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*update* the prints are available in the artstream shop here **

doily prints

so remember when i was goccoing with the little?

here's what i was making ... 2 prints to send to art stream studios for their incredible print show

opens May 1 runs through June 27th

i have always always wanted to do more with paper doilies [after the cupcake drawing series]. paper doilies are kind of throwback, no? they also instantly remind of me of sweets [all the cute bakeries that still use them]. plus i like how they are and aren't like crocheted doilies....

the doily also just makes me think of home... and so home was the theme for these.

dream of home

dream of home
2009 - signed edition of 20 with 5 APs
gocco, charcoal, embroidery on doily
10" D

doily sweet doily

doily sweet doily
2009 signed edition of 20 with 5 APs
gocco, embroidery on doily
8" D

these prints are under $60. affordable art rock on ! please contact the gallery if you are interested. i'm not sure if they are going to end up in their shop ??

random thoughts :

1. i went a bit overboard on the reading and trying to institute a game plan with cc. i ended up stressed [making her stressed] and feeling like a failure [even though i was partially succeeding]. note to self - ENJOY YOUR BABY. this is the new mantra. things will work out. even if it's not always how you envision it. stop trying to conform to every book you read b/c there is a book that will back up any method. hands down motherhood is the hardest thing i've ever tried to do. it's also heart wrenchingly good [she is smiling now!!! and cooing. we have mini conversations all day]

2. next week is POLAROID week 2009 - and gosh darn it i'm going to participate this year. i have tons of polaroids from japan that i haven't even shown anyone.... so even if i don't say anything i will post a picture EVERY DAY next week.

3. i am DREAMING of owning one of these metal step ladders . it would be perfect for the loft in my studio. and it would help w/ installations. i've used them before and they are good. so good. i'm calling tomorrow to see what kind of small fortune it might cost. it doesn't hurt to ask, right?

have a good weekend!

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moving day

this morning was the big move. what took them a little under 3 hours would have taken me and anyone i could have begged into helping me weeks. or at least all day going back and forth with our pick-up.

i can't believe that there is a building in my backyard that is mine. i look out the window everyday in disbelief.

now comes the set up part. [oh boy]. and the figuring out how to work in there with the little. do i bring a bassinet in there? will she sleep in it? do i just work with her strapped onto me via the baby bjorn or new plush ergo carrier i ordered?? i'm sure - like everything else - something will get worked out.

so i'm going to take a few days off from the internet to try and get cracking back there. i'll be back on friday, though, with a show announcement and pictures of more prints that will be available!

pretty dollys

i loved all the dollys the movers brought. why do i love dollys? yes. i'm weird.

happy tuesday!


mixtape zine cover

did you ever make mixed tapes? if you say yes you are dating yourself. my husband made amazing mixedtapes. sometimes if i hear a certain song i recall the song he put before and after it on a tape. oh way back when.

anyway - a piece of mine [that i did awhile ago for an artswap that the woman who runs this place organized [it's how we met actually]] is the cover for the next issue of mixed tape zine a really great DIY [and now in full color] zine from our good crafty aussie friends. you can pre-order a copy of the one w/ my bird on the cover if you are so inclined.

i have been an all around bad blogger. i have started to write posts in my mind about the space between things - this is something that i think about often - and recently it's been in the forefront of my mind - but alas i don't have the mental capacity to actually get down to it. [my mind is in between functioning and jelly]

i also have not been taking any photos except for of the little. and one polaroid that came out. [finally].

but... the studio is packed. movers come on tuesday to schlep everything. and life moves forward.

by the way... thank you to everyone who helped the tiny showcase print sell out. i'm humbled. there are 2 more prints in the works with them - and 2 more in the works elsewhere. more on that soon.

have a great weekend!


doily body  ON TINY SHOWASE

one of these will be the featured print on tiny showcase this evening. 4pm pacific 7pm eastern. i heart tiny showcase. seriously - they are the nicest folks. you'll have to check out the site to see which one is being released tonight. we have plans to release all three eventually so that you can collect the set.

by the way - when i made these i was thinking of the body parts that you need in order to make art - your heart, your brain and your lungs [because you have to breathe]. there's actually a 4th component - your guts - but it's my least favorite as a stand alone drawing of the set so... i made an editorial decision to forgo it.

$20 per print with $250 of the proceeds going to the susan k, gorman for the cure of breast cancer fund. my mom is a breast cancer survivor and so this is a cause near and dear to my heart. i always have good intentions and the desire to participate in the walks or other events that are organized, but i never manage to. i can do this though.

i have more prints in the pipeline, but i'll save them for another post [if you are on my mailing list you got a sneak peek!]

happy tuesday! [what are you up to today? i have a not fun errand of getting the little 2 of her vaccines today. sigh]



i was going to title this post good things - but then that phrase has become so martha stewart associated i decided to use the word pleasant instead. it doesn't slip off your tongue or ring as nicely in your ear, but whatever. i'm all about the compromise.

the wisteria has bloomed in my yard. this signals spring to me. the smell is so wonderful. i took the little under it this morning just to smell it for a few minutes. before the flowers fade. i also tried to take some polaroids - but i have lost my polaroid mojo. if anyone finds it i'll give them a reward for its safe return.

my mom left. this is going to sound sappy, but until you have your own child you just don't realize what exactly your mom REALLY did for you when you were growing up. i was so beyond grateful to have her here. things that at one time seemed small [sleeping in, doing dishes solo, a relaxing bath!] all of a sudden were really wonderful extras that i didn't even know i had been missing.

and on the cute front:

isbn4-579-11182-4 - mom and girl outfits

leslie has been living in japan [jealous]. she has an etsy store - which she is having a huge SALE in because she is moving home.

i bought the above book. [isbn4-579-11182-4 - if you are interested] am dreaming of someday making matching outfits for me and cc. wonder if i will make this dream a reality?

postal inspired stamps

i also bought these postal stamps. which i am way way way too excited about. have already used them on various mailed items.

OK. enough pleasantries for today. everytime i take a break from the internets they seem to grow exponentially. how does that happen? anyway - have a good weekend. i'll be back early next week with an exciting art [affordable!] announcement.

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