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our wedding in tahoe was really lovely. it's so nice to watch two people so genuinely in love tie the knot.

we also spotted a bear. a big black bear. i've never been that close to a bear outside of a zoo. we are such city people it's kind of funny.

shot the above winter berries. will i ever tire of this type of shot? i have to say no. it's on repeat in my mind. and i love when other people do it too. shari does it really well .

happy thanksgiving everyone!

tomorrow is gobble gobble day here in the states. i'm in charge of the meal. i'm going traditional. turkey, cranberry sauce [of course!], peach stuffing, brussels sprouts, yam mashed potatoes, pomegranate and persimmon salad, gingerbread cookies w/ pumpkin ice cream for dessert.

i even made a floral arrangement. [my martha moment]. it's in a pedestal piece my grandmother gave me. the candlesticks are hers too. the table cloth i'll use tomorrow and the dishes will also be from her. i'm happy that she will be part of our meal.

if you are in the states i hope you have a lovely holiday. i think i'll be taking the rest of the week off from the internets. i have plenty of cleaning, cooking, and packaging of stuffs to do. but before i go....

new project

ever since completing drawing a day i have wanted to do another "project". i have figured one out. a domestic life. more on this soon.

and finally...... ez , and her partner in crime melissa asked me some really great questions. i'm the guest for tea over here today. if you check it out you can see a picture of a very small lisa....

see you next week!

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s t i l l {body} :: day 4

s t i l l .
yesterday i got a pedicure. this is because we leave tomorrow to attend a wedding over the weekend. a friend gave me a gift certificate to a spa. i love being pampered like that. luxury.

so i wanted to shoot my feet. but i also wanted blurr. especially because it was early. and blurr somehow is equaling s t i l l for me [i was thinking of uta barth , but of course i can't compare].

i'm also s t i l l over here

so no post for me here tomorrow.... but there will be one on poppytalk. [hello to any new readers from there].

today was a long day. we discussed the "meaning" of art - or rather how all art has meaning - or rather how i won't let students simply say: "my work has no meaning" or "i want the viewer to come up with their own meaning" [this is a big pet peeve of mine]. also had a critique in my drawing class. i love seeing how the students have progressed. it never ceases to amaze me how in the span of weeks they can go from being afraid to make a mark on a page to taking big risks and solving big problems and understanding how to use color, line, shape and value to their best advantage. many of them still don't trust that their work is good unless it's "realistic", but i think we convinced one person today that his view of the world via drawing was compelling because of [not despite] its lack of "accuracy".

ok. i guess i had more to say than i thought. have a lovely weekend. see you next week!

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s t i l l {body} :: day 3

s t i l l .
this morning it is foggy and colder. the light is greener and bluer

i'm also s t i l l over here

my mom sent me this link to some absolutely BEAUTIFUL kimonos. just breathtaking. go look

have a good wednesday. i'm off to get a little pampering. [can not tell you how excited i am about this]

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i'm over here this week.

s t i l l {body} :: day 2

s t i l l [body] day two

and my outake - what i think i would normally shoot:

s t i l l {body} :: day2 :: outake

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good morning. i hope everyone had a good weekend.

the ├╝ber talented martha put out a call for s t i l l photos this week. the twist for this go around is that she wants you to incorporate a body part. instructions and examples are at the end of this post .

i'm not very good at including people [let alone myself] in my photos... so i thought i would give it a whirl. here's my shot from early this morning.

s t i l l {body}

holiday card :: underdog ink

i uploaded my holiday cards to underdog this weekend. above was my personal card from last year. designs from years past are also available. [i can't stop making the skaters . there are also some T's SUPER reduced if you are up for taking a gander.

finally... i'm guest posting at one of my all time favorite blogs this week poppytalk . i tried to highlight some stores/galleries that i really love. all my posts together can be found here

because of the guest posting i might be a little quiet over here. thinking maybe i'll try and post a picture every day? a little challenge to myself.

have a great week!

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press on tattered cultures mended tales

mom! you're famous.... well... that's you in the middle there. artweek reviewed the tattered cultures mended tales show that i was in [in hawaii] and they used the image of your portrait :)

you can read the whole article here

color tests
[this shot is better larger]

a girl could get used to 3 days in a row at the studio. i was thinking about what colors i wanted to use for my two new drawings. i tend to stick to a two or three color colorway [with various values in the colors]. but for the big drawing i really wanted to branch out into a little family of colors. [bottom row]. if i get stuck in thinking about new color combos i go and visit kuler .

karen gelardi book

my karen gelardi book arrived the other day. it's so satisfying. i love that i was a very small part of her installation assembly

and in other paper news:
ron nagle book

a while ago i did a little photo shoot with ron nagle

his gallery in belgium was putting together a catalogue and they wanted an artist in studio shot. i ended up taking all these other shots of "stuff" b/c his space was so cool - and they used practically all of them. i love how the designer set up this grid. since i'm not a PRO photographer i get a big grin when i see photos of things i've taken in print.

have a good evening and a great thursday!

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freedom from used cars

on the road to the opening last thursday. i spotted some escaped balloons. luckily my camera was out and i snapped the pic at a red light [no snapping while driving] - but b/c it was a hasty photo there's a lot of funny stuff in it. i rather like this. another check for happy accidents.

six weeks of drawing a day

six weeks of drawing a day were on display at the gallery. it was a really interesting and well-curated show. lots of different takes on drawing including animation and a "missing" drawing. the space itself is really gorgeous.

crossing the line

i also got to discover the work of wendy crittendon:
wendy crittendon

i am totally inlove with the pillow drawing. i want to draw pillows now. [i guess drawing beds isn't too far off, but pillows. oh pillows]

john casey has some great install shots of the whole show on his blog . it was too crowded for me to get good shots.

for gabriella

a friend just had a little girl. over the weekend i made these little felt booties from a martha stewart pattern . i hand sewed these, but you could easily production line them with a sewing machine. the possibilities seem endless - color combos... little embroidery or felt add ons.... i could spend all day making them. really.

today i cleaned up part of the studio. it was getting SO messy in there. not good for working. tomorrow [thanks to veterans day] i get a whole day in my studio. i need to start work on a very big bed drawing. right now it's like 7-8 feet long and 40 or so inches high. it will be a challenge to work this big - but i'm excited. i also want to include some 3D elements.... i think i picked out the bed i want to draw...

i think it's time to shut the computer.... see you soon

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crossing the line - show opens tomorrow night

that's the title of the show i'm in that opens tomorrow night
Thursday - November 6th from 4-6pm
at Santa Rosa Junior College's Art Gallery .

i'll be there [a little late]. i have no idea if anyone who reads this blog lives in or around santa rosa, but if you do and have nothing to do - come say hi....

but.... crossing the line seems to be what happened last night too. today just felt different. is it just me? i've never heard people honking and yelling and excited about an election in my neighborhood before....

anyway - the show is all about drawing. curated by will smith [who teaches there] the participating artist list is pretty great:
a couple are friends ::
jen garrido and jonn herschend
and a whole bunch of other cool folks ::
jen sturgill
kurt kemp
kathryn kenworth
evri kwong
todd barricklow
john casey
jean robison

i have a new art crush on kathryn kenworth...

kathryn kenworth uproot drawing

i'm excited to meet her....

to be filed under how sweet is this?

new slippers

i washed my slippers and they fell apart. the soles broke and i couldn't wear them anymore. i came out of the laundry room frowning and i told my husband. he went out to buy groceries and also came home with the above slippers for ME. how cute are they? i don't think i would have bought them for myself. i would have gone for basic black or gray... but i love them. pink and green? soft and fuzzy? those little bows? what's not to love?

have a good thurs!

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APAture - install shot

i just got some install shots from the APAture show that was at space 180 in San Francisco in sept.

i loved how the curator suggested i bring in green to relate to all the other work in the show. they also were pretty much in charge of the installation and did a phenomenal job. the whole show really flowed together. the green ended up being the thread that tied the whole room together.

APAture - install shot

APAture - install shot

APAture - install shot

i love how the flowers trail off... it's like the are exploding from the main radial formation

my gram

the other weekend i went to pick up a bunch of stuff from my grandmother's house. it's interesting to think about someone's presence within an object. i spent a lot of time with my grandparents when i was young. so there are a lot of stories in the "stuff" that they had around the house. it's hard not to get sentimental. it's also hard not to sneeze. so much dust! [even though her house was clean!]

even though there were so many treasures - and funny things [drawings that i did when i was very small] - we threw out or prepared to donate so much stuff too. it really made me think about what you want to surround yourself with. why have things just to have them? sure there are things we need - but in terms of objects - i want to be surrounded by things that have an aesthetic or personal value to me [even if in the end no one else cares or understands why i had such things].

anyway - the photo above is of my grandmother when she was a child. it's from either the 20's or the early 30's... in it's original frame [which i had to do a little repair job to]. i feel so honored to have this photo. even though it was before i ever could have known her for some reason it really embodies her personality to me. i re-arranged our bedroom this weekend and found the perfect spot for it.

hope you had a good monday. i'm holding my breath for our momentous election. it's hard to believe it's finally here. if you haven't done it already - don't forget to vote. i'll be back on wed. with an announcement about a show that opens thurs.

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