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the long awkward way of saying happy new year! 2005 is going out with a BANG in our hood. it's been raining non-stop. pouring really. flood warnings [that wrenching noise on the TV and radio] roof leaking [ugh! we thought we took care of this!] 50 mile per hour winds with branches all over the place.... i guess 05 doesn't want to just go quietly.

above is the adorable dapper vintage snowman box that E and C gave us yesterday. he seemed like the perfect pal to usher in 2006 to me....

i've been thinking a lot [this time of year certainly does this to you, huh?] actually contemplating would be more like it. it's funny how we humans use this whole time thing as a marker to institute change or make decisions. i wonder if this is just part of our instinctual fiber.... re-assess and institute alternatives or plunge forward [if things are working for you] every 12 months...

haven't been blogging much because as the countess and i were discussing: if you don't have something interesting to blog about, then why blog? but i'm starting to think that it's all interesting in one way or another. some of the art that i love the most documents the most mundane of moments. and i really think that sometimes by simply typing something [no matter how boring] it can actually manufacture a bit of magic, or a sliver of inspiration [ok, maybe blogging about laundry would not be so great, but....] i can hardly believe that this is the 2nd new years that my blog has managed to witness.....

and in this year so much has changed. i now feel entrenched in this community that i have the utmost respect for. i am so inspired by all of you out there - and so thankful for all of you that visit and comment and notice. really and truly. i had no idea that i would find such loyal, authentic, and frankly tangible friendships with people whose voices i never hear and whose faces i don't see [other than in photos or the occasional lucky meeting!]

i am so very very lucky. for my friends, for my family [who i know sometimes rely on this little blog to know what i'm up to!] thank you. happy new year.

p/s :: if any of you are feeling reflective, and haven't done so already - participate in "why i blog"... i'd love to read more and add to the list!

and finally
tonka hopes that you all celebrate so much that you spend tomorrow like this.

drawing a day ~ week18 Originally uploaded by dressform.

what holiday? ha ha ha. a girl still has to draw!

i took a little bloggy/flickr break and will hopefully catch-up with you all later tonight. absence does make the heart grow fonder.

i hope you all had a lovely holiday. i did practically nothing. which is a feat in and of itself for moi. watched TV, some movies, stared at the little lights on the tree... snuggled with the poochies [and husband]. sigh. big reminder to do this more often!

look wenders!

last week i had a little visit from the girl in green . she was out here for a wedding and so she came to my studio. she brought lovely gifties that are making my space smell so good.... AND used targets.... i think i have an idea for them now.... more on this later. she also helped me untangle the above twine that miss moe had decided to wrap around the coffee table a good 10 times. [yes. dumb to leave string out with cats. lesson learned. usually mine are so good about leaving your stuff alone.... i guess red twine is just too tempting. moe looked so proud of herself. harumphf!] i couldn't believe that miss green was willing to do this for an afternoon.... but it sure was nice chatting with her!

i'm waiting for some paint to dry here in the studio. round 1 of wall work was too drippy. but i liked it other than that! I'm getting excited that this might actually work!

AND!! Just heard that at least one weeks worth of the drawings will be in a show at UCDAVIS called Sketch. Total surprise. The director of the gallery just emailed me. Felt good. esp. since i found out that i did not make it to round 2 of something i had applied for. one door closes and a window opens. right?? i can't believe 2005 is almost over... I'm thinking of resurrecting last year's list of hopes [since i don't like resolutions] and seeing how i did?? might be too scary....

oh! and i think I'm going to read something by jeffrey eugenides because he was the one author mentioned twice [yes I'm so democratic.] but all your suggestions sounded so good - and i had read a few of them so i didn't feel like a complete nincompoop. i'm going to scope out the library at CSU - it's big! and - gulp - i go back to teaching next week.

spt 18 Originally uploaded by dressform.

inspired by this photo by mav .

this was my grandpa's shaving mirror. it hung in the shower at his house. now my hubby uses it. it's not a fancy mirror... it's just creamy plastic - but somehow it resonates with my papa's presence. funny how objects can do that huh? i'm holding my locket. there's a picture of my papa from our wedding in it. there's also a picture of a dog from the past - satchel. he was my first dog. my first dog love. so i wear this locket when i am lonley - or wanting the energy of those i have loved deeply to fill me. or when i am missing them [or anyone].

more spt's here

robot T

one of the robot T's from today. each one is a bit different. not sure why - just playing and thinking about who they will belong to. a few of them need another round of printing - but this round has to dry first.

tomorrow is another day.

thanks for all the book suggestions so far. i have no idea which way i'll go.... but i'll keep you posted. should we start an online book club? [oh gosh like we need another thing? i know i know.... just a random thought....]

drawing a day ~ week 17 Originally uploaded by dressform.

this week's set. i'm pretty happy with the last two in particular. the doily one this week was kind of an experiment for my wall piece. it gives me hope that it might work.... fingers crossed. i have to make it to another kinkos tomorrow. after waiting in line for 15 minutes i was told that the big xerox machine was broken. ugh. what a drag. where else can i get a 2 foot long xerox??

tomorrow i have to print some more shirts. this time for gifts, not for an abby order.... i'm kind of excited b/c i'm going to try out a new image. time for a robot! if it works maybe i'll add it to the abby line...

have you been to popink yet? i have the happy bunny pony kitty book - but they have some incredible plastic plates for sale... and cool fonts and stuff....

FYI there are a couple more why we blogs out there!

OH! i want to read a really good book. a story. something that will really get to me because i don't read too much anymore. it can be sad, funny, over the top, whatever - but it has to be page turning good. i'm thinking christmas day in front of fire reading. any suggestions????

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oh lovely mail. all from the very dear abby . we were "chatting" about stamping and tags and decided we should trade. warning - if you swap with abby pack your box well because she will spoil you and you'll feel like you short-changed her!

see the rest of my haul here . maybe i'll be willing to part with some tags on gifts this year... hmmm we'll see.

did some shopping today. it wasn't too bad out there b/c it was POURING. streets flooding pouring. almost time to bust out w/ the wrapping.... i do really like wraping gifts.

drawings tomorrow....

tinsel tree Originally uploaded by dressform.

the old man is snoring. we are huddled by the fire.

hubby came home early the other night from work and said - let's go buy a tree... so we busted out all the amazing vintage ornaments that we got from MM as a gift [oh yes it was a SCORE] and now it actually does feel a bit more like the holidays in our house.

above is the little tinsel tree that i put all my favorite ornaments on. i love this little tree. and i love the little cardboard village [yes, part of that score]. i'm going to add more holiday decor to my flickr set as the days go by. if i do the whole shabang at once it would be overwhelming.

tomorrow is shopping day. even though i really do hate the consumerist nature of this time of year, i can't help but get sucked in to wanting some things. the problem is i keep wanting things that are rather "big ticket" items in price. someone should start a website where everyone you know can contribute to some object of your desire... $5 here... $5 there.... wouldn't that be good?

wanna see what i'm coveting??
Hideo Wakamatsu - blossom

which i saw here [after dropping off abby-shirts across the street]. there are 2 sizes the carry-on and the check... anke told me all about this bag first. and we both lusted after it... and then i SAW it in person. yeah. that pitter patter absolute desire and wanting feeling. yup. you know the one.

and then.....
uh-huh i'm wishing
now. i LOVE my cannon S70 camera - it has lots of manual settings and takes great photos. but i've been thinking about experimenting more w/ photography and with some different lenses and... well then you need an SLR.... so the above is the most reasonable "base" model. and i did find it for $586 here but i can't justify it. i don't need it. i'm not a photographer really - and so... it stays on the wish list.... maybe if i sell a bunch of art [ha ha] i can start a D50 fund.

i did start a amazon wish list a while back...

but why is this all about me? i need to be getting gifts and spreading good will and cheer to OTHERS!!

here's something i've been chewing on. someone said the other day that we all need to learn to be indifferent to wickedness. so i've been trying to figure out how exactly to do that. you may first want to dislike or hate or get revenge upon wickedness, but really that doesn't help you does it? you can't ignore the wicked - because then it might get bigger and worse and really impede you. nor do you want to make friends with wickedness.... because then you'd be wicked too [not a good time to join em if you can't beat em]. indifference, though.... doesn't rule out acknowledgement, doesn't lead to stressful gut wrenching reactions.... this i like. the trick is actually mastering this, yes? hello wicked. yes, you are there and oh yes you may have really hurt my feelings or said some unabashedly awful things, but really i don't care. in fact i more than don't care - i'm INDIFFERENT. so go back to the wicked cave you came from and go bother someone else. [start whistling here]

sorry for the extended post,but since i haven't been posting, i figure a you'll forgive a bit of length? FYI - i got my syllabi in to be xeroxed [big phew]. i am up to date with clients and hopefully none feel neglected... almost all holiday cards are out in the world... and.....


i'm working on my wall piece for the show in Jan.... the wall is prepped and cleaned and i've actually started a bit... but not ready to show that yet....

happy saturday all! [and if you want good reading... there are more "why we blog"s out there]. AND - i almost forgot. tonka would like you to know that he is on his way to internet stardom. retro-pet has put him on their home page. it's all going to his head of course!

vintage lights Originally uploaded by dressform.

update! more why we blogs are out there.... they are so amazing and touching and !!! go read them !!! and keep them the way... blogger somehow screwed up this post - so all the comments are gone - i had to re-post it [crap on blogger again!] but thank you for them! they are all still in my gmail inbox and are completely appreciated!!

trying to get in the holiday spirit. feeling a bit grinchy this year. just not enough time to do the decorating right and if you aren't going to do it right.... why do it at all??

i know i have been a bit absent from me blog.... just too much going on this week... but i'm hoping that this week marks the end of the absolutely insane schedule. if i can get my syllabi in for next quarter i will feel a huge burden lift!

i have been LOVING people's posts on why they blog. here's the list thus far.... if i left you out please email me [] and i'll be sure to add you! thanks you guys....

green girl
disdressed new to me and a really nice blog
french toast cake also new to me and incredibly charming!
tales from third place
loobylu i'm sure claire doesn't read my blog, but she happened to write about why she blogs. coinkydinks are nice... :)

the list continues:
red current
liquid paper
nebo peklo
monster crochet turkey feathers
my freak out post that got me thinking....
the post where i asked the question why do we blog?
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red felt flower

little birds
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little bits of fluff and stuff....
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happy things

hopefully drawings a bit later today [when it rains it pours with posts!]

drawing a day ~ week16 Originally uploaded by dressform.

where did all the color come from??

so today hubby and i completely re-arranged our living room and dining room. in fact we switched them.... we put a gas stove in our dining room b/c that's where our chimney is and we realized we really wanted to sit in front of the fire and gaze at it. besides, traditionally the room was probably a "parlor" and it's bigger that our former living room now dining room....

but man it sure takes a lot to move furniture and re-hang art - oh and re-hang art again b/c it wasn't right the first time.... and put knick knacks in their spots.... still working on that, but at least the rooms are presentable. this is of course all while i have a gigantic list of other things to do... picture me whistling innocently and twiddling thumbs....

BTW - new blogs i read on the left.... yes it keeps growing and a link to the "why we blog" project. why not, huh?

OK - i have to tackle at least a few things on that list!

spt #17 Originally uploaded by dressform.

barely making it - but at least i took the photo earlier today!

tired of trying to take an interesting photo of the front of me... plus since i seem to be running so much of late it seems like i'm always leaving... thus here i am.... going downstairs to leave.... but this is my house.... my art.... my stuff.... it's all a reflection isn't it??

more spt's here

drawing a day ~ week 15 Originally uploaded by dressform.

i am suffering from a sugar/savory crash.... since it was the last day of classes we all brought treats. lots of salty and sweet snacks.... they sure don't substitute for a real dinner.... and i wonder why college kids are spacey? if i ate like this all the time i think my brain would fumble stumble and stop working!

so.... last of the apple-ish greens... a grassy one and then mossy ones and then.... bye bye green. can i really be through the greens?? that first one... i used a 99cent japanese store spirograph thingamobobber [thanks grandma!]. it brought me back to being a kid and spending time with some kind of kit or another...drawing... making up stories.

when i taught little kids i loved how they told stories while they drew. esp. when drawing together. oh yeah! my tall guy with a top hat is going to smush your dragon dinosaur with his club.... well here come my airplanes.... tchu tchu tchu [some weird mouth sound that was supposed to be bullets]... my favorite was this one little boy [3] who grew a garden from seeds [colored pencils] to rain [watercolor] to sun rays to a tall sunflower....

and when do we stop talking when we draw? i mean i don't think i even talk in my head when i do it. i try to empty my head half the time.

i think i need to eat a piece of fruit or something.... counteract what's currently in my digestive tract...

OH! one more thing... thanks for all the thoughts and support for blogging about your blog. if you want to be inspired.... nicole has written something so totally compelling... and i think a few more are on the way. i'll collect them as they come and then make a whole post about it, K? can't wait!

p2p 2 Originally uploaded by dressform.

the first holiday card has arrived.... from p2p ... i dream of all maria's lovely postcards in a big stack.... years from now i'll pull them out and run my fingers over the impressions.... sigh.....

also in the mail came:
i'm a chicken

my hat from regina . love at first sight! i wore it to the BFA critique yesterday at school and all the students thought it rocked. of course it does. thank you miss crochet master! your rocket ship will be flying your way monday!

so.... post my dramatic freak out about blogging and commenting.... i got to thinking.... i'm SUPER curious as to why all you other bloggers out there got started... and how your blog has changed for you as a forum.... and what you are looking for from this community. i will be the first to admit that i now completely look forward to hearing from friends far and wide [hence my saddness about no comments].... it's like a pick-me up.... a connection to the outside, even though it's through a stupid machine and i'm all alone typing away.... i think i "talk" more to you folks than to some of my friends that live locally....

because i have come to realize that i so enjoy the snippets into your lives... that i love the honesty [hence my not deleting the below posts!], enthusiasm, creativity, explorations, craftiness, mommyness, stumbles, highs, lows, acheivements, drama, mundaneness, tidbits and all....

i'd like to create some kind of archive... if YOU guys are up for it. if you want to post about what your blog means to you [yes, think of it like a 3rd grade book report - although feel free to use $10 words... or not] then send me an email with a link to your post.... i'll then collect them and post them all together.... of course if this is the dumbest idea on the planet... then nevermind... :)

would like to thank you all for your incredible support - esp. after my bleeding hard last post! you guys are phenominal.... maybe it was a good thing that my comments got screwed up? [life is funny!]

hugs to you all... i wish i could have you over for TEA!!
and anke - OK - Jan. 15th it is.... [THANK YOU!!!]

snap Originally uploaded by dressform.

so i take it from the lack of comments that my last post was on the banal side.... sorry.... a list is a list is a list.... update OK - so blogger totally screwed up my comments.... somehow my settings got switched - and i swear i went no where near them.... i haven't touched them since i updated the left bar like eons ago.... and how did the one anonymous comment make it through?? so this morning i look and there you all are!! you still like me!! and i'm a dork. and lame for posting this and retarded. sorry. that's what i get for late night feeling sorry for myselfness [i'm making up a new phrase] it's funny because when i started this whole blog thing it really was for my family and for me. a place for me to randomly record the things that went through my head. things that seemed especially pertinent to the studio or to whatever i might be interested in for a nano second. i knew that technically it would be "out there" for the world to read.... but really it seemed like it was more of a secret.

and then.... came this flood of community and like minds and it grew into this whole other entity. an entity that i have really come to enjoy and love and cherish in a way that i never really thought possible. i really do truly savor reading and commenting on what you my internet friends [some of you are more than just friends] - are doing... for a split second i had this feeling as if i was in a competition.... like comments were chocolate covered golden nuggets.... and i needed more and more to survive.... and that's not what this space is about. and i'm not sure why i even needed to make this notion public, but.... i felt compelled. and thus.... there it is.... dear readers - should you comment stupid blogger for eating them! i will be excited by what you share. should you not, my typing won't cease [i mean really if i start thinking about an audience i will most likely clam up, shut up or cease and desist!] i'm leaving this in because it will remind me to quit being such a ninny, OK?

above is the rubberband ball i started way back when i worked for a gallery. why? because that's what happens in offices of all kinds. boredom seeps in and rubber balls are born. it has grown and shrunk in size for various reasons....

yesterday and today i have been feeling like a rubber band.... stretched and taught and potentially snappable. don't stand too close because it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. the rubber band metaphor is even more close to me since my grandfather was obsessed with them. he used them as a tool to seal and close almost anything you could imagine. a wallet wasn't a wallet with out a rubberband around it. cupboards simply don't really stay closed with out them.... and now i am channeling one... what does this mean?

what i really should be doing is continuing work in my factory. i have turned my dining room into a factory indeed see for yourself:
dining room factory

it's all for the sale. all for the sale... tagging, lining, labeling... inventory... pinning, counting.... and i should be an elf right now. but i'm burnt. i'm an old sundried rubberband that is past its prime....

i think it's nothing that some sleep and coffee can't fix. let's hope so.

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