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i can't believe there have already been 6....

this is me, at work at my desk [rare i usually work on the laptop in the living room. i'm only at the desk if i have to print or it's something really SERIOUS]. i am working on something that is now on it's way to the middle of the country.... a place i've actually never been... i don't really want to talk about who or what yet since i don't want to jinx it - but it could be a very cool thing!


the above comes from this blog i guess it's in Cleveland, but other than that there isn't much info on it. i just think it's lovely! [of course one of my mottos is: everything can use a cozy!] i want to know more!!

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i kind of went all over the place this week... but that's really what the project is all about huh? you can see all of them [last weeks, this weeks, individually] here . i have one that took like 10 minutes and one that took 3 hours +. i wasn't really bargaining for that, but that goes into this whole thing i'm really interested in. the idea of work ethic - which has been wading around in my brain since helen molesworth [now curator at the wexner ] came and spoke to us in grad school about her show at the baltimore museum of art titled: work ethic .

here's the gist. how does time factor into an artmaking practice? especially when you start to consider performance or long term conceptual pieces [like this drawing a day - or self-portrait tuesday]. if i remember correctly molesworth sort of broke it down into 3 categories. [i really need to get the catalogue to that show! especially since i want to do a project in a class someday based on this idea]. 1. Artist as manual laborer & and own manager [the traditional mode of making where you create with your own hands. 2. Artist as manager - you set the task for someone else to complete [think Donald Judd calling up to have a plexiglas cube made, or Christo having the gates put up]. 3. Artist as experimentalist - where you need an audience to complete the piece. it cannot exist on its own.

what also fascinates me is the idea of time + labor = value. the longer you spend the better? if you labor over something intensely does it make it better? what if part of the labor is in your head, the thinking and planning. how do you account for that? sometimes it is the quick sketch on a napkin done w/ a sharpie that has that essence of amazement while the painting that you've spent 6 months on still looks like crap. i guess i'm saying that there is no magic formula. is that why we are compelled to keep going?? hmmmm

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abby sent me this box o' goodness. do you see everything in there? lovely tea, handmade cards, buttons, amazing giganticus post-it notes, rick rac, ribbon, fabric, embroidery thread.... sigh... i'm super duper touched by this:

pin cushion from abby

did she KNOW that i had a vintage red vinyl sewing case that would match perfectly?? she must have!

thanks abby... i hope you like your stuff as much as i like mine!

i will have to post the drawing a day pics tomorrow - the light is horrid right now and they came out crappy - so i'll reshoot with better light.

i am also wracking my brain. i have to make a CD of images... which do i pick, which do i not... i can't put every single thing i ever made on there.... ACK! you'd think i'd just use the ones that i've already prepped for proposals. but now there is NEW stuff. i have that artist disease. the one where you think what you've made MOST recently is just better than what you made months ago. it's a sickness. really.

did i tell you that the other morning i woke up singing "t-i-m-e is on my side, yes it is". i can't decide if i was A. fooling myself B. wishfully thinking [or singing as the case may be] C. attempting to have a positive attitude in order to institute change D. hoping that repitition makes truth. at least i had slept enough that morning. i'm such a time slut. i can never have enough. especially when i start getting some time in the studio. what?!?! i have to answer emails and take care of the things that i promised i would?? but i want to just stay holed up in my world... teeter totter pitter patter. so it goes, huh?

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my mom bought me this book in LA too [mom's are so swell!] it is really chock full of ultra cute imagery. needless to say i love it... it's funny how this once really hip notion of kitsch/pop being cool because it is so uncool has now wiggled it's way into the norms of society. [i'm thinking even those miller beer ads use this dorkeyness + acknowledging/embracing said dorkeyness = coolness. well at least they are trying b/c i still don't see them - the ads that is - as very cool]. so where is that line of saccharine sweet? can you push it to make it interesting or are we so jaded now that even that doesn't work? i don't have the answer, but i wholeheartedly acknowledge my fascination with things kawaii.

i'm in the studio. i'm trying to get motivated. i really am... it's not like i don't have things to do... there's a giant list... but i'd rather just not... [i'm hoping blogging will get me moving]. ok, lunch first and then work... all afternoon! get going!

by the way... i've uploaded the images of my student's work from this summer's beginning painting class... you can get to them here [look on the left for the listing]

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i just got a haircut. it's quite liberating! no more pigtails or hair falling into my face while working.... lucky moi!

i watched big fish last night.

big fish

no need to point out i'm behind the times in movies. i always am. i can never quite make it to the theater [unless i am going with family or am vacationing some where]. i know that seeing movies on my little 15" TV isn't doing them justice, but oh well...

it's a really great movie [duh! tim burton]. the visuals are really striking ... i especially loved the scenes of the town of spector both in it's hey day and post-glory. those shoes hanging from a wire are now imprinted in my brain. i also couldn't help but relate the dad in the movie to my grandpa - teller of tall tales too [although not quite elaborate!]. and the ending was really touching [yes it requires a hanky. at least for me]

OK, i actually have to get some work done now - eek!

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so... thanks to a very mysterious commenter [who are you? where did you come from... you have kept your profile secret... i only know your name - or do i??] i have been introduced to the work of Val Britton... there are several that i think are really really lovely and a few that contain imagery that is quite near and dear to me right now....

thanks to all for the incrediby kind words about the thread drawings... i am completely overwhelmed... we'll see what happens next... new color today! BTW i've started a new Flicrk set for these so that you [ joy ] can see them individually if you are so inclined...

drawing a day - week 1 Originally uploaded by dressform.

i can't believe i actually did it... one a day... although i AM taking the weekends off... a girl has got to get some rest! i'm trying to keep them free and loose and not care if they turn out good or not. like the blue one - i would do it over, [i don't like the line that attaches the solo one to the group] but i'm not going to. so there. defiant to my own making!

i'm really excited about the doily one, though. i think there's something there that i could really work with for a long time to come... kind of thrilling... i might actually have to do one of those in EVERY single color i end up using. [a self-imposed rut].

gotta run... having some folks over for a BBQ [and it's actually getting sunny! we've been having foggy mornings... poor tomatoes are suffering b/c of it. that and the fact that garbo has been harvesting any that are close to ripe. we haven't had a single one yet! now we are on to her though.... no more for her!]

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oh my god - you don't have to rub your eyes, i AM actually posting two times in one day! why you ask?? very very good question.... the answer....

i spoke to the lovely and charming and giggly supportive countess today about my word dodge-ball game (she just got through playing a wicked round not too long ago). she came to the conclusion (and i wholeheartedly agree) that those that play in a mean and hurtful manner are actually just naked mole rats (pictured above) who we should really just feel sorry for... they do have those mean teeth and so we have to take care not to be bitten, but really, how can you not feel sorry for the small, blind, practically pathetic creature??

i am not really quite ready to forgive or feel sorry for my particular mole rat pal... but i'm getting there. at least i sure laughed a lot! and ultimately i am glad. i now know what and who i am really dealing with. who knew reality was so open to interpretation? the truth... it is my friend. even if it comes wrapped up in barbed wire occasionally. it is OK... i'll still open it up. wounds heal.

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i almost feel like i have been walking around holding my breath. yes, i am becoming a diver. but instead of diving into the ocean i am diving into my own life. i have to train my lungs to hold the maximum capacity.

drum roll please... i have made it back into the studio! hooray! above is a little warm-up something something (that i think is going to go off to live with someone as a gift!) i have been thinking more about not just cozy-ing the targets put partially covering them. this gets tricky because i don't want to obliterate the entire target and so... the above is my attempt.

i am also catching up on things that have to out in the post... there's a certain someone in canada whose envelope is finally going to make it to them! i'm making lists and checking them twice... i am resigned to the fact that sometimes it's a 2:1 ratio - cross one off, add two - but oh well. that's why i'm learning how to hold my breath for longer. maybe i should be focusing on balance. (a long long time ago i could do a cartwheel on a balance beam... without cracking my head open.... maybe that's the skill i should regain)

i was in san francisco for a meeting and had a moment to look around at some art. by far my favorite things were at the rena bransten gallery . a ron nagle show:

Ron Nagle

ron was a teacher of mine (in fact i worked on some pieces for his last show). they are impeccably crafted and so loaded with simple color shifts. he always manages to create ceramics outside of "just" the pottery world (simultaneously riffing on it and laughing with it). throw in a lot of car culture, japanese aesthetic and humor (his titles are always hysterical) and you have these little almost vessels that pulse and glow. it is always a treat to see a set of his pieces together.

also at the gallery is an amazing group show called take shape. it is a gem. ALL the work is interesting for different reasons....

Take Shape

go and see if you are around the city by the bay.....

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for those of you who don't know my garbo... she loves to sit in your lap (even though she's all muscle and 65/70 pounds....) she's a snuggler.... which is part of why i love her! (does this count for take your pet to blog day too?)

have you ever played word dodge-ball? man those vowels and consonants can come flying toward you in missile formation. i'm not a big proponent of the game myself, but am some-how caught in the middle of match. it is too exhausting for me right now so i think i am bowing out. thank god i have people who won't think i'm a sissy for doing so... and a few that have called FOUL when some stinky shitty mess has been lobbed at me instead of a ball.... playing games is not always nice! i'll try and be philosophical and say that it is better to have played and capitulated to save your sanity than never to have played at all. (wow. ranting can sometimes feel good)

so to keep from ending on a bad note.... i'm updating the links over there on your left! so many new new and great finds (thank you bloglines for making it possible for me to keep up with all of them!) it has been great meeting and reading about ya'll....

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i'm supposedly on one! at least i'm between teaching gigs.... i do still have some graphic design clients to attend to.... oy... and i need a haircut, and i should go to the dentist...

i just don't feel like doing anything. except for maybe going to the studio. and even with that - i feel so rusty... out of art shape! i want to shed myself of all duties and responsibilities. is this possible?? would i even really know how to do that? what if i just tilted my proverbial overfilled plate 90 degrees and let the food fall as it may.... (dogs would enjoy this - if it was real food that is) what exactly do i want to be doing and am i doing it? at least part of the time?? who exactly do i care about and am i seeing them? these are the important questions really....

i did happily start my drawing a day thing today. (boy does that ever need a catchy title). i let the paper inspire me completely. it was kind of fun... breezy... i'm thinking i'll take a picture of one week's worth at the end of my "work week" and post then... so stay tuned if you want to still see if i can make stuff (i'm wondering this too)

i did make the above flowers... they are inspired by a felt flower in one of those oh too cute japanese craft books... here's the book on yes asia (also here ). of course there's this amazing crafter on flickr that made a perfect version. check it out . in fact you should just look at all of candlemomo's photos.... i wanted to try making it w/ ribbon instead of felt - and i was too lazy to copy the leaf out - so i hand drew mine (hence each one is slightly different). it was fun though... even if they look more like weird pompoms than flowers... and 2 are gifts! yay for handmade gifts! (yes one is for me... is that so wrong?)

and one more thing...

pine tree cards

i made these. i drew the trees for an invitation i did not too long ago... i liked them - had some extra scallop cards lying around and so printed them up. should want some in your own paws... you can have them (fancy that!). they are in my shop . (which i luckily just checked - uh yeah - thought i loaded those pages up, but no... man... i'm supposed to know what i'm doing! they ARE up now... phew!) if anyone wants to swap some of their hand crafty crafts for these... email me - i'm game!

prizes from wendy Originally uploaded by dressform.

i finally made it to the studio where this very cute box from wendy was waiting for me... yummy yummy sweets and adored embroidery hoops! (i can never have enough of those!) indside the red box was this:

prize - sushi candy

fake sushi! (who thinks of this stuff?? how cute is this?!? it's called kooki sushi if you must know.) you are lucky i managed to take a picture before i gobbled the white chocolate ebi nigiri... thanks wendy!!

i (we actually) are taking a break from cleaning the house. it is in a sorry sorry state of disarry and just downright filthy. anyone have a magic wand i could borrow? i hate cleaning. i wish i could shape shift into my mom who is like one of the cleanest people on the planet.... or hire a cleaning person. (this is sort of a secret wish of mine - to someday be able to afford to hire someone to clean.... on the one hand i feel very strange about that notion, but then my lazy side just yells: YOU WON'T HAVE TO MOP THE FLOOR! so maybe someday...) there are many reasons as to why we let it slide for so long... one of which was that i just got so tired from the intense daily teaching schedule....

which is now done... and i'm sad.... i still hate the last day of class...

go students go!

here are a couple of them installing their one day final show.... i will soon post photos of their work on my website... promise.... i love the fact that some of them seem so pleased about the class (nice ego boost)... i know there are a few i will stay in touch with - but it's so strange to be so intimate and then poof - it's gone.... this bunch was particularly interested in thinking outside of the box and conceptually... there was a lot of experimentation with materials and subject matters... i was impressed!

i have finally decided to upload the photos of all my grandpa's signs/labels... the set is here . i haven't really been able to look at them since i took them... but now they are making me smile.... i got to take the "king sol" sign that hung above his computer home with me... i love it. the last few weeks have been so nuts... in a way i have felt so busy that nothing has really really sunk in. strangely, i think have learned a lot about other people by this who experinece. you really learn who your friends are.... and who is comfortable (or incredibly not so) with sadness and personal information. there are people who just know to call.... who don't expect responses and yet still call again.... there are those who look away and say something like - well at least he had a long life.... there are those who just kind of ignore the whole situation.... i can't blame them - there is enough difficulty in everyone's world... why take on someone elses? but i hope that i never disengage with people in that way. i hope that i don't say the common catch phrase in response (to anything - not just death or sadness) anyway - thanks again to all of you who have expressed such genuine concern and commented so sweetly. it has meant SO much to me that this community is so accepting, interested, and caring....

back to cleaning!

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OK - one last bit of art goodness... the last big show that i saw in LA (i did see some stuff at galleries too, but i won't go into that... and i did see some agnes martin {one of my all time heroes} in a group show, but i've posted about her before... so....) Jean Michel Basquiat at MOCA. yes, it's the artist that they made the movie about (so you know the story... grafitti artist turned big time art star... died young... heroin... friends with andy warhol and the big painters of the 80's david salle and julian schnabel). i thought that i had seen a lot of his work (it is kind of all over - and he was incredibly prolific so there's TONS out there), but it was incredibly powerful to see room after room of these gigantic incredibly charged pieces. they picked really strong pieces for the show (yup, i got the catalogue), and they hung the show really well. like things together - not just in chronological order.

they are so raw. racism, classism, history.... all in your face. powerful and fast strokes and bold bold colors. they made my mom shiver.... as they should. the above is a rather tame one... but so clear... want to see more ? like the kilgallen show, i was struck with how completely influential he was as an artist. how he busted down the door, really, for "street art" (ok along with keith herring - and i think they were friends too)... how he made difficult subjects fashionable (of course the irony of this situation is a bit of a pill to swallow, but.... sometimes medicine is good for you)

onto things that are more uniquely blog like... i've been TAGGED (yikes! first time ever!) by kim OK, it's kind of like a chain letter, but... in reading what other folks have disclosed, i've been charmed... so.... 5 idiosyncrasies that are mine to claim:

1. i can't sleep if i'm totally nude. i can go topless, but i need something on the bottom. i have no idea why this is the case... but it's fact
2. when i eat something that i'm really enjoying i try to save the most savory part of it for last... this means if i'm eating an apple danish i eat it in circles. round and round to that the middle bite with the most apple goodness...
3. i don't like to walk around with one shoe on and one off - when i was a kid someone said that it was bad luck to do this and it sunk in... (this also applies to socks, but i'm a bit more lenient in that case)
4. i color code our "dog towels" in the laundry room. all of the like colors have to be stacked together... or else
5. my favorite place to read the sunday new york times magazine is the bathtub. i wish i was smart enough to schedule this in! it makes for a very nice leisurely bath... plus i learn something while i'm soaking....(multi-tasking at it's best!)

i'm supposed to tag 5 of you now... i gently (meaning no pressure!) tag the following fabulous 5:

1. i have just "met" you on flickr, but am enjoying your photos immensely and just found your blog... anke

2. this blog would practically go commentless with out you... my east coast pal who desperately needs some pom poms.... wendy

3. a completely amazing crafter and organizer of amazing lists of goodness... craftlog

4. subtle and sweet and my co-conspirator in the spread of all things tentacly.... two trees

5. last, but certainly not least, the amazingly charming, talented, fun to read, and new to the blog world... tara

have fun ladies... looking forward to your lists (or not!)

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i don't really have too much to say about this series of photos... i just like how they happened to look like i was "appearing"... and how the light in the window is blinding, but takes up different amounts of space compositionally (this is what happens when you can't "see" what you are taking!)

Margaret Kilgallen

LA art part II ~ Margaret Kilgallen

this show of the Bay Area artist that met her maker too soon (breast cancer) was at the red cat down town in the new and very very shiney and architecturally well to-do walt disney concert hall building.

i have always really responded to kilgallen's work. she and her husband barry mcgee are definitely the mother and father of the mission school movement... of which there seems to be HUNDREDS if not thousands of imitators, copy cats and die hard fans. i had never been fortunate enough to see an entire installation of work of hers... and even though i am kind of tired of seeing really flat and sweet folky work i wasn't at all bored with what i saw. it's like you can feel that this is the point of origin. that she was really doing "her own thing" - as hokey as that sounds. the simplicity of shapes and consistancy of her palette just makes for a really comforting environment. i also really loved the hand done sign lettering.... it was funny as i walked around i couldn't help but think about how this is now "the look" in current graphic design and typography.... art meets advertising once again. i am sad that we will not be treated to many more years of her work.... but then maybe we just cherish what we have even more.... (i got the catalogue too - THANKS mom!! - it is super sweet - pink linen with red on the cover... sigh....)

Tim Hawkinson Originally uploaded by dressform.

Tim Hawkinson that is (my mom said this a few times as we walked through the show together. it is much cuter when she says it as she is 5 feet tall and kawaii). I saw so much good art in LA that i will have to talk about it in stages (if i didn't this would be the longest blog post in history - i exaggerate, but you'd stop reading at least).

mr. hawkinson's show was at LA County Museum . there are more images (and explanations) of his work here . he's a wacky fellow alright - but we are so lucky that he is. i love the immediate connections to music, to his own body, to making clunky and yet amazingly technically proficient devices... smart, clever, aesthetically considered, conceptually inclined AND funny (a skeleton made of dog chew raw hides that sort of jiggled as the slide whistle in it would intermittently go off... it was stashed behind another major piece...) there were long long colored sturdy extention cords that literally connected all the pieces from room to room - suspended from the ceiling mimicking our circulatory system. i can't even accurately describe the feeling of wonder as i went from piece to piece (a "machine" {only in quotes because it was purposefully gawky - nails and scrap wood and a bic pen} that signed his name - over and over onto white receipt paper - a blade cutting each one after its completion. a big pile of them on the floor... the artist signature faked, over-exposed, discarded). initially simply taking in what i saw directly in front of me... then to the card where the next layer is revealed (the materials, the art historical reference, the technical creation of the piece). to borrow a phrase from the countess - he's a badass!

to briefly fill you in on the rest of the trip. i ate wonderful meals with my family... we intermittently chatted about papa (i learned some things i never knew). we may have even been dealing with papa's mischievous spirit (not one to be cleaned up or re-organized he seemed to be wrecking a tiny bit of havoc. it's odd to confront something that you may or may not believe is real.... still i ended up trying to convince him (ghost? spirit? energy? fuelled by what? us? him? love? guilt? confrontation? humor?) that it was all going to be OK. that even though physcially things were being thrown out and removed there was no way he was leaving our hearts or minds).

i also went around the condo and took photos of all the "signs" and notes of his that i could find (he was a great labeler of things). they were everywhere for all different reasons... behind doors, on shelves, out in the open.... somehow to me they actually seem like art... maybe i'll put them on flickr for others to see? will anyone but me think they are funny? touching? meaningful? not sure, but something is screaming to be done with them... will ruminate on this....

stayed tuned for LA art part dos....

henry darger Originally uploaded by dressform.

so i was going to go to bed early last night, but got sucked into "in the realms of the unreal" a film about henry darger and his life. i have loved darger's work for a long time - especially after seeing a show of it at the folk art museum in NY a few years back. i knew the story - reclusive janitor by day, creater of a 15,000 page novel with illustrations by night. the volumes only to be discovered upon his death by his landlord... but i was still captivated by the film. there are only 3 known existing photos of mr. darger. and the film-maker animated some of his paintings.... it was captivating.

got me to thinking. darger made the work because he really had to - no bones about it - he was so poor he couldn't afford to have a dog - but he managed to buy watercolor, use scraps of paper, use both sides of paper (often taping piece after piece together to get the size he wanted), invent his own techniques of copying imagery (by using carbon paper and tracing figures from a giant collecion of advertising, etc.) in order to create his own world. literally. (he had sheets that listed casulties of his make believe war - in long hand). somehow the story that wraps around all these images makes them that much more intense. his art (and he probably wouldn't have even called it that) was his life, his escape, his solace, his battleground (where he struggled with good and evil, god, chilhood vs. adulthood). i could never hope to be that incredibly dedicated. it would mean turning away from so much.... and yet i can understand the desire to do this (although, don't worry, i don't think i'm as psychologically disturbed as mr. darger).

these last few days i have found being in public incredibly trying. i have to turn my music up on the bus because i just don't want to hear another person talking. i can't fathom engaging in small talk about the weather. i intellectually know that grieving is a process and that i can't speed it up or make it go away with a twitch of my nose. nor do i really want to... i know time will perform its magical number and that i will wake up one morning "feeling fine" - things shift and morph. this past week, what i have noticed and am keen on is how we have invented small things to symbolize the process: wearing black in mourning, tearing a ribon or piece of clothing to represent the pain of loss, lightling a candle for X number of days, wearing a locket with a picture until it doesn't feel so necessary to do so.... it's where the physical meets the spiritual. and i feel like you have to adjust and tweek the ingredients until you find a meaningful solution. and that solution involves responding to the individual or pet that has passed....

i am headed to LA to see family again. i am looking forward to it. also looking forward to good art. there are several shows to see... i'm hoping for more inspiration....

me 8/02/05 Originally uploaded by dressform.

i'm back to hiding from the camera.... i mostly wanted to try out the sepia setting on my camera (first time ever!)... i can tell this is going to get interesting (photographing myself that is - even if i don't always like it)....

too tired to talk about much else. just finished critique #2 with students.... i'm all talked out. they are so ambitious - changing ideas mid-stream. so many of them stayed up late to finish - it's so cute. plus they are really good. really. i don't think i did as well in my first painting class....

me and papa kiss Originally uploaded by dressform.

i have been absent.... i think that it is time to resume blogging.... i am attempting to go back to the things that i know - to a sense of routine.... and i realize that i do need to share what has happened. because i am captivated when others are honest and telling... and as someone just whispered to me: this community is lovely - i quote "creativity binds people together" (thank you mav)

above is my grandpa. my papa. i had hoped that i would get to squeeze one more visit with him in but miss fate decided not to heed my wish. so it goes (who i am to argue with fate?). he passed away last week and eerily i knew that it had happened. this photo was taken at my wedding 2 years ago. a wedding he almost didn't come to. as he got older and couldn't see or hear so well he retreated into the comfort of his own home. it was a challenge to get him to go to a new restaurant let alone to a cabin 6 hours away by car.

but he came. because i insisted (and my family helped me insist). and i am now eternally grateful that he did.

of course it is better that he is no longer suffering (that we are no longer suffering by proxy).... yes, i have wonderful memories and moments to slip into (more than i could possibly ever write about).... but grief is a tricky bed fellow. it comes and goes as it pleases and can startle you with its intensity. on one hand it really pulls into focus what is important and essential (our vision clouds easily).... on the other i am completely weary in a way i have never felt before.

what i do know is that he affected my life profoundly. that he loved me deeply (and made sure that i knew it). that he was my papa. and that i will miss him.

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