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polaroid holiday recap

how was yours? i hope full of everything you hoped for [and maybe a little extra of something you didn't know was coming!] above is my spectra re-cap of the holidays at my house.

i have been very very in my head this week - which has been actually a real treat. i am listening to ticks and tocks that i shoved aside weeks ago in an end of semester/ holiday daze/craze. i have been ruminating on where i am - from big to small - in my life, in the studio, in my house, in my relationships, on the street [looking lost]. it may be because it's the end of the year and there's this tug to wrap things up [literally ~ with big shiney bows - and figuratively ~ the new year brings new styles, new hopes, new dreams - and financially ~ the big tax envelopes begin to arrive]

i have been putting off the responsibilites of my syllabus [which is starting to switch gears from a gentle coo to an off-pitch whine. attend to me.... school starts on the 9th... you have only an outline for me..... hey hEy hEY HEY!!!] and instead am dilligently working in the studio. and thinking about the studio. and art. and as i do this i REALLY wish that my studio {besides my family} could be the number 1 focus in my life. i could paint something, tack it up, take it down, change a color, stare at something, turn it upsidedown and stare some more, cut something out, try a new paper, research wallpaper patterns and pictures of cupcakes.... for longer than i care to admit. [although here i am admitting it]

i am also on MY schedule... staying up late.... waking up 8:30-9am.... feels luxurious and wonderful. ENJOYING my coffee in the morning.... enjoying catching part of charlie rose..... speaking of which.... cate blanchet was on the other night.... and she's whip smart - uses the word astonishing as an adjective with flair - and totally captivated me. she spoke about film and stage with that twinkle in her eye.... and i love when someone is passionate and SERIOUS about their endeavors. at one point mr. rose said to her - something along the lines of - and how do you manage it all - you do so much. and i perked up - lifting my head from garbo's back and staring intently when she answered "i don'k know anyone who has managed it all.... something always atrophies".

atrophy :: a wasting away, a diminution in the size of a cell, tissue, organ or part. that word, that thought, has been the thing rolling around in my brain the last few days.... i feel many parts of my brain have atrophied.... but then again can that process also strengthen the opposite or other? meaning as i cease to care about what 8 times 6 equals does the part of my brain that jitters over color gain strength? sort of like the idea that there is only so much matter in the world and we just keep repositioning it.... and doesn't atrophy just sound smarter and more interesting than "dropping the ball", "being forgetful" - plus i like the idea that it's not atually totally lost.... just dimished in size....

so there you have it.... this is what i do when left to my own devices.... i think it's time to eat one more ginger cookie... the one sweet thing i made for the season... and there are a few left.... crunchy - until you dunk them in milk.... and then... they smush ever so gently..... and if i don't make it back before then.... HAPPY NEW YEAR! 07? 07? 07?? wow.

ginger cookies + donkey :)

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holiday march
getting your lambs, reindeer, camels and deer in a row [sorry ducks]? i hope so.

the other day i was fortunate enough to have a leisurely breakfast {what a luxury that is!} with the fantastic brianna . she is simply stunning in person - tall, beautiful.... wicked coversationalist.... funny.... charming.... but you can tell of that from the way she writes. i can't help but wish for a bloggy convention - every time i have met someone face to face i am simply charmed..... i suppose the next best thing is risa's virtual tea party on the 12th of jan..... come play along....

so in the next few days i plan on:
kitty pals

hugging those i love

holiday wrap

giving a bit of cheer


reflecting and searching for quiet moments

and EATING!! [thank goodness for appetites!]

be sure and check out THE KIM FAMILY AUCTION site..... i'm already drooling over everything..... bidding starts jan 3rd... get ready to spend that holiday cash

be well. enjoy celebrating in whatever way, shape, form that you do!! see you soon!


zzzzzz, originally uploaded by dressform.

I've been out walking :: I don't do too much talking :: These days, these days. :: These days I seem to think a lot :: About the things that I forgot to do :: And all the times I had the chance to.

hello? anyone out there? the above song seems to epitomize my mood lately [name that tune?].... my break got a bit longer than i had hoped because i got sick. really sick. sicker than i've been in years sick. on the sofa unable to even read.... occasionally sleeping and waking to 2 kitties and 2 doggies piled on top of me.... tonka above pretty much says it all in terms of my energy level. do you see his tongue peeking out??

i watched a lot of movies.... harry potter and the goblet of fire, the matador, the chronicles of narnia [book is better except tilda as the ice queen rocks], pride and predjudice [i wrote a paper on how jane austin was actually a feminist in junior high.... and grandma i don't see my resemblance to keira knightly], the royal tennenbaums [again], brokeback mountain [again], three burials....

i still tire easily. so i guess i must just listen to my body which is seriously telling me to s. l. o. w d. o. w. n - OK OK - uncle.

i just wanted to pop in and say hello. that i'm still here [even though i contemplated what life might be like w/out the blog]....

here's a bit more holiday decoration ::

a bit of holiday cheer

i have been managing to get cards out, but shopping? ha ha ha [or should i say ho ho ho]. oh well. it will happen when it happens.

what i really want to do though? work in the studio. but grading and tidying must come first.

inedible cupcake

a former student and i are working on a cupcake show that will go up in Feb. at mama buzz . we are going to sort of re-create the cupcake cafe in NY.... cupcakes seem to be all the rage these days. did you see the cupcake soaps that gwen bug found? or if you are in a cupcake kind of mood you can go here or here . for the show i'm also going to make a series of drawings like the above.... cupcakes decorated w/ poisonous/inedible flowers.... temptation can be deadly.

ok... time for a nap. be back soon.... thank you all for popping by and saying hello... and for all the well wishes!!! xo

wishing, originally uploaded by dressform.

hi friends.... things are just a bit too hectic in my world at the moment and so i must take a bit of a pause here. hopefully it will be short and hopefully i will still have time to catch up with all of you....

i know we've all been affected by what happened to the kims . there are a few folks who are organizing ways to help.

one thought :: i was trying to move around in the dark in part of my house the other night [so i wouldn't wake my sleeping husband] . my hands were in front of me to prevent me from hitting anything... my eyes couldn't adjust to the darkness and were straining... swirling.... my heart beat quickened since i simply couldn't "see". i then closed my eyes and lo and behold i could navigate because i DID know where things were. it was easier trusting what i knew and using my other senses. for some reason this metaphor seems incredibly important at this moment.

be well. talk soon. the above photo is my small attempt at matilda proof holiday cheer

underdog table, originally uploaded by dressform.

before i give a little update.... i know this has been all over blogland - but the story of the missing Kim family has been on my mind the last few days.... and if you didn't believe in the power of good thoughts then you might want to reconsider... they just found Kati, Penelope and Sabine Kim.... and are on the look-out for James. let's hope they find him safe and sound as well.

so... sat. was a blast. being around creative women is always a treat. it took all of my willpower not to spend all my earnings on the other goodies offered. big huge thanks to shash and erica for hosting us in their fabulous apartment.

also thanks to lisa who brought me my pillow [which is SO perfect for me and even more GORGEOUS in person], and to mati for coming by and shopping!! i also got to meet the amazingly talented and warm diana as well as the super cool [she has great cat eye glasses!] jess . i really am hoping to spending more time with them. [jess, don't forget our pact!] thank you once again blog for being the perfect filter to find like-minded folks!

winter cards - ice skating boy and girl

so... underdog ink has been updated with all the leftover cards and candy jewels [stocking stuffers???] from the sale. i have 2 more sales - but me being me i made plenty of stuff to go around!

candy jewels

i am so very very behind on flickr .... but i have a giant stack of grading to attend to.... thus i'm looking forward to a barrage of amazing images....

and in case you didn't catch it shari was a super busy bee last week.... finishing up the compound word project , finalizing her handmade for the holidays AND writing the most lovely post for ship of fools . if you want to weigh in on the next book we read, be sure and head over there....

hopefully i'll be able to get back into the swing of things round here shortly! happy first week of december!

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