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there's little i control

i thought we said goodbye last night - but here you are with the dawn....

goodbye my sweet

oh matty-tilda. my sweet gray kitty. i didn't think it possible for something to worm it's way so deeply into my heart in such a short time.

my head flutters with what if's. what if we didn't let you out [but to deny you the grass and the garden and playing with fluffy jones seems so wrong], what if you had just stayed closer to home, what if the car came 10 seconds later.... and what if we never found you [thank you to whoever put her on the side of the road].

last night D said he dreamed of you :: oh looks there's matilda :: i can only pray that's your way of telling us you are ok. yesterday when i had the vision of you and my grandpa i didn't want to think it was true. but you can only fight what you know {the truth} for so long.

oh gray kitty i will miss you sleeping under my chin :: your joy at my waking up in the morning :: your rubbing into garbo :: your rubbing into the carpet with glee :: your chasing bottlecaps around the house :: so many things i can't possibly list. you were a rare gem my sweet.

you were {and are} my little shadow. i'm so glad that i told you everyday how much i loved you [oddly enough i had a very specific ritual with you to do this]. i had hoped you would be here for my 40th birthday... i can only hope that you are romping with kitty, moe, jake, satchell, pachuco.... i know i will see you in my dreams. i am so grateful that you came into my life. even if it was ever so brief.

friends... i can't imagine posting or reading or doing much of anything on the internet for a while and i didn't want you to think i had disappeared. many of you have become so important to me and so i felt you should know. be well. hug and pet those you love.


hello disney hall

in case you didn't get enough of the blue sky from the last set of photos.

what to tell you? let's make a list ::

you say potato, i say pot-ta-to, let's have gelato

over 100 flavors of gelato!!!!

1. eating desserts and laughing till you cheeks hurt are very good things. till next time wenders , ky , christine [happy anniversary!!], regina [who does great voices], and ms. blackburn who, by the way, made this cake and sangria [dangerous stuff that sangria]:

polenta cake with blood red oranges

2. meeting melissa was like seeing an old friend. we must have known each other in another life.... seeing her gallery space made me excited and nervous about the show i'm going to have there. [in october - please come!!]

3. seeing the andrea zittel show restored my faith in art. oh my was that ever one of the most lovely shows i've seen. what i respond to most in her work is the fact that she is so incredibly conceptual and intellectual and responsible. her ideas are just that good. and then she makes these GORGEOUS things. whoever says conceptual art isn't aesthetic hasn't spent any time with miss zittel's work. i had a big big art crush and it's only bigger now.

4. if you are in the LA vicinity.... PLEASE go see the poetics of the handmade . i walked through this show twice. and i don't ever do that. obsessive, hand crafted beautiful work on a grand grand scale.... just look at this . i really really fell in love with Máximo González's installation [no good pics on the moca website]. i could have spent all day in there....{giant thanks to annabelle who sent me passes to the museum}

5. spending time with my grandma, eating good food, talking politics and of course shopping - is such a treat. especially when you get to go home with these . i got other cool stuff too, but those pants just make me giggle every time!

um... so what else? shari posted our documentary project on monday.... and karen posted our last on beauty section on ship .

the mail has been good to me again of late.... will try to get to that this week. happy hump day! one final shot from down south:

santa monica at night

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*update* i just got told you can't "See" the song i linked to in bloglines... so after the line that says a hint to where i go.... you have to visit my blog to see/hear the song :) *end of update*

ocean :: flags

the fog came back this morning.... so i dug up these old polaroids from oceanside to remember the sun [which i'm sure will be out this afternoon]

ocean :: lighthouse

i'm so excited to see my drawing student's final projects next week.... they are furiously working away [this is the assignment where they get to come up w/ the entire premise themselves]

and here i am frantically getting ready to escape for a few days. [i am taking grading with me - how sad is that?]... i should have some good tales to tell.... good sightings, good food, i predict smart, funny, charming, women in my future. [one of them being my grandma!]

a hint to where i go:

if you haven't seen radio blog club, where the above came from, check it out! it's super cool. and free! you must just suffer with my future posts peppered with punny songs [yes as in pun]

and the clafoutis recipe is here . it came out really well... i can now imagine berry clafoutis.... with vanilla ice-cream and a berry sauce.... oh heaven. if you like bread pudding you will LOVE it.

ocean :: lights

catch you later [pretend i'm a surfer]

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hellow friends.... sorry this documentary post it a bit late - [but under the east coast wire] - mondays and wednesdays are my long teaching days.... and BTW the claufotis came out good - i'll share the recipie later this week!

shari chose our word this week.


i decided to stick with lisa's idea of companion words this week so i chose window as we have already documented door.

i'm not sure i could live in a house without windows. there is something about looking outside, having a window to the world so to speak. with windows, there is light but there is also a feeling of expansiveness, a feeling that you are not boxed in. in the spring and summer, we love to open our windows and let in fresh air. maggie loves this too. she is a windowsill hog. poor rilke.

window 3


window 4

i think that photographing windows from the outside looking in is so much more interesting than vice versa. the focus immediately shifts from the subject to the point of view. in this photo i snapped of t, one may wonder why the photo was taken outside. the perspective might not be entirely clear. the roof line next door is being reflected in the windowpane but you are also able to see inside of the kitchen.
there is confusion, mystery, questions.

window 2

i also enjoy photographing what is immediately outside my windowpanes: the subtle changes of each season, how the colors change depending on the amount of sunshine, how the window acts as a viewfinder and frames the outside just so. it is these photos that never quite seem to capture what i was "seeing". i can take photo after photo after photo but the magic is just not there. i liked this next photo because i was finally able to capture the colors...the intense green outside (best captured it seems in low light) contrasted with the brick red curtains.

window 1

i realize this is turning into the photo documentary project so i'm going to try to move outside of my comfort zone next week. :) thanks for reading.


ah windows. window of opportunity.... windows to the soul.... when a door closes a window opens.

what i noticed while observing windows this week :: i like old ones more than new ones [the wavy glass always gets to me]. odd shaped ones [circle, skinny] rather than "standard size" ones. it's not as easy to find stained glass windows as you might think/hope. i like windows with little decorative elements.

ultimately, though, i feel like in all my looking what i was most drawn to was the idea of the window as a framing device. a way to peek out into the world.and as a means to let light in.

i kept taking really minimal shots of windows. the window pared down to it's essential. i'm not sure why this is, but....

window :: to clouds
a peek at some clouds

window :: diffuse light
diffuse bright light

window :: closed
closed shades

window :: peek
if you stand on my stairway just right you can see the neighbor's house like this. you can also see that this window is VERY dirty. it's too high to reach [either inside or outside]. really it's a funny place for a window to be - but i love the light it lets onto our stairs.

window :: sketch
then i got inspired and wanted to do a very mini version of a drawing like Toba Khedoori . her drawings of windows take my breath away. mine is lame and retarded in comparison, but i like the idea of repeatative drawing - what happens when you repeat a window over and over....

and finally.... close your eyes and imagine the sound of rain on your window panes. i love that sound. always have... always will

until next week.... documentary project signing off. thanks for reading!


yup. today it sure is - i love the first day of wearing flip flops every year. how exciting! how's your sunday?

lovely dark deep

friday i went to see lisa and stephanie's show at doe . i love the pic of stephanie's hands because that's exactly what i do at openings when i'm nervous. the show is really amazing. if you are in the bay area you should definitley check it out. [bring a step ladder, though, as everything is way above eye level - esp. for the vertically challenged like me].

if i was brave i would show you the stacks and stacks and piles and piles strewn around my house. almost every surface is covered with something. the packing pile... the book pile... the grading pile... the projects [multiple] in progress piles.... but i'm not brave, so i'll show this instead

red work

when heidi posted about her new sewing machine that could create letters i swooned. i needed an excuse, though, to purchase such machine as i already have plenty of sewing machines that work just fine. luckily the universe decided to oblige me. i got a job with a materials fee and the need for more precise stitch measurement and voila ! the machine is now mine. it also has an amazing array of decorative stitches. if only i had more time to play with it.


the farmer's market had these amazing cherries. yum. and then this recipie for a clafoutis appeared in williams and sonoma's catalogue. so i'm going to give it a whirl later today. we're having a birthday BBQ today. i'm planning on serving the clafoutis with pistachio gelato. yum.....

bye for now!

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first... thank you SO MUCH for all the underdog love. you guys are amazing. really. thank you! and now.... eye candy.....

have you seen the new aranzi arono books being offered in english? they are really really sweet. and while it's easy enough to figure out the japanese craft books because of the pictures - having the instructions in english just makes it THAT much simpler.

i really want to make the monkey.... [sorry i tried to take a photo of my book, but the reflection in it was horrid - check out the aranzi site - it's the little monkey at the top of the page] i have the perfect excuse to [someone just had a baby]. so if i can get it together i'll show you... i wish i had more softie making time.... sigh.

they also have the bad book . which doesn't have instructions on how to make softies, but just look at how cute the bad guy is !! [um why do i think a softie trying to stuff a change purse up his shirt is SO funny. there might be something wrong with me]

you can buy the books directly from the aranzi website or from amazon . happy stitching!

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