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there's little i control

1467 tanks.... you take one down pass it around 1466 tanks on the wall

hunted targets + synchronized tanks

hello hello!
well - not that you were holding your breath - but here it is ! all the tanks in their glory glory.

wanna see some more views?

synchronized tanks :: headon

straight on [don't you love the reflection in the floor?]

synchronized tanks :: detail

detail... so you can see the shadows [and that they really are felt!]

and my favorite view:

synchronized tanks :: left to right :: right to left

standing at both ends you can really see the curve of the wall.... heh heh. this installation's special unplanned bonus. all installations have to have a unplanned bonus... right?

here's a nice shot of marin camille hood's work
marin camille hood

embroidered lovelies of not so pretty things. [i don't have to explain why i like these right? and marin and i are both alums of the same grad school!] all the imagery comes from a field book on how to dress your deer. you can see the technique [if you aren't squeemish] here .

i think the absolute best part of this installation was all the help i had. giant thanks to the crew at the gallery :: sophie, daniela [who used a drill and the top step of a ladder for the first time!], laura, sabrina and matt. could not have been done with out you guys. and i'm not used to relying on other folks. it's also been really great to see students come in and react to the work. it's a different audience... and i really like it. also a giant thanks to faith who curated the show and made it all happen.

the show is up through April 16th the SFSU student gallery if you are inclined to take a peek.

i've been up since 5 this morning. why you ask? because tomorrow i go on a holiday. spring break is here and i am literally out of here. but crits, grades, syllabi, packing and cleaning had to be done by tonight.... i'm really looking forward to some time away. a minute to collect my thoughts so that the second i return i can start to work in the studio. 2 big projects in the works.

i won't be posting here - or reading anything online while i'm away - so i will miss you!!! see you in april! [already??]


happy monday. how is everyone?

i'm going to shoot pics of my SFSU show on wed, so i'll talk a little bit about it then....

in the meantime.... did anyone catch the john adams mini-series last night on HBO? how cool is abigail adams? laura linney just shines. i'm not usually that into histo-dramas, but since my husband is from boston he really wanted to see this. i think when you grow up in boston with the access to the real sites you go on lots of field trips as a kid and "see" history first hand. i'm totally hooked, though. and abigail - she's a powerhouse. smart, witty, strong. i think i want to read the letters between her and john now....

grace munakata

on saturday i went to the opening of my friend and colleague grace munakata at braunstein/quay gallery [more info here . i'm not quite sure how she managed to get so much work done - her academic demands are fierce.

it was really inspiring to walk through this show. grace is a nisei [2nd generation japanese] and her mother was really interested in sewing. she's also a huge animal lover [just got a new tibetan terrier pup], and an avid gardener. all of this is evident in the work. you don't need to know her to decipher this information.... and i love that. it's hard to pinpoint exactly - but you just can feel that the work is honest and comes from a place of exploration and personal intent.

i think what ultimately made the work really compelling for me was that they were architectural in nature. i'm sure it's hard to decipher from the flat images, but most of the larger pieces were like giant collages. panels individually made that eventually found their home together. the idea of "building" your painting - literally - is one that's interesting. with all collage there is a push and pull - the meandering of the eye - a reaction of color, form, shape and style and things sit next to one another. if one small panel were to change the overall meaning of the work could shift drastically. like putting a puzzle together i was deeply humbled by grace's editing and compositional skills.

finally - there was a pure joy to the paint handling. i have seen grace when she works mostly abstractly - with hints of flora and fauna buried or peeking out. but in these the gesture of her hand is so evident. the textural quality of the materials hits you in the face - and i literally smiled at the cats, the dressmaking patterns, the feet.... grace shows you that she can be as "realistic" as she wants to be, but then allows the materials to do their magic. the rhythm, and the tactile nature of a painted contour are things that i will never tire of. and there are moments of rest - flat areas of color that allow me as a viewer to breathe and enter this very personal world.

made me want to paint - and if that's not a indication of success, i don't know what is.

hope you had a great weekend. see you wed!


hi all.
i was away from my computer all day today - so it was a THRILL to find out the tiny showcase print sold out... thank you thank you to all of you that purchased, mentioned, supported, etc. !!! what a thrill!


so... all my green and yellow tanks are up and in a row [imperfect rows - but that's how i like them].

come on down and say hi and see them for yourself on thursday - from 5-8 pm at the Cesar Chavez Student Center Art Gallery..... more info here . it's a bit tricky to find - so be sure and take a gander at their map if you don't know where you are headed....

you should also check out the evan b. harris show at rare device that opens the same night.

hope to see you [please say hi!]


DDE + greenola

hi friends. hope this monday finds you well.

aurora and i are SO excited to announce this..... the above couplet will be available as a print from tiny showcase tomorrow night at 7pm eastern time. we've chosen the alliance for climate protection as our charity. i've so admired what tiny showcase does for so long.... it feels like a huge honor to join their roster of prints !!

last night while cooking


i noticed that the artichokes were the same color as the tank installation.... which hopefully gets finished today!


day one

tired. crosseyed. curved walls are much harder than straight flat ones. have help. thank god. teach early tomorrow. more soon....


hi there. i didn't mean for it to be a week since i last posted, but ... so it goes.

first up i'd like to thank erin from design for mankind for including me in her dailies project . a day in my life can be seen here. reminded me of when i did a similar thing for self-portrait tuesday

seth koen

last week i went to go see my friend seth koen's show at gregory lind gallery . seth was a year ahead of me in graduate school so i've been fortunate enough to see his work progress for quite some time [we're in a critique group together as well].

i think what i love most about seth's work is the purity of it. he takes simple simple shapes - like circles and ovals - and makes me really pay attention to them. every small choice - in color, in material, in size, in placement - becomes oh so much more important.

the last few years seth has been crocheting. creating these soft sculptures that hint at masculinity [or the lack/deflation of]. the colors would remind me of sports teams, or tube socks. his work also often spoke to relationships... how things [people] might be tied together, who carries more weight... how we can be pulled taught, rest together, tied over distance, etc.

for this show seth decided to hand carve these really delicate maple sculptures. they are so thin. so fragile - and they cast amazing shadows [of course i was drawn to this]. they speak to the same ideas, but it's a perfect example of where your material choice matters most. hard rather than soft i begin to think about how the shapes and pieces relate in a new way.

but for me the most successful pieces were the ones that incorporated both the crochet and the wood. there is something so impossible, so wrong, so odd, so childlike about the combination that just grabbed me. i felt like the two components really worked.

seth koen 2

my favorite piece from the show.

you can see the entire exhibition here

it feels to me like seth is on that precipice. i think all artists like their latest body of work the best. it's like an instinctual gut reaction. for me it's rare when something "sticks" for an extended period of time. often times i find myself with one foot in an old body of work and one foot in a new body of work. trying to make that cross over between areas seems terrifying and new and exciting. seth is there - but his transition is graceful - and integrated. i'm really excited to see where he goes next.

have a good monday!

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