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sneak peek of a new drawing + hiatus

happy new year. i hope 2009 has been everything that you all expected. above is a sneak peek of my 7' long that is going to a show called "the domestic life" at the sun valley center for the arts in ketchem, ID

the show includes work by these other amazing artists:
Julie Blackmon
MarĂ­a A. Lopez
Jim Richard
Martha Rosler [ Martha Rosler is someone who i've studied for so long. it's surreal to be in a show with her]
Megan Wilson
and is up from Jan 16- March 21, 2009

AND. .... i know i have been quite out of touch for sometime...and i just wanted to let you know..... there is a good reason for this.

i'm often conflicted about how much to share on this blog. it's private, it's public, who knows who is reading.... and as much as i write about my life and thoughts here, i'm still a fairly private person. i am just going to say that life has thrown me a couple of curve balls this week. and my heart and soul and energy need to be focused elsewhere right now.

if i owe you an email, or have been out of touch i apologize. this trend may continue for awhile - please bear withe me. i will post as i can and have the energy to do so, but i'm not sure how much i can participate elsewhere online. i hope you understand. i have been thinking a lot about all my friends "out here" and have missed knowing what is going on with your lives and look forward to catching up when i can.

if you are "friend/family" on my flickr account i have posted a picture that explains the situation in a bit more detail.

be well.


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