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happy happy merry merry

we managed a tree with some lights. no ornaments... but i love squinting at night and looking at the lights....

have managed a bit of last minute santa's workshop around here...

felt flowers

felt flower pins made [click on the image to see from what book - info on flickr]


point hats too. and i'm in the middle of a little baby hat with ears.... [again click on image to see what book inspired the pointy hat]

holiday snuggles

i just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to everyone who visits here. for those who comment, visit, email, participate in any way.... i am very grateful for this community. you have all inspired me, made me laugh, made me think and i am in your debt.

enjoy these final moments of 2008. see you in 2009! we're getting back to our snuggling around here

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booties for Andrés

this time for a boy baby. here's the pattern if you want to try them. i couldn't help but think of the other martha when i picked these colors out.

i am happy to report that i somehow managed to get holiday cards out [a shortened list] this year. i still like the feel of a real card - i don't want to succumb to an e-card [although i do like getting those too]. not yet.

they started digging for the studio in the backyard. i almost can't believe it. i should really try and document what happens little by little. maybe make a little movie [gif] of it? hmmm. ok. note to self: take picture early tomorrow before they arrive. although it might rain, so who knows if they'll get anything done tomorrow. i get to go BACK to the permit office tomorrow too. one more snafu to figure out - but my planchecker assured me he'd sign off when i spoke to him on the phone. phew. they tried to take away a foot. and we need that foot back! at least there is a solution [just have to change the nature of one wall]. it's amazing how 12 inches can make or bread a deal.

a domestic life :: 02 :: tulips

here's page 2 of a domestic life. i don't really like this. but part of what worked for me when i did the drawing a day project was learning to live with [and hence learning from] my mistakes. i like the thought here. isolate something from the photo - change the scale/location of it. i just don't really like how i rendered it. so i'll try the isolate/alter thing again on another page.

i think many people are on their way "home" or traveling for the holiday. i'm happy to be just HOME. no big plans. hubby and i can't afford gifts this year - so i'm hoping for a day of lounging and crocheting and petting dogs and cats.... and eating. and did i mention lounging? if you are on your way or already gone... wishing you safe travels [SO MUCH SNOW everywhere - but here]...

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a domestic life :: 01:: mcnulty

i did not mean to be gone for so long. but grading really took over. i still have some letters of recommendation to write and a few loose ends to tie, but i am very close to being on "break". this is very exciting. the big [7 foot] drawing i mentioned a while back needs to be ready to ship by january 6th so that is on my mind. and in the works. i'm making progress, but slowly.

so here is installment one of "a domestic life". one polaroid + one interpretation of that polaroid. any medium. no restrictions in the interpretation. the polaroid will be of something that is in my domestic life. [i'm sort of thinking this means something contained in my house or yard, but we'll see if i stretch that]. i'm not going to put a timeline on when i'll do a round - but i'm hoping it will be pretty regular.

new projects

i bought some yarn in the hopes of making some holiday gifts. but have quickly realized that very few, if any, of these will be done in time. i'm having a hard time getting my holiday cards out this year, let alone shopping or anything else. i think it's just going to be a bit holiday quiet around here. and that's going to be OK. we're going to be breaking ground on my studio [and re-doing our bathroom], amongst some other big things so it feels very full round here. not much space for present buying or wrapping or cookie baking....

before signing off i just want to bid a very very fond farewell to a few blogs that are signing off and have been daily sources of inspiration and friendship to me. you will be sorely missed.
\\\ port2port \\\ up through thursday
\\\ simply breakfast \\\ up through the end of the year
\\\ girl in green \\\ up for not sure how much longer

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doily trees by a doily lake

it's hard to believe it's december. i'm kind of in shock. the last month of the year? already? how? this week/weekend is the BIG cheese art fair extravaganza in miami. the above piece doily trees by a doily lake of mine went off to art- miami with richard levy gallery

wish i was going too - some sun sounds nice. i've never been to the fairs at miami, although i have been to and worked at art fairs in san francisco, LA, and new york. i'm conflicted about the whole art fair thing. on the one hand it doesn't claim to be anything other than a shameless commerce event. there are lots of people, and parties, and it's nice to see people excited about art. you get to see a TON of art all at once by some of the best artists making work in the world. on the other hand i think it's hard for artists to create work just for fairs - when you create work for a whole show you get to develop an idea [hopefully to its fullest potential]. when you are creating work just to fit into a booth or hotel room it's hard to keep the idea of making something saleable out of your head [not that making art for sale is necessarily a bad thing. i have just found that it can interfere with the overall process]. space is usually limited so you tend to need to make smaller work. blue chip artists always get primo spaces, and sometimes it's a little hard to stare the commerce aspect of art making so square in the face.

doily trees by a doily lake - side view

on a whole other note. i had a critique in my studio last night. most of the work was in progress so it's a nice time to get feedback. as i went about my very long and sometimes rather stupid day today [in a nutshell i spent over 2 1/2 hours at the permit office only to find my application wasn't complete... and then made a subsequent run to kinkos to make enough copies for my app where they were out of giant paper. so i waited for the roll to arrive and then they couldn't get the register to work. over an hour later i then missed the closing time of the permit office. sigh] i had a lot of time to mull over what was said.

doily trees by a doily lake  - backview

so what was in my head? nostalgia - how much is too much? subtle subervisity : do i care if it's too subtle for some people? being a bit tired of overthinking/worrying about the potential political nature of some of what i make. why do we sometimes cringe when people use the word "decorative" with art? am i purposefully turning away from inserting "high" conceptual content in my work at the moment? do i want the conceptual content to be the search for beauty and space, using furniture as stand ins for relationships, and honoring historic domestic activities? is that enough for me? or am i running from something that i should be facing? and piles. i was thinking about piles again. i think i need to bring back more piles.

i am almost finished teaching for the quarter. just big mounds of grading to tackle. i think i can i think i can. i'm kind of feeling like there won't be much holiday magic around here... but you never know.

thanks for reading my art rant.

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