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bigshot look up*straight*down

here are 3 of my big shot tests. it's such an awkward camera [in a good way, but it's still odd]. it's big - cumbersome - and you have to line up your image in your viewfinder [there's a mirror so you get 2 images] in order for it to be in focus. i think i'm making it harder on myself by not shooting many people as subjects. [pets are hard to get to sit still against a plain background]. you've got to be about 4 feet away from your subject - so you can't crop the same way you can in other cameras.... being a fan of parameters i like this fact, but it can make some shots difficult [i had to lay on the ground to get the clothespins to focus]

i do like the expired fuji film blue, though....

this has been the week of miscommunication. wrong things said at the wrong time to different people under different circumstances. not that there's been any huge disasters, but i'm finding it tiring. it's stupid things like a print client referring to one image using a description where i think they are referring to another. of course there's a deadline, and they couldn't provide everything on time, so the whole job feels tense.... oh well. i'm hoping it's just this week.

i'm thinking a root beer float might make me feel better. it's SUPER hot here today. i'm off to the studio. that might make me feel better too. as long as i don't miscommunicate with myself....

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happy world instant noodle day!

while in the studio gluing tanks down i heard that it was world instant noodle day on the world . for some reason i found this funny. of course we have our own little noodle stash [pictured above]. they've come a long way since cup-o-noodle, no?

not much to report around here. kind of feeling quiet.

i did play with my new polaroid toy this morning. supposedly it's what andy warhol used a lot. since it uses colorpack film it's not like all the other almost obsolete polaroids... at least as long as fuji keeps making colorpack film....

hope your week is off to a good start


illustration play in urban outfitters

i had a weird moment the other day. the urban outfitters catalogue arrived and as i was flipping through it [feeling old because there are very few things kids are wearing today that i want to wear. we've moved onto the 80's through a hippie lens?] - i came to the above page and paused. wait - that's illustration play. wait. i'm IN THAT BOOK. wait. urban outfitters is selling it? is it in stores? can i walk into a store and have a weird moment of i'm IN THAT BOOK in a hipster college environment? hmmmmm


so this last sunday the new york times included their T style magazine. my friend grace pointed out the above hermes outfit to me. it's pretty great. of course wandering through the snow w/ a yak [or buffalo?] in a million dollar outfit doesn't really seem feasible, but that's what we love about high fashion right?

also in the magazine was a fantastic article on catherine opie . when i was lucky enough to see her ice fishing series in LA i practically wept in front of them. i admire how she constantly looks for different things to photograph. and reading this quote made me see how she ties them all together:

"From early on, I wanted to create a language that showed how complex the idea of community really is, how we categorize who we are as human beings in relation to places we live," ... Her 1995 photographs of Beverly Hills and Bel Air homes aren’t so different, she says, from her portraits of the S-and-M community. "They’re both about the notion of the facade, and body modification is as much of a facade as architecture."

um yeah. chew on the notion of facade for a few hours and see what you come up with.

hope your wednesday is going well. and thanks for all the studio well wishes. and the underdog ink support. you guys are great!

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giraffe + bird shirts

hello friends.

why the title of this post you ask?

well.... i have decided that it really is time to try and simplify my world a bit, for several reasons. and one of those steps is to let go a bit of underdog ink . i'm not going to totally dismantle it - because who knows - perhaps i'll get a whim to design a shirt - or some jewelry, or a softie or two and i'll want a place to sell that stuff. but i am going to try and clear out the inventory i have at the studio. SO - above is the new design - a little bird saying hello to a giraffe - available on both women's T's and baby/toddler Ts [sizes 6-12 through 4T] and totes. AND - all the older designs i have - women's - baby's - and jewelry are 15-45% off. i’m most likely never going to reprint any old imagery [at least not in the same color/shirt combos]– so now is the time to grab something – pretend it’s christmas in august.

giraffe + bird - bag

the other reason this is a leap is because i'm going to try and use/save any proceeds from this sale for a build lisa a studio fund. i love my studio. i love that it's only 5 minutes away from my house. but i'm realizing that i really need to time manage better - if i have an hour of "free" time i want to be able to use it in my studio. i can't do that now. just the effort of packing myself and the dogs into the car means i need to have at least 3 hours of time. plus i'm always leaving something i need in one place or the other... and thus i am going to attempt to build myself a space in my backyard. going into debt scares me - but i know this is worth it ! and if aurora has taught me anything it's that i must ask the universe for things that i truly want.

a set of plans by a very very dear one [close to our favorite bug ] are almost complete. i have a feeling this is going to be one huge roller coaster ride....

anyways. thanks, as always, for your continued support - and if you are up for early christmas shopping - visit underdog ink!

have a great friday and weekend



in NH we stayed with mary jo and her husband and their adorable dog daisy. i wanted to send a little thank you gift for all of their hospitality. so above is daisy ! i'm not as great at doing dog portraits as my husband is, but hopefully they liked it.

i have a studio visit today so i have to tidy up - there are 4 different bodies of work on the wall at the moment - some that have to go out - some that need to be photographed, some in progress - it's a little congested.....

and here's a link - check out sarah hillenberger i love her knitted body organs [duh]

have a great weekend!

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OK - the last of the maine pics

what do you see

maria would rather be a rat than a cockroach. she also does this adorable thing where she waves at birds and cats, etc and says hi... or i see you....

mav's arm

she also makes a mean lunch

ladies lunch

her studio is also lovely

72 lines and shapes

72 goods

good-bye maine.... thank you for a good visit... and for all the memories all pics here

at the marine store
{there was an amazing marine store there - just look at this rope!}

this week it's framing, packing, shipping central at the studio. i dream of having a little shipping center - table - brown paper roll on the wall - boxes and bubble and labels and string all lined up, organized, and ready to go.... is that strange? maybe someday i will have my own little shipping area.

i also ran downstairs to jot down 5 words. last night just as i was falling asleep i had an epiphany. i think i know what i want to do next in the studio. time to research ... i love this part - when and idea just starts to take shape.... it feels exciting.

hope your mid-week is going well....

p/s i've really been enjoying everyone's thoughts on making and the disconnect.... thank you for sharing


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