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doily 2217 drawing

above is the piece i'm donating to southern exposure's auction - Optic Illusion - this year. their auctions are always really fun events to attend. happening tomorrow night from 6-10pm. i won't be there this year but it's a great great chance to scoop up work by great artists. more info here .

also jan / poppytalk posted a little q/a about my studio on design sponge the other day. it's here . thanks for asking me jan. it's been really fun to read and see all the studios on the guest blog .

have a great weekend. gardening is in my future.

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rainbow mains

this is a photo from my trip. which seems like it was 3 years ago not 3 weeks ago. i spend a lot of time just looking for/at things - 1/2 the time i'm not even sure what it is i'm looking for until i spot it. i know i'm not alone in this endeavor. in fact alicia and heather have started a whole blog on noticing . and they are looking for participants next week .

i've been thinking a lot lately about what we notice. what seeps in through all the various filters and barriers that exist. how we process the bombardment of thoughts, images, sounds in our daily lives. what is it that makes us stop for 1/2 a second. or makes us smile.

yesterday i participated in cca's first year final reviews. and here's what stopped me... the idea of PUNCTUATION in art. what constitutes an exclamation point, a period, a question mark - and how do you insert and utilize those to the benefit of you work?

also the idea of intervention and art. or just the idea of intervention in general. like my photo. someone painted those water/gas/electricity mains in rainbow colors. i'm not sure if it's a coding system, or just because, or.... but it intervenes in how i normally look at industrial necessities.

anyway - i also have a question to pose - if any of you are up for answering. it's high time i re-vamp the portfolio section of my website . and i have a lot of work to add to it. right now i just put newer pieces up as i make them - thinking more about making them look nice on the page as a group of 8. but i'm starting to think it might be wise to have categories - at least in the recent work.... something like : tank installations : doily installations : domestic scenes : doily drawings : etc. any opinions?

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wow you guys are so great. thanks for all the balance sympathy! [but duh you guys are just as crazy busy as i am]

flower tank

sometimes i feel like i need to tackle a material - something familiar in a new way.

ali and i are working on a trade. i saw an image of hers on her blog and had to have it. she's going to get some tanks and i told her she could hang them as "flowers"....

tonight we are going to see dengue fever . i couldn't be more excited. it's been so long since i've seen a live show....

ok - off to work in the studio. i have a LONG list of things that have to get done in there today.....

happy weekend!

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i often feel like if i stop for one minute i'll shut down and i won't be able to start back up. and then like a house of cards everything would tumble and i'll live up to the flaky artist stereotype that drives me crazy. but luckily i have a husband who misses me - and who tells me that my priorities are sometimes screwy.

we had the most amazing weather this weekend. what we usually have in fall. sun, warmth, slight breeze.... not too hot, not too cold - bust out the summer shoes weather. and D insisted we picnic.

so i gave up the laptop [after doing my traffic school course] and i stopped grading and we listened to baseball and i lay in the grass with the dogs and cats.

i don't know why i feel like i have to be forced or given permission to take a break, but.... it's OK to not get to every blog, or every friend's photo on flickr, or write a 2 page response to a 2 page paper.... i don't feel slighted when people disappear for awhile and weave back in. it's all part of life. i'm a slow learner in this area, but i'm trying i really am.


just because tonka wanted to say hi to everyone....

michale a salter

and this is the 22 foot tall bot i was talking about a few posts back michael salter is a very cool artist. i'm really glad i got to meet him and see his work.

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so... i can't believe this show is opening on friday. is that possible? if you are in the bay area and would like to come to the opening from 7-9pm, let me know - i have a few guest spots available on my list....

bots in progress

this is one of the many positions i've been in trying to get my site specific drawing done .... once again i'm struck by this whole process. still formulating, but here's a wee list

today i noticed/thought::

* my elbows hurt from propping myself up on them to paint
* it's easier for me to paint sideways right then sideways left
* when i show up on friday will the piece no longer seem mine?
* primary colors are good
* one, two, three, four, five, six
* pacman, space invaders, pixels
* repetition really is under-rated
* i really could spend 8 hours a day 5 days a week painting. it would be a privilege
* my wall drawing is across from a mother-f*^ck*n ed ruscha drawing !!! i never in my whole life would have thought that possible
* i really don't like being away from home for 14 hours
* i hate LED billboards
* who decided to call a dongle a dongle? [computer thing that hooks your laptop up to a projector]

and oh! if you weren't already bombarded with my spring newsletter... the san jose museum shot a little video of me.... i haven't really watched it because watching myself gives me the willies, but.... you can watch me seem uncomfortable in my studio.... they shot video of several people in the show - including one of my favorite artists [and former teacher] gail wight . her video is here

there's more info on the show and a link to podcasts of the videos on the san jose museum website

and... i wanted to share this little bunny i made for wendy's new baby.

bunny for baby

i could also spend all day making little softies i think.....

happy hump day.

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working on bots

hi. long time no type. it was getting to the point that if i didn't just post about something, anything, i might not ever post at all.

i came home to a long list of tasks to accomplish... 2 new classes to start [drawing 1 and digital imaging 2] a new segment in the painting class, a host of emails to follow up on, an artist talk to give.... blah blah blah.

my trip was fantastic. i love being transported. it also now feels very far away already....

i have still not had a chance to really catch up w/ everyone although i do know that wendy had her baby [post by "the boy" on the whole thing {get ready to be teary eyed} here ]

i know i missed gwen's trip here... and that she wore green.

above is a photo from the robot install that i started yesterday at the san jose museum of art . there's a 22 foot styrofoam robot already installed. it's amazing... i'm trying to think/document the process of doing this piece. if i can wrap my head around it i might do a bit of writing on that for my friend timothy . that's what i listened to yesterday.... there were so many people buzzing around setting up stuff that i had to block them all out to get my work done.

at one point i took a break and one of the installers said to me... i saw you lying down earlier and i thought - she's taking a nap?? then i realized you were painting while lying down. heh. i found that really funny. can i just say HOW NICE everyone is there? my god. it's like being an art princess. they thank you for everything - they are enthusiastic - they get you a ladder and a chair before you can turn around... they laid a beautiful cardboard tarp for me. a girl could get used to this....

looking forward to seeing what else has been going on. tomorrow i go back to paint on my wall....

thank you guys so much for all the tank and vacation love.... i can't even begin to explain how i appreciate it!!!


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