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there's little i control

my laptop decided to die. on the day i'm supposed to send images that i just took to a curator... OF COURSE. when i was just about to install leopard and download some movies i took of the little one... OF COURSE.

tomorrow i go to the genius bar. i hope this isn't too painful. good thing i paid for apple care, huh?

needless to say my internet interactions will be horribly sporadic.... ugh. although maybe i should try and look at the positive side of that....

think good thoughts for my laptop. [and am i glad i backed up about a week ago!]

2009 art + design :: pg 1/2

i was asked awhile back if i would answer some questions for a chinese art/design magazine. online here . then they asked me for what seemed like a gazillion images of my studio/work. i had NO IDEA how the spread would turn out.

2009 art + design :: pg 3/4

2009 art + design :: pg 5/6

2009 art+design :: pg 7/8

i was shocked to find 8 pages.... and a design that really fit my work

and off on another tangent

french paper -- sumo

i love FRENCH PAPER . they are so smart [they are behind pop ink ] and their sample books make me drool every time i handle them. i really want to make a screen print or something using their papers. someday i will.

anyway... the are going to be at the how conference in austin... giving away samples and paper glasses and other cool stuffs. i wish i could go just for that [although the conference looks great anyways]. i think kate is going....

AND... if you have been wanting some polaroid film... here's how to grab some at an amazing price... thanks to the lovely folks at polapremium - you can SHARE THE LOVE . if i didn't have a bunch of packs sitting in my fridge i'd be beggin you all to help me buy some film! :D

ok. that's all from me.... poor cc woke herself up every 45 minutes to an hour 1/2 last night in her sleep attempts to roll over [did you know kids try things out in their sleep?]... so needless to say i'm a bit spacey this tuesday morning....

till next time...

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hi there... the random number generator picked 4 and 8 ...

so hanna and julie you guys are the winners!

please email me with your addresses and i'll put them in the mail to you soon!

thanks to everyone who commented it was really great to meet some new folks here...

have family in town for the next few days... so see you next week!!

i have no concept of what day it is....

this post will contain all the random things i've been meaning to post about but have been forgetting.....


christopher faiss sawhorse desk

my former studio mate makes beautiful things [and installs them for other people]. above are his spiffed out sawhorses [what is it about sawhorses that is so appealing?? i want a pair of these, but with galvanized accents instead of bronze.... if only...] i have been hounding him to get his website together for gosh i don't know - like 5 YEARS?? well - we finally did it.


i keep forgetting to mention that i have been in more dialogue videos. the last two were on niche: friend or for [with pia ] and this week social networking [with kate and will ]. i have a hard time watching myself, but i watch the videos to see what other people say. i kind of close my eyes when i'm onscreen and then re-open them when i don't hear my voice anymore. i always feel like i'm saying the dumbest stuff.


my origami mobile was featured in cafe mom today. thanks sheri


the mixtape zine giveaway w/ my birdie on the cover is still going... till tomorrow.... [what i love about give-a-ways is all the new people you meet online]


4 random polaroids from Japan. i did say i'd post more of those, right? these are all the cute things in front of stores and in parks [and that i always seem to shoot on the left side of the frame??? why is that?]

blue elephant

green tea soft



bye for now.

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a domestic life :: 06 :: cupcake

a domestic life 6.... the cutest cupcake brought to me by rori of paper monkey press . she just moved to the east coast. we're working on a new website for her. a more "grown-up" version of what they have now.

in this drawing i think it's funny how i changed the view. it's like i grew taller than i was when i took the photo. the perspective is off. my favorite part is the sprinkles. they were fun to paint.

onto news::

1. i have a piece up for auction tomorrow night. another great local arts organization - The Intersection for the Arts - is having their annual shin-dig. i donated a small cozied target. you can learn about the auction and even buy pieces NOW by going here


mixtape zine cover

remember the cover of mixtape that i posted about a bit ago... well... i got copies and it's a great issue. instructions on how to crochet dish clothes, crafting with kids, a cute calendar, a feature on paper cut artist tina tarnoff, etc, etc, etc, [the list of contributors is too long for me to type here today - my fingers are not typing well today. so many slip ups!]

you can buy your own copy here and you can learn more about the zine here .

i have a couple of extras. so if you want one - comment. a winner [maybe winners] will be announced next Wed. the 17th....

and that's all she typed [since i'm spending 1/2 my time deleting my typos]. have a GREAT weekend

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a domestic life :: 05 :: narcissus

ah. moleskines. how i do love thee.

my friend gave me a narcissus plant. so sweet and fragrant and so fleeting. the sepia hue in the polaroid was generated by a filter provided to me by annie bee - photo genius extraordinaire.

i'm finding this process meditative. take photo and then draw something in the photo, or re-draw the photo. sometimes i'm interested in doing it to scale - the same size as the photo, other times i want to change the scale. in a way the whole idea of doing something twice removed intrigues me. the photo is a frame - a glimpse into some other world - a removal from the "real" world while it simultaneously captures it. [there are so many theoretical stances on photography. sontag , barthes and the like can explain it better than i can here].

and then the drawing itself is another removal. it's my hand - my eye - my interpretation of something that is already "false" or "removed". it's interesting to think about how sometimes a photo or a drawing can be more real than reality - especially in terms of conveying an emotion or desire or mood. but then again they can be so fake. in how you set it up - meaning how you generate the image can be so easily manipulated. and in how you manufacture it. when painting or drawing you can use non-native colors or different kinds of mark-making to change the tenor of the piece. you can omit or add things at will. in life you can't will a red rose to be purple [you can imagine it so, but unless you have magic powers or have a strange kind of color blindness the red rose will still be red]. but in making you can alter things as much as you'd like. and even if you are a photorealist and try to copy "life" exactly - you can't... and that is part of where the magic lies in art, no?

i hope that isn't too much methodology for a late tuesday morning. i might have been inspired by all of bara's posts on methodology. the first one is here - and there are 4 total. they are really great.


this weekend a print was featured in sunset magazine's idea house - they had a fair at their menlo park facilities. i think the best part is being on a wall with Rachel Austin :: Traci French :: Andrea Jenkins :: Sharon Montrose :: Eric Rewitzer :: Ian Dingman :: Lisa Congdon :: Leigh Wells :: Dana Robson. i love the wall color and that sofa. no idea who makes that sofa, but it's a beauty, no?

there are SO many june baby birthdays to celebrate... shari , wendy , gwen ... my dad.... ok - now i feel like i have to run to start getting june presents together.....

i'll be back later this week with another domestic life and a GIVEAWAY which round about relates to.....

hello ! to any readers coming from amy's blog.... thanks for the mention ms. chicken....

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RIP David Ireland

we lost a good artist this week. david ireland passed. CCA's website has a nice obituary.

above is mr. ireland's house - 500 capp street - it became an art piece in itself - a container showcasing not only objects that could be considered artworks, but a life. a life that had become a piece of art as well. he worked on this house continually for years - stripping it down - adding to it - over and over. this is a concept that i think is actually pretty mainstream now in the artworld. the idea of life as art - especially in a performative nature. but i think for mr. ireland it was natural and not so premeditated. ultimately i look at the photos of that house and think it's gorgeous in it's use and decay.

david ireland concrete ball

you may ask why i am choosing to even talk about mr. ireland - i mean there are a lot of artists that die and i don't say anything. well... i actually got the chance to work with and for him for a day.

prior to his oakland museum retrospective i got a call. my friend happened to be the chief installer for the museum. mr. ireland was going to re-create a piece and he needed hundreds of concrete balls made. would i want to spend a day making them?

i was between jobs - just out of grad school - it was summer... a fan of mr. ireland's work of course i resoundingly said YES.

there were a bunch of us gathered in a courtyard of a studio building. it was a nice and sunny day. there were wheelbarrows where concrete could be mixed for us to use. flowers were blooming. we were shown how to make the balls. and then we went to work. we stood around the table laughing, rolling, trying not to get concrete on our noses or in our hair. it felt kind of like a barn raising - a concrete ball raising.

mr. ireland - who was weak and couldn't stand for very long - came out to chat with us now and again and then he would retreat to the comfort of a cozy chair inside. every time he emerged he kept telling us what amazing jobs we were doing and how he was so grateful for our help. and that it wasn't about perfection in the balls - although seeking the perfect round concrete ball became a meditative process. [when i think of it now - even then before i really had my own studio practice -- the repetition of it all was so appealing. i do really like repetitive acts of making]

what i remember most was that he asked and REMEMBERED EVERY SINGLE PERSON'S NAME. he spoke to each of us by our names - and asked us what we did if we were artists. he was so obviously a gentle and kind soul - and i imagine an incredibly thoughtful and insightful teacher. as a teacher now i can only hope to touch a single student that way. in a simple few minutes with sincere generosity.

we each got to take a concrete ball home as a souvenir - one that we had made. i took mine out when i heard the news of mr. ireland's passing and rolled it around in my hand. i feel lucky i have a personal story to tell about a man whose art i genuinely admire.

happy june blog friends.


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