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self portrait tuesday 16

i wanted to make this bigger, but ran out of time.... identity via your lips and their color.... so... demure... happy.... seductive?? [or desire?]

and thus the identity challenge ends.... i really wanted to get a wig... oh well... perhaps for another round. more great spt's and info here

there is word that shanna will soon return home and thus we all must resurrect out and about wed! yes? yes!

my list: [and anke has one too]
-upload temp. website for KF and work on design
-start on webdesign for UC
-finalize stationary for MF
-grade sketchbooks for 2810 i have a headache from it - but i did it!
-get packet together must go out Sat. overnight
-finalize design of secondary pages of WFP/PB
-get abby t-shirt/totes together for lavish order. deliver those tomorrow or thurs. am
-check with MP about perhaps meeting after above delivery.
-order software
-print holiday cards [waiting for card stock which was supposed to be deliverd today 12/01 according to UPS.... uh uh... not here... can i just say i HATE UPS! ] yay! got here finally!
-get trade together for anke, postponed due to kindess wrap and ship trade for regina
-clean studio
-clean house got to litter boxes got to big pile of dishes
-laundry only one more load, so i'm crossing this off
-squeeze in yoga? not until wed
-start syllabi for next quarter
-drawing a day
-finish dinner [matzo ball soup and avacado salad]
-send out email about holiday sale i'm participating in at cricket engine dec. 10 & 11
-pass out cards for above sale
-stop this list because it's just going to get longer.....

new items:
-line/label all abby inventory - get some to porch light
-stop visiting flickr so much and checking to see if someone comments on blog!!
-stamp some tags for trade with abby
-take photos of tonka in his new harness
-send photos to indishopper [they want abby stuff! yay!]

drawing a day ~ week14 Originally uploaded by dressform.

the green the green.... i'm really liking the map related one [top row middle].... i could do that one over and over... in different ways.... different colors.... hmmmm

so... if any of you are headed to miami.... some of my work will be at the aqua art miami fair Dec. 1-4.... i wonder if i can experience the sun and fun my work will by proxy? mr. winter has decided to come around... brrr [and no - it's not snowing so yes i am a wimp about cold].... but it's kind of nice to wear a sweater and a scarf. i'm really wanting to make some fingerless glove arm warmer type things.... but i need time to knit [oh and i need to be a better knitter!that goes without saying]. when it gets dark so early i dream about curling up and drinking tea and nesting.... i have to get back on the tea horse... more tea more tea!! hopefully the countess will bottle some sun up and send it to me [i don't have to wear a bikini right??]. i can only hope.... actually she could substitute for the sunshine... that would suit me just fine!

i was going to make a list but it will have to wait until morrow.... i want to squeeze in a tad of work before i hit the hay

the table! Originally uploaded by dressform.

bet you thought i had disappeared forever.... part of me is liking the notion of hiding away on some deserted island and simply escaping anything that remotely seems like a duty, promise, obligation or necessity.

had a really lovely time with my folks and grandma.... hoping you all had a great holiday! seeing that i barely have time to communicate with anyone it was quite nice to actually eat and sit and chat with real people in real time... ate rich foods like it was going out of style! can i go back to plain old pasta? or a cheese quesadilla? that is yet to be determined, but i'm hoping i can! otherwise i will gain at least 50 lbs!! above is a photo of our table... which really looks so lovely due to my grandma. she supplied the embroidered table cloth and all the dishes and flatware and glasses.... sigh.... so nice! we managed to squeeze in a visit to my studio [gram had never seen it] and to japan town in the city. oh yes... there are new craft books in my collection [i think they have all been revealed by other folks, but...] i'll post about those sometime soon [it's a hook to keep you coming back for more].

i got a bit discouraged - again [forgive me for lamenting - skip ahead if you would like a cheerier blogger]- after grading for much of the afternoon yesterday. thankfully my perspective is better as of today but i was really wondering if it was worth the effort.... i concluded [today] that YES for the couple of students that are flourishing it is completely worth it... and i have to keep reminding myself that unthoughtful responses to boring art works are par for the course... i don't think i really could emphasize more to them that their sketchbook is important and to use it - ALL THE TIME - and that if you want to be an artist you have to be looking at, hopefully responding deeply, and concentrating on ART.... yours, someone else's.... or even just to all things visual. i really should not be surprised anymore, right?? but it just seems so sad.... i mean 10 sketches ? a response to reading that says: i didn't understand what Louise Bourgious was talking about. and that's it - i SWEAR. that was it. what are these students into? what makes them tick? what do they love? how do i tap into that? how do i inspire them [particularly when i'm exhausted and barely inspired myself]?? i have to write myself a big note that it is worth for those who do participate - for those who do grow - who do change - who do engage... it is worth it for them.... because it was certainly worth it for me when i think back to my undergraduate experience.....

but i will conclude with part of what made my day today!
from nebo - art!

my neighbor took in a package for me yesterday.... a trade with the amazingly talented and incredibly sweet and charming natalie . the above are just the tip of the iceberg.... 2 drawings.... that are mine mine mine.... wow that feels good.... she also sent notecards [floral and russian dolls]... a bird that kills me... chocolate.... and THREAD - the most amazing multi-colored thread that i am 1/2 chomping at the bit to use and 1/2 scared that i will f*&k up and not be able to make a drawing.... see the rest of the haul here . i can't thank you enough natalie... and i promise your package will be on it's way before the week is done. it's all gathered... i just have to wrap!

spt housewife Originally uploaded by dressform.

this is me as a housewife... which really is an identity switch! ha ha. i'm not really much of a housewife.... i hate cleaning. i like things being clean - don't get me wrong, but the act of cleaning is for the birds methinks. kitchens and bathrooms are the worst.... but i had to mop and clean since my parents and grandma are coming for t-day.... there is no way to live up to my mom's standards of clean but it at least the house has to be presentable! see other self portraits [go go!]

spt - sympathy for tonka

and this is for the countess.... she mentioned that she thought that sometimes she should be wearing an e-collar to protect herself. i agreed and thus in sympathy for tonka, and in hopes of making her giggle.... i put one on! thank you to everyone who wished him well... he is much better and not wearing the above monstrosity any longer! we got our new swank harness from rebecca at retro-pet and soon tonka will be out walking the streets of the hood as normal!

i hope that everyone has a really wonderful thanksgiving [if you are inclined or in a region that celebrates it!] i am so so so looking forward to cranberry sauce. yum. yum.

drawing a day ~ week 13 Originally uploaded by dressform.

lucky 13? i'm not sure. i kind of felt lost this week. i missed the robots, so i did a green rocket... that one made me smile. there are parts of these that i am really liking, but somehow this week nothing seems quite "finished". why is that? why on some days do things just flow together and make sense... and then on others just feel random and confusing. the crux of human existence and i dare to ask why?!? next green is more bubblegummy [i'm inventing adjectives]. it's brighter and saucier and ???


i went to lacis the other day.... i feel so lucky that it is in my neighborhood. indeed. found the thread for my trade with nebo .... found the above book... on applique.... they had quite a few japanese craft lovlies and i was VERY good and only walked out with this one... even though i have a gift certificate [thanks mom and dad]. i was the epitome of restraint. hee hee. i also got some thread for my wall project. at least i think these are the colors. i will take a photo of the array next time i'm there [which i think will be sooner rather than later] because it's so tempting to do so many things.... all the pretty colors.... sigh...

pink:red 1

but yes, i think this will be the color of the doilies on the wall. unless of course i change my mind.... [i've been known to do that]

on friday i went with the former princess of the dessert - who now lives in SF... she needs a new nickname! to see mary tsiongas' show at stanford.

Mary Tsiongas

it was called "the hunter gathers" and was the idea of hunting almost as a relic. about her personal relationship to hunting [her grandfather used to sustain her family in greece by hunting.] how even through brutality there is a sense of care and love [shots of hunters rubbing deers lovingly] she was also working with the target! in her pieces she juxtaposed her face with hunted animals - lining up her eyes, nose, etc. with theirs - in the shape of targets. one was particularly haunting and spooky - the one of her and a fox - not sure why that one got to me more than the others, but it did. i almost want to email her w/ my animal targets.... but not sure if i'll have the guts. i have really liked mary's work for quite sometime. she always seems to find a way to make technology accessible and human and warm. which seems to not be the norm when it comes to video, sound pieces and the like. at least in my experience. the above was one of my favorites. a mannequin for taxidermy watching the taxidermist at work. it was hard to watch the video - and the sad mannequin forever glued to watching that scene.... not the "easiest" of shows... but really got me thinking. and great to see with such a thoughtful person as well... i forgot how good it can be to go with someone to see art. duh! instant dialogue instead of all in my head. maybe i am too much in my head of late....

abby-normal new bags Originally uploaded by dressform.

so... if you are on my email list and oh so know about this already... sorry! i'm plastering, blasting, and shouting from the rooftops: *new* nEw NeW stuff [t-shirts - in 2 new styles - the frenchy and pony + all the old favs, bags - and cute smaller bags now] available now [say it in your best commercial voice] at abby-normal . which hopefully [if still successful] will be named something else by the years end.... but that's another story. if you are in a shopping mood, or need a gift, or insert your reason here.... please consider shopping from me! :)

end of ad!

we have yet to really experience fall here. it's very strange. the weather is crisper, but it's almost 80 degrees! mama nature is pulling a fast one. i am surely a weather wimp, but a bit of chill and a smidge of rain would be nice... otherwise i'm going to start to think i live in LA the land of the 365 day a year flip flop as accessory.

i have such a stack of grading... from here on out it's almost all grading all the time... ok i jest... but really there's 15 sketchbooks in my living room and the next class' sketchbooks are due in a week.... uh yeah - the next time a student rolls their eyes at how much work i assign i will roll them right back and say - who do you think looks at and comments on all this stuff?? and i signed on for 3 classes next quarter. did i sniff glue?? no... it will be good. i have taught all 3 before - hopefully i will have a few of the same good students again.... [and even more hopefully have scared off the bad ones!]

no more typing... things to do!

spt Originally uploaded by dressform.

so... i'm not as cool as cindy sherman.... but that's the inspriation here.... and all i could muster was the heavy eye make-up [which i NEVER wear] and the sunglasses.... it is a bit moody, though right?? what i love about ms. sherman's untitled film series is that you are never quite sure what's going on.... mystery... and that even though you KNOW it's her - she still seems to be embodying a character. like the revealing of all the sides of herself. all the sides that we have but very rarely truly expose.... my close up spt alternate here.

tonka in an e-collar

and will everyone please think good thoughts for my little biscut? he had soft palette surgery yesterday. apparently he has lyringal collapse [not good - he will have airway troubles if he overheats], but hopefully once he heals he'll breathe easier overall... [they also opened up his nostrils! it's almost like fancy plastic dog surgery! but it has real benefits].... he is quite unhappy with the stupid e-collar, but still cute as ever, huh??

drawing a day ~ week 12 Originally uploaded by dressform.

things are starting to reverberate - besides the doilies. i think this is a good thing... the bird house condo one brought me back to when i was an undergrad and painting these birds with arches... i think that really themes and desires and loves in art never really leave us... we just find slightly new ways to expand and use our vocabularies. things may retreat, or shift and we easily meander... but somehow somewhere the things that really resonate bubble back to the surface.... i kind of wonder if we really are wired with a set of universal symbols that trigger an almost automatic inherent response. is this why we look at cave paintings and manage to relate to them?? how the mind works!

since it is already kind of tuesday i'm not sure if i'll get to spt later.... and i so wanted to channel cindy sherman in the untitled black and white film series... sigh....

i am quite tickled by all the positive responses and well wishes regarding the japan show... thank you! i will definitely keep you abreast of any developments!

and now i bid you good night. it has been a long long day and a snuggly bed calls me!

Reindeer cards

i forgot to add this in the last post.... i found i have a pretty healthy stack of these left... they were my silk screened holiday cards from last year. shadow puppet from a 1950's book i have.... i then punched and glued the little red noses on by hand.... the envelopes have a stamp on them that i carved to match the inside.... i'm selling the extras in my shop. i guess we'll see if anyone likes them! :)

jugglers Originally uploaded by Nad.

i swear these words are in this order in my dictionary....

juggernaut - any destructive force or object

juggle - to keep several objects continuously moving from the hand into the air

jugular - of or pertaining to the region of the throat or jugular vein.

i was thinking about how much i am juggling. how many balls are up in the air - at the moment just suspended, but calamity could ensue any second. i picture pink and blue and red and orange rubble balls all around me. laughing while they bounce. granted this is not super threatening... and kind of funny. but also not. it seems like as i cross things off my to do list new things replace them - this is EVEN as i say no and consciously attempt not to take on any more. as i thought about how i feel like a juggler and then looking for a synonym to use for juggle in the dictionary - imagine my giggle at juggernaut and jugular. OK miss coincidence. i get the message. i swear!

from Wendy!

a surprise birthday package from my favorite girl of green . so i guess the bonus of all this blogging and flickring is that people really know what you like! how perfect is this stuff?? kokeshi and chocolate [retro chocolate at that]!! and wendy, i have been wanting to get back into the habit of smelling good. i know my mom hates perfume, but i like it when it's subtle. and yours smell divine. so i want to be enveloped in those smells.... and i'll think of you as i walk around and sniff my wrist! :) and i can't wait to look at the book - it's quite intriguing!

so.... thursday night i had a studio visit. remember awhile back when i asked for all the finger crossing? well thanks ladies and gents - it worked i believe! aparently my work has been chosen to be in a show with 5 other artists [oddly all men - but that's another thing] at this museum in japan! there's a tad of info in english on the space here. the exhibit is supposed to be next summer - august or so. and hubby and i are hoping to go too! so yes, picture me doing a crazy happy dance here [with lots of finger tapping!] i'm still not sure what they might want... the visit was with one of the artists who is part curator for the show - but the curators of the museum have to pick the final works.... and i want to make new pieces... bigger target pieces.... i'm starting with a quilt of 6 and seeing where i can go from there.... they may also be into a felt tank piece - which would suit me just fine. yesiree.

i have spent most of the day grading... but i am done with that for this weekend! hee hee... and because i need any bit of humor i can find... i leave you with this photo of garbo attempting to fit into a cat bed b/c it was warmed up....

what? i fit!!

moe Originally uploaded by dressform.

slight as in slighted... ignored... neglected.... oh bloggy blog i'm sorry. oh friends and other things in my life - i apologize! i have not paid you due attention. does acknowledgement make it any better?? what i do like is if you just remove one small "s" you end up with light - light hands sounds nice.... as if then you are lighthearted.... i can try, right?

since i couldn't manage to get this done last week - i bring you pet to blog [the p2p tradition]. once again i'm squeaking under the wire with this one... but i at least have 2 hours and 20 minutes to type this time!

moe.... aka... miss moe, moemy, fatty mcgoo [she's chubby! and we mean this sweetly], imo potato [imo is potato in japanese - so i guess we're being redundant here], moemela, mopa dopa, princess moe... she is one of the sweetest kitties i have ever met - on her terms... she IS a cat! you can't pick her up and you can't go after her but she is so lovely. she rubs into you constantly.... she gives kisses.... if you call her she eagerly comes to sit with you. i think she has the cutest little face....

she was the last kitty that we ended up taking in. she was brought to a place hubby used to work by 2 biker chicks. her and her silver tabby sister. some big jock dude that worked there cleaning the kennels by day and body building by night accidently gripped her sister too hard one day. he actually crushed her internal organs and she died overnight [i know i know tragic]. moe slept next to her dead sister the whole night until someone found her in the morning. that was enough for hubby to say that we had to bring her home! she couldn't stay at the hospital any longer! of course i started to protest, but then.... she had extra toes too! [she has an extra thumb - if she wasn't so overweight you'd really be able to tell - she's got mits for paws!] and how can you say no to a little cute cuddly kitten??

from the start moe was sweet. she'd curl up into this little ball in my lap and sleep away. since she was hand raised around the dogs - she loves them too. she rubs into them all the time.... and if they didn't sniff so hard i bet she'd sleep with them... [moe finds the sniffing rude]. tonka hates when she marks him - back and forth - he gets this "get that cat away from me" look on his face. it's priceless!

moe is a flirt... she loves to hang out with boys. she loves mommy too... sometimes sleeps right under my arm.... but she's very polite. she doesn't wake you up.... just curls up and purrs. she is a bully about her food though. and all she likes is kibble. no human food [not even tuna which the boys goes nuts for]. she only wants kibble - so it's sort of ironic that she's so overweight.... if she wants to eat she kicks the boys out of the way and she puffs up so she doesn't have to share with them.... naughty girl! and she catches flies really well [maybe those big paws help!]

so that's our clan.... all 5 of them [can you believe we used to be the brady bunch and had 6??]. pets keep me sane. they are snuggly... they make me laugh.... they often make my day!

i do have some news... studio visit today... but more on this next time [i'm a tease!] because i have to get back to work.... and i have no idea what's new on flickr or what anyone else has been up to - at all!

drawing a day ~ week 11 Originally uploaded by dressform.

i can't believe i managed to get this up still on monday [barely - i've got 22 minutes to type!].

spent more time painting the house this weekend. the office this time. charcoal gray with robin blue trim... the blue trim looks nice through the brown walls of the dining room.... [in case you haven't been to our house... the living room, dining room and office flow into one another thru wide archways.... you can see through to all the rooms] the only problem is that the office is SUCH a disaster.... i did manage to get through some books and put some in a "to donate" pile - but i really want/need to get in there and organize... i put off grading and computer work, though, to paint and so i'm going to be feeling the strain this week. my own fault. i'll take my lumps.

tonight was crit 2 in the drawing class. i was fuming at one student. it looked like she literally spent 15 minutes on her drawing. the idea was "internal/external" represent something internal externally - on 2 pieces of paper - the theme is huge, right? you can take something apart and show the innards... you can illustrate a memory or a feeling... you can practically do anything if you can explain it. she did a TAPE DISPENSER - yes the scotch tape plastic kind. i kid you not. and when she spoke about it - she said - i dunno i thought it'd be fun to take the dispenser apart. but it wasn't. that was about it. really. and so the students were kind and tried to give her some feedback - but what can you say to that?? and so i just said: you know it's really hard for us to have anything to say to you. it doesn't look like you put any time or concern into your drawing and you don't even have anything to say about it. so how can you expect us to say anything in return? the fact you weren't interested SHOWS in your drawing. if you weren't interested then pick something else! ugh. she didn't attend the first crit. she will not be happy with her grade. yuck. i asked 2 students i like and trust if i was too harsh. they said - no she shouln't have even bothered to show that. what was the point? i'm trying to not let it get to me. as much as i really want to motivate and get through - in an instance like this it seems practically insurmountable! the student has to make at least a minor effort... water under the bridge. water take it away [calgon take me away. what ever happened to calgon? girl hula, you got me thinking!]

so.... i don't really know where i was going with these drawings this week. really it was the first thing that popped into my head was what made it onto the paper - or paint chip as the case may be. i'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing... and unfortunately i don't have the time to ruminate on this fact.... and you'll notice that the doily - singular - has become doilies - plural. only one has sewing - but i started to fear that i was in a box. and not trying anything new... heck maybe a WHOLE doily will get sewn in. what do i know????

i do know i have to make a list for tomorrow.... badly. voting - pick up slides - re-write statement - call client - email email email - ..... ..... yeah yeah yeah. spt??!?!? i hope i can get it together!

happy toes Originally uploaded by dressform.

connie took me to get a belated b-day pedicure yesterday. boy was that nice. sitting still in a massage chair for 20 minutes or so... and we had lunch too! wendy, i breathed!

hip hip hooray - the splitting of abby is done! insert big sigh of relief here.... so now i can start to get the new stuff online... i'm working on it... update is so forthcoming! yay!!

not really any studio time this week. see the bitchy princess below for how i feel about that. able to keep up on the drawing a day - but barely. it's time to put the happy toes down. NO. practice saying it... or in it's nicer form... as much as i'd like to do that, i can't. as much as i'd like to assist you in that matter, unfortunately the next opening in my calendar is in 2006.

i can't believe it's november already. time to start thinking about THE HOLIDAZE. [yes for me it's always a daze.] cards, gifts, family, friends, work parties, deadlines.... plenty of cheer, razzle, and dazzle.... i think i neeed to take a short nap first, though.

from cicilia
goodies from a new web pal mooncici . thanks cicilia! you totally spoiled me! shirt from bali, handmade post-it keepers, earrings, adorable celphone charm, cracker/cookies, and it goes on and on and on!! and i'm totally tardy on getting you your stuff out... forgive me....

string dolls
discovered these.... string dolls by kamibashi yeah. too cute. collect them all if you dare....

and finally.... girl hula you will FLIP over this one!! the bain collection of vintage photos... so many subjects... so many photos... not enough time!! [anyone come up with that time stretching device yet?? chop chop!!]

have a good weekend all!!

bitchy princess Originally uploaded by dressform.

the theme this month is identity. this is me as a bitchy princess.... my inner princess in a foul foul mood. the alternate pensive version. i took 30 photos. oy vey. really i just wanted to wear a tiara. even if it was fake and plastic.... this month's theme could be dangerous. i've already plotted my own murder and how to photograph it....

this morning i awoke to a really thrilling email. kt wrote to inform me that a certain someone had purchased a target piece from her! i can't name names, but it's incredible that this person wants/likes/bought {!!!} my work. oh the ego is so easily appeased! [i almost did a little dance. i did clap my fingers together - all speedily. should have captured that, huh?]

then i dealt with the drudgery of the rest of the day. conversations with my soon to be ex-partner about what is happening with our business. she is leaving it. which really is FINE with me - other than i have to figure out what i want to do next. and we're generaing a dissolusion document. it's like a divorce. even though it is going decently it's just kind of ugly in a general sense. it really is for the best and we want to stay friends and friendly [the harder part]. i have learned a lot about people's motivations. my own motivations. what is important when engaging in this kind of undertaking. i am really really hoping that thurs we will sign this document and then i can just get on with it! there's new stuff... and it's cute and i want to get it out there!! luck be a lady and hang out with me, OK?

i've been thinking a lot about how sometimes life just seems like a puzzle [and YES this is a tired old analogy, but bear with me - i am bitchy princess after all!]. litterally a bunch of puzzle pieces [yes the 1000 piece variety that you would sit for days to put together - the complicated one with the forest and the lake and the sky that would look like lake and get you all confused]. it's like they get all thrown up in the air. some of them fall together and link up on their own. some you have to push around until they start to fit. and sometimes in really magical moments you spy the right piece across the divide and it fits. just right. too bad it's not just concentration that makes that happen. i could muster some more of that if it would prove so useful!

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