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have you seen peer yet?

this has sort of been making the rounds already, but if you haven't seen it....

i'm happy to be part of a self-portrait coloring book put together by wolfie and the sneak's rene

Top row: Abbey Hendrickson, Heather Smith Jones, Julianna Swaney/Oh My Cavalier!, Sandra Juto
2nd Row: Bonnie Rue/Model Citizen, Hernan Paganini/Puloverchito, Kate Bingaman Burt, Shannon Rankin/Selflesh
3rd Row: Camilla Engman, Jen Ray, Katey Nicosia/One Good Bumblebeer, Stephanie DosReis
4th Row: Danna Ray/Groundwork, Jessica Gonacha, Kelly Lynn Jones, Substudio
5th Row: Frances Hawthorne, Julia Rothman, Lisa Solomon, Will Bryant

see sneak peeks of the pages here

visit the peer website for more info and links to all the artists

purchase the coloring book for $48

post images of your colored in pages here

these are some of my favorite artists... it's kind of a thrill to be in a book with all of them. i can't wait to see my copy.

abby's bird

speaking of peers.... i was lucky enough to meet abby glassenberg and her husband charlie at my show at artstream studios . and she agreed to trade with me.

i heart my tall bird.
you can see her website here and you can get one for yourself here

3 cups

this is what i sent her.... i was making a series of small cup/doily works to warm up in the studio again. and i wanted to incorporate "real" doilies too. i'm trying out different colorways to see how the imagery changes.

and speaking of peers.... i'll be posting on ship of fools on friday. part 1 on our new book the elegance of the hedgehog

happy mid week

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i've been thinking a lot about what "normal" is. what makes something normal. what makes a normal day. i've been trying to not qualify the idea - not a good or a bad day [or minute or hour] just normal. what makes me feel like things are going smoothly? how do you integrate unplanned for emotions or problems or stresses and allow yourself to simply move forward. and then how do you notice and get excited [again] about things that "normally" bring a smile to your face?

i can not express the complete and utter gratitude i feel to all of you. those that left comments, those that sent me emails, those that expressed concern, told me stories of their own grandmothers... your heartfelt words and understanding meant so much to me. thank you. thank you. thank you. your gestures were lovely.

i feel like it is time to try and come back to this space. to do whatever it is that i DO here.

so in the spirit of that....

sketch :: signe

i had a model come to my drawing 1 class to try and bring in the idea of gesture. she was an incredible model. really thoughtful and athletic poses - and an easy body to "see"... curvy. as i walked around the class i kept looking up and thinking oh - i'd like to draw that.

well eventually after an hour of short poses the class was ready for a long pose. they all needed a little time with out me hovering over them. so i sat in the back of class and sketched for 5 minutes on a paper towel.

figurative work is not really my cup of tea, but i have to admit it was really fun and liberating to draw her. even though i couldn't see all of her b/c a student's head was in the way. even though i had to stop because a student raised their hand for help.

drawing from life ain't so bad.

and in art news... i have work in 3 shows right now


up through Oct. 30 at Lawton Gallery in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Curated by Faythe Levine [handmade nation! ]

install shots

lawton gallery website

artists in the show: i'm sorry i don't have links for everyone !!
Kate Bingaman-Burt, Amy Carlton, Cinnamon Cooper, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Jennifer Marsh, Cat Mazza, Handmade Nation, Lisa Solomon, Stephanie Syjuco, and Melissa Vogley Woods.

ususual twist

in Spencertown, NY - at the Spencertown Academy Arts Center through November 16th

artists in the show:
Blanka Amezkua,Hildur Bjarnadottir,Mimi Graminski,Kate
, John Krynick,Cat Mazza,Valerie Molnar,Adrienne Sloane, and yours truly. Exhibition curated by Joyce Goldstein and Gwenn Mayers.


at anton gallery in Monterey CA.... through November 4th

noise website

artists in the show: again, sorry no links
Jesus Agular,Anthony Discenza, Clinton Fein, Richard James, Packard Jennings, Tony Sheeder, Lisa Solomon, Heather Wilcoxon

curated by Patrick Frank

ok then. have a great weekend. see you next week

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hello friends. i just wanted to let you all know that i'm going to be a bit absent from internet land for awhile.

my grandmother - who was one of the biggest influences in my life and my art - finally gave up her battle with lung cancer last night.

i'm going to spend some time thinking about her and all the amazing things she taught me over the years. i am blessed to have had her in my life for as long as i did. i will miss her, but know that she is with me. i hope to share more about her sometime soon.

my grandmother at my wedding


my attempt at a simply breakfast shot

thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes! i'm happy. my studio passed muster with the design review. so i'm one step closer. permit + finding contractor next up. and i have to find where the county office is as i have to turn in a notice of limitation [um yes. no one will be living in the studio no worries].

been thinking lately that i have not taken very many photos. just haven't felt it. kind of sad actually. i miss it. should try and get back into it again. i think part of it is that i don't feel like i have enough time to peruse flickr - so i don't want to upload many shots either. and then i don't take them.

i did take the above shot of my breakfast the other day. it was my attempt to channel jen's simply breakfast . although it's no where near as good as her pictures. i'm a newbie to eating breakfast daily. maybe i should try to mimic what she ate one year ago to the day. day by day. that would be kind of funny. a simply breakfast shadow groupie.

doily play

after a couple rounds of pinning in the studio i'm kind of happy with the above potential installation. been talking to someone about a commission. 4 feet of space to fill.... i'll leave this up for a few days and see how i feel about it. then i'll have to switch out the pushpins for real pins. so the doilies can move away from the wall. somehow i feel bad for them pinned flat to the wall. so limited....

anyway - hope you are all having a good wednesday evening.

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