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two :: sweet 3

if you missed it and/or are intersted - the 2nd installment of shari and my documentary project was hosted on her blog yesterday . the word was sweet and you can read all about it....

this is my friend rori's new cocktail monkey card. she used the design i came up with a couple of years ago for the front page of her website. what is it about cocktail monkeys that is so appealing? the colors? the plastic? the fact that they hang by their tails? anyway - you can buy your own monkey cards in her shop .

last night tara and i were painting in mama buzz until 11:30pm. the walls are now pink and the floor has an alice in wonderland black and white checkerboard. it's going to be dirty by the opening on friday, but we don't care. you should have seen us hopping from black sqare to black square to move around the room. why is that paint ends up in the weirdest places [side of your neck.... behind your knee]... i'm off to install some more.....

have a good tuesday!

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happy birthday lisa bird

thurs night was spent celebrating a birthday for a special bird . we passed the time drinking sparkly wine, eating delicious homemade sushi, and chatting about all things crafty, worldy, arty, and social. there is nothing like spending time with extra , smart , special, wonderfully wacky women. women who are fearless. women who have a sense of humor. women who defend one another. women who are creative and sensitive and caring with every inch of their beings.


it is so special to be in someone like diana's home . everything is cared for. eating off dishes she crafted with her own hands is such a treat. [i want my own set darn it!]. and she is an amazing hostess. never a dry glass or an empty plate or a story-less minute.

blogger gals

as someone who can easily coccoon and recluse it is nights like these where i remember how important human contact can be. how we humans really are pack animals to an extent. and how sometimes it is the act of laughing, sharing, listening, eating TOGETHER that can recharge your battery. thank you friends. thank all of you. i'm working my way back into inhabiting this space as i need and want to.

definitely go check out ship of fools . the adorable karen has joined our ship and wrote a fantastic post yesterday. i have to grab my book and comment. she really got me thinking!


in the morning

{cough}{cough}. you'll have to excuse my voice. my foot has been rammed so far down my throat that i think i've forgotten how to speak a bit. it seemed to have gotten really lodged when i looked to my right and said hello to mr. rock... and looked to my left and said hello to mr. hard place. or more precisely mumbled hello as they proceeded to help me contort my foot even deeper down my esophagus. in a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation why the hell not DO. i mean in the most simplistic terms.... you are either living or dying and since i'm not dead....

this morning i awoke before the sun was even up. the above image is from the inside of my foggy covered car window. i guess there is some beauty to be had at some ungodly hour. the pink light as the sun rose was pretty nice too.

today was the first day of drawing one. i had 24 on my roster and over 50 in the class. yes. 50+! i am trying to make it hard for them to get me to add them. they must email me, show up on monday and basically plead their case. holy cow. i couldn't even talk to all of them once if that was the class. there was a really loud fan going too - so i was standing there yelling at the top of my lungs "this is not an easy art class! i'd rather have you try something and fail than not try! why are we drawing upside down?!"

i came home and spent the whole afternoon framing. framing and more framing. thankfully i cut the mounting papers the other night. i could hear a voice in my head going - oh this is so tedious. and then the teacher voice in my head saying - would you like me to play the tiny violin for you? yes please! a very lilty mozart song would be nice. thank you. i'd like to feel sorry for myself for 10 more minutes. all the inedible cupcakes are being framed! tara and i start installing monday [well she's doing phase I of the floor painting on sunday]. show opens next friday at mama buzz . i hope we can pull this off - we have grand ideas w/ lots of paint involved....

matilda's going elizabethan

matilda would like some sympathy. she got spayed on monday. she's not too keen on the elizabethan look, but has no choice in the matter. she no longer looks like a kitten, huh? but she's still little. maybe she'll stay little. she was trying to help me frame. maybe i can do a whole series of pieces that incorporate kitty paw prints.


this polaroid reminds me of anne . i think she's really busy and probably won't even see this, but....

so since i'm just all over the place might as well tell you that if you are in LA and want to see some art this weekend you should to go the los angeles art show . if you poke around there just might be some work of mine there.


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no pics but some good links....

i am thinking about the beauty of the work of


i think i have talked about them both before, but all morning i have been pouring over their images thinking about a project i want my students to do.... i catch myself gasping with glee at their work.

hope you do too.

i think shari is going to post our project either today or next monday. since she's travelling it's been a bit hard for her to blog. we thought it might be nice to have our thoughts side by side.

have a good day!

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doily prize

are you ready for some shame-less self promotion? first though - THANK YOU so much for your repsonse to shari and my project! we are thrilled that you are so on board with us. it feels amazing. [no pressure, right? no pressure]

second miss gracia wins the prize for correctly guessing what i was recording.... i was counting the emails that i got [in different accounts] every day. gracia... email me to claim your prize [and this isn't a nigerian wire money to an offshore account scam].

so... i know many of you already know this, but i thought i should talk about it here too - incase. [and this is where i start to blush]. jan the brilliance behind poppytalk - one of my alltime favorite design blogs asked if i'd do an interview with her. she published it yesterday on design sponge's guest blog . thank you jan for asking whip smart questions and for being a big cheerleader of my work. it really means a lot to me.


on that post jan also revealed my latest web-endeavor when it comes to my work. i now have some work on the beholder . i'm really excited about this - i see so much work i just love on that site. i also love the idea of making art available and affordable. suzanne [the owner] tells me that she's been making sales to nice folks all over the country and even in far away places - so cool! i hope my work finds happy homes.

also yesterday i was blown away by jenny's drawing of me. she asked if she could draw my portrait and well.... jenny i love what you did. you are a huge talent, a kind soul, and a wonderful artist!

i think, friends that this may be it for this week. i am feeling the crunch of deadlines and the like. i will try to poke around internet land, but if you notice i'm absent - you know why! happy wednesday! [thanks for sticking thru all the me me me]


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one :: record :: 1

update... i just got to see shari's take on record and she's done an amazing job verbalizing the process. puts me to shame... if you haven't already you should definitely check out her take!!

so.... today shari and i reveal our project together. perhaps you'd like to know a bit of history? basically when i finished the drawing a day series i knew that i wanted to do something else on a weekly basis and i thought it would be more fun to do it with a friend. through that project i discovered that the guideline and discipline of doing something regularly is really rewarding [oh look! i alliterated!]. i kept returning to the idea of what's around me and how i choose to really "see" it or not. then i started thinking about how language can really influence what you pay attention to - or how you interpret [or re-interpret] something. thinking that i wanted to "document" who better to start a project with than someone in documentary studies? so i approached shari.

the premise of the project is this. each week one of us picks a word. and then we both interpret that word in any visual means we want. drawings, photos, mind maps, etc. perhaps shari will even bust out with some sound [hope so!]. we reveal the fruits of our labor on mondays. it may be a single image - it may be multiple.... there are no limits or guidelines on that end.

this week's word was :: record. a great word since it can be interpreted more that one way... dictionary definition here . immediately i thought of my husband's record collection... and then the red "record" button on stereo equipment... and then i thought to do this:

one :: record :: 2

making a record... [on my favorite type of graph paper]. anyone want to venture a guess as to what i was counting??

what i love about this project is how open the interpretation is.... you can go anywhere. it's funny what words pop into my head as possibilities. the word for this week is mine - but you'll have to wait until next monday to learn what it is.... thank you shari - for doing this with me... i can't wait to see how this unfolds and develops week by week. [it's sort of like the compound word project but longer.... :)]

it has been so so cold here [for us calif wimps it's cold]. here's proof. all the pets huddled together:
matilda sandwich

and i leave you with a poloaroid - which could relate to record.... recording the light thru my studio windows in the way only expired poloaroid film can:

blue light

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tea party

i wish i had more time to have an elaborate tea party - or could bring something really great like fancy chairs [such a good idea gracia ] or create something really special like louise's drawings, but alas, i am short for time.... so you are invited to have king yunnan [smokey and yummy] tea with me....

i did get flowers


{this polaorid kind of reminds me of anne's . mine is a tad darker, but...}

so want to join in? the lovely risa is organzier extraoridinarre of this tea party..... there's more info there as well as links to everyone who is participating.

i can't wait to check it all out - but it will have to be later as i am off to a small small wedding.... romantic huh? this is the little present i made them....

small gift.... connecting gloves

be well.... have a good weekend... and don't forget shari is posting on ship of fools today too! [busy busy!]

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i woke up to the most amazing fog.... but by the time i had my coffee and grabbed the camera it had alreday disappated a bit.... fog makes me think of hitchcock.... instantly makes me want to put on a hood and wander around.

the first day of class seemed to go well. i have about 13 students thus far - which for me is a perfect number. i hate having really big classes. smaller is more intimate and opens up possibilities. i feel like i can cater the class to the individuals instead of just trying to maintain some semblance of order. the first day is always short for me though. just going over the syllabus and supplies for the first project. i'm excited because i have 3 students from my drawing class in this class. it's much nicer to already know a few people instead of starting out fresh. i really wonder sometimes what my first impression to the students is.... to me its incredibly important that the class seems serious, but also not too heavy handed. we are here to work - and art is no joke - but life is not fun without humor. i always struggle on how to get that across.

shadow anenomies

don't step on the daisies

more polaroids from this fall. black and white registers so differently doesn't it?? why does this still surprise me??

i'm excited because my sheets arrived yesterday in a beautiful green box.... know who else has these sheets??? and who also has some work of mine? renee . she posted the other day about putting my drawings up on fresh paint. something about seeing where my work lands makes me very happy.

so this post was totally random, but.... this is how my head is working these days. must run. grocery store... studio.... have to finish work. must arrive by Feb 12th [gulp - learned that today]. i have a lot to do.... bye!!!

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everything but the

EDIT :: i've had a couple of people email and say they are having trouble commenting. one person said they commented but the comments never showed up. grrrrr.... i've also noticed i've had some trouble commenting with other blogger blogs the last few days.... wonder what is up?? so if you had a specific question please try again... or if you want to email me : info {at} lisasolomon {dot} com should work. thanks guys!

hi friends! i'm a bit rushed as tomorrow class starts.... [oh please let me not suffer when getting up that early tomorrow.... please]. AND i'm going to mac world [yes i'm a geek]. but i'm feeling good because i got my hair cut today. why is it that haircuts always make you feel so much better?

i'm posting the above image in the hopes that a few of you might like to help out. speaking of helping out - i can not get over how the kim family auction did. wow. it sort of restores your faith in humanity. there's no way that money can replace what was lost, but it's so nice to feel that outpouring of love.... wow wow wow.

but i digress....

kitchen sink is a GREAT magazine [art, life, music, culture] and they desperately need help.... it's run by local folk here in oakland CA and they don't pay themselves [none of the contributors get paid either]..... they have two issues left in them and need some help procuring the funds to do it....

read more and donate if you can. even $5 ! there's a donate button on their homepage. i'm going to take out a 1/8 page ad in support!

i DO also have ulteriour motives here since i had a lovely conversation with lacey j roberts that's supposed to be published by them.... we talked about art and craft and what they mean to us. but i'd put the call to donate out besides that fact. i really would!

i would love to do a mini-round up of some of the mail goodies of late... and i'm sure there's something i'm forgetting to say, but.... all for now.... i'll leave you with an old b/w polaroid [finally caught up on the scanning] it's my film noir take on my vacuum mount boston pencil sharpener....


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sketchbook :: shoes

reading mav's post today really struck a chord with me. i commented to her that i felt as though i was precariously perched. as i typed it, i knew the phrase was going to lodge itself in my brain.... and demand attention.

besides illustrating my love for alliteration [part of why i am loving a taxonomy of barnacles so much] the phrase just fits in my vernacular. i am notoriously drawn to things that hover between good and bad, easy and hard, dangerous and lovely or enticing - the purgaorty - the hybrid - the double entendre.

so i sit and think about how the new year sort of presents all these possibilities. and i am so grateful for how full my plate is. but i'm also very scared. i just said yes to a 2 person show that opens at the end of February {more on this as it approaches}. this is a fantastic opportunity, but immediately i worry about if i will blow it. i have a few pieces that i can "re-use", but i want it to be a cohesive show and so i need to make new work. on top of the work for the cupcake show. on top of teaching a new class. on top of LIFE. i want to show a small version of the RAC doily installation, but i can't possibly go to install it - so i'm frantically trying to figure out how i can make an installtion that can be put up by another's hands [hands i trust completely, but nonetheless they aren't mine - and i couldn't possibly ask someone else to paint on the wall for me.... it not only wouldn't be fair, it would ruin the integrity of the piece]

and so i feel like i am perched - almost like on a tight rope wire. balanced. excited. heart beating. there could be a pile of down pillows for me to land on if i fall. there could be a pile of treats if i balance and make it across. or there could be broken limbs and the rope could go on forever and ever.... precariously perched

above is a sketch from my sketchbook. since i don't have the drawing a day anymore i treated myself to a new moleskin..... and have been having fun doing quick, simple studies of things that surround me.... here's another sketch:

sketchbook :: wreath_tonka_chini
our holiday wreath and tonka and chini sleeping together [not so secret anymore they are!]

but i do have a new project about documentation with my favorite documenter that starts next week. you didn't think i could live w/out a project did you?

i am actually sitting in the studio waiting for paint to dry. i am cleaning up - new white walls are needed if i am going to be frantically working in here. bye-bye wall work 1 mock up.... hello ????

i also want to share what the hubby found for me on ebay for christmas. it makes me SO happy!!

scotch tailoring

and inside:
scotch tailoring contents


and oh! in case you haven't already heard... the kim family auction hit a few bumps in the road and had to be removed from ebay. but it will be back... and soon.... so continue to check that site for updates.... and by golly did people bid. i was outpriced out of everything with-in 3 hours. i really hope people bid like that again. it was nothing short of amazing! i can't wait to send the little rhino off to a new home.....

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kim family auction

EDIT :: OK folks - it's live again here's a link to the list of all the items. here's the rhino.... thanks everyone!

it starts tomorrow. have you gone to look at what will be up for bidding? i almost don't want to tell you because i want to bid on some of the stuff.... on the plus side - any bidding war will only go towards a good cause. a huge heartfelt thank you should be given to lisa, stephanie, and gerrie, for all the work and love that went into preparing this. i am grateful that this community strives to take care of it's own..... to do what we can when we can....

this is what i am auctioning, but there is SO MUCH good stuff.... so if you don't like my contribution you are bound to like something. get ready to sign into your ebay account.... ready :: set :: go :: bid!

mini target :: rhino

mini target :: rhino_detail

this little mini hunted rhino target is about 5.5" x 5.5" it's watercolor and pinholes on a vintage target.

this whole series was based on the idea that i wanted the hunted animals to "re-claim" what could potentially be detrimental to them. i wanted them to be in bright colors to counter our typical association of silhouettes [esp. ones that are in remembrance]. to me the pin holes also signify mending with out the mending capabilities [no thread]... so there's a balance between defiance and sadness.

all for now.... back soon !


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