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in the spirit of p2p even though they aren't blogging daily any longer [sadness] today i present our dog #2 tonka.... [skip to the end for non-pet related matters]

tonka... aka the biscut, sea biscut, tonka wonka, captain bunkenstein, the captain, little one, bunny boy. tonka has his very own voice... in fact hubby and i can spend hours talking in his voice [you have to imagine a bad french accent w/ an elmer fudd twist] "hello sausage! my name is tonka. i'd like to eat you!" even though he's a frenchie [and yes there are those frenchie nuts out there] he's a rescue! he was given to someone the hubby used to work with. her boyfriend wanted a big dog and so they kept him in a crate most of the day in a garage. he is SUPER incredibly social and this did not suit him at all! he had diarrhea constantly... and then there is the fact that he is the sole surviving member of his litter... the woman who bred him put all his siblings to sleep because one of them went down [with a spinal issue]. that fact makes me shudder!

the biscut is a ham ["ham! oh yes please i'd like some ham!"]. if you walk him in public and someone ignores him he practially dances at their feet.... it is like he is saying "but hello! have you SEEN me?? if you have seen me then you must love me!". he loves to snuggle with us and garbo. he and garbo are super pals... if he hears a noise he doesn't like [he's actually a good watch dog] he comes and gets her [she's the muscle!] he snores. he's incredibly charming [which he knows]. he's got a big dog personality squished into a little body with a big head. and here's a funny fact... french bulldogs used to be the dog of choice for french prostitutes [he loves that!].... the above photo sums it up i think.... "hi mom... i am using you as a pillow even if you have to work!"

i am a year older today. do i feel any wiser?? not really. i think we peak in our self view of intelligence when we're teens... i actually feel like i know less now... i am even less cynical in some ways [don't worry i started out with enough to spare]. i am grateful that it is warm out today [finally our indian summer!]. i'm excited that hubby got me an espresso machine! yay! simple things seem to mean more....

i am so incredibly touched by all the finger crossing on my behalf from the last post.... i will divulge the news soon... i'm still a little shy about it!

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nine nine nine - nine already? nine and time are pals.... only because they rhyme...

so... my hands. because often i don't know what to do with them... because i have too many choices of what to do with them.... because i talk with them.... because they are expressive in so many ways.... because they fit together nicely [remember here's a church, here's a steeple, look inside and see all the people?].... because because because.... want more spt? oh yes you do... [and october's theme is out.... go

started teaching yesterday. hope i didn't forget to say something. i talk fast. and often students don't ask questions the first day.... it's important to set the tone... what is my tone?? i shouldn't be typing this i should be finalizing my lecture for tomorrow! next on the agenda....

i'm a bit giddy. my phone has been ringing off the hook today. i don't normally verbalize so much [2 days in a row with the teaching. i forget how tiring the simple act of TALKING can be]. one phone call was incredibly exciting.... i can hardly spill the beans because it's too exciting and what if it doesn't happen????? it HAS to happen! it involves, me... my art work.... a museum [!] and all of us going in a plane to a place far far away.... keep your fingers crossed for me OK?

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red is just so much easier to work with.... i love the red on the white... stark, striking, somehow very true.... the connotations are lovely too... blood, love, strawberries [ :) ]

tomorrow i start teaching again.... eek! i have lectures to prepare and quizes to make up! this is not my favorite task by any means.... as if a quiz can really tell if someone has absorbed something? it's like a catch 22 though.... must have the threat of a quiz to make them read and take notes.... which ultimately seems weird because they are in school to LEARN this stuff right?? you'd think they'd want to know what they truly need to know in order to practice their profession of choice??

speaking of TRUTH .... i have one more funny tale of NY.... i was walking on the upper east side [for those of you who don't know...let's just say it's a VERY nice neighborhood]. waiting for a light to turn green i heard a little boy's voice "daddy, name something that you can't see but you can feel". i turned around. there stood a dad - in a very nice brooks brother's shirt with cufflinks and neatly pressed khakis.... one hand was holding the hand of a very small boy who looked like he could be modeling for ralph lauren's children's line... ash brown short hair combed and parted perfectly.... little boy version of pressed khaki shorts and a button down blue plaid shirt. in the father's other hand was a PERFECT martha would be proud cupcake with blue frosting and sprinkles.... i quickly turned back around so not to stare [what i really wanted to do was take a picture!]. the dad said "uuhhhhh. something you can't see but can feel.... do you mean like the wind??". the boy giggled with glee. "yeah daddy like the wind...." i slowed to let them pass me.... do you remember asking questions like that to the adults around you? and loving the answers? i'm sure the boy was looking forward to getting home and snacking on the cupcake....

i dreamt this morning of my grandfather.... i used to ask him those kind of questions [although you couldn't always trust his answers - big kidder that he was].... in my dream he was in a hospital bed and i got and gave a big wet kiss [his specialty].... i didn't get to do that.... and i wish i had. it was somehow very very satisfying in the dream.... like he knew it was what i needed.....

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i think i can pack in the rest of my trip into one more long post.... 1...2...3... deep breath....

above is marcel dzama.... one of my all time favs [loved by masses i think]. i almost don't want to love him anymore he's so revered [yes he's the one that beck used for his record cover]. but i couldn't help it. he sucked me in... i am just charmed by the 1940's inspired colors and the idea of monsters and bat tales.... sigh... at david zwirner . i feel lucky that i could afford my action figure tree....

Nara - Inside the shed

also in chelsea... another artist that makes my heart pitter patter... yoshitomo nara. at marianne boesky . i have seen several amazing shows there over the years.... there are 4 more nara photos on flickr [although i took like 10....] the whole idea of making an artist studio in a gallery just really struck me. it's fake, but it's not. obviously being the big art star his studio is not that tiny - but there's something nice about it looking like it's a little hole in the wall... like he's still a student..... there's also something oddly weird about it - but... i bought it. [maybe i'm a sucker]

other hightlights of chelsea: bellwether , clementine gallery , heidi cho gallery , danica phelps at zach feuer gallery , roebling hall .... all good. there's just NO WAY to see it all in chelsea. it's impossible!

i also went to the whitney . with my grad school pal tam [who is smart as a whip and an incredible artist. she was making pieces involved with language and text and toxins if you will... she made paper out of poison oak, and apparently just finished the matching poison oak pen to write with... [don't start itching just thinking about it]. we have a really soft spot for robert smithson - who was having a retrospective there - because we did a project together on him in school. here are words to think about when approaching smithson: entropy, crystal [s, azation, ize], boring, monument, earth.... known most for "the sprial jetty" it was fun to see what a museum space would show of his. i'm not a fan of his non-sites [he brings rocks and mirrors from a particular place inside], but i loved the map drawings that they had [never seen those!] and there was this strange room full of his "non-mature" work. it was STRANGE and didn't really jive with everything else. where/when did that shift happen??

also at the whitney was a pretty interesting show called "remove viewing". my favorites being pieces by franz ackermann and julie mehretu . there was also a strange installation by goth rocker guy banks violett [a salt church in a black room... with sound] and a good show called "off the grid" a re-interpretaion of pieces from the collection.

also went to the the met . which really is a place that you can spend 2 weeks in... it's giant and massive and full of wonders [like egyptian stuff? no problem. medieval table settings? no problem. modern art? no problem]. what i really went for was the matisse and fabric show. man - what he a guy after my own heart... loved the premise... here are the fabrics that inspired him. look at them next to the paintings that he made.... yeah. smart. and the fabrics were strikingly beautiful. and matisse? well what new can be said about him? i always show him to a beginning student who is stuggling with color - or composition [flatting out space? he's the MASTER!]

also at the met was sol le witt on the roof:
Sol LeWitt on the roof 2
Sol LeWitt on the Met Roof

i love sol's 1960's cube sculpture stuff.... and the quiet paper pieces... and a few of the big rainbow wall pieces... these things really did make me smile and giggle. they looked so funny in conjuction with the ny skyline.... smiling at art is good!

also at the met was a tony oursler project.
Tony Oursler

this was the first big projection piece of his i've seen [i've only seen smaller works - talking stuffed heads]. it was pretty intense - and funny and spookey...

williamsburg - trashed books
chair in williamsburg

onto williamsburg art [since we covered the shopping and the folks there!] we'll call the above mood shots.... i have a think for abandoned chairs on the street... i take a photo of one almost everytime i'm in NY....

gallery highlights: 31 grand . i'd seen them at a few art fairs and really like the mix of artists. the space is lovely and the gals who work there seem super nice! pierogi . the world famous flatfiles are a sight to see.... and they had another mark lombardi for me to see.... sigh....

so remember that about glamour place i told you about for shopping? [cute cute cute] they also have a gallery in the back so it was a double whammy of goodness... this is what we found there:

George Boorujy

george boorujy. nuff said.

i spent the day walking around with the countess... she is lovely in mind heart and spirit.... i instantly felt super safe with her.... and even though we are far far apart i feel oddly connected to her.... i don't even know how to thank the desert people that somehow knew that we should meet.... it is so nice to know that there are people who have good intentions and who see clearly and help you find moments of wonder....

that, my friends, is the end of the NY tales.... it will be back to regular programming from here....

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so... if you can believe it, i still have art to talk about [there are the galleries after all]. but i thought i'd take a moment to speak of the other things i occupied my time with in NY. yes NON-ART things.... i do have my limits!

the above is my painting from the amazing aurora! we traded - and honestly i think i finagled the better end of this deal. i LOVE my piece.... more than words could possibly express....

so... yes! i got to meet green girl . she was really cute and in her painting clothes because she works at this cool job. so i also got to meet her boss sarah and her co-worker/friend johanna... who has a CD and it's GRAND! i love it.... she actually got a new ukulele while i was there... they [along with buddy and shadow the poochies] make a very charming family. it was really fun to sit across from miss green after having read her blog and shared emails for a spell... i know she's headed out to CA at some point and so i hope to have her to myself for some tea!

i also saw some of my old time pals.... which is always lovely.... a few artist friends and one who is almost finished with her ph.d [uh huh - gulp]. the title of her dissertation includes the word malfeasants.... i am making it my mission to use this word in more of a daily practice.

i got to see my first fashion show:
vera wang [my first real fashion show]
vera wang.... [did i tell you it was fashion week too?]. she said her collection was based on deadwood and matisse... she had 60's cover tunes playing... i swore there were 4 models but apparently there were more like 16 and they all lookws the same... and they all walked funny - it looks much stranger in person, the runway walk, than it does on TV. they were walking like they had something stuck down their pants! it was a whirlwind.... soo many photographers and weird oddly familiar people [like from the "E" channel]

and now the shopping round up.... READY???!?!? manhattan first....

have to stop at H & M [didn't make it to century 21 this time, but...]. the ikea of clothing [as anke so aptly put it the other day] it is really fun to run around in there. i am waiting for their west coast store to open open open already!

got to also peruse abc home . i hadn't been since my first NY trip. 4 floors of amazing finds... old, new, colorful, quaint... if you need a chandelier and money is burning a hole in your pocket - this is the ticket. just look:
abc home

or how bout these cute fire men?
abc home - cute  kid's toys

can you not got to camper? and then could you resist these??
new campers
of course kim noticed the irresistability of them a bit ago....

i showed incredible restraint in the book department [i DID only have a roller carry-on]. i escaped with a brice marden drawings book and a catalogue of petah coyne [i have loved her incredible wax pieces for quite some time... the are intricate and lush and spookey... good combo!]

the piece de resistance, though is my marcel dzama "character"
my xenophaner
brought to you by cereal art . there is more on mr. dzama to come as he did happen to have a show in ny [hee hee]

moving on to BROOKLYN! i stayed with friends in carroll gardens [off the G]. their neighborhood has changed immensely since the last time i visited. there were just oodles and oodles of cool shops all in their hood. smith street, court street, and atlantic ave.... soula, lily, butter, flirt.... eek!

so in getting to their casa my purse broke... and so i had to buy this
new purse
by yak pak [can't find my purse on their site, but....]

down the street is brooklyn industries . oh my! so much goodness... where i had to get this [because it's USEFUL!!] for my laptop:
laptop sleeve

if you email me i'll send you a promo code for their website 10% off... share the love!

and [oh i know, more... your eyes must be tired!]
new green shoes

i couldn't help it. they were green - i don't have any green shoes... and they were on sale... gulp....

over in williamsburgh there are also some incredible shops [you have to be willing to fare some serious hipsters.... ultra sharp hairdos and too cool for school sunglasses... but it's worth it!]. about glamour was chock full of all things kawaii and covetable... stickers, vintage kitchenware and clothes.... oh oh oh my! the future perfect was dreamworthy. my studio mate must travel there. he must! pricey but oh so good i wish i had more cash money! moon over chattle [sorry no site!] was full of retro pieces and retro reproduction goodness. And then there was the junk store. Called junk. And i broke down and bought an item of clothing [i try to not buy clothes b/c i have a stockpile of them.... i love them... but we have small closets.... And i now only go once and awhile on super special shopping trips with my grandma!!] but this... i could not resist:
green and orange poly plaid jacket
poly? Green and orange plaid?? puuuhhhleeaasseee how many of these do you think there are floating around??

OK.... you made it. i think i got thru most of it [and heck at this point if i forgot something too bad!]

i warn... there will be more art.... ;)

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the body part that i was most conscious of in NY... feet! taken in the apt. of my friends where i was staying. they had this fiber rug that felt good to rub your feet on.....

so.... onward with the art tales

charles benefiel

this is the work of charles benefiel. one of 3 artists i really really enjoyed at the obsessive drawing show at the american folk art museum . one of my all time favorite museums, the folk art space is a really fun place to visit. it's where i was lucky enough to see a henry darger show... they not only have all these really cool artifacts [like a cut paper piece that is TO DIE for] but they curate shows as well.

the obsessive drawing show states: "Each artist thus discovers what John Ruskin (1819-1900) said about drawing years ago, that one purpose of drawing was to record things that could not be described in words." how great is that?? you can see the other artists i really liked here .

benefiel's pieces all have to do with language. he's inventing his own symbology... thus what you see is actually telling you something [if you can read it]. i remember in the 5th grade a friend and i tried to come up w/ our own language to write secret notes in... it took forever to write and de-code the notes.... but it was fun. the artists in this show are "self-taught". they speak of making the work to help calm their minds - to overcome OCD, for reasons "other" than making aesthetic objects.Butt they are highly aesthetic and really seamlessly fit right into what so many ultra contemporary artists are practicing...I'mm not sure exactly what that says for the state of art education, or contemporary art for that matter.Thee debate about art as necessity and "untrained" artists is an ongoing and potentially precarious thing.

i also decided to go WAY WAY uptown and go to the the cloisters . it literally is like another world. a jaunt back in time. i happened to walk up w/ some NYU students [cute little art historians]. one of them was a life long new yorker boy and he had never made it up that high on the west side... funny how you can live somewhere and never really get to all that the place has to offer....


thank god they let you take photos.... this was one of the most breath-taking places i've been in a while.... you can see all 29 photos i took here . as you walk up the hill to the cloisters there's a sign that reads "quiet zone". so you wander around sort of holding your breath.... as i meandered from area to area in the building i could actually feel myself breathing. and inhaling deeply as i spied more and more beautiful things....

not to mention the park that the cloisters lives in.... and the best part? you look one way and you see water and jersey and lush... you look the other and you see project towers.... i think that sums up NY so nicely. everything condensed together. dirt poor and filthly rich, gourmet food and hot dog stands, tall buildings that surround one of the biggest parks ever.... its a mishmash, a conglomorate of opposites...Polarr notions that push and pull and attract one another in continually strange and beautiful and thought provoking ways....

oh yes but wait there's more [and if you order now we'll throw in 2 more NY tales for FREE!].... tomorrow!

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so.... where oh where to start? i mean - really - i saw 3 amazing museums in ONE DAY while i was there! if i blogged about them all together you all might suffer from eye strain.... so i'll try and just tell you things little by little. it will be a NY week re-cap! especially since all i have to do now at home is catch up and make sure i get all the things on my list checked off.... not much to blog about there! although i will say... man, is it nice to come home... to happy pets... to a non-empty bed... to all my kookey stuff....

in general things you should know:
:: it was hot! over 85 almost every day. really fun at night when you didn't need a jacket and could eat at restaurants with gardens!
:: it was humid! not as bad as during the middle of august but... there was plenty of sweating.... thanks to some hurricane off the coast [made for good surfing apparently!]
:: i walked so much that my calves are now like 3 times as big as they were
:: every night i would take off my shoes and go ick! my feet would be swollen and ITCHY [i think this is my least favorite thing about new york]

so... first... the new moma. the $20 a ticket moma. the moma that made you feel a little like you were visiting a theme park. why? because of the scale of everything [massive!] because of the organization [everything neatly categorized into areas of specialty... prints, new media, architecture...] and finally because i think i heard more languages other than english being spoken than in any place i've been - ever! AND there was all the picture taking. left and right and left and right [you can see all MY shots [if you can't beat em, join em] here with my own little commentary for each.]

what did i love? i still love this [one of the most stunning eve hesse pieces of all time]:

and this is one of my favorite rothko's EVER:

i also completely loved this piece by janet cardiff . it was 40 speakers in a room - each singing a different part. they were set up in an oval. you could walk around and get confused at to where the sound was coming from.... you could close your eyes and think you were in a church. oh right! you are. in a church of ART. notice the speakers are around head height... she's a smart cookie that woman!

then there was the turrell piece [sorry no photo - impossible]. he just blows my mind.... after walking thru a dark and narrow hallway w/ a strip of silver along the wall to help you "see" your way. you are in this red inflamed space. it's like the temperature is different. you can't see until your eyes adjust. once they do you have NO BEARING. no idea how big the room is - no idea how many people are actually standing next to you... you hear murmering... you have to put a hand out to move so that you don't fall or bump into someone at full speed. as you try and focus you see different depths of red... it was like glimpsing some secret world....

as if that wasn't enough... there was the mark lombardi the joseph cornell .... drum roll please.... and the NEW ARTIST that i have NEVER heard of before and am now coveting and researching and... and... and....


rivane neuenschwander yikes are these cool or what? comics with everything blocked out but the bubbles? [no text in those either]. all formal and colorful and lovely... a whole wall of them... in a row.... oh my heart skipped a beat. my fingers danced their crazy dance! so far from what i've seen of other work she is all over the map in terms of art - photos.... sculptures....etc. everything has this really nice conceptual twist though. a girl after my own heart!

this was pretty nice too... they were setting up a new show on the 6th floor. painted colored crates... even what art lives in is artistic...

are you still with me?? NY SPT and more art tomorrow.... same bat channel. same bat time!

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what is it about sitting in airports?

the strange conglomorate of people all literally in-between places [this being a favorate phrase/state of mine "between states"]. everyone is coming or going. it is not a final destination point - i have never heard someone declare - i am going to the houston airport! it's my favorite! [although i was just talking to someone who loves traveling and loves airports.... hmmm... wave of the future - disneyland airports - coaster to your next gate]

black bags with ribbons to distinguish them from all the other black wheely bags that everyone else is also carrying. [hence the lust for this suitcase]. everyone has their travel routine :: aisle or window seat? :: shorts, jeans or suit? you can sit and start to bean count.... 1 2 3 samsonites.... 1 2 3 toddlers.... 1 2 3 balding guys in shorts... all the while listening to "static static static" [misfits on the ipod]... appropo!

i'm in the big city! i don't have much energy to blog... it's amazing thus far - plenty plenty of tales to tell! i have met the countess [who is more magnificent in person than i could have imagined!] tomorrow i meet green girl! i haven't had a sec to really check flickr or read blogs [i just checked my bloglines and i'm 78 behind!]. this is both wonderful and sad [it certainly proves i'm addicted to the internet!] yes - my feet hurt! it is hot here!

so just a tease for now... tall tales to come! [i have found a new artist to covet... saw some favorite paintings and sculptures... went back in time.... oh there's lots!]

drawing a day - week 4 Originally uploaded by dressform.

on a summer holiday. if you want to go you'll swim. we're going to london [no we aren't, although that would be grand] and new york city [yes!!] and we'll take a little piece of both of em!

remember that song? :) it is bouncing in my brain as i prepare for my mini-vacation to NY... yay! i am so excited to be out of my element - headed to a place that is stimulating beyond belief. i will see art, friends, meet the countess and green girl at long last, see more art... look at cool shoes.... have smart and snappy conversations, ride subways, walk until my feet hurt... miss home [my hubby, the garden, and the pets]... not think about the PILE of things i have to get done [at least try not to].... hee hee hee

to be honest - it is a tad strange to be writing about NY on this day, huh? it's hard to believe that so much time has gone by and that we have a current national disaster that keeps reminding us of 9/11/01. i am going to refrain from politicizing at the moment... nothing seems right to say, really. weeeelll, excpet for this: if nothing else i truly hope that as a nation we will no longer try to pretend that racism and classism doesn't exist in this country. and that we look beyond the politics of this situation to actually attempt to change and grow...i wish i had a new way to heal greiving hearts and minds... but i don't. enough said.

so above is this week's set of drawings. i have decided that this project deserves it's own section on my website... so i built a "drawing a day" portfolio - you can get to it from my home page - or my portfolio page . Of course you can still check them out in a flickr set too. [yes, overkill, but... forgive me]

so i may or may not blog while gone... [bets?? i probably will] i'm sure i will fall behind on flickring and reading what everyone else is up to but it will be fun to catch up! OK, i have to tackle some tasks before i leave... [i stupidly made a sticky note of what i need to do for clients.... ugh! on the flipside i have a sticky notes of trades i have to finalize when i get home! i prefer that list!!]

more garbo kissing Originally uploaded by dressform.

OK p2p you win... i have so enjoyed reading about others furry friends, that i will add to the pet goodness! :: warning :: if you are sick of pet posts skip ahead... there's some art waiting for you at the end of this....

this is garbo. a.k.a. the boo, miss sweetness, baby girl, gabanzo, boobala, garbutt. i have several pets. and they all have a heart breaking story of some sorts... this is hers [the short version]. found roaming the streets of oakland with a chewed up extension cord tied around her neck... she was snagged while wolfing down a bowl of free-bee dog treats at a doggie physical therapy clinic. she was rescued by a vet hospital that my hubby worked at. she was emaciated and had horrible skin. she was given the god awful name of nikki and sat at the hospital waiting for someone to take her.... no one did. we had just lost a dog of ours and i was still grieving, but hubby said meet this dog! i said no... not ready. he brought her home one evening anyway [after bringing her home for lunch and making sure she was Ok w/ the kitties]. the first thing she did was jump into my lap and kiss me. that was it. she stole my heart. she is a 70 pound lap dog. she loves to sit in the sun. she loves to climb into bed with us at 5am and get under the covers [she uses the pillows like we do]. one of her favorite things is to get massaged by my mom. she is a snuggler and a lover [despite loosing a toe to another dog, an eye to glaucoma, and having to be on meds for some strange auto immune thing that doesn't make any sense]. she is my boo [not that i have any favorites! :) ]

on to the art front! the cozy tree mystery is no more! i got a missive from k-srasra the orginal poster of the tree... and the artist is... drum roll... one Carol Hummel . bummer is that there isn't very much on her on the WWW either... sigh.... but it's nice to know, huh??

there are a few links to report as well.... candlemomo , a flickr pal, has re-opened up her incredibly adorable shop! i am particularly fond of her hair accessories [too bad i chopped all mine off!]. also happened upon zinc . they have amazingly cute things for amazingly little cash. [i don't need more clothes. i don't need more clothes]

OK i am way overdue to actually get some work done [heat setting shirts!] today... so off i go!

me Originally uploaded by dressform.

feeling sort of in a state of fun-house mirror-ness and looking up while hanging a towel are what inspired this weeks submission. of course i feel like i kind of lucked out too... kath [the spt originator] has started a whole new spt blog because there are now 100 folks participating. smart woman! she also suggested that this month be devoted to body parts.... that is my hand/arm there in the background, so i'm going to say this qualifies [not to mention my head - i think 4 times if you stare hard enough.] there's an alternate to this photo here

my studio mate and i just printed a new round of images for abby-normal . i like them. we kept it much more simple this time since we are meerly adding to our collection [ooh that sounds hoitey toitey!]. printing is really fun b/c it's like x-mas... but it's also really stressful b/c you want to keep things from going wrong. i'm wiped! more on this later [after things are dry!] bye for now.....

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it's funny how crucial your relationship to color is. duh. i knew that, but it kicked me hard under the table this week. i like this brown, but it was much harder to think of what to do... it is so much more subtle than red or orange. when i was photographing them the brown actually cast a yellow hue on the paper! i am really happy with the blue one, though. the one where i made holes in the paper and blanket stitched around them. i think that one [like the doily ones] has a lot of potential to go further. we shall see.

the katrina quilt is coming along great! it's very exciting!

oh! the cozy tree from a few posts ago ... charlene from ursonate thought that it was by Rebecca Vaughan. I think she's right [esp. since i think ms. vaughan lives in ohio!]. i can't seem to find any good images on the world wide... i'm still hunting her down though. i need to know more! if anyone has any good leads, i'd be obliged [maybe someone knows her???]

mooselet Originally uploaded by dressform.

it has been a productive weekend thus far... i finished my piece for the countess which i will lovingly bring to her quite shortly. a plane traveling on a plane... hee hee... i hope she likes it for it really is quite quite funny [i think my work is often funny, but this piece is overtly funny. i would gladly make her another if she finds it just makes her giggle]. i think she might need a good laugh... it sounds like the naked mole rats have run rampant in her hood. i can't wait to see her and give her the most gigantic hug of support ever!

i have finished my quilting pieces for the katrina quilt and will post pics of them [3] shortly....

i also swapped out icky icky blinds in our dining room and office for real live curtains. i know i have a ridiculous dislike of blinds, but i find them so distasteful. i finally took the ikea plunge and got some real live cloths... the light is so much nicer and the rooms look oh so better....

i *think* one of the desert clan has moved west! i am eagerly awaiting contact! i know that those she left behind will miss her dearly, but i am so so excited to have her in my area [being the bay area]! i am quite quite sad that i will not be able to see the clan this fall... no fair for them this year. no fair for anyone... perhaps this means another pilgrimage to the desert. i need a tad more sun anyway, and just emailing the king and queen is never enough!! i want to dine with them and chat with them and laugh with them....

this weeks drawings coming soon.... [sorry for the banal post - i just needed to be simple and straightforward... the emotions are on low reserve!]

quilt for katrina!! Originally uploaded by dressform.

shanna is BRILLIANT!!

we now have something to do! she has started a group on flickr to build a quilt for victims of katrina. it's the same idea as the tsunami quilt

come on folks! we can do this! [and i've never really quilted before!] 10.25" x 10.25" (seam allowance) squares... plain, decorated, anything. action causes a reaction!

katrina damage Originally uploaded by dressform.

nothing like a natural disaster to put things into focus. i can no longer watch TV or listen to NPR. it is just too too much. the above photo is from the red cross site. taken by Daniel Cima.

yes! we can donate to the red cross . yes! we can buy something from crafters united etsy shop.

but what else? it saddens me so to see so many people that desperate [to the point of looting TV's and harming other humans]... it is amazing to think about an ENTIRE CITY gone. possibly for months potentially irreversably changed.

i'm thinking of trying to figure out a way to send actual goods. and maybe in a few weeks after this inital rush is over - b/c god knows it's going to take more than a few weeks of people donating cash to make a difference.

i also think that we have to continue on with what we all do. if we are all paralized and sit motionless we do no one any good. i'm hoping that the positive energy of making and creating will somehow migrate to the part of the country that is so obviously shattered, dejected, and in need.....

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