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drawing a day ~ week 36 Originally uploaded by dressform.

this week that one drawing with really intense color cracks me up. it's such a DUMB drawing.... the third drawing [sorry it's faint - you can see it a bit better on flickr] is of columbines . have you ever really looked at that flower? it's amazing. the way the petals are arranged just knocks me out.... so fun to draw..... the second drawing depicts the brain tethered to the heart as some kind of balloon like thing. i kept thinking about my heart and mind and how they were connected [or not] this week. it's kind of odd to think about how the heart supposedly rules emotions and the brain rules cognition. this week i kept wondering :: who is driving this ship??? [if i was a boat i imagine the giant steering wheel just spinning randomly while the captain gets drunk on scurvy preventing IPA below deck]

3 more days of classes. i can't believe it. my folks come this weekend for a visit {yay} and then we are off running around for a week. summer is ALMOST here.... [although i am teaching summer school so i won't get a real break until the end of summer...]. but you know what really felt good this weekend? i dyed my hair. i think my hair might have been the closest to my natural color it's been in a long long white. now it's black... with magenta underneath as a little peek a boo. hee hee

perhaps i'll have to post some more unbearably cute pet photos soon...those seemed to be a hit! :) or maybe i can be like camilla and post a short video clip! i also really really plan on sending out my music swap CD this week - i figured out the songs, the package.... now to make them!

the reddest rose Originally uploaded by dressform.

spent all day yesterday in the garden... see....
mini plants

this is the latest i think we've ever planted our veggies. i love how dorky the plants look when they are small. hubby also won a gift certificate to target at work and so we spent some of it in the garden section. the rose above came from there... it is the reddest of reds. i'm so excited [not many roses in our yard thus far]. speaking of target - have you seen the new tara store? i love the striped bag . i'm so predictable.

hubby's brother is in town - so time to gear up for a BBQ - plus get everything else done [grading? still there! drawings? must photo]. but before i go


a hint of what i'm sending for bara's trim swap. which certainly makes me go woo hoo.... i really wanted to make my partner something personal, but am afraid that i'll have to ask her if she's up for a zaaka swap another time. i had grand ideas. i have let them go. i am sending her some of my favorite vintage embroidery hoops in yellow, though - because i think she's currently into that color.... hmmmm....

who says dogs and cats don't get along?

i woke up to this the other morning.... i can't believe they didn't move before i got the camera, but.... proof that doggies and kitties can snuggle!

chini you make a good pillow

and i how could i forget....
more mail

mail! from annie {her CD is ALL covers... clever girl.... and that card has a tonka on it!!}, a CD from kathy {have a good trip!}, my lucky dip art swap piece... [how funny that i used wood too?], and adorable cards and the like + music from tammy . yeah. mail rulz! happy memorial day!

make wishes Originally uploaded by dressform.

less talk more pictures..... {in theory}

here are the pics from our jaunt to chumayo, outside of santa fe. it's a santuario where people come to collect holy dirt, make offerings, make wishes. it was an aesthetic jumble and overload for the senses. i couldn't help but be moved by the sheer volume of things that were there representing hope, a communion with god, desire....

my personal "religion" is deeply rooted in aesthetics and how what you see makes you feel or think. so on that note... less talk.....


new mexico sky

i am trying to catch up.... it's that time of the quarter when grading starts to stack and my brain races with numbers and lists and hopes for just one extra hour in the day..... i have mail to report, and more polaroids to share and and and....

drawing a day ~ week 35 Originally uploaded by dressform.

it is always hard to go back to the drawings after being away. it's definitely less of a struggle when i have a groove going.... of note this week.... the first drawing is to celebrate the state in which my grandmother grew up - it was her birthday on the 15th - so minnesota it was! the 3rd drawing is a complete knock off of natalie [if you hadn't guessed already]. i just was so inpired to draw the bearded iris in my yard and use a nib... of course her floral drawings are a million times better.... and she just came out w/ a gorgeous new print.

the 4th is my second attempt at a floor plan drawing. it's the apartment, as i remember it, of my grandma kaiser. she was my babysitter when i was a wee one... in downtown LA. and she was really like a second grandma. we made apple pies in her kitchen, and went to sambos [does anyone else remember that restaurant?]. we rode the bus alot. and painted our fingernails... and she had THE BEST costume jewelry ever. she was a tough lady - even in not so great neighborhoods no one was going to mess with her - but she was also incredibly kind. and generous to me...

so.... my goodness i am so overwhelmed by the response to underdog ! . you guys are really amazingly supportive and kind and down right wonderful. thank you! i respect all of you so much and to have you all say such things really really touches me!

i should really be grading so i leave you with a few things....

hoping for happy accidents blogs about amazing things. i have to save her posts for when i can actually go to each place. she mentioned busy being and abee this deer for you? [too expensive but terribly cute].

and wenders i'm so glad punk is not dead ! Originally uploaded by dressform.

OK... so here's the news.....

after a long struggle i have re-launched my t-shirt/crafty business. this has been a long time a commin' as my former partner quit a while ago. i felt like it was very important for me to really re-claim the business and so i had to re-name it and give it a whole new look. i have really learned a lot about myself and what is important to me in my working/making habits through this project. i don't think i will EVER rush into a partnership with someone again.... but that is a whole nother story for perhaps another time.....

if you have a minute - please visit my new shop:

i'd love any feedback!! and if anyone is interested in a link exchange - let me know!

for a limited time i'm offering free shipping on orders over $50 and a free gift for orders $125 or more.... but for bloggy friends i'd love to also offer a special 10% off.... if you email me from the site i'd be happy to send you a separate paypal invoice that will reflect your discount!

also a big big thanks to blog buttons run by the spectacular jan for the cutest darn blog button ever!! {there are more versions on the links page of my site}.

happy weekend everyone!

cross mary mary Originally uploaded by dressform.

good thing i don't melt or get the heebie jeebies when i see icons or crosses or anything religious for that matter... the land of enchantment was FULL of such imagery. what's funny is i don't see or feel the religiosity of the stuff, but i totally fall for it aesthetically! first round of photos are now available in a santa fe set on flickr. wait till i upload the pics from our visit to a little old church... where i had a visual overload epiphany

you'll see some of the amazing moments in hubby's mom's house if you peruse the set though. her sense of color is amazing. she's an incredible painter as well [ab-ex old school modernist] and the house reflects the urgency and movement and passion that her work does. talk about living artfully.... sigh.....

i'm pooped. maybe it's from banging my head against the wall - ANOTHER paper plagerized today. you know if english isn't your native language you probably don't want to turn in a paper that includes this sentence "His diatribes have the desperate conviction of a self-published pamphlet pressed into your palm by a wide-eyed stranger purporting to offer the true path to salvation." it's a BIG clue that you got your info from another source and it's just going to take me 5 minutes to find it on the net. it's so unfortunate. i even gave the PLEASE don't plagerize speech.... did i already say CRAP??? if not crap!

so to end w/ humor - one last quote from "holy canoli" [this is it i swear! - i was starting to think, though... she mentions several books in her book. i wonder what it would be like to try and hop from book to book - read one that she mentions and see if it mentions another book - or a locale that might have a book about it and then read that... some weird chain of literary madness. ok i might be crazy]. quote from the essay where sara is hanging out w/ her gun toting dad who has a cannon to play with.

Dad shoots the cannon again so that they can see how it works. The other hiker says, "That's quite the machine you got there." But he isn't talking about the cannon. He's talking about my tape recorder and my microphone - which is called a shotgun mike I stare back at him, then I look over at my father's cannon, then down at my microphone and I think, Oh. My. God. My dad and I are the same person. We're both smart-alecky loners with goofy projects and weird equipment. And since this whole target practice outing was my idea, I was no longer his adversary. I was his accomplice. What's worse, I was liking it.

new news hopefully tomorrow... must send out mass email first.... so some of you will be getting this bit of info multiple times... sorry!

drawing a day ~ week34 Originally uploaded by dressform.

i'm in some time warp... it still feels like monday - i'm an hour ahead of what time it really is and i don't even want to think about what i still have to get done tonight. i'm feeling a bit like a broken record over here.... blah blah blah blah. someone should bust out their baby violin for me! but here are the drawings! week 34 of them...

the trip to the desert was short but also quite sweet. the land of enchantment. i'm not sure what that means exactly, but i can't help but think that enchantment and entrapment can get close in my mind. there are so many amazing things there [including the desert people who i got to see for lunch. too too too short of a visit, but i'll take a short visit over a no visit]. there is also a lost sense of time - a lack of urgency which can be wonderful, but also boggles my multi-tasking brain. i simply can't drive 40 on the freeway. can't.

maybe it's the altitude, maybe it's the expanse of sky, maybe it's the lack of water [i feel disoriented not knowing where the ocean is]... the ruddy brown red landscape on which you really expect to see a native american trotting across the plains on a horse.... or maybe it's the rock hard snot that accumulates in your nose.... the desert isn't kansas and it's definitely not california. i do love being out of your element - where things are new and different and slightly hazy from being unfamiliar. where the sky is SO BLUE [don't we all live under the same sky? apparently not] and the clouds just that much closer.... not to mention that hubby's mom has created a house that belongs in a magazine. a high end deocrating magazine - for real. a feast for the eyes. i took a gazillion pics. i'll share those over the week....

and more on the way... i have some big things to announce....

but i want to leave you with another holy canoli quote... one that is just dear to my heart/mind:

Until I figured out that the flight between questions is itself a workable system, I craved answers, rules, a code

i think i am all about the question. the questions are sometimes better than the answers. and my brain chugs with question after question. i love that someone acknowledges that it is a workable system. i am not alone... which leads me to one last thought. i have been thinking a bunch about this whole blog thing. over the weekend someone said "when do i get to tell my stories"? and that's what this is really - isn't it? storytelling. and that is part of the human condition. we are wired to tell, to listen, to relate to one another... to make a mark [cave painting anyone? the original blog!].... happy mid week!

cd swap ++ mail goodies Originally uploaded by dressform.

so... here's what has been coming in the mail... music of all types, cards wishing my computer well... hand drawn /made amazingness and little presents of all shapes and sizes. do you see how many p2p things there are? i love that! if you want to know what came from who and where click on the photo and go to my flickr page. i have really been enjoying people's pics of their swaps... and reading about them . IF YOU HAVEN'T received your swap yet... let me know!!. and for those of you pictured above... i have a little something brewing for you....

can i just say how much i LOVED the punk responses from the last post - if you haven't already you should check out some of those comments. i have been thinking a lot about why the notion of punk really does ring true to me. i think all makers in some way shape or form are punk. you have to be because creativity requires you to take risks. because my closest and dearest friends are also artists and we pass the torch around to each other... punk punk punk.

quote for today from Sara Vowell's "Take the Cannoli":
Phone rang. It was Dave, a writer friend, We talked for over an hour, mainly about punctuation. He has big plans for the ellipsis. He's mad for elipses. I tell him yeah, I have similar affection for the parenthesis (but I always take most of my parentheses out, so as not to call undue attention to the glaring fact that i cannot think in complete sentences, that I think inly in short fragments of long, run-on thought relays that the literati call streat of consciousness but i like to think of as disdain for the finality of the period).

i love both the ellipses and the parathentical [in case you haven't noticed here on my little blog...] i love that they can talk for an hour about punctuation [like i can probably talk for an hour over which yellow is more appealing in certain situations... indian yellow. vs. naples yellow vs. cad light/medium/dark yellow]. i love that slight but not overly cynical and dryly funny twist regarding disdain for the period. a girl after my own puncutation and writing style heart! [so i am no longer going to feel guilty that i don't capitalize my I's.... it IS too much to hit shift when i'm thinking and typing and thinking simultaneously. plus isn't it cuter w/out all the caps?]

i have spent the whole day running around trying to get ready to leave tomorrow after i teach. still need to pack, but much cleaning has been done. i also need to generate the to-do and potential things you might need to know list for the house-sitter...

garb_ tulip - dyptich DONE!

before i go.... i had actually been wanting to do some kind of tutorial. but i kept thinking... what in the world could i show people how to do? who cares? what would they want to see... and then dani commented on flickr that she wanted to know how to create a dyptich in photoshop. if you want to know how i do it [and trust me there are 101 ways to do it] check out this flickr set . i tried to go step by step [baby steps at that]. if you have any questions, you know where to find me....

and so adieu. i will catch up with everyone tomorrow before we take off, but no posting until we return. have a fabulous weekend... and to all the mothers out there.... happy mother's day!!

drawing a day ~ week 33 Originally uploaded by dressform.

well look at that... drawings. i actually have another weeks worth to share, but i'm saving them. because i took last week off from the drawing due to the computer drama... and i'm taking this week off because we are going out of town on a jet plane thurs and so i wouldn't be able to get thru this week.

it's kind of odd to look back a few weeks but there you have it... blue blue and more blue. i was starting to think about adding a bit more color. i tend to get stuck in colors that are similar to the thread - partly b/c i like the idea of clean and minimal, but i wonder if it's the easy way out??

i'm going to try and play catch up this week - i have lots to share and photos to take, but.... i really want to talk about take the cannoli. um yeah. how great would it be to work at this american life?? . one of the last essays is about sara wanting to learn how to drive and ira glass is her teacher. it's just too too perfect. your boss that has such a great encouraging voice [i think mr. glass could get me to confess to ANYTHING] and a knack for subtle humor is the one who eggs you on as your navigate a vehicle? [although i do have to say that my dad taught me how to drive stick and he was a pretty patient and amazing teacher. lurch - it's ok - lurch again / stall - just find that spot with the clutch - lurch lurch lurch screech stall - don't worry you'll get it]

one my favorite quotes though? [and hubby totally laughed at my book - it's littered with pink post-its so i could re-find my favorite parts]:

Punk is rhythm, style, poetry, comedy, defiance, and above all ambition. Punk is wounded....Punk means moral indignation....Reprise, as in reprisal, so that you can do what you want. Punk means getting all worked up...punk is female which is why the bravest punks are either women or womanly men...Best of all, punk comes out of nowhere. Punk is a torch that's passed around, a rumor that spreads from one nowhere to another that guts and perserverance mean more than anything else

i guess i would consider myself a nerdy punk. yup. and i wonder where the "punks" are now. not the ones that look punk - b/c that is just fashion. i'm talking about those that exude the above - especially in the youth. you would think that this climate would be ripe for a real punk explosion. perhaps there is one and i'm just so old and fuddy duddy that i don't see it... but i honestly don't see that spark in many of my students. oh punk oh punk oh where can you be.?

what about you? are you a punk? do you want to be?

i leave you with some art:

mended target :: petal stitch
a mended target. wendy brought me some targets that had been shot at. i didn't know what to do with them for the longest time... but then DUH it hit me... you MEND things with sewing. they just need mending.... so wendy - now i have a plan - and i actually might need more that have been shot at :) and
lucky dip art swap
if you didn't already catch this in my flickr stream... this is a postcard for a swap... why is it that a bird with a crown tickles my fancy to no end? [and the hummingbirds have returned to our yard - i LOVE watching them]
p/s i'm answering comments in the comments again.... if that matters to anyone.... smile....

i've got a secret Originally uploaded by dressform.

i don't - but i think it looks like i do in this photo.... maybe i should photoshop a little something sticking out of my mouth... like when a cat has caught a moth or something and one little leg is sticking out. [i know eeewww].

photobooth friday goodness here

i can't believe i actually pulled off a "routine" this week. have you every had one of those weeks where no matter how hard you try to stick to your list and check it twice things are still a mess? i almost left the house yesterday without my student's graded quiz's, with out my roll book.... the beginning painting class had their first crit too. 3 hours of talking - there were some really gem moments. i love that. i tried to tell them that sometimes things in crits will make sense 5 years down the road... i think the hardest thing for beginning painters is to actually LAY ON paint. go ahead - put it on - make it your friend.

thank goodness things finally seem well with the 'puter... it's printing, it's re-starting, it's working hurrah! and just in time as i had to mail off 2 things this morning [picture me at 1am wed night fighting with re-installing printer drivers and the like with nothing working] and so on that note i will wish you all a very happy weekend - i feel like next week will be a fresh start. back to normal - drawings to share and all! i'm excited b/c things are brewing in the studio and i get to go there on sunday..... i need to take more photos again. i miss flickr....

bracelets Originally uploaded by dressform.

oh goodness where to start?? i have so much to say and nothing to say at the same time. i am rusty - out of practice, behind... {although i did finally just "catch-up" w/ all of you all - OK most of you all.... it's kind of odd to read over a weeks worth of posts at one time - and kind of exhilerating too}

computer is back. hard-drive was wiped. i have spent many hours re-tooling and re-installing and getting things back to normal. i am SO BEHIND on things to do on the computer i don't even want to start a list. but it's nice to have my computer back. i sure did miss it!

above is what happens when you don't have said computer. you have time to wrap wooden beads with tiny scraps of fabric and make bracelets. heh heh.

i hope everyone is enjoying their music swaps! i have many to photo and share with you....

i also hope you are enjoying "take the cannoli" - i have so many quotes bookmarked with pink sticky notes - it's actually kind of silly looking.... i have needed all the laughs i can get though. so thank you miss vowell.

and on that note... i must get back to work. i just wanted to say things are almost back to normal. [wait - are things EVER feel normal around here??] more sooner rather than later! xoxo to everyone who wished my sad laptop well... to all of you that emailed and commented on that sad last post that just sat there and sat there and sat there.... and said you missed me. if that doesn't feel good, then what the heck does! MISSED YOU all back!!

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