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there's little i control

jan9 -nashville
jan9-nashville [we ate at a great restaurant that still had a tree up]

for good health
for good health [in the arcade in nashville - the funky bathroom]

send me a letter
send me a letter [also in the arcade... this one is just better in person - it's really dark and sad and doesn't translate when scanned]

pink reach
pink reach

i hate everyone - and i hate you
i hate everyone - and i hate you [guess who this is? he's never appeared here before, but was OK w/ me posting this pic!]

have a great weekend. i'm almost done teaching. under a mound of grading. countdown to my summer....


sometimes yellow tinges and blurriness feel right

we will wait
we will wait

i have a secret to tell you
i have a secret to tell you

fleeting [the 600 film counterpart to the daffodil below]

i see red
i see red

together forever
together forever

happy thursday


poppies it is
poppies it is [these are huge- dinner plate size]

we miss the fields in amsterdam
we miss the fields outside of amsterdam [i have vivid memories of passing sunflower fields on the train]

sweet oranges
sweet oranges

lone daffodil
lone daffodil

blue haze blossoms
blue haze blossoms

this was my last pack of SX70. goodbye... i'll miss your incredible strange and wonderous tints

happy wednesday


these were all shot in another locale. but they could be anywhere, no?

don't cross the line
don't cross the line

dreaming of tents
dreaming of tents

in the details
in the details... or east meets west... or orientalism in downtown... [or a metaphor for me]

this was his favorite chair
this was his favorite chair - in the living room at least [if you squint you might see a ghost]



you are so far away

you are so far away [gotta love when a mistake/bad film just works - check out what abby considers crap ]

midnight magnolias

midnight magnolias [polaroid blue i will miss you]

alone again

alone again

how is your memorial day [if you get to celebrate it?]



i came home to this meal the other night. a tapas feast cooked by my husband. what a treat. gwen just posted about how nice it is to be a recipient of a well cooked meal - and i couldn't agree more.

i'm still very much in my own head these days. things are in flux. i have a long to do list - i'm just trying to line ducks up and not let anyone/anything down. instead of chattering about that i'll show you some good things that have been arriving on my doorstep.

my favorite hat this winter

a while ago natasha sent me a package of goodies including some yarn that she spun. i immediately crocheted a hat. i wore this hat all winter. all the time. i had more conversations about this hat than any other hat i've ever worn. people would ask me where the yarn came from, whether i made and sold them, could i make one for them.... you can get your own skein of natasha's amazing yarn through her etsy store luxe .

bounty from gracia and louise

gracia and louise had a little contest on their blog. i somehow won.... so this little bird and pile of goodies landed on my doorstep. the bird promptly told me his name was pietro. he was a bit worried because he had been reading about crime the whole trip, but i told him he'd live happy in a basket i have with a bunch of other soft friends. he has since nuzzled in. [i believe his eye came all the way from portugal via paula . what a global bird.] the embroidery on his backside is so hypnotic. i love it. thank you ladies.

do you live in LA? do you want to attend the Dwell Design Conference? you can use this code: BDODEC to get in for free follow this link . i wish i could go.

i'm off to an opening of my friends work. a 12 year mini-retrospective. kimberly austin's work is really beautiful. her show is happening at braunstein/quay gallery .

been thinking a lot about visual cues. also how i haven't posted any polaroids in a long long long time. i think next week i'm going to just post polaroids with captions. still want to be a bit quiet.

hope your weekends are lovely

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feeling a little quiet and introspective over here. not sure what to really post about - but i do have this news:

devotion to thread

i'm in this show in milwaukee. i wish i could go and check it out - because as is always the case with thread - you need to see it to really get it.... the list of participating artists is pretty darn incredible. go ahead and get lost in those links.... and here's a link to install shots

if anyone is in the milwaukee area and goes - i'd love to know what you think. there's an opening reception on the 31st....

curated by Faythe Levine [of Handmade Nation documentary fame]
more info:

Woodland Pattern
720 E. Locust Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212
414. 263. 5001

Chris Niver, Milwaukee, WI,
Diem Chau, Seattle, WA,
Emily Eibel, Brooklyn, NY,
Jenny Hart, Austin, TX,
Kate Bingman-Burt, Mississippi State, MS,
Kristin Loffer Theiss, Mount Vernon, WA,
Melissa Woods, Columbus, OH,
Merrliee Challis, Birmingham, AL,
Orly Cogan, NY, NY,
Pippi Zornoza, Providence, RI,
Rebecca Schoenecker, Chicago, IL,
Shannon Rankin, Maine,
Steve Macdonald, San Francisco, CA,
Xander Marro, Providence, RI,

Curator's statement:
When I received my February/March American Craft Magazine there was a statement in reference to fiber artist Lenore Tawney talking about her "Devotion To Thread". It struck me as the perfect title for the upcoming show I was putting together for Woodland Pattern that would focus on artists working with components of "handcraft". I am pleased to bring together 15 artists from Milwaukee to New York, Alabama to California, that all work in a variety of mediums and methods, with the common "thread" of thread in their work.

My hope for this show is that the viewer will not only walks away with a new appreciation of using hand and machine embroidery, sewing, needlework, and handcraft within art, but will also feel inspired to go home and create. I am honored to be working with such a creatively diverse group of artists that are at varying degrees within their artistic careers willing to come together and celebrate their devotion to what ties them together, thread.

Limited Catalog Available:
A complimentary limited edition, hand assembled (paper, wooden spool, hand stamped) catalog (edition of 300 pieces) will be available while they last to gallery guests. The catalog will be designed and assembled by curator Faythe Levine as a way to commemorate this show and Woodland Pattern's commitment to bringing new work to Milwaukee.

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- michael a. salter

that's how the text opens at the show....

pile of thunder bots - robo sapiens

here it is... my pile of robots on view at the san jose museum of art . they happen to be having a free event next tuesday in conjunction with the show. getting in for free is nice ....

pile of thunder bots

i guess with this piece i'm talking about broken technology. all these robots just endlessly falling from the sky and ending up piling up. and then trying to make that more palatable, cuter. i guess i believe that you can make someone stop and notice by making them laugh and smile - there isn't necessarily a need to preach... i guess if i roll with the idea that they are stand ins for me as a self portrait this embodies how i feel sometimes. like i can't fly and things just end up piling up. i can only hope that the piles in my mind are this colorful. one of the docents said that lots of kids want to talk about my piece. they talk about recycling and waste and how colorful it is. that made me smile.

pile of thunder bots - detail of the mass

we had a pool going. like the jelly bean jar. how many robots are there on the wall. the curator of the show guessed the closest :) she said she was sure that the museum guards would end up counting them.

it was really fun building this piece. i would pick a color and then place a bunch of robots. in the beginning it was kind of hard and random. then the next color would come in. it became a puzzle of which direction and which color had to come next. i think i might be able to draw my version of the thunder robot in my sleep....

ed ruscha

this is the ruscha i'm across from. sigh

slideshow of all the shots from the show here

coatcheck bots

these were the bots that people made during the workshop. that was really fun. if you want the pattern for the bot - it's here .... i made it so you cut one each of each piece since it's hard to fold over felt and cut... and the extra space is for embellishment. you can cut out legs too. i didn't put legs on the pattern since we only had 3 hours in the workshop....

by the way... i did re-do my portfolio .

happy wednesday!


happy mothers day [1]

there's no standard mom job description. sure there's snot and baths and dinner and laundry.... there's also all that intangible stuff - the looks, the stickers on your lunch bags, the staying with you until you fall asleep. every mom i know admits that sometimes its a thankless, completely overwhelming responsibility. but they all wouldn't trade it for the world. well i wouldn't trade my mom or my grandmother in for anything. thank you for everything you've done for me. every hug, every encouragement, every prejudiced praise... even though i can't be with you tomorrow know that i am thinking of you and love you very very much.

to all moms in blogland who share with us and inspire us thank you

to the new andexpecting moms... a special congratulations

and of course a big hug to all the pet moms .... i'm sorry i couldn't list every single mom out there - but give yourselves bit pats on the back!

hope everyone gets breakfasts in bed, lots of hugs, and special treats galore! i'll be back next week with some robot photos

happy mothers day [2]



i thought wearing silver shoes today would help.

i am obsessing over these yellow shoes . honestly i need more shoes like i need a hole in my head. maybe i need a hole in my head [or a whole new head]. perhaps what would come out of said hole would make me smarter, faster, better....

i'm also really into imperfect articles a store that has limited edition T's and stuffs by cool artists. I particularly want andrea loefke's shirt. have you seen her work? . she's amazing.

gotta run [at least i'll look better doing it in my silver shoes]
happy wed.

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carbon tetrachloride + cosmic wheel

i'm super pleased to announce that jessica of the shiny squirrel has the above pairing as a print available on her website.

aurora and i thought it would be fun to do another print after the tiny showcase one.

the scoop:
these are SIGNED and numbered and in an edition of 50 - with 6AP's. the images are 6"x6" and the paper is 8"x8" [for easy framing]. you get both for $58.

find the print here .

if you are shopping for mother's day how bout a piece by alyson fox or the alice jacket , or this piece by lisa congdon

happy monday to everyone!

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holy cow it's may?? 5 months into 2008?

yesterday i made my students meet at the asian art museum in SF. we went through the special exhibitions together.

the zhan wang show was really fun. i like that the museum is trying to infuse new life and contemporary art into their program. mr. wang created a mock up of the city of san francisco using shiny silver dinnerware [made in china of course]. it's clever and charming and of course perfectly shiny. he also recreated rocks out of stainless steel - a version of scholars rocks. i'm not sure the showing of those is so resolved. i don't really like the real rock with the steel rock side by side en masse on shelves and the ground as they were displayed. i conceptually get why you want them both in proximity, but something wasn't working for me.... i liked the ones outside of the exhibition best. the real was on one side of the entrance and the fake was on the other. they were close enough so you could discern the steel was a copy - but far enough away to actually see them both. the idea of a steel - not gold, not silver - light instead of heavy and perfectly shaped rock is intriguing. i thought stephanie might like them.

we also went through the ukiyo-e or floating world exhibition. time and time again i am absorbed by the overlay of pattern in traditional japanese art. the odd perspectives and the combining of textures feels very familiar to my own way of working. i also really really love the way gold clouds hover and cover scenes below. [note to self - bring back the clouds].

i then separated from my class and walked through the rest of the permanent collections. i always feel a bit strange wandering through rooms of artifacts from other cultures. 100's of buddhas away from their proper homes displayed in perfectly red, brown, teal rooms on little pedestals and tricky plexi double sided displays. the objects are still beautiful, but they are so far removed from their original purpose. it also makes me kind of sad....

but i did fall in love with this very small yellow cup. the heart fluttering kind of love. i went home and sketched it.....

small yellow cup

oh how i want it !

anyway - i left the museum and found a farmer's market right by the BART station i needed to get home. so i purchased the above ranunculus. i couldn't resist. they were so charming. so i share them with you to wish you all a happy may day. i also got fava beans and strawberries. i was also thinking about how lovely it was to come upon a market. and how nice it is to notice how flowers can have delicate two tone edges.... [note to self: plant ranunculus someday]

tonight i am running a workshop at the san jose museum of art . we will make felt robots inspired by the amazing hillary of wee wonderfuls and the uber talented wendy . wish me luck!

tomorrow or saturday i will announce some news - good news for those of you that missed out on the tiny showcase print and wanted one.....

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