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there's little i control

was the word of the day nov. 18, 2003 and i think is the perfect embodiment for my state of mind at the moment.


i can not properly express my sincerest thanks for the incredible outpouring of love and concern for moe {and me}. i am overwhelmed by those of you that took the time to say something, to comment, to email me, to check in. i am so touched. thank you.

i feel as though i owe you all an update... moe is home now after spending a night in the hospital. she has lymphoma. as the cancer has metastasized all over her internal organs the prognosis is not too good. we have decided to give her one round of chemo which supposedly works wonders with this type of cancer. it's a gamble, but i'm glad we took it. i am extremely happy to have her home. she is weak... but she is eating. and she still wants to sit with me... and is purring and rubbing into the dogs as she always has. i feel lucky to have whatever remaining time that i have with her. our biggest goal is to not let her suffer.... i am hoping that we will be wise enough to notice when it is time. it is so hard with pets since they can't talk and you are ultimately responsible for their quality of life. in the end i would never give up having pets even though losing them is so heartbreaking.

i am so grateful for the understanding and for the shared stories... as i wander around cyberland it's so easy to see how many of us love and treasure our pets.

and so my dear friends... i am going to stay away from the computer for a few more days. between getting ready for my next installtion [starts on wed - i have many things to frame... AND i have to check on the lighting of the doily install on tues] and there is of course the moe factor... time time time is neither friend nor foe... i do know that i am hyper aware of her in the here and now.

on another note :: i am going to send an email out announcing my shows... if i have your email you should be getting it [or you already got it if you signed up for my mailing list via my website]. if you'd like me to send it to you - please email me ....

be well... i'll be back soon!

drawing a day ~ week 46

this week really reflects the installtion to me... each one is related to it. it's also a quiet week b/c i was so exhausted at the end of each day that i didn't have much space in my head to draw. thank god for music - it was what kept me going for 4 days. i was waiting for abigail to come back to mention this... and now that she has.... if you haven't heard the neko case live concert from all songs considered... check it out.


i'm sorry to say that i'm rather distracted at the moment. please please think good thoughts for my little moe {pictured above}. she is very very very sick [some kind of cancer. we'll know more tomorrow]. i can't really think or say more because i'll just end up crying. and i've done enough of that all morning. i'm just trying to focus on what a love she is and how much joy she's brought to me through the years.

goodness... what a way to end a post. i'm sorry. i also apologize if i'm a bit absent/flakey out there in cyberland -[especially flickr... so behind] - i will catch up shortly. and i'll be back with more things of an art/craft nature.... be well....

i am almost there.... almost.... tomorrow.... and maybe one more day.... i'm trying to figure out how they are going to live on this floor platform. do i need the floor platform?? i'm sure i will dream about pushing a push pin into the wall to make pilot holes... no more typing... just blue photos... because this installation is all different blues.... have a fabulous weekend everyone.... i have a wedding on saturday, but sunday. sunday i am sleeping.....

the blue sofa

crochet a blue chini

studio pile Originally uploaded by dressform.

ok yes - i just made the dumbest pun on the planet. forgive me... i've been 2 inches from a wall in various positions on a ladder for 8 hours today.... i became one w/ the multitude of bumps and spackle fills on my wall [yes - i now think of it as MY WALL. yes.... you may refer to me as ms. happy. ... ms. slap happy to you!]

i'm posting my piles tonight because i'm up again early to repeat the above experiece. although tomorrow i also get to lie down on the floor.

pictured up top is a MESSY pile in my studio [since many of you commented how nice my piles were - i thought i'd share some clutter]

other piles spotted in my neck of the woods ::

pile of film
the leaning tower of film

pile of more felt
the counterparts to the guns... they now just need to meet up !!

and i even have a polaroid pile:
piles of old lockers

old lockers in the basement of the art building at UC... i have always loved these.

other piles spotted on the www ::
hello charles x2

if you post piles... do leave a comment and let me know because i have a feeling i'll be even more delirious tomorrow and i won't have computer access until the evening. i'll update the pile list as needed late tomorrow or early thurs....

have a good week!

drawing a day ~ week45 Originally uploaded by dressform.

it's monday already? wow. my favorite thing thus far today.... running into the yard to get fresh basil and cherry tomatoes for a fresh mozerella panini for lunch. our basil is going bannanas. need to make pesto [add that to the list]

i think i explored all possilbe quadrants of the paper this week. top, bottom, right, left, middle....

time to say THANK YOU! to ky.... . we did a little music + extras swap....

such goodness {fromgoodness}
i loved the colors the second i got it [orange envelope!!] plus i love that ky explained her choices on the CD - what a great thing to do!

what a beautiful doily. i want to frame it

western birds cover
what an amazing book.... i feel so so lucky. every page is so inspiring. it makes me want to make more t-shirts... more stationary... more things w/ birds! see pages here and here

mantra for the week :: ebb and flow. control what you can.... let go of what you can't.... tackle that list. i can't believe i start installing tomorrow at 10am. i'm nervous.... excited.... i will try to document....

speaking of documenting.... if you want to see what the show at ego park looks like... go here. i'm thinking i might put some of that work up for sale on my website when the show comes down.... we'll see.....

have a good monday! see you wed. with piles again....

photobooth friday :: i want to be like lou reed Originally uploaded by dressform.

i say i want to be a singer like lou reed...i like lou reed she said... sticking her tongue in my ear....

name that tune???

that's all i can think of when i look at this picture. i look way to serious for my own good - like i could kick some a**.... heh heh. get your photobooth friday fill at hula seventy

you know it's a long day when you don't eat lunch until 3pm [i did have a banana and an apple] but not a real lunch until 3 [no lectures from the peanut gallery, k?]. i did, though, go to the richmond art center to scope out my wall for my installation. all next week i'll be there trying to figure this sucker out.

here we go!
i'm excited... this wall will be in the center of the room - so that when you walk in you'll actually see just a skinny side of it first.... and i'll have the installation wrap around both sides of the wall... and maybe on the floor??? here we go!

and now i must spend some time saying a hearty heartfelt thanks to gwen [who by the way got the last song quiz right]. i love her sensibility, i love her collections , i love that she's a scientist AND artist, i love that she has monday give-a-ways, i love that she loves piles [and writes in them]. i'm excited because she will be in the bay area this fall and i will get to meet her in person!

anyway - she sent me the most amazing box full of prizes, just because::

cram cream cuteness galore

such details
all these incredible details.... collage note.... tags..... even the fragile sign on the outside of the box.... wow. sigh.

kitchen goodies
like candy.

and because we have been talking piles :: [which by the way feel free to post next Wed... i'll do another round too!]
pile o' cups
i think they will live like this in my dining room... only to be used by very special folks that come for tea of coffee *smile*

and i leave you with a polaroid....
old and new

near UC Berkeley. these two were pretty much right across the street form each other - i found that fitting.....

happy weekend friends - see you monday w/ drawings!

good together Originally uploaded by dressform.

i believe a new tradition has been born. believe the sign - we are so good together [heh heh]. lisa c's house is even better in person than it is in pics. she has so much cool stuff organzied in the most interesting way [and with fab colors !!]. my favorite quote from her last night: "trees are very HARD to draw - that's why i only draw the trunks!".... mati was as cute and charming as ever. last night i really noticed the adorable cadence in her speech. certain words get drawn out and there are emphatic pauses that i love.... and meeting shash for the first time was great. mati took this adorable polaroid of her where she was sitting like a sweet grandma - but she doesn't look or talk like a grandma! and she has a fantastic laugh! how lucky i feel to have the opportunity to eat and chat with such creative, smart, dedicated women! see a few photos from the night here . mati - your turn next right??

also good together are my piles [in my dreams, but i'm trying to segue here]

piles and piles and piles

piles of art to be boxed - going to a show that opens Aug. 26th at LIMN gallery :: pile of source material :: pile of doilies for my upcoming installtion :: pile of felt guns for a checkbook cozy order

piles and piles and piles - part deux

the crazy mess of stuff that needs to be put away by my desk :: pile of paint in the studio :: piles of source books :: piles of heavy books flattening targets from wendy :: piles of polaroids to be scanned

you can check out both larger on flickr [click on the photo]

so what it is about piles? i kind of see them as organization - light. things look better in piles and strewn all over the place - and they definitely look better photo'd than in real life :) plus it's easier to move a pile. when taking these photos i realized how many more piles i do have around. sigh.... this could become a tradation....

come on - go ahead - show your piles! shari has! any other takers?? and don't let being in a different hemisphere stop you.... it doesn't have to be pile wednesday - pile thursday works too!

more piles found around [yes, that rhymes]::
bugheart [thanks for indulging me again ]
posy press

drawing a day ~ week 44 Originally uploaded by dressform.

so... back to regular programming.... heh heh. so i guess there's a big nature theme to the above. nothing new... but i don't usually do 3 in a week. maybe it's the pink... maybe it's the weather....

been noticing lately all the purging and organizing going on out there... blair and abby immediately come to mind. i'm super jealous of their clean-up b/c honestly i can't even fathom trying to take on that task until i have the next 2 shows installed. but i've been noticing how things pile up - and i mentioned that i wanted to photo the piles to try and re-frame them - hopefully make them prettier.... shari said she'd been doing the same thing.... and then gwen posted about her piles yesterday....

not that we need another blog-a-long project, but... if you are game... shari and i are going to post piles on wednesday. join us... i'd love to see your piles... in all their messy, beautiful, working ways !!

jenn garrido

design sponge reminded me of jenn garrido's work. she actually went to the same grad school as me - a couple years before me.... i really love her new work... it's delicate and colorful, but also minimal in a way that hits me just right. plus i love the idea of editing with paint. what do you choose to paint out and why. editing - i think self-editing is always a challenge and i'm always moved when artists do it well.

tonka and his shadow

polaroid for today. what is it about shawdows and grass that is just so
compelling?? that is my big question for today. [ wenders you like a good question... any thoughts?]

and oh! if you are in the bay area i've got some of my work in a show at ego park gallery for the next few weeks.... and tomorrow i get to have dinner with 3 :: amazing :: blogladies . see you wed! with piles of piles!

the newest member Originally uploaded by dressform.

my latest polaroid aquisition. i finally won one on ebay. i was outbid at the last second several times... and i didn't want to spend a whole arm and leg. just part of one. but now i have my very own 680. shoots like a land camera but built to take 600 film. auto and manual focus, light and dark capabilities, AND it has a flash. yeah - pretty excited. it's really amazing how clear this one can shoot.

i've been thinking a lot lately about how to deal with the state of the world and the blogsphere. i mean at times it seems like making art and being creative is so trivial and non-essential. bara summed it up pretty nicely today.... and i just want to acknowedge that. [and say ditto]. today i feel like it is OK to keep this space about inspiration, and beauty, and creativity.... an outlet of sorts.

and so on that note:
loop bag
i had to get this... it's a perfect size.... my new favorite everyday bag
more on it here

knit in the dark
hey knitters have you heard about these? you can knit in the dark... they have little LED's on their tips new york times article
and more on them here

polaroid for today - i think it pretty much sums up my state of mind:
in the yard

have a great weekend friends. drawings on monday!

kitchen :: east wall Originally uploaded by dressform.

a corner ! started by the amazing soulemama and now boasting over 1000 members. geez.

so we got a new fridge. yup that one pictured there. it wasn't really because we wanted to spend loads more money than we should but because the old one started clunking and thudding... and not freezing ice... and allowing our milk to get clumpy [try pouring THAT into your coffe. EEEWWW]. so instead of paying $200 to have the maytag repair man come out to fix our fridge that we had basically outgrown we went for the new one. gosh this fridge is dreamy... and since i am one of the luckiest girls on the planet and hubby loves to cook - it's all worth it. i think we've both been caught opening the double doors and oohing and ahhing at all the space.... heh heh. next to the fridge there is our vintage stove which i LOVE and hope to never replace. i can't help but say : they sure don't make 'em like they used to.

i promised a more cohesive post this time, but i lied. sorry.... so get ready for some random info.... and i have to say - i'm kind of relieved that many of you are feeling as scattered as me. i'm not happy about it because really we all shouldn't be this insanely busy, but it does provide a comfort in #'s effect.... so thanks for all your me too chimes!

help dogs -- get cool buttons
these are the cool buttons i just got in the mail from needed some funds for a couple of cute stray dogs.... in return for a bit o' cash i got the nifty items pictured above. wanna help too?

amarylis at night

the polaroid for today - it's an oldie that i somehow forgot to upload. it's actually one of my all time favs.... kind of goes w/ the roses from the last post, huh?

abee's got my number

abbee sent me this package of goodies for sending her a CD. i don't see how exactly that is fair seeing that she also sent me a stunningly cool CD... but you don't have to twist my arm to accept such glorious goodies.... thanks annie

underdog ink was mentioned in a new to me blog the other day indie obsession . thanks brandy!

my life right now seems to be a series of piles.... i was actually thinking of photographing all of them in the hopes that they might look more inviting in pictures. i so so so want to clean and purge and organize... but just can't. not yet.... in the spirit of the want to de-accession, though, and in the spirit of bugheart's monday give-a-way.... i offer you this:

rabbit_rabbit coin purse

i don't want anything in return. first person to email me or comment and request it - it's yours. EDIT: OK alyssa it's yours... i just need your address email me: lisasolomondotcom {at} please note it's NOT perfect... i wasn't super neat on the hand sewing and i still haven't nailed the pinching of the closure clip onto the fabric [it's much harder than it looks]

happy thurs ! it's my last day of class... bittersweet

drawing a day ~ week 43 Originally uploaded by dressform.

i'm in another state - another state of mind... i wish that i could be there right next to her.... name that tune - anyone??

for me maybe the her is time. can i sidle up to her and seduce her? can i make her perform a trick or two [perhaps slowing down or extending]?? no such luck i'm afraid, but....

say goodbye to purples in the drawings - pink is on the way. my favorite this week is the bird-cagey one - although they aren't really bird cages or anything - i just like the spacing in that one. and the colors. like candy. speaking of which i had a cinnamon fire-ball today and remembered how much i LOVE that candy.

my brain is a scattered mess... so polaroids....
3 watering cans

roses in the dark

and a link to amy's quilt monday which just knocked me over. it's AMAZING. and which also reminds me that i need to carve out a day to see the gee's bend quilts at the de young . thank god that show is up until the end of december!

i will try to be more cohesive next time... promise!


aka ::
advance, advancement, aggrandizement, augmentation, beefing up, boost, buildup, crop, cultivation, enlargement, evolution, evolvement, expansion, extension, fleshing out, flowering, gain, germination, growing, heightening, hike, improvement, increase, maturation, maturing, multiplication, produce, production, progress, proliferation, prosperity, rise, sprouting, stretching, success, surge, swell, thickening, unfolding, up, upping, vegetation, widening

if they had an IV drip of caffine available i might just sign up. my brain is on overdrive.... wall works.... teaching [we had our 2nd critique yesterday. gosh i love these students. talk about putting yourself out there].... mending targets.... all morning i thought of coincidence and collision... all bus ride i kept thinking that the next music swap should involve one song. pass on the one song and then make something from it - i hear lines of lyrics and swells of notes and i want to draw... what would you do?? but no time for that... i can see change and growth in my students and then revisit it in myself... this is teaching at it's best... a symbiotic relationship.... ebb and flow.

there is so much to do that i want to do nothing. i want to have a spa day... a pedicure day... a lunch date day... a milkshake... a lavish sushi feast.... oh yes these will be my rewards when shows are installed [and de-installed the wall work at traywick has to come down in the next few] and grades are turned in and studio visits and madness and t-shirt organizing is over....

have you visited what you make it? [thanks modish for the heads up....] it's a great zine... i love how you flip thru the pages like a real book

want to see what i do as a "graphic designer"? my banner for the UC philosophy departement [my photo too!]

say it with me :: growth [sesame street knew that repitition was the key to success]

trumpet vine

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