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funny bear

the other night around 2am i was feeding cc and listening to the rain come pouring down. it really is a lovely sound. and of course "here comes the rain again" entered my head. i was never a eurethmics fan - although i always like annie lenox's shock of red hair. and thus the corny title of this post was born.

the bear above is about to make a long journey to get to his new owner. it's the first time i added something to the eyes. the amiguri book i had used felt cut outs around the eyes for a panda - so i modified it for this brown bear... i wonder what name he might end up with. when i was a kid i named my stuffed toys usually what they were - sometimes in japanese - and often with and "ie" or "ey" at the end like giraffey. OK i was not a good namer when i was a kid. i think want to make this elephant sometime soon.

felt mobile

in keeping with the animal theme. made this mobile for cc. just cut out some felt animal silhouettes and used steel wire we had around the house. it's hanging above her changing table - although she can't really see it yet. *smile*. hubby has really worked SO HARD on her room. it's amazing. i'll show you when we are closer to done. just a few more things to get together.

making scones

and in the spirit of domesticity i made some scones last night. wanted something hearty and not so sweet and we had dried currants. at the end i looked down and just liked what i saw - so i snapped the picture. i really have a thing for rolling pins. if we had more room i'd collect them. i think they are so beautiful. those measuring cups are from my grandmother.... i'm eating the scones with my favorite jam and i have way too many. have to give some to the neighbor.

did you see the article on neko case in the new york times magazine the other sunday? how much do i love that she collects free/often broken/funky pianos?

have a good thursday!

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a domestic life :: 03 :: yarn

hello there. thanks so much for your kind welcome and words for cc! so special.

so... let's see... above is page 3 in the domestic life sketchbook. i used that blue yarn to make a friend a baby hat - and a hat for someone i have yet to send off. we were supposed to meet in person when she visited - and i was going to hand her the hat, but alas i was in the hospital.

when i came up with the idea to document/draw the domestic for this sketchbook i knew that i was going to be spending a lot of time at home very soon. i have been spending so much time at home. it makes me realize how great it is to feel comfortable at home. to be surrounded by items/colors that are soothing. i have to bust out the polaroid and start taking more photos! cc sleeps for 2-3 hour intervals so i should be able to knock out some more sketchbook pages!

bed drawing: our mirror

this is one of two new drawings i made for the domestic life show [no, i did not know that my sketchbook project and the show i was going to be were going to be titled the same! small world, huh?] at the sun valley art center . the show is up through march 21st. i wish i could see it in person. i'll show you the 7 foot drawing i made for the show soon!

a couple of links:
i'm kind of obsessed with making cakes or plaster casts or candles or soaps [i have always wanted to make soap] candies or something with the molds from here

a friend brought a shopping bag to me from this company une-nana-cool . cute cute japanese lingerie. i just love the aesthetic of the site

have a great weekend!

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happy valentines day

so... why have i been gone?? well.... i have a new valentine

i had a baby girl.... january 12th at 6:04pm. she wasn't supposed to come until feb. 23rd, but i guess she decided that the womb was not the place to be and that the world was just way too interesting to stay cooped up any longer.

she had to stay in the Newborn ICU for 10 days - which in the scheme of things was not very long - but those were 10 of the longest days of our lives. it's really hard to get discharged from a hospital and have to leave your baby behind.

we've been getting to know one another - and getting used to a totally new routine. and my expectations of what i can get done in a day have shifted beyond belief. at the same time when i look at her, i can't imagine my life without her - she has just embedded herself in a way that is hard to describe.

parents talk about the absolute love they feel. and we all, in theory, understand and nod and agree. but then it happens to YOU. and it's beyond anything that you can put into words.

i don't want this to become just my baby's blog. i've been thinking a lot about if i still want and or need this space and what i want it to do. for now i think yes - i do need this space - mostly as a place to still think about and talk about art and the funny things that get made or photographed in my life [some of which will obviously now be baby oriented]. i will not stop doing all those things. in fact my studio in my yard is WELL WELL underway - it's so exciting.

and i miss all my friends online. there are moments [particularly late at night] when i feel very isolated - everyone is asleep except for me and my baby - and it reminds me of how you can feel alone in the studio. and that was why i have grown to cherish this space and the friends and community i feel like i have here.

granted i don't think i'll be able to post or visit other people's blogs or comment on other people's blogs as much as i have in the past, but i'm OK with that and hope you are too. then again - you never know, right?? and the one thing i'm really learning is that you have to take things as they come and adjust accordingly. it's all in the stride.

i don't think i'm going to show many pictures of my baby here [i will post pics on flickr for friends and family often i'm sure]. and i don't want to name her here. it just feels like she should remain a bit private. but... her name is two colors in two langauges - so i'll refer to her as my dear friend wenders did before i would reveal her name. color color - or cc

new baby

but i will give a little sneak peek of her. after 8 months of feeling like a giant science experiment [being pregnant is such an otherworldly experience!] she's here ! she's here!

her grandparents are coming for a visit today.
life shifts in grand ways.

see you soon!

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