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there was cake

thank you so much for all the first birthday wishes... oh yes there was cake - homemade poppyseed with buttercream frosting... and there were cucumber sandwiches too. it was a lovely afternoon. and then we ALL got sick. one by one every. single. person. that came to the party. it was not food poisoning, but a really wicked stomach virus. oh dear. [hence no post this last week].


i thought i would share with you my vintage boston egg shaped pencil sharpener. it is my friend and companion in the studio. i think maybe gwen would like it.


it has been raining incessantly here. if we didn't need it so badly i might start complaining. i actually really like rain - the smell, the sound, the feel. but days and days in a row and we get a little stir crazy. the little gets VERY stir crazy. any break and you'll find us wandering around outside with an umbrella bundled up so she can look at some flowers and cars and birds.

this morning, i glanced over at the buddha in our garden and it looked like he had just had a good cry. i like that idea.

tonka in school

and finally some funny art.... i was asked to do a drawing for dogs in school an exhibition. [visit the website to learn about why dogs in school].

i immediately thought of tonka as a dunce. couldn't help myself really. i think he might complain and say he's no dummy, but... he doesn't talk - only snores and snarfles, so he really has no say i'm afraid.

Jan 30-Feb 25, 2010 at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland OR

art sales benefit project grow

tomorrow i'm driving down to monterey to be interviewed for a video that companions another show i'm in. no idea what to wear. no idea what i'll say. sigh. hopefully my hair will cooperate.....

more soon i have LOTS of new art to share. made 10 pieces for ETA 7 .

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a party hat

i knew she wouldn't wear it for more than 2 seconds. but i wanted to make it anyway. maybe it will end up in a box. maybe we'll take it down next year and see if she'll wear it then. maybe it will become part of a celebratory tradition.

maybe not. it doesn't really matter.

detritus from the making.

first cupcake

her first taste of something sweet with gooey icing. carrot cupcake. one candle. i sang happy birthday over and over and she would smile. maybe next year she'll know what it means.

it's hard to believe a whole year has passed.

i can still picture your tiny tiny face, eyes closed, pink and blue striped hat, bunny blanket, wrapped like a papoose, held over my head, hovering - like an angel. your eyes opened for a brief second before they swept you away.

and now you are one. wow. and we celebrate with family this weekend. your second taste of cake.... and more singing.

happy birthday my dear sweet not so little girl.


mr. giraffe

first - thanks for all the kind comments about my cat. the little and i spied a creme orange tabby like chini today and it flooded me with love [longing too, but mostly love]....

is it just me or is this year off to some kind of crazy start? only 9 days into january and i'm feeling some strange buzz. i've already started to make color coded lists [kind of sparked by the fact that i'm using this calendar this year], and i'm already kind of overwhelmed. it might be that i'm in 3 group shows in february and i'm trying to juggle finishing the work, framing it, shipping, installation plans, etc. etc. plus there were a couple of studio visits, some work emails to attend to now that the holidays are no longer an excuse not to reply, last minute [late] presents to get and wrap and send and.... and... and....

i'm tired just typing about it.

but you don't want to hear about that. but i got nothing - no good photos, no good stories, no deep thoughts [at least none that i can formulate in a way that makes any sense].

so you get a stuffed giraffe. it's a late holiday gift for a friend's child. pattern from lion brand . i made his neck longer because i wanted him to be goofier. and he is goofy isn't he? there is something inherently relaxing about crocheting for me. i wish i had the time to make a big blanket like jen . someday. what i do need to do is start some doily trees. soon. i may need to get help making some. but that will be another post.

happy weekend to you. it's freezing here [relatively speaking for california]. hubby said indian food for dinner tonight? and i can't wait. drooling already.

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winter carrots

there is something really satisfying about eating home grown vegetables. my hubby is doing such an amazing job with the garden. we have carrots to last us all winter. they will only get bigger and sweeter as the weeks pass.

i think that the garden is my first metaphor for 2010. it needs tending, it produces amazing things if you care for it properly [or sometimes even if you don't], it changes - day by day, season by season, it is fulfilling and hard work....

we had a bit of a sad ending to our year.

we will miss you so

we had to say goodbye to our kitty chinaski [you can read about him in this old post]. the above photo kind of sums him up. even sick he would purr and talk back if you talked to him [and his purr was this motor, luscious, vibration]. he would always outstretch his paw to touch you if you came near.

all pets are special to their owners. but chini - he was also special to our neighborhood. everyone knew the three-legged cat. he was best friends to major [i hope they are hanging out together now eating popeye's chicken]. people would come and talk to me about how much they loved him. the mayor of our block. a once in a lifetime cat.... such a trooper. such a good good soul.

at the end and beginning of years we reflect so much... i keep reading wonderful summations of the year past. i can't seem to package each of my months nicely in a few memories. in some ways the days and weeks and months have become one long blur - and yet in other ways there are distinct and clear moments of joy, excitement, sadness, newness, fear - of being ALIVE. i can't help but think that it is these extremes that keep us spinning, and as we see saw from one to the other we get to dance a little in the space between - reflect in moments of calm, and catch our breath for the next bit.

a happiest of new years to everyone. may 2010 bring exactly what you want and need and are capable of handling.

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