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before i start this love fest - if you have a minute - check out the auction for the christian carlos fund. it's a really good cause... and there are some fantastic things to bid on

i have been very very behind in thanking people for some lovely things in the mail... and i fear that i have forgotton somone or something in the above montage - so if i did i apologize in advance....

and i must also thank leonie for a wonderful all new zealand music compilation that just arrived... and risa for my tea party favor [of which nonething exists anylonger... but it sure smelled and tasted fantastic!!].

above.... clockwise... a print from mav . very very excited about her new project to be launched march 1st :: amazing print and fanciful bird from gracia and louise {i'm waiting for gracia to finish the teleporter so that we can pop around to each other's shows... maybe it will show up one day in a brown paper package w/ string and an 'id recorded' sticker front and center} :: the puuurrrfect color for me piece of wall jewelry by julie :: a box full of too many goodies to list from the lovely christine [vegas&venice] :: gorgeous holga prints [look at that chandelier!] from wenders :: charming framed photos and an andrea zittel book [!!!] from annabelle :: the cutest apron [with the sweetest note] from mary :: the best smelling package award goes to amisha for the luscious [i'm going to have to get over my fear of using them] indian papers and lovely soaps :: and karen who sent me such treats AGES ago... i'm finally reading the book and wishing i had more time for it... [and i wear those earrings ALL THE TIME!!]

from abee

abee sent along this delicate necklace... i think it looks a lot like a doily *smile*. {have you checked out her latest photos on flickr ??}

from gwen :: pyrex

and last but certainly not least, the dearest gwen sent some candy covered goodness.... pyrex... oh why do you make my heart beat so??

thank you friends - sometimes i come home and there's a thoughtful package waiting for me and my mood lifts and i get the biggest grin. i can honestly say that your kindness has altered my life. THANK YOU.

i do have to say gwen and i are on similar wavelengths .i think i've still got some fumes and am not on empty yet, but i do need to stop and get some gasoline soon. you know when you are at that point where you have to stop looking for the cheapest gas and just pull into the darn station? if i'm a bit inconsistant here - please bear with me... i'll try post some of what's cooking as i can.

don't forget that shari hosted the documentary project on monday. it will be back here next....

please do check out karen's post - the last on Taxonomy of Barnacles - on ship of fools . you can find the next book and the start date there too.

be well friends - i leave you with a chair i found on the side of the road
by the side of the road

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a bed dreams a blue doily dream

above is one of the pieces i shipped off to the levy gallery . technically the show opens tomorrow i guess. it's always sad to pack up and empty your studio... and then i feel bad not being able to help hang the show. i implicitly trust how they will put it together - but i sent them a mini doily installation and am hoping it's not too big of a pain in the neck for them to put up. [i ended up painting doilies on acetate - not as good as when i put them on the wall - but they will do].

if you are in, near, around albuquerque you should check out the show. it's up for a very long time - till april 7th. there's a closing reception which i'll attend then. i'll post a few more images of work in the show over the next few....

what else is new? i am up to my ears in grading. 2 long hard crits this week - but some fantastic work and effort by students. i'm working on a logo design... i have this other project that i can't talk about yet and... taxes. i've got to take care of taxes this weekend! and i have to take down i want sugar. it was fast, but sweet. bye bye cupcakes

if you are in NY - aurora and i are in a benefit show for the the artist network a really cool space in NY. there's a big pink rhino target there.... the proceeds from the sale go to help fund the space and their residency [which is incredibly cool]. you can read more about it on their site.

if you missed it.... a few days ago grace used some photos of my house as a sneak peak on d*... i've really been loving seeing everyone's spaces. one's like lisa c's where i've actually also been inside [it's better than the photos!]. k.c's house today is just as lovely as the items she posts about. alyson's house was also really cool.....

and finally - to make things full circle - bed to bed. did you know that wendy is doing a photography study - "a year of beds". of course i am in love with this idea... and so is eschu - who blogged about it. i just recently discovered eschu on flickr ... her photos are just stunning.

was it just me or did the week fly by? oh! if you want something to watch brianna gave me a CD comp a spell ago and it has this feist song that i can't hear enough of. watch the video for mushaboom .

happy weekend!

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hello friends. this week's word was picked by shari . it was DOOR.

SHARI'S response



a paper mockup of my front door (as seen from the inside). polka dot
paper from marieke + the inside of a security envelope.

i find myself constantly drawn to photographing doors. doors seem to be
a metaphor for one's path in life. doors open, doors close. doors can
be a barrier, yet they can provide protection or a buffer against the
outside world. open doors provide possibility, invite new things into
one's life.

i love door hardware: door knockers, doorknobs, obviously. :) i think
doors can have such unique character. i'd love to have a bright blue

view my flickr set

finally, a little series of photos taken through the peephole.


MY response

work doors

when shari suggested the word door the first thing i thought of is how there are drastic differences in doors. i mean - i, like shari, LOVE doors. and i guess we both also like to photograph them. whenever i go on a trip i am drawn to capture a door or two. i have doors of seattle, new york, santa fe.... [maybe this should be a coffee table book - maybe it is already?] it's funny to think of a "door" creating a "place" but in fact it can. so above i captured my 2 institutional doors. my office doors at school. don't they just scream workplace/school??

then i thought about the front door of our house and how i really really loved it from the moment i saw it. it was big - [you can fit a fridge through it EASY] it had charm and character and detail.... i wish it was a different color, but that's another story.

front door

so of course i also thought of the metaphors of doors and windows... opening and closing.... how many doors do you pass through a day? do you lock your doors [both physically and metaphorically] - why or why not? doors are gateways. they provide or deny access... and i too [jeez shari we are so alike] love the details of doors... here are some of my favorites from around my house - obviously the glass doorknob is specifically for your shari [and it's the only one in my house - at least for now]

five :: door :: 3-details

and don't you just LOVE shari's peephole photographs. sigh. i don't have any doors w/ peepholes... wish i did....

hope your week is starting off well!


my grandma made me this coat

my grandma made me the coat pictured above !!! i don't know if you remember how many coats i have, but look at this one.... i certainly didn't have a knit coat in forrest green with cables! and it's so lovely and warm... can i say yay for me?? [oh i just did]. i *did* contribute the buttons.... it was actually fun to learn how to do that - and it's actually easy - you just need a little plastic ring to crochet around [who knew?]. but the buttons are the tiny touch on the masterful work of my grammy. THANK YOU!!

my dude [that's what she calls him :)] from jess hutch

jess saw the bunny i made awhile back and said she'd be willing to trade with me. i was floored. i mean really [i think i got the way better end of the deal] i'm a totally softie novice! she said she looked at my work to figure out the colors and i couldn't be happier !! my dude is so great and huggable. and i have to say he looks pretty darn cool w/ the nara ashtray that a friend got me... THANK YOU jess.

this is what i made for jess.... my first giraffe:

giraffe by me

i had a really good time making him. i had to give him a scarf too [since jess sent one with my dude]. my favorite thing is that he can actually sit. that was such a bonus! i could really get into this softie making thing.... if i only had more time....

speaking of which - a project just entered my life - i'm really excited, but also terribly nervous about it... more as it unfolds.... and i am way way way behind on some thank yous to blog peeps.... will try to get to that asap.

have a great friday - don't forget to check out ash's post on ship

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if you haven't stopped by - be sure and go to shari's blog to see the latest installment of the documentary project. the word today was proximity and i'm sort of excited by the proximity of our responses.

inedible cupcake :: virgins bower

so i uploaded a few of the inedible cupcake drawings to flickr.... you can see them all here . above is the poisonous virgins bower. i had never heard of the flower before - but it's really a pretty flower. i'm sure it'd be perfect in buttercream icing.... yum. thanks for all the cupcake love out there... it's been so fun to share this project and get all of the reactions.

hands down my favorite comment was something along the lines of cupcakes? that's such an a-political thing. oh contraire mon fraire [it was a guy who said this]. cupcakes are gender loaded i believe. esp. if they are cute and deadly. it reminds me that sometimes it takes a second look to really "get" something. ever quick to judge myself i need to be reminded of this. [besides the fact that thankfully it has been established that the personal is political and by golly i was taking those cupcakes personally :} ]

as i was looking at the cupcake drawings i was realizing how small they actually are. some of them are on 6" doilies.... totally inspired by risa's post on the mini a few days back i promised her some images of work of mine that included very small pieces of clothing. the idea for these stemmed from an amazing collection of old house keeping books called Cassell's Household Guide. The books had great illustrations [many were inspiration in the drawings a day] and details on how to maintain a household circa 1850-1900 [guessing on the dates]. article titles included "domestic surgery", "the rearing of farm animals", "topiary construction".... i did these pieces based on sections called "shirtmaking" and the "management and rearing of children : clothing for an 8 year old girl". i made the patterns and drawings and piece of clothing to the scale of the book. there was something about translating it so directly that i really liked - esp. since they were meant to be human sized. i made everything... including the hangers.

i actually have these back in the studio. i showed them at the mira costa show a few months back. it was nice to have them see the light of day.

cassell's household guide :: the rearing and management of children

cassell's household guide :: the rearing and management of children

cassell's household guide :: the rearing and management of children

cassell's household guide :: shirtmaking

cassell's household guide :: shirtmaking

cassell's household guide :: shirtmaking

ok risa... hope it was worth the wait!!

have a great tuesday friends

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oh was that ever a week! i learned to let a lot go this week. no, i was not going to finish the big pink doily drawing that i wanted to send for my upcoming show at the levy gallery ; no, i was not going to get the handout for my creative process class done [still have to do that today]; no, i was not going to be able to have lunch with a friend; no, i was not going to make a lavish dinner on wed. night; no, i was not going to get to try out my new polaroid telephoto lens [so very excited about this!]....

but it does feel like i can pretty much slow down and breathe again.... my 2 big boxes are happily on their way - the list of their contents and instructions emailed to the proper folks, phone calls caught up with yesterday, blogs read [mostly] this morning... i think i might even catch up with flickr later this weekend !! yay!!

so... risa i owe you a mini picture... but i hope you will be patient... next week... today.... it's all about the CUPCAKE!

20 :: i want sugar :: store front
we really wanted to put up an awning, but you aren't allowed one unless you get a permit from the city of oakland, so we did our very own special flat awning - which in the end i think is better than a "real" awning - since everything in this store is fake anyway!

12 :: i want sugar :: display case front

03 :: i want sugar :: looks real

04 :: i want sugar :: two of my inedible cupcakes
my drawings of inedible cupcakes [oh drat those poisonous flowes]. i'll post more of these individually over the next few days]

08 :: i want sugar :: tara goe's sugarbombin
tara's cupcake sleeve installation

01:: i want sugar :: painting
i love this photo... tara painting the floor....

and my absolute FAVORITE photo... the shadow on the wall was just the perfect bonus!!

23 :: I want sugar :: shadow

you can see the whole set of photos here . you gotta check out the cute softie cupcakes in our display case !! and tara made the most adorable buttons which i don't have a photo of yet. hey... maybe i can sell any extras here for her... that's an idea!

i think i'll be back to regular posting next week.... and don't forget to read shari's post on ship .....

hoping you are all having a nice and easy weekend!


edit :: i'm so sorry shari - i put her 3rd image in the wrong direction.... it is hopefully fixed now

hello friends.... it's time for THREE :: LIGHT - the third installment of shari and my project.

SHARI'S images and sound

{to hear shari's thoughts on light and these photos, click here.}

ME ::

three::light 2

i have been noticing lately how much i am affected by light so when shari suggested the word it seemed to fit. getting up early 4 days of the week and watching how rapidly the light and sun moves in the sky in the morning... from gray haze to light pink to more intense pink orange to finally morning light.... on my drive to hayward the sun is low in the sky and practically blinding.

light :: bright :: natural :: flourescent [yuck] :: candle :: moonlight :: starlight :: tungsten :: opposite : dark/shadow :: basking in light :: red light district :: the SAD disorder [which i think i'd have if i lived further north] :: emitting light :: spiritual light ::

and i couldn't help but think of : light as a feather stiff as a board - did you ever play??

three::light 3

but what i really wanted to document with light was how fleeting it is.... slight changes make the world of difference....

three::light 1

the light from the window at the top of my stairs - i took the photo each morning right before i left. notice how on friday i didn't leave the house until 11am and the light is yellow - unlike any of the other ones....

i also thought of these older pictures of mine that seemed to fit light...look here, and here .

next week our project will be back on shari's space.

thanks for all the cupcake/studio love. i'll have pics of the show and i'll talk about the opening next time....

happy monday!


opening soon

four 14-16 hour days in a row makes one very tired lisa. we are super duper close to the fake cupcake shop being up and running - good thing too because i don't think i'm up for any more installation [and i'm not taping cupcake sleeves to the wall like dear tara.]

on the wonderful side of this :: working in tandom with tara has been a joy. it's really fun to collaborate with a like mind. she's so cute - and she has a wicked sense of humor. little bits of sweet sarcasm ... she's like a nara character super cute and lovable with an edge. mostly i've enjoyed laughing with her... and high fiving at our silly cupcake stuff. everything is SO handmade and wonky. we are loving the wonky. becoming one with it.... do you see the "A" and the "R" above??? [i tried to channel margaret kilgallen as i painted the letters] or as tara would say... the "specialness" of it all.

on top of this i let in 33 students into my drawing class. i am SUCH a sucker for the sob story. sigh. luckily there is a graduating super talented senior that i have commandeered to be my unofficial TA. she shouldn't be taking drawing I - she only is because her units from a city college didn't transfer.... if it wasn't for her i think the students would really loose out on one on one instruction. but with her i can spend a couple of extra minutes with those that need it and make sure that i talk to everyone at least once. she's getting an art/education degree so hopefully this will be a good experience for her as well. by the end of the class wed. almost all of them were contour drawing with a bit of confidence and skill.... look out here come the pine cones!

and on top of that.... i am most likely going to have to move my studio. even knowing that this was inevitable [the building has been for sale for a spell] - this has hit me like a ton of bricks. i hate the idea of moving. i want to stay with my studio mates. sigh. there is a slight possibility that we might be able to move with-in our building - just to different spaces, but this depends on how the cards fall - and lord knows i'm not the wind and can't direct such hapless events. sigh again. what makes this even more nerve wracking is that upon opening the cupcake show i have to finish and wrap and send work to the levy gallery.... trying to fathom moving amongst teaching and show preparations and the desire to just make work makes my head ache. if there is a studio god i am lighting a candle to you. i'm trying to think that really there is a GOOD reason that i will have to pay more rent - potentially loose out on natural light {it's a gain of wall space??} - pack and move all the silly bits of paper and junk that i have collected as potential materials - all 507 million bits ....

tomorrow morning i will post my ship of fools contribution....

if you are oaktown bound tomorrow evening come on by MAMA BUZZ CAFE - 2318 Telegraph Ave - 7-10 pm. i might even be wearing an apron....

i want sugar

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