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flower bed II Originally uploaded by giant dwarf.

i wish i was at the above... one of my first flickr favs since i'm pretty much incapable of uploading my own pics.... THANK YOU all so much for the sympathy and comisserating on my computer situation. i am missing visiting and commenting on all your BLOGS. i am lucky if i can check 3 or 4 a day... sigh....

quick things....

^^ one ^^
we start holy cannoli today :) this seems funny considering that i have much more reading time w/out my laptop. i'll try not to get too far ahead. heh heh

^^ two ^^
i have been getting some music swaps in the mail and man do they look and SOUND fabulous! i'd share photos, but um yeah. so later. i hope you are all getting yours and sharing the photos... here's the flickr group.

^^ three ^^
i'm hoping that next week i'll have a double posting of drawing a day.....

^^ four^^
studio visit went well on sunday. looks like there may be a show for me and 4/5 others in the fall. woo hoo. brain is stirring ideas around. because yes i go in too many directions and no i don't think i really want to stop that

^^ five ^^
there is something oddly liberating about not being tied to the computer, but overall i'd have to say it's pretty much a big pain in the ass.... and the amount of catch up i'll have to do will simply outweigh any benefit. ah well. live and learn.

hopefully more sometime before the month is over. [please fix my 'puter apple... please!!]

um.... my laptop died this morning. it's not reading the RAM. according to the genius bar this is a known issue with my generation and so they cover the repair. they don't cover the data backup {because YES even though i do back up i couldn't guarantee that i had EVERYTHING - plus some of the software i have is from school and so i don't have copies of it - and what a pain to have to re-get all those!}. that was a lovely $150.

needless to say i am pretty devestated. i practically feel naked. i still have some internet access {through an old old ibook} - but FYI my posting, me responses to email, my flickr-ing - all will be on a much more limited basis. If i owe you an email, or if you are wondering why i haven't responded, well.... now you know. it could be gone for up to 7-9 days. ugh.

did i say crap already?? i guess the lesson here is BACK UP [everything - not just some things]... and don't become too dependent on your computer [ha ha ha]. i now have to think of all the clients that i need to tell that their projects are not getting done and contact them by the ancient telephone.... or lordy.

please. do pity me!!

don't you sometimes Originally uploaded by dressform.

just want to stick out your tongue?

so miss photobooth queen the booth in my hood is alive and kicking... and i'm teaching across the street from it all summer.... wonder what i'll be doing??

sorry it's so grainy, but no time to bust out the scanner. i do love how the whole set of these is red tinged... obviously partially due to the background and the PINK coat [it makes another appearance!] but somehow it felt like a red filter was applied....

what's the tongue sticking out all about? it's almost my immediate reaction to someone pointing a camera at me. i've made some friends by sticking my tongue out at them [it's true!]. it's a dumb ice breaker. it makes me feel silly. it can be defiant, coy, ridiculous! the multi-purpose and underused facial expression if you ask me....

believe it or not "divine intervention" came up twice this week. and i don't mean in a hand of god kind of way. it's making me think that someone or something is trying to tell me something. ok. i'm listening. lay it on me.... there's a lot of shift and change in the air, doncha think? lots of blog and computer overload. chatter of balance, community, sharing, missing, loving, weight, committment. my head is swimming, my fingers curled from typing, my heart searching.

mav wants to discuss this bloggy thing/madness/love.... let's all put our thinking caps on and join in next week, huh? happy weekend! i'm nervous... have a studio visit on sunday. gulp.

detail of Annabelle's piece Originally uploaded by dressform.

above is a comission i finished the other night for annabelle. to refresh - she is the one who sent me this amazing goodness. she contacted me about buying a drawing a day drawing and when i explained i wasn't up for splitting them until the whole year is done she was willing to have me "re-make" one. she sent me a list of her favorites and told me her favorite color was pink.

so i percolated. how could i combine what she liked in my own way. and then it hit me.... so i drew sweat peas in pink and embroidered the stitch that she liked so much on top. oddly enough it feels to me like vintage modern. which is fine with me. i actually think getting the lovely gifts from her helped me feel like i knew her a bit.... maybe someday we shall actually meet face to face.

oh abigail ~ let me count the ways

i have been waiting to share this amazingness! it just didn't feel right last week.... abigail makes the most amazing jewelry [this is in case you have been under a rock]. and now i own some !!! [insert happy dance/jumping up and down here]. you can get you some too . and can i tell you that the whole package was perfect? the wrapping, the color, the hollyhock card... and she has THE CUTEST handwriting. sigh.... you can see me attempting to model and shoot photos simultaneosly here

music swaps should be going out tomorrow! woo hoo! i made a flickr group where we can all post pics of the spoils.... can't wait. today at the studio i was fixated on music. what song would go well with this one.... i listened to nick cave's "no more shall we part" which immediately brought me back to this one winter. i was working for a gallery riding the bus into san francisco for my communte. i was reading "a heartbreaking tale of staggering genuis" and listening to that album. on repeat. it went so well with the book. it was comforting.... all that came fluttering back. don't you love how that works??

and because it's an eye candy kind of day....
from koodiker . the teapot is here. but there is plenty of droolworthy stuff there. go. go....

drawing a day ~ week 32 Originally uploaded by dressform.

it's funny how my second drawing couldn't help but match the first.... it's the way my mind works.... and no those aren't 2 doilies... technically one is a spirograph.... check them out on flickr if you want the details....

tonka says thank you!

THANK YOU so much to everyone who wished tonka {and ME!} well... felt the love for sure. he's doing mucho betero.... he's still a bit lopsided... [but no loger upsidedown].... his head is tilted more than usual [which only makes him cuter].... the best part is his appetite is back. he came home super skinny - poor thing - but now voraciously eats cookies and kibble almost like he used to ! we spent plenty of snuggle time together.... and he's totally spoiled - sleeping up by our heads in bed... snoring away :) he wanted to show you his scar [under his neck] but mama couldn't get the shot.

so.... party people are you feeling the music swap? the deadline is fast approaching.... i've actually been thinking about what i would do even though i'm not participating. hmm.... my favorite all time mixed CD is still the one that hubby made for our wedding favor. those songs bring back such good memories.... tonka and garbo each got their own song too [do other people have songs for their pets??]

hoping to get back into the blog and flickr routine this week! see you all around OK??

can tonka be his own rabbit's foot? i took this photo over a week ago and thought it was funny how much he looked like a rabbit.... or maybe a frog? morran what do you think?

anyway... the other night came home to a tonka whose eyes were quickly shifting from left to right [think marty feldman on speed] and who couldn't tell which way was up.... inner ear infection? most definitely.... well - it got only worse.... yesterday he had to have surgery to remove the disgusting mess of goop that had exploded into his ear/head [sorry for the grusome details]. being a frenchie with bizarre atanomy and a compromised airway surgery is spooky [if it isn't spooky enough on its own]. he hasn't been home for the last 2 nights. i miss the tiny pitter patter of his feet. i miss his insistance to sit on my lap at the most inopportune times.... apparently he is upsidedown in a cage still trying to figure out which way is up. he is supposed to come home tonight.... but there is a bit of a recovery road ahead.

and so yesterday was a day of contrast and confusion [this phrase being stuck in my head from my principles of design lecture]. it was sunny for a WHOLE day for the first time in god knows how long - i could instantly feel my mood shifting because of that. i now firmly believe that s.a.d. [the disorder] is real..... i was at the point where i felt i was going to collapse if there was another day of rain! i finished a website! hurrah! but still have one to go..... and the one to go is one that is giving me a giant giant headache. partially because it's weighted with emotional baggage and thus there is a core part of me that is fighting against it.... and i'm my own client for this one. it's really no fun to be your own client. the internal dialogue can be funny but i feel like i loose clarity.... and then driving home i chose to listen to the ipod instead of NPR.... couldn't handle any news... and the song "a history of lovers" by calexico and iron and wine came on and i almost lost it.... it was like every emotion on both ends of the spectrum hit me full force. i could have laughed, i could have wept. instead i carefully got myself home and ate some dinner. and went to bed early.

so, no photobooth friday or 5 senses for me... no divulging of good mail.... that will have to wait until next week.... please if you have a minute... think good thoughts for my little biscut! have a good weekend...

airline lounge Originally uploaded by dressform.

in my quest for the perfect bag to take to school... i stumbled upon the airline bag lounge TO DIE FOR. wow. it's the collection of bags of Troy M. Litton ~ the guy that brought us wanderlust . you know those cool journals/catalogues, etc.... and mav you have to check out troy's home page [if you haven't already].

white on white

my dad alerted me to the white one white show at the folk art museum in NY.... sigh....

and natalie shared this AMAZING artist with me.... with the weather stuck in perpetual rain i'm really wanting pretty things...


so lucky for me abee's package arrived yesterday. she's trying to encourage my polaroid habbit... see . a spectra all my own.... am i turning into a photographer?? she also sent the parrot fence pic that i fell in love with.... THANK YOU!!

::here's the request::

does anyone have a really cool vintage [or vintage inspired] pattern for a great CROCHET COAT?? my grandmother has offered to crochet me a coat after seeing the snippets of the pink coat . [yes i have the GREATEST grandma!!]. i have one pattern, but i have a feeling there's a better one out there... anyone? i know you guys all have a secret stash of pattern books.... i promise some goodies in exchange???? email me AT or leave a comment.... thanks!

drawing a day ~ week 31 Originally uploaded by dressform.

back to the root of drawing... [does that make any sense?] i wanted to draw things that surrounded me. that moved me with their simplicity. things that BELONG to me. [except for the bed.... can't give up on the doily thing....] so this week is very minimal. very simple. truly about line and space in hopefully a fundamental way....

the week of color made me think about the difference between visuals and words. how you can interconnect the two and how something purely visual resonates in an entirely different way.

do you want/need both? do you respond to one more than the other? are our brains wired to "get" one more than the other? [this has been proven?? photographic memory vs. writing/audible memory....]. i wonder in the grand scheme of things what this is all about? like evolutionarily [is that a word?] why for some visual aspects became a strong genetic trait and why for others hearing, or cognitive thinking became more prominent. are we really hardwired some way or can you learn and/or practice a new and different method of seeing/learning/understanding?

i am still also thinking a lot about ego, participation, and recognition. vegas and venice had some really interesting thoughts in the comments of the last few posts.... what really struck me is how the order of the words makes such a huge difference. they do seem really cyclical. and i keep wondering what is it that i want for my art, for this blog... for anything. can i find an answer to that? it seems like the answer changes.... and it gets so tiring to put yourself out there and get rejected/disappointed.... but it's also important.... isn't it? so what DO i really want?? [if i had a million dollars i'd give it up for the answer!]

ok enough philosophy 101 - [and by the way i find it VERY funny that i am currently working on a web banner for the philosophy dept. at uc berkeley.... coinkydink?] hope the start of your week is swell.....

**** book club.... i'm thinking we should just read all 3 of those books.... let's start w/ the sara vowell? let's say we start on the 25th [so that we all have enough time to get the book] and natasha made a whole bunch of suggestions that sound fabulous in these comments .... next round???

spirograph Originally uploaded by dressform.

so YAY for e-bay and YAY for grandmas that support your spirograph habit. [which i guess is better than a crack habit]. i now have a GIGANTICUS number of spirographing possibilities... so hopefully you aren't sick of seeing them, cause they are going to make more appearances m'thinks. and how great that the box is RED??

ephemra from ohbara

the mail has been so so kind to me.... the dear and sweet ohbara sent me some ephemera.... she will send you some too [and it really does come w/ pretty paper and a bow]. get yours

to start of the color day:
hint of pink

this is a comission for a special someone... there's actually another part, but i want her to be surprised! i finished it this morning [hot off the press]... i hope she is OK with the color!!!

and now.... purple::


[can i just say that i love the accidental little house in the lower left of the upper photo.... and also i can't wait for my wisteria to bloom fully! i'm hoping the pounding rain doesn't make all the petals fall before i get to really enjoy them!]





i could go on and on about pink... this is a pink coat that was crocheted by an aunt mimi [not my aunt, but a friends]. i wish i had the patience to crochet something like this. i LOVE this coat. i really do... and i love pink too. i used to steer clear... too girly.... too cute, but i have embraced pink with open arms now.... i love how it can be feminine, shocking, surprising, demure, sexy... all at once.

and that ends our color based programming.... still ruminating on the book to read next.... [maybe we just do all 3 of those in succession?] there is now a list of music swap participants.... hope everyone is having fun making their compilations....

happy weekend!

orange - how high will your carrots go? Originally uploaded by dressform.

the carrots remind me that it is TOO wet to garden... the rain and cold return tomorrow.... thank goodness for 2 whole sunny days. i might have otherwise forgotten what it was like to have dry socks....

thanks to you all who have left such kind words about the photos i've been posting. it seems silly to thank you in the comments, so i'm thanking you out here! granted i've gone a bit nuts for the diptych, but i can't really help it... it just seems to speak to me [and my libra nature?? i can't make up my mind!!]. i promise to ease up on the pairing after tomorrow - the last day of color week! in any case.... my household orange:

orange - cactus tumblers

alicia posted about a color quiz today... i took it... the results really are eerie.... part of it reflects EXACTLY what the countess and i were talking about the other day. insert twilight zone music here.... you should give it a whirl!

*****book club******

ok... 2/3 of the last books were kind of rejected.... so i'm opening up to debate again....

1000 white women recommended to us by my dad.... a very long engagement - i haven't seen the movie [by the director of amilie] - but someone said the book was a good read.... OR a suggestion made by anabelle [creator of the amazing package below] something by sara vowell.... so take the canoli ? i'm leaning toward this because even though assassination vacation is supposed to be good it's on the historical side.... like what we just read.....


black_white_brown3 Originally uploaded by dressform.

all about the color today folks....
hopefully a regular post in the next few....



happy thurs!

green1 Originally uploaded by dressform.

it's all about the green today. and one thought..... the countess has planted a seed.... [pretty apropo for a green day].... it's not about EGO it's about engaging in a conversation. you can't dialgoue until someone "recognizes" you.... this intrigues me to NO end.... i will ruminate.... and leave you with more greens:



and if you are wondering.. the last two pairings are all from stuff in the studio... ventured out of the house for a change! white brown and black tomorrow.... [this posting everyday stuff is not so easy!]

blue1 Originally uploaded by dressform.

i'm diggin the search for colors.... i could do it all day... i wish i had the time....

talked out from teaching so today it's all about 3 things...

1. color - i couldn't stop at just one pairing of blue....



2. the image on the top right there segues to my next important duty... to THANK anabelle.... who somehow found me via the www and commissioned me to make her a drawing with thread... as we were emailing she offerered to send ME some goodies [not sure how i am the lucky beneficiary of this goodness, but i certainly can't refuse it]. she sent an amazing package !!! included were some adorable icecube trays... which i promtly used for "blue".... but that was the tip of the iceburg:

from annabelle
click on the photo if you want to learn what everything is... and there is so much goodness!! i'll just say that she spirographed me some tags.... if that isn't up my alley then what is??

and 3. the immensely talented jan has started a clever side project. do you need a blog button? . OF COURSE you do... especially when the first one is free!

green tomorrow.....

drawing a day ~ week 30 Originally uploaded by dressform.

the BIG 3-0. it's kind of hard to believe. do the drawings feel more adult? this week was very very organic. and i don't mean that in a hippy, granola way... i mean that the shapes and stuff seem organic.

mecozy with the help of mav [who BTW is celbrating a bloggversary! yay!] came up with a shoot a color per day photo hunt... today's color is yellow [i feel like sesame street!]


what i really like about this project is the LOOKING AROUND. look at what you have. look at it in a new way. i'm thinking this should carry over into the drawings. what am i looking at? why? how do i frame it? what shapes am i drawn to... and how will that correlate with color?? mmmm. nice thoughts....

i had a lovely day with lisa bird on saturday. i so admire her drive... after long days at work she manages to create so much... and she is so giving - sharing so much of her technique, skills, ideas with all of us.... uh not to mention she's beyond talented and a super spiffy dresser! she's the one that took photos... i was too shy.... you can see a re-count of the day here

and before i go... some book thoughts.... my dad suggested this , i've heard good things about this and this wouldn't be a "happy" read - but i loved the excerpt i read in the times, and i'm a fan of didion.... any other thoughts??

the music swap partners have been determined... if you signed up and i missed you... leave a comment!

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