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japanese primer

it's been a long time since i posted a corner ... remember when amanda started the group? [aside: have you been looking at her daily photo project?]

this was a reject shot from the ones i sent over to jan at poppytalk who asked me to talk a bit about my collections . she's put together a great collection of collections. see them all .

above is what i'm calling my "japanese primers" [finally framed them]. i found them at a flea market in tokyo for 500 yen [$5]. the colors are totally intense and the pictures are really funny. if i tried REALLY hard i might be able to make out what the text on the right is - at least some of it. :)

on poppy today

my brain has been on overdrive lately. i think it's partially because i'm not getting everything done that i want to get done [this 1/2 sickness stuff is for the birds. i think i'm ok, and then i try to do stuff and nope. i'm exhausted]. i think it's also because i haven't had a good studio day yet this year. a whole day of me making. this makes me antsy. i also have several things in their beginning stages - nothing is at a point where i feel like it's on course. i'm still researching and thinking and feeling that something could shift... this is both good and bad.

btw andrea asked when the show with lisa will be at art stream ... we are working on the dates for sure - but july/august.... thanks for your interest [andrea has a piece in their next show! yay!]

i met my painting I students today. i'm excited to be teaching painting again. it's been awhile. i'm hoping that now that my teaching schedule is "set" i can get into the groove of everything else. is anyone else feeling a bit unsettled so far in 08? [and when did january fly by?]

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winter white :: diana fayt

for shari's winter white week. it's been so lovely seeing white pop here and there in blogland

delicate ceramics by the lovely and talented diana fayt . she gave me them along with her amazing calendar a little bit ago. they have tiny impressions in them. the ceramic is paper thin. epitomize delicate. you can still get a calendar for yourself!

diana also has a great new blog . have you seen it?

i'm fighting a cold. i don't want it to win.

my studio visits went well. now i just have to plot and plan. {i'll give you some sneak peeks soon}

lisa and i have a theme for our show at airstream studios . we just need to research. i also got a piece of lisa's art. i'll photo it soon. but i feel very lucky. i didn't get any photos, but i have a serious crush on wilfredo . he's also the best dressed pup i've ever met.

tomorrow is the first crit for my creative process class. i better bring ricola.

have you seen these sophisticated wall stickers by harmonie-interieure ?

have a good thursday!

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the other day i was in a bookstore and i snatched up the above Donna Hay - Instant Cook cookbook. the images are divine, the recipes easy but seem flavorful. here's more images from the book

donna hay

i like to cook "big meals", but often falter on the day to day cooking. i am hoping that this book will help me out a bit.

but really, i am so lucky. my husband loves to cook. he cooks all weekend long. breakfasts and dinners. it's so wonderful. i feel totally spoiled - he marches out of the kitchen and hands me giant plates of food. he's always trying new recipes and recreating old favorites.... here's what he made for breakfast yesterday!

breakfast by D

build your own breakfast burrito....

so... in a very few minutes i'll be picking up lisa and wilfredo. we are meeting to talk about our show this summer together [so excited about this !!] lisa just turned 40 and i have her present for her :)

tonka would like to thank all you [lovely ladies is what he's calling you] for all the well wishes. he's doing much better and isn't giving me the i'm in an e-collar death stare....

and i have 2 studio visits this week. yikes. lots going on..... more on all of this shortly....

happy monday


dead man

for abby's beautiful film week

jim jarmusch is an all time favorite director and Dead Man is full of such amazing imagery.... i love the scene on the right - i've never seen a dead person look so hauntingly beautiful. plus the plaid suit johnny depp wears is beyond perfect. this is a movie that i'm glad was not made in color.

i was just "talking" to someone about how i tend to remember/like movies that aren't happy. i like darker, sadder, slice of life movies.... not sure what this says about me but it seems to be true.

mama i'm tired

please think good thoughts for my little tonka. he had surgery today. i will miss his snoring in bed tonight.... i hope you get to come home tomorrow.... i'm sorry you'll have to wear an e-collar yet again. sigh

and a few links....
i haven't met viola yet, but i hope to. she just launched her website chewing the cud . very sweet

sarajo frieden updated her website. she'll have a show at little bird soon.....

and ... did you know the library of congress is on flickr ?!?!?!?!

happy mid week.

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red shari

so... it's hard to describe meeting shari . if you read her blog you feel like you know her. when i have met other blog friends, they just seem more of what they are like online. with shari, she is as kind, sweet, thoughtful and quietly funny as you might think [anyone who can name bands the measles and the mumps is kosher in my book]. she thought she was too quiet for our meet-up - but honestly we were in a big group of folks. many of whom can hold a room full of attention no problem. her traveling companions joe and tom were quick witted and very fun... i felt as though our group - including kathleen and aurora had known each other for much longer than we actually had. it's the beauty and sadness of these types of meet-ups. thrown together for span of time w/ a common allegiance knowing that the grouping is temporary... which really only makes it sweeter, no? i feel super lucky as shari will soon be coming to calif. for a visit and we will then have some one on one time.

shari brought me the most AMAZING books. the one on heath that i have been eying for ages, and this amazing collection of cool indian stuff . and some chocolate. swoon. thank you friend!

despite the missing art, aurora and i DID get to see a little bit of nashville. i haven't been anywhere in awhile where everyone KNEW we were not from the area.... it seemed like we were exotic species coming from california and new york. ha!

hatch show print

one of the highlights of the trip was our visit to hatch show print . an amazing print studio. what i wouldn't do to work there.

hatch cat chair

the arcade - where sq ft lives - is this very neat old fashioned mall. i had fun looking at the old type, other galleries, and nooks and crannies there. [are you noticing how many of these photos are ending up as diptychs? couplets on the brain] BTW. there is a nice write up of our show by david maddox here


oriental lunch


54 decco

rainbow cast

artists/designers are also using the shops as their work spaces. quite nice.

and a few shots of nashville:


i don't think this is the real location of sun records at least not anymore? but one they set up for the country music museum [my guess as it was close by]. just thinking about johnny cash and sun records made me happy

jacks bbq

can't go to the south without eating BBQ. jacks bbq is what we sampled.


godly light

shari has a day shot of this place!

two step

and there you have it.

started teaching last week [where did my break go?]. i'm excited to be teaching creative process again. it's a free for all class - 2D, 3D all media - and so it's really fun. plus it has a lot of non-art majors in it - always makes for lively discussions and approaches.

finally - i wrote our last post on amy hempel's book for ship of fools . if you are interested in joining in the book club next round we have to pick a new book. help us decide!

happy weekend!

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flower girls

what a whirlwind of a trip. at one point i think aurora , kathleen and i were about to loose all hope. we had 3 celphones going [and one NY caller] - talking to high level supervisors all in the hopes of finding aurora's 2 boxes full of all the art for the show. they couldn't even determine where one was - the last scan was brooklyn. there was talk of labels falling off [have you EVER had a a sticky label come off a box? come on]. GASP. frantic, sad, nervous, and yet still excited to be hanging out together, emotions ran the gamut.

and then. aurora needed a button for her pants. i went and asked the front desk of our hotel saturday morning for a sewing kit. i jokingly said to aurora - ask and ye shall receive - at least sometimes. being who she is....she turned to me and said - i haven't asked for my art... "universe. may i please have my art?"

2 hours later walking around on broadway we get a call from kathleen. aurora's 2 boxes are TOGETHER at the hub in nashville. aurora and i hug :: aurora cries :: kathleen picks boxes up :: we get to the gallery :: hang our show in 2 hours :: rush to our hotel and shower :: the show opens.

couplets - install shot

i can't believe we are the last show at square ft . but i'd be lying if i didn't say aurora, kathleen and i are scheming a show in a certain someone's native land....

shari and tom

i also can't believe shari and tom and joe all made the trek to say hello. i am so honored and lucky to have such good friends. [more on the sweetness of shari next post]

MTBE + sweetheart suckerpunch

aurora and i set up the premise for this show over the summer. we picked coordinating colors. she'd pick one [say pink] and i'd pick the other [say gray]. we also determined sizes that would coordinate. those were the parameters. she decided to make junk mail collages. i decided to turn molecular structures of environmental toxins into doily drawings. we loved that we were both turning ugly things into pretty things. we didn't show each other what we were working on until we were done. we had no idea if the pairings would hold up - if they'd talk to one another - if we were crazy....

DDE + greenola

it was a thrill to see that not only did we name colors the same [our lime greens matched!], but we even occasionally had compositions that were incredibly complementary.

Nitrogentriiodide + a community of free radicals

i love that our work is so different and yet also the same. the evidence of hand, the 3D aspects [thread/streams of junk mail jutting into space], the delicacy, the usurping of materials ideas and twisting them into something other.... her work explodes, mine is more quiet but somehow, somehow.... it works. i feel lucky.

we plan on doing more couplets shows. we just need to find venues. and figure out new parameters.

here's a little pictobrowser of all the install shots. you can also go here

flowers from my parents

thanks mom and dad and grandma for sending the flowers. you were virtually at the opening!


camilla - how'd i do?

i made this for aurora's new baby. i followed [or at least tried to] camilla's instructions that she gave on whip-up awhile back.

these are totally addicting to make. i want to make a smaller one now. maybe while i'm on the plane?

i'm sitting [at this ungodly hour - infomertials are on TV] and waiting for the shuttle to take me to the airport. i'm going to nashville.... to meet kathleen and hang my show with aurora at square foot .

there are a few reasons this all seems bitter sweet. i'm so so happy to finally see aurora again and meet kathleen AND meet shari face to face for the first time. she is coming down with T and a friend. it's hard to believe that tomorrow i can actually just SAY something to her.

but sadly we are the last show at square foot. and i'm also feeling as though i should be closer to home. if only i could be in 2 places at once - heck - if we're going to do that - than why not 4 or 5 huh?

more on the show [and nashville, etc] over the next few days as long as i have decent internet access....

happy happy new year to everyone.... and thanks for all the virtual hugs for my last post....

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