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Not that I want to sing the praises of caffine, or jamba juice's energy boost - but seeing that I'm feeling like I'm running off of fumes, both have been coming in handy. This morning's dose of high octane coffee and my current sipping of an aloha smoothie will hopefully get me through a few rounds of student/painting interaction. There are a few that are really having that breakthough moment when all of a sudden the paint starts to do what you want and the collective galthering of the small moments are adding up into a REAL painting.... it's quite charming and lovely to behold!

and so I realized that it has been quite some time (10 days!) since I've even typed a word to you, my dear log... and hence I offer my sincerest apologies. I have not intended to be so neglectful... but I guess that the whirlwind of life just took over and sucked me in....

on an ecstatic note: I went to Ojai for the opening of Hidden Treadsures at the Larramendy Gallery and it was one of the best openings I've ever been to! As far as I can discern there are a few reasons for this: 1- my parents were able to attend (always nice to have family support) 2- Garbo was sitting and waiting patiently outside for us - I could see her through the glass door - one eye focused on recognizing the familar - plus she got a lot of positive love and attention from random people as well as my parents! 3- the people at the opening were there because they wanted to be! they were really interested in the ART (not the scene). they had great comments on the work - and some had driven from over an hour away.... Mr. Larramendy is not only providing a beautiful space for us artist's to show, but also really providing the public (and one that is educated, informed and hungry) a real service!! I also got to meet Jane... who commented on my hair and promised to try and sell my work to all her relatives! If that doesn't make your heart a flutter....

my studio mate Connie's pinhole (I'm assuming) of the urinals at the headlands - with the apt title: Ode to Duchamp. I have never seen urinals look so creepy, inviting and somehow soft at the same time.....

AND!!!!! I was mentioned in Miss Aurora Robson's blog... pitter patter a flutter (again).... I don't think I have the adjectives to describe how much I admire her work. Obviously so as she is in the list on the left here... you should also visit her website to see her intricate, lush, conceoptually charged, delicate work.... I hope she does come for a visit, and if she chooses to stay we on the West Coast would be lucky to have her!!

maybe I've made up for my lack of posting by over-posting this time?? I will do better... the log is good for clearing the head......

I had a lovely lovely studio visit the other day with another artist Angela Buenning whose photographs are quite compelling - Silicon Valley shots weirdly absent of humans, and yet filled with a human presence in a strange way.... and she introduced me to the art of Deanna Dikeman (pictured above). Of couse I had a genuine "wish I had thought of that" moment - I love them... apparently she took them in her local goodwill - often the same section over time.... sigh....

I also finally got my butt in gear and went and saw some art in the city. Todd Hostfelt had an amazing show all around - some of my favorite artists all together in one show... a fabulous Liliana Porter and amazing Jim Campbell.... Also great was the drawing show at Catherine Clark . It was a rare day where I walked away really inspired. AND I got a haircut!! yippee!!

I had my students mixing colors today - they picked 5 starbursts (yes the chewy fruity candy) to match... not as easy as you might think - a couple of those greens are practically impossible.... I already had the feeling that matching colors was an artform, and hopefully I passed that along... I also hope it wasn't the most stupid, frustating thing they ever had to do (at least they got to eat the candy!!)

I just saw Requiem for a Dream.... horribly sad and depressing but in that amazing can't keep your eyes off of the train wreck kind of way. the imagery - the music/sound effects (requiem) - meld together in this extremely powerful way. I'm actually super exhausted and should be sleeping soundly in bed, but I can't quite shake the movie.

my presents made it to the dessert! yay! it's so nice to share things with people of like mind - I hope the embroidery serves it's purpose of making a home for V & Z and it's nice to know that R & I both think that the best of baseball is in the details.... (I do LOVE the 3rd base coach and all his coded glory)... the old seats at Fenway are a prime example.....

I sent a little hello into the technicological wind - I'm hoping to get a response, maybe yes, maybe no? it's weird to think of sentiments crossing over miles of wires or satelite beams....funny how once you hit send you wonder if you were out of line - said too much? too little? too lame?

class is going well.... many of the students are really ambitious and motivated. I hope that they get what they want/need from the class.... it's just exciting to watch them mush paint around and solve problems. and their personalities are starting to emerge. of course this makes me think of incredible corny things like what a great thing art is - and even if it's not "easy" to teach the environment hopefully allows for student's creative and personal growth. (yes, you can gag now if you wish - but it's still true!)

and in the studio? I'm thinking alot. bus riding is condusive to idea generating. I've had 4 totally random and different ideas. this is good. now to find the time to follow them through... and keep working on what I've been working on. the Tank Stories still aren't done - they have more to say.... I should post the new ones... soon... promise....

so I was wandering around ebay in the wee hours looking for cams for my elna sewing machine (the avacado green lovely that I make a lot of art on - and which is now pictured on my website on the contact page ... and I found the amazing pink atlas sewing machine!! oohh and ahh with me!!! Unfortunately the price was too steep for me (espeically if I started to factor in the cost of shipping such a heavy duty thing).... but now all I can do is dream about it.... a quick web search has really unveilled nothing. Man do I want one - I'm starting to covet - it's dangerous. If there is anyone in the world that would like to sell/donate/trade their pink atlas to me... then PLEASE EMAIL ME!! I would be forever grateful (no kidding)

I have not been able to log very much lately for 2 good reasons. 1 - prepping for the Beg. Painting class at UCB (which is going well - day 2 - still plenty of time for disasters) and 2 - because I re-organized my studio (yippee!) and made some work (double yippee!!) some of which has been selected by Nathan Larramendy - a super kind gentleman that runs a gallery in Ojai - to be in his next group show! I feel really lucky because I really love many of the artists he works with - go see for yourself.... )

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