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a domestic life :: 08 :: swan

the last completed domestic life sketchbook drawing. i have a bunch more polaroids, but haven't made any more drawings. sigh.

this is the window sill in our new and improved bathroom [i will post about this someday]. the little blue swan is from my grandmother. our whole bathroom is white and blue. the window is right above the tub -- when i was looking for windows i HATED the frosted/privacy ones. so i splurged and bought Strossel Design window film from rare device it's really pretty. and makes me happy.

mini herb garden

if you want to see more of my house. well, actually more like snippets of my house you should go to cafe mom . sheri kindly asked me to participate [sheri + shari also put this joy + ride together. it's a GREAT spot for inspiration and has featured countless of my favorite artists/bloggers].

above is one of the photos from the tour. the great herb garden in colander idea isn't mine. someone brought it over as a hostess gift the other day. cute, huh?

there's also a funny photo of me from the 70's - doing a model pose. heh heh.

have a good wednesday!

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square of sun

i should have taken a polaroid of this moment for the domestic life series.... i bet though if i had grabbed the polaroid camera the loud clzack zzzz noise that it emits when spitting out the picture would have sent chini and mcnulty running from their spot. and who would want to do that to them?

sometimes i think cats are so lucky. find a moment of sun. lay and clean oneself in the warmth. take a nap. what a life. i find myself secretly wishing that a) i could take a nap in the sun and b) i had the ability to sleep comfortably on hard wood. [although lately in my sometimes sleep deprived state i HAVE fallen asleep on floors and in chairs in funky positions - maybe i am more cat like than i think]

a domestic life :: 07 :: girls day dolls

a domestic life :: 07 :: girl's day dolls

in my head this is my attempt at omitting information and trying to bridge the gap between the prince and the princess. see they share certain bits of information. so in my head this ties them together and sort of removes the gender quotient [and this fascinates me. the gender quotient in general and how to remove, circumvent, toy with that whole idea]. it's also sort of funny to me to see how i seem to steer clear of the figure [even in doll form]. if you just look at the drawing what would you think is going on?? i think it reads japanese - but maybe only if you are familiar with the symbolism? i'm not sure. other than that - the space is so funky. floating trees on a colored empty platform? huh?

>>>> art link >>>>>

mia christopher added me as a friend on flickr and i love her work. it's so charming. and she lives in SF. maybe i'll get to see some in person someday. i can only hope. her work has that funny empty space -- what's going on here feeling that i gravitate toward.

have a good weekend!

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a domestic life :: 06 :: cupcake

a domestic life 6.... the cutest cupcake brought to me by rori of paper monkey press . she just moved to the east coast. we're working on a new website for her. a more "grown-up" version of what they have now.

in this drawing i think it's funny how i changed the view. it's like i grew taller than i was when i took the photo. the perspective is off. my favorite part is the sprinkles. they were fun to paint.

onto news::

1. i have a piece up for auction tomorrow night. another great local arts organization - The Intersection for the Arts - is having their annual shin-dig. i donated a small cozied target. you can learn about the auction and even buy pieces NOW by going here


mixtape zine cover

remember the cover of mixtape that i posted about a bit ago... well... i got copies and it's a great issue. instructions on how to crochet dish clothes, crafting with kids, a cute calendar, a feature on paper cut artist tina tarnoff, etc, etc, etc, [the list of contributors is too long for me to type here today - my fingers are not typing well today. so many slip ups!]

you can buy your own copy here and you can learn more about the zine here .

i have a couple of extras. so if you want one - comment. a winner [maybe winners] will be announced next Wed. the 17th....

and that's all she typed [since i'm spending 1/2 my time deleting my typos]. have a GREAT weekend

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a domestic life :: 05 :: narcissus

ah. moleskines. how i do love thee.

my friend gave me a narcissus plant. so sweet and fragrant and so fleeting. the sepia hue in the polaroid was generated by a filter provided to me by annie bee - photo genius extraordinaire.

i'm finding this process meditative. take photo and then draw something in the photo, or re-draw the photo. sometimes i'm interested in doing it to scale - the same size as the photo, other times i want to change the scale. in a way the whole idea of doing something twice removed intrigues me. the photo is a frame - a glimpse into some other world - a removal from the "real" world while it simultaneously captures it. [there are so many theoretical stances on photography. sontag , barthes and the like can explain it better than i can here].

and then the drawing itself is another removal. it's my hand - my eye - my interpretation of something that is already "false" or "removed". it's interesting to think about how sometimes a photo or a drawing can be more real than reality - especially in terms of conveying an emotion or desire or mood. but then again they can be so fake. in how you set it up - meaning how you generate the image can be so easily manipulated. and in how you manufacture it. when painting or drawing you can use non-native colors or different kinds of mark-making to change the tenor of the piece. you can omit or add things at will. in life you can't will a red rose to be purple [you can imagine it so, but unless you have magic powers or have a strange kind of color blindness the red rose will still be red]. but in making you can alter things as much as you'd like. and even if you are a photorealist and try to copy "life" exactly - you can't... and that is part of where the magic lies in art, no?

i hope that isn't too much methodology for a late tuesday morning. i might have been inspired by all of bara's posts on methodology. the first one is here - and there are 4 total. they are really great.


this weekend a print was featured in sunset magazine's idea house - they had a fair at their menlo park facilities. i think the best part is being on a wall with Rachel Austin :: Traci French :: Andrea Jenkins :: Sharon Montrose :: Eric Rewitzer :: Ian Dingman :: Lisa Congdon :: Leigh Wells :: Dana Robson. i love the wall color and that sofa. no idea who makes that sofa, but it's a beauty, no?

there are SO many june baby birthdays to celebrate... shari , wendy , gwen ... my dad.... ok - now i feel like i have to run to start getting june presents together.....

i'll be back later this week with another domestic life and a GIVEAWAY which round about relates to.....

hello ! to any readers coming from amy's blog.... thanks for the mention ms. chicken....

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happy girls day!

it's girls day today. a japanese holiday. [you can read more here ]. when i was a kid we set up dolls every year. my japanese grandma made them. i loved the fact that there was a day for girls [there's one for boys too]. and i loved setting the dolls up. they were too precious to play with, but i was in awe of their clothes. there's always an emperor and empress and if you have an extended set then their servants and food. little sculptures of pink and white mochi - perfect instruments - lanterns, etc. my mom says she will be giving me the set i grew up with for our little girl. she brought the above dolls to start us out for today.


i made the elephant ! i made his ears stick out a bit more. this one we're keeping. a little present for girls day. hopefully cc will like it....

a domestic life :: 04 :: xmastree

installment 4 of a domestic life...
gotta give credit where credit is due. the dots totally remind me of laurie reid . click on her colored pieces/dots portfolio.

i think this one is my favorite page so far [ha! of all 4 pages]

it is pouring rain here. i think it's supposed to be raining all week. time to bundle and hole up....

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a domestic life :: 03 :: yarn

hello there. thanks so much for your kind welcome and words for cc! so special.

so... let's see... above is page 3 in the domestic life sketchbook. i used that blue yarn to make a friend a baby hat - and a hat for someone i have yet to send off. we were supposed to meet in person when she visited - and i was going to hand her the hat, but alas i was in the hospital.

when i came up with the idea to document/draw the domestic for this sketchbook i knew that i was going to be spending a lot of time at home very soon. i have been spending so much time at home. it makes me realize how great it is to feel comfortable at home. to be surrounded by items/colors that are soothing. i have to bust out the polaroid and start taking more photos! cc sleeps for 2-3 hour intervals so i should be able to knock out some more sketchbook pages!

bed drawing: our mirror

this is one of two new drawings i made for the domestic life show [no, i did not know that my sketchbook project and the show i was going to be were going to be titled the same! small world, huh?] at the sun valley art center . the show is up through march 21st. i wish i could see it in person. i'll show you the 7 foot drawing i made for the show soon!

a couple of links:
i'm kind of obsessed with making cakes or plaster casts or candles or soaps [i have always wanted to make soap] candies or something with the molds from here

a friend brought a shopping bag to me from this company une-nana-cool . cute cute japanese lingerie. i just love the aesthetic of the site

have a great weekend!

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booties for Andrés

this time for a boy baby. here's the pattern if you want to try them. i couldn't help but think of the other martha when i picked these colors out.

i am happy to report that i somehow managed to get holiday cards out [a shortened list] this year. i still like the feel of a real card - i don't want to succumb to an e-card [although i do like getting those too]. not yet.

they started digging for the studio in the backyard. i almost can't believe it. i should really try and document what happens little by little. maybe make a little movie [gif] of it? hmmm. ok. note to self: take picture early tomorrow before they arrive. although it might rain, so who knows if they'll get anything done tomorrow. i get to go BACK to the permit office tomorrow too. one more snafu to figure out - but my planchecker assured me he'd sign off when i spoke to him on the phone. phew. they tried to take away a foot. and we need that foot back! at least there is a solution [just have to change the nature of one wall]. it's amazing how 12 inches can make or bread a deal.

a domestic life :: 02 :: tulips

here's page 2 of a domestic life. i don't really like this. but part of what worked for me when i did the drawing a day project was learning to live with [and hence learning from] my mistakes. i like the thought here. isolate something from the photo - change the scale/location of it. i just don't really like how i rendered it. so i'll try the isolate/alter thing again on another page.

i think many people are on their way "home" or traveling for the holiday. i'm happy to be just HOME. no big plans. hubby and i can't afford gifts this year - so i'm hoping for a day of lounging and crocheting and petting dogs and cats.... and eating. and did i mention lounging? if you are on your way or already gone... wishing you safe travels [SO MUCH SNOW everywhere - but here]...

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a domestic life :: 01:: mcnulty

i did not mean to be gone for so long. but grading really took over. i still have some letters of recommendation to write and a few loose ends to tie, but i am very close to being on "break". this is very exciting. the big [7 foot] drawing i mentioned a while back needs to be ready to ship by january 6th so that is on my mind. and in the works. i'm making progress, but slowly.

so here is installment one of "a domestic life". one polaroid + one interpretation of that polaroid. any medium. no restrictions in the interpretation. the polaroid will be of something that is in my domestic life. [i'm sort of thinking this means something contained in my house or yard, but we'll see if i stretch that]. i'm not going to put a timeline on when i'll do a round - but i'm hoping it will be pretty regular.

new projects

i bought some yarn in the hopes of making some holiday gifts. but have quickly realized that very few, if any, of these will be done in time. i'm having a hard time getting my holiday cards out this year, let alone shopping or anything else. i think it's just going to be a bit holiday quiet around here. and that's going to be OK. we're going to be breaking ground on my studio [and re-doing our bathroom], amongst some other big things so it feels very full round here. not much space for present buying or wrapping or cookie baking....

before signing off i just want to bid a very very fond farewell to a few blogs that are signing off and have been daily sources of inspiration and friendship to me. you will be sorely missed.
\\\ port2port \\\ up through thursday
\\\ simply breakfast \\\ up through the end of the year
\\\ girl in green \\\ up for not sure how much longer

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