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I am officially band-aid color

i didn't think that band-aids were real skin colors. really i didn't. and then i put one on yesterday and looked down and what do you know? i'm band-aid colored. this photo doesn't really do me or the band-aid justice, but honestly - it's kind of creepy how well it matches.

these are actually the kind of thoughts that consume minutes of my day.

i was driving the other day -- rushing rushing -- always rushing -- and i had the thought -- i wonder what it would be like not to multi-task. to actually have enough time in the day to do what you wanted to do AT THE PACE you wanted/needed to do it.

we now hear all these buzz words - slow food, slow media, slow fashion [i'm tossing this one around for another side project i'm working on. but that's another post]. but i never do anything slowly really. except for when i'm actually making art.

my brain is full of ideas. grandiose and minuscule art ideas. ideas that make me want to drop everything else i'm doing - which is simply impossible and unreasonable. but my head - it wants to explode with thoughts of kites, cloud formations, viruses, toxins, balloons, bombs, slovakian bobbin lace, and military ribbons.

and then there's the whole color study work i want to do. nothing but thread and stitching and colors. really quiet. shhhh. all about texture and subtlety and getting back to the basics. but that would be kind of a left turn from what i need to complete and things i've promised to folks. i do want to get there... but i may have to be patient.

colleen double ended colored pencils

i've been inspired by these double sided colleen colored pencils that i first spied here . i like the idea of making drawings using their color combos. sometimes i find it relaxing if one element of what i'm working on is determined by some outside force. the scale, or the color, or something. it makes me feel like i have one less thing to worry about.

i'm working on these very small drawings for an upcoming show - and i found i really had to push myself to use more than 1 or 2 colors. i tend to like small shifts in a color family - like a bunch of teals and greens or several pinks and browns together. throw in one more color and i start getting twitchy. i'm trying to use at least 3 colors in some of them [the work is kind of all about 3] and it's making me work really hard. i think this is good, but part of me is still complaining.

i've also been thinking about pressure. it came up with one of my students who has had some early success with showing and selling his work. he said making art right now isn't as much "fun" as it was before because he has all these extra voices and thoughts in his head right now. i feel for him. the best moments in the studio [for me] are when you are present and yet also somehow in some other world - where you don't really have any "everyday" thoughts in your head and you aren't worried. you are just kind of making. it's hard to banish the outside temptations, influences, general "noise". i'm have a particularly hard time of it now. but i'm going to practice what i preach [to my students] which is to soldier on. discipline through it.

on that note. back to work. i have to re-write my artist statement for a proposal. this proposal is big. it's daunting. if i get what i wish for it will be pretty amazing. and that's all i'll say for fear of jinxing it.

happy wed.

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robots @ the Ulrich Musuem

does anyone live in wichita?? i've been meaning to post about this show and keep forgetting.

the show that was at the San Jose Museum of Art has moved on.

my wall drawing isn't a part of the show, but some framed drawings are.

up through December 18, 2009
ulrich museum site . i'm dying to know how it looks there....

glow - jennifer vasher's pills

I'm also in a group show at Richard Levy Gallery in Albuquerque, NM called glow. [photos are from the gallery]

up through December 17, 2009

i really like all the work in the show, but these pill sculptures i really dig. they are by jennifer vasher

glow - long shot

here's an overview of the show

my work in glow

here's my work

i'm also in a show "Stitched, Looped, and Knitted"
@ The Mills Building through December 4, 2009
220 Montgomery Street in San Francisco
open mon-fri 8-6

this is kind of a funny show as it's in the main hallway of a downtown business building. i really do like how the work interacts with the space. i was only able to take a few pictures before they stopped me [oops].

@ The Mills Building - my work framed

what's funny is that they framed my work incorrectly. in the bed piece on the left, the orange bed should be facing the other way - but now that i see it this way i kind of like it?? i'll probably switch it back when i get the piece back, but i do like accidental happenstance like this. it makes me look at my work in a new light. maybe how someone else thinks is SHOULD be??

@ The Mills Blding - nocturna

i'm happy the 7' drawing is seeing the light of day. we had to come up w/ a way to put it on white since the walls of the space are yellow... gotta love MDF. yup.

@ The Mills Blding - lacey jane roberts

a piece by lacey jane roberts

this is actually the 2nd show we've been in together.
and i interviewed her for kitchen sink magazine a while back. see that here

@ The Mills Blding - aliza lelah

aliza lelah

other artists in the show: Emily Barletta, Lauren Dicioccio [whose work i really really really loved], Laura Kamain , Ruth Marshall, Esther Traugot, Marina Vendrell . there is some really great work in the show. [and i love the odd contrast of all this hand made stuff in this building - it's really funny]

fall walk :: look up & down

and because this post can't be ONLY about art shows.... if it looks like fall, smells like fall, feels like fall [finally chilly nights] then it must be fall right??

ok - the little's nap is almost done so i gotta run - but happy wednesday !

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bikes vs car

in maine....

antique games

games at art stream studios

mav's pencils + wall

in main in mav's studio

oh polaroid how i love your fuzz, your strange colors, how you frame things. time to take more polaroids. especially since they are making more film!! wooo.

all of the great polaroid week goodness here


i posted on sew green yesterday

happy weekend. i have a studio visit later today. time to sweep.

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it's that time again. roid week

so i'm digging polaroids out from the archive again. last year's trip to new hampshire and maine for lisa congdon and my show at art stream studios . i'll show the diptychs maybe on friday...

above... the artists who had a studio next to
mav's . their window was gorgeous.


lights at artstream

the plane the plane

the plane in the doorway at the apartment we stayed at


the hydrangea in my room in new hampshire


mav's old studio
mailings for port2port press


go internet community go!

A few months ago, Angelia suffered a fire in her Virginia-based studio/handmade goods shoppe - the red thread studio . You can read more about it right here .

Basically, she lost all of her stock, so Design for Mankind is leading a fundraiser to help her recoop her merchandise and get the shoppe back in order. We'd love to raise $3,000 in order to support her efforts and, in turn, support the handmade community.

I've donated some underdog ink merch - and there's a TON of great art by great artists available! There are a few donation tiers, offering free handmade goods and artwork for any $5+ donation that's received. See it all here . go. support. help.

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