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holiday fog

the above image so reminds me of this painting by one of my all time painting heroes gerhard richter

have you ever had one of those days [weeks, months... spans of times] where you couldn't even think the words "well it can't possibly get any worse" because you knew that it could. and it would. and it does. where minutia of humor become ever so important... where you have to find some other place, thing, person to hold onto. where each step forward, each minute of progress, each phone call that doesn't bring bad news is to be treasured.

these last few days i've spent time thinking, trying not to think, and then reflecting on what it's like to show, hide, respond to, and ignore a roller coaster of emotions. one thought that has entered my mind [yet again] is how remarkable this community and this space is. i have real, special, and true friends all from what happens out on these here internets.... i want to thank everyone who comes here, who comments, who reads, who reflects, and who participates in any way shape or form. i want to thank all of you who have sent emails, packages, cards and the like all through the year and specifically through this season. thank you, really. thank you.

i hope everyone had a good holiday. and that we all have a peaceful and happy new year. and i want to share a song that i heard again the other day and seems just right for this time.... [you may have to click out of your reader to be able to hear it]



looking at dwell is kind of a treat for me. i love looking at amazingly well designed [and photo styled] homes. i then daydream about what i could with my own space [especially if money wasn't an issue].

last month's issue was of particular interest to me because it had a lot of "green" ideas... and because it featured the photography of Bernd and Hilla Becher . again and again i am drawn to imagery that is repetitive, that focuses on something that you normally wouldn't pay attention to, that talks about something mundane in a wholeheartedly UNmundane way. i was familiar with their water tower and industrial building work, but i like the color....

did you guys know that dwell recently re-furbished their website? the blogs [daily, kitchen, tech] are cool, i got lost in the green home section and they've added all this video content . a whole bevy of this "design leader" stuff [my favorite christopher deam the airstreem guy - if i had a million dollars i get one of those to put in my back yard as my "office"] and then there's The Apartment Dinner Series . be a fly on the wall. it's pretty darn cool.

so if you are done shopping and have nothing to do this weekend.... you could spend some serious time dwelling...


see bug work

the famous bug was here last week. i was so happy to have her around. i feel kind of bad as i was buried under a big old pile of stuff i had to get done. but being ever so accommodating miss gwen went with the flow. i feel very very lucky to have such a friend - it's not every day that someone says - i just want to be with you. so whatever you need to do, we'll do. and it's not every day that i feel comfortable allowing someone into my space like that.

gwen is a pretty special gal.

we sewed :: we graded :: we had dueling laptops on my dining room table :: she knitted :: she sewed :: i sewed :: we chatted :: we ate :: we had tiki drinks :: we met up with lisa c and diana . she had the brilliant idea to use my tanks on some skirts....

you can see those and read gwen's take on our adventures over here

we didn't just work. we did play [otherwise we'd be dull girls].


i took her to the secret button store. i was only supposed to look as i have buttons from my last visit there i still haven't used, but alas. i succumbed to temptation. i think the blue ones will make a necklace and the bakelite orange ones will become pins....

heath {polaroid version}

we also went to heath . i think i'm the official bring everyone from out of town to heath wagon. the lady in the store even recognized me from the visit with amy!

above is a shot of their colorway chips and a wall of their plates. i can't say enough about how good their aesthetic is. so good that they carry miss sally's cards!

gwen - come back - anytime...


i'm kind of in a bah humbug kind of mood. no decorations this year. just can't fathom it. i have one more big stack of grading and a few more holiday cards/treats to get out. and the big push for my nashville show. almost almost almost. i've had no time for posting here, movies, flickr, reading [barely getting to blogs], real shopping, taking photos [i miss this so much], or.... but i'm letting it all go. there's only so much a single human can do, right?

i do feel like i can see the light at the end of the tunnel if i squint. yup. there it is.

ok - off i go to tackle my lists. type more soon.....

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underdog table

that was my "area" at the holiday sale. i was SO excited - the little target piece on the left {with the pink flower} went to a very very good home. i had been squirreling that piece away in my studio not wanting to let it go - but then thought, no... maybe i should sell it.... and then off it went to someone i adore. that makes for a happy artist!

sale was good. exhausting, but good.

holiday sale - all the players

that's how it all looked.

i got to meet a new to me artist : Andrea Brewster. her tatted [yes tatted!] artworks were divine. i hope to own one some day

andrea brewster

all the new urchin stuff

i just put all the urchin stuff online at underdog ink! . i'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. i'm excited as i started using blanks from alternative apparel . they are another company that tries to be sustainable, and fair to their workers - they have GREAT designs and these shirts are SO SOFT.... very dreamy.

anyway - if any of you bloggy folks want any underdog merch i'll happily give you 10% off your order [of anything]. just email me at ::{at}gmail{dot}com and i'll send you a separate paypal invoice.

gotta motor as my favorite bug is literally on her way here... and i have to get through some more grading before she arrives...

bear with my absences a tad longer... i'll be back soon!


no, i'm not, but i just feel like i am.

urchin sneak peak

have to pack up the car and get myself to the

Holiday Shop Sale
today from 2-7pm and tomorrow from 10-4

5528 Dover Street [enter on 56th street]
oakland, CA 94609

i saw a sneak peek of all the goods and there are some amazing things - including some vintage finds that our hosts are de-accessing [fancy word for purging]. i have a feeling i'll be spending whatever i'm making.

anyway - above is one of the new urchin shirts! woo!

have a great day and weekend.


readymade mag - i made some plastic plates !

i was super duper excited when readymade asked if i wanted to do a little something for their holiday make it yourself guide.

using the makit melamine plate kit i made 4 designs of plates. 3 ended up in the magazine. i actually really like how they shot the spread.... how excited was i that the coolest bento boxes were in the shot with my plates ?!?

readymade mag - plastic plates

the pdf's for the shadow drawings are available here ....

sorry i've been a.w.o.l.... it's what must be right now. i'm hoping that once classes are over i'll be able to catch my breath a little.

be well friends!

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