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square of sun

i should have taken a polaroid of this moment for the domestic life series.... i bet though if i had grabbed the polaroid camera the loud clzack zzzz noise that it emits when spitting out the picture would have sent chini and mcnulty running from their spot. and who would want to do that to them?

sometimes i think cats are so lucky. find a moment of sun. lay and clean oneself in the warmth. take a nap. what a life. i find myself secretly wishing that a) i could take a nap in the sun and b) i had the ability to sleep comfortably on hard wood. [although lately in my sometimes sleep deprived state i HAVE fallen asleep on floors and in chairs in funky positions - maybe i am more cat like than i think]

a domestic life :: 07 :: girls day dolls

a domestic life :: 07 :: girl's day dolls

in my head this is my attempt at omitting information and trying to bridge the gap between the prince and the princess. see they share certain bits of information. so in my head this ties them together and sort of removes the gender quotient [and this fascinates me. the gender quotient in general and how to remove, circumvent, toy with that whole idea]. it's also sort of funny to me to see how i seem to steer clear of the figure [even in doll form]. if you just look at the drawing what would you think is going on?? i think it reads japanese - but maybe only if you are familiar with the symbolism? i'm not sure. other than that - the space is so funky. floating trees on a colored empty platform? huh?

>>>> art link >>>>>

mia christopher added me as a friend on flickr and i love her work. it's so charming. and she lives in SF. maybe i'll get to see some in person someday. i can only hope. her work has that funny empty space -- what's going on here feeling that i gravitate toward.

have a good weekend!

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a perfect tomato

my mom brought us her first tomato. it is kind of a perfect one. the shape, color, size. it brings out the hoarder in me. i don't want to eat it - i just want to keep it so i can look at it forever. but it's perishable, so it must get eaten.

when i was a kid i would save anything that i liked. i would try and keep things neat and pristine. hence i have hello kitty erasers and pencils that i'm JUST NOW starting to use [i have a pencil case that i think i'll pass onto the little when she gets old enough]. i would silently shake my head at my friends who ripped all their stickers off the backing and put them everywhere. i always wanted duplicates - one to use and one to keep.

i have mixed feelings about this. part of me still practices this - although i've loosened up a lot. i use things when i want to [the childhood me might keep a set of markers until they dried up and weren't usable. the adult me realizes some things don't keep forever and to use what you have when the fancy strikes you]. part of me wonders why i would hold such trivial things so dear.

it even applies to food. i would always save the best part of something for last. so if it was a cupcake i'd tend to eat around the outside until i got to the last bite of the absolute middle. i still often do this. saving a bite of food i know will be most flavorful for the last bite that i take. i guess i want to savor and remember....

then again - often it's in the very simple and mundane that i find the most perfection.


like these spoons. i woke up and my husband had lined up our little baby spoons on our kitchen table. i'm a sucker for anything in rows. and colorful things in rows. well.... i can get absolutely giddy. this very small gesture made my whole day. and i had to take a photo of it to "keep" it.

maybe that's what has also changed. when i was a child i couldn't photograph something to remember it by [or it wasn't as easy as it is now] - and so i wanted to keep everything so that it could "live" not only in my physical world, but in my mental world. now i can photograph a fleeting moment [or tomato] that i find intriguing... and thus it stays with me for as long as i want it to.

i wonder if there's a term for hoarding digital imagery. it's not like it sits in noticeable piles like everything else i hoard - ahem i mean collect .

what do you notice? what do you hoard? what small moments of perfection make you gleeful?

have a great weekend


sock monkey

the other day christine asked me if i knew of a good softie maker. of course i mentioned that wendy made some of my favorite softies. i also like thelma's ... and gracia + louise sent me a few adorable birdies too [can't find any of them on their website. too bad for you].

the little sock monkey above came to my little the other day. it's ADORABLE. and it's made by volunteers for fresh art - an organization in NYC that supports artists with special needs. good good cause. you can buy a sock monkey for yourself or a little you know.

hot pink bear for ava

i made a little bear for a little girl who is turning one tomorrow. my little's first park hawaian bbq birthday party! should be fun. sunscreen - check, hat - check, long nap beforehand - hopefully!

her invitation was hot pink, so i'm hoping this was a safe color choice. i had to hide it from the little who immediately wanted to put it in her mouth.

and the luscious images??

remember when i was reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog? [one of the best books i've read in awhile BTW] well... muriel barbery's husband takes GORGEOUS photos. see here the ones from japan .

ok.... gotta get some laundry started while the little is still napping. have a great weekend everyone!

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stamping baby shirts

being sans computer can be a blessing and a curse. it's kind of nice not to have to get design work done, or answer emails.... but then i start feeling antsy. isolated. wondering what you all are doing out there in internet-land. what are you making, reading, taking pictures of, eating????

like see - i missed when abby posted about her hope to go to second storie market ... and the release of a special print set to help get her there. i almost bought this print too.

and then i wonder about this space. what to write when i return. there is so much and so little to say at the same time.

it's almost like each of my days are broken into micro-segments. what do i do with the little when she's awake? what do i do while she's asleep? is she getting enough sleep? [i know i'm not getting enough sleep]. how do i balance what she needs with what i need and everything in between? did i remember to go outside today??

and then some stuff does get made around here. like the above shirts stamped. there are babies being born to the left and the right of me... and with cc outgrowing her clothes faster than you can blink i thought i'd re-cycle ad re-fashion her plain white onsies for the newly arriving babes. the dog stamp i bought - but i carved the robot one.

one cupcake

the other day i did manage to walk to a cafe and get a glorious cupcake. and i put it on my very special robot plates [from amisha and shari ]. which reminds me that i really should properly thank some folks for their gifts that they've sent. which means that i should photo them. cough cough.


and it was the 4th of july in there somewhere, right? just when i think i'm about to loose my sanity... my mom comes. and rescues me. and takes on baby duty in a way that allows me to relax. to realize that i am still my own person. gives me and my husband a chance to watch a movie together.

and how cute is she with the sparklers? in my coat???

sometimes it's the absolute littlest things that loom large. how grateful am i to those close to me that i can lean on. depend on. how special is it to come down the stairs after getting the little to bed and find a plate of food lovingly put together by my hubby for me?? practically every night.

i did manage to make some art these last few weeks. images of that... and my studio... and our new bathroom... and and and??? stay tuned.

happy weekend!

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