present to myself. i can't gush enough about tara's work. she is so smart - her use of materials blows me away. [pencils, plastic cups]. obviously the repetition gets to me. so subtle. so daring. so raw - both formally and conceptually stunning. sigh. how jealous was i that she actually had a little email exchange with aurora ? [who by the way has an amazing show up at the the rice gallery right now]. the book itself is also just stunning. i could cry over the cover. the shade of aqua - how her name is placed and slightly a different shade. maybe if i slip the book under my pillow some of tara's mojo will seep into my brain.

opening tonight is a pretty spectacular show - off-register - at little bird gallery. a whole host of prints by a whole host of really good artists. i wish i was able to check it out in person.

those little birds are also ambitiously launching an art subscription program little bird limited for $200 measly dollars you can get 12 pieces of art. how cool is that?? go and subscribe. a little surprise will visit you every month.

i can't believe it's my birthday on monday. where has the year gone??? a friend asked if i was going to do anything and i immediately said no. i don't like planning things for my birthday. other people's birthdays - yes. mine - no. honestly my plan is to take my studio design to the city for design review and go to the studio. i have to get cracking on some stuff - and it's been awhile since i had a truly productive studio day. i'm getting cranky about it. it's funny because in some ways this is a "milestone" birthday. for several reasons. i can't help but think about how different things will be next year. there are some life altering things in the wings.

my friend says she is planning a tea for me. that will be lovely. i do want to have at least one piece of cake [if andrea was around i'd beg her to make me a red velvet cupcake !]

hope your weekend is going well!

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illustration play in urban outfitters

i had a weird moment the other day. the urban outfitters catalogue arrived and as i was flipping through it [feeling old because there are very few things kids are wearing today that i want to wear. we've moved onto the 80's through a hippie lens?] - i came to the above page and paused. wait - that's illustration play. wait. i'm IN THAT BOOK. wait. urban outfitters is selling it? is it in stores? can i walk into a store and have a weird moment of i'm IN THAT BOOK in a hipster college environment? hmmmmm


so this last sunday the new york times included their T style magazine. my friend grace pointed out the above hermes outfit to me. it's pretty great. of course wandering through the snow w/ a yak [or buffalo?] in a million dollar outfit doesn't really seem feasible, but that's what we love about high fashion right?

also in the magazine was a fantastic article on catherine opie . when i was lucky enough to see her ice fishing series in LA i practically wept in front of them. i admire how she constantly looks for different things to photograph. and reading this quote made me see how she ties them all together:

"From early on, I wanted to create a language that showed how complex the idea of community really is, how we categorize who we are as human beings in relation to places we live," ... Her 1995 photographs of Beverly Hills and Bel Air homes aren’t so different, she says, from her portraits of the S-and-M community. "They’re both about the notion of the facade, and body modification is as much of a facade as architecture."

um yeah. chew on the notion of facade for a few hours and see what you come up with.

hope your wednesday is going well. and thanks for all the studio well wishes. and the underdog ink support. you guys are great!

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in NH we stayed with mary jo and her husband and their adorable dog daisy. i wanted to send a little thank you gift for all of their hospitality. so above is daisy ! i'm not as great at doing dog portraits as my husband is, but hopefully they liked it.

i have a studio visit today so i have to tidy up - there are 4 different bodies of work on the wall at the moment - some that have to go out - some that need to be photographed, some in progress - it's a little congested.....

and here's a link - check out sarah hillenberger i love her knitted body organs [duh]

have a great weekend!

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pigmentary portraits

it's hard to believe that i leave TOMORROW for the east coast. lisa congdon and i are going out install our show pigmentary portraits. i am excited to see how our work looks together. i really had a great time researching this show. and i discovered 2 things while making this work that i want to carry over into new pieces.

1. i like the idea of patchworking pieces. each of my pieces in the show has multiple components. some of which i overlapped and hang on pins so that they spatially are on different planes. since i'm using a semi-transparent vellum i'm really liking the effect.
2. i figured out this new way to work with thread and paper. again it's a spatial thing - but i started wrapping it around the corners and edges - it becomes this really interesting formal punch.

the short scoop on the show:

In our own ways we have researched and investigated the historical origins of Indigo and Cobalt blue, Indian and Ochre yellow, Verdigris and Malachite green, Vermilion and Alizarin red, Cadmium and Realgar orange, Tyrian and Mars Violet purple, Gofun Shirayuki white, and Ivory/Bone black.

Our hope was to create a portrait of each pigment - through which we could somehow reconnect with the alchemy of colors' past.

Firm believers in the idea that one's materials can only enhance and contextualize one's work, we are interested in exploring where these pigments come from and how to present their findings in a visually rich language.

artstream Studios
56 north main street
rochester, nh 03867

if you are around i hope you come by and say hello!!

after the show opens we are headed to maine for a few days of relaxing with some friends. i'm REALLY looking forward to this. i'm getting to meet some special folks.

i'll try and post some pics of the show/travels while we are away but i wanted to leave you with some eye candy/links.

diem chau

diem's piece arrived. isn't it stunning? i didn't realize from photos, but she actually embroiders on a very thin silk and stretches that over the cup. it's really subtle. when you look straight on the illusion of the embroidery being on the ceramic surface is so lovely.....

andrew paynter

andrew paynter sent out a summer newsletter with this photo of the band mattson 2. i LOVED this contact sheet so much.

and finally.... i've discovered this new to me blog of paper and things . monica astounds me everyday with her finds. she has a great eye.

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before i talk about the show i want to thank stephanie levy - whose work i have long admired - for asking me to part of her series artists who blog. you can read my interview here

AND... the winner of the blogaversary give-a-way is SOSSER - perhaps your "pick me pick me" prayer worked? please email me as your profile is blocked and i can't find you.... :) so i can mail you your prize!

pattern reDefined - new synchronized tank : radial formation

my trip to LA was so good. catch ups with family and friends [we spied nancy reagan], meeting a special baby, shopping with grandma, and the show. oh the show.

this is one of those shows where things just really clicked. i was excited to be a part of this show from the get go, but then seeing all the work together made my heart cartwheel. above is my new tank configuration. round and smaller.... reminiscent of the toxin doily drawings of mine also on view. the best part? ONE PIECE. yes. i succumbed and glued the sucker once i figured out placement in my studio. as much as i love a good installation, sometimes there just isn't enough time.

pattern reDefined

my work alongside Freddy Chandra's and Jil Weinstock's is simply put a good fit. we are all interested in repetition. we are all so interested in color [the show actually matched - which could be a detriment, but in this case it worked. i loved how green, blue, yellow, bounced around the room in all of our works]. ultimately we are all involved in negative space. but what i didn't realize until i was standing in the exhibition was how we all are invested in material - not only the media that we use to make our own work, but the actual materiality as well. physicality. how we start to touch with our eyes... or want to touch from looking. i firmly believe that artists need to make conscious decisions about their materials for each choice can add another layer to the work. this show proves that point. what happens when you embed drawings into resin that looks like candy, when shirts and doilies are made of rubber, when felt is used to represent a tank or thread is sewn onto paper to give a drawing a new dimensionality? what happens is that the familiar is not. that our perceptions are altered. that what is known to be hard becomes soft and visa versa.

pattern reDefined

anyway, the show is up through august 16th at walter maciel gallery . THANK YOU to everyone who came out! and to she that couldn't but sent flowers because she was working on a great project.

this week my studio is a factory as i frame and wrap the work for an upcoming show with lisa congdon at art stream studios . it has to go out monday at the latest.... happy tuesday!

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in the middle

hi. i guess a week has passed. i don't want to complain. i feel so lucky and blessed. i'm just tired. and feel run down. but soon soon soon i will have some more time to myself and i think i'll be able to use my brain again. i hope so.

in the meantime... i was lucky - so lucky - enough to meet amy ross on friday for breakfast. her show at rare device should not be missed. we had one of those heart to heart talks about life, art, showing, hopes, blogs, regrets, dreams... i hope our paths cross again soon amy!

the above image is for martha's flickr group s t i l l . ahhh. brilliant idea [but of course - it's from martha!]

hope your monday is coming to a lovely close....

and one last happy birthday to shari...

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i came home to this meal the other night. a tapas feast cooked by my husband. what a treat. gwen just posted about how nice it is to be a recipient of a well cooked meal - and i couldn't agree more.

i'm still very much in my own head these days. things are in flux. i have a long to do list - i'm just trying to line ducks up and not let anyone/anything down. instead of chattering about that i'll show you some good things that have been arriving on my doorstep.

my favorite hat this winter

a while ago natasha sent me a package of goodies including some yarn that she spun. i immediately crocheted a hat. i wore this hat all winter. all the time. i had more conversations about this hat than any other hat i've ever worn. people would ask me where the yarn came from, whether i made and sold them, could i make one for them.... you can get your own skein of natasha's amazing yarn through her etsy store luxe .

bounty from gracia and louise

gracia and louise had a little contest on their blog. i somehow won.... so this little bird and pile of goodies landed on my doorstep. the bird promptly told me his name was pietro. he was a bit worried because he had been reading about crime the whole trip, but i told him he'd live happy in a basket i have with a bunch of other soft friends. he has since nuzzled in. [i believe his eye came all the way from portugal via paula . what a global bird.] the embroidery on his backside is so hypnotic. i love it. thank you ladies.

do you live in LA? do you want to attend the Dwell Design Conference? you can use this code: BDODEC to get in for free follow this link . i wish i could go.

i'm off to an opening of my friends work. a 12 year mini-retrospective. kimberly austin's work is really beautiful. her show is happening at braunstein/quay gallery .

been thinking a lot about visual cues. also how i haven't posted any polaroids in a long long long time. i think next week i'm going to just post polaroids with captions. still want to be a bit quiet.

hope your weekends are lovely

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