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there's little i control

the number generator picked 44. which turns out to be this is yellow .

please contact me and i'll get your doily shipped out to you!

i just want to say how LOVELY it was to read the enthusiasm about this project. and how great it was to see and "meet" some new to this blog peeps. and i wish i had enough doilies to give to everyone because i loved the thoughts on where everyone would put them. i think i'm going to work on making a limited edition set of small vinyl doilies so hopefully anyone who wants them can have them. doilies all over the world in all sorts of places is a daydream i'd love to make a reality. it's a matter of production - where, how much, etc. but i am starting to research. if anyone has any ideas/thoughts/leads on this, i'd love to hear them.


i've been working on a new idea in the studio. here's a first sketch of said idea. well actually it's the backside of said sketch. i always love the backside of embroidery. so much that sometimes i show it as the front. in this case that probably wouldn't make sense, but out of habit i always turn something over when i'm done working on it to see what it looks like. almost every time i like it just as much or MORE than the front.

i don't know if it's the surprise, if it's just that there's so much evidence of process, if it's the random mess...

the problem with this idea of mine is that one piece will most likely not stand alone. and i'm not sure what kind of fabric to use. this idea stems from my desire to actually do something SUPREMELY minimal with thread - simple. clean - but with a hidden meaning/agenda if you choose to look for it. i just don't know if it's going to translate yet.

on that note. i should try and sketch out another one. maybe on another fabric just to try it out....

have a great weekend !

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8 Responses to “a WINNER ** and a habit”

  1. # Blogger melissa s.

    A doilied world...I'd love to participate!  

  2. # Blogger Yellow

    I'm doing a little dance about the beauty of a world covered in doilies and the fact that one will soon be joining a space close to me. Thank you again for the give-away!  

  3. # Blogger julie

    i never tire of listening to you talk about your work and the process. im intrigued to see what comes next.

    btw, found a piece of fabric to make the girls somes curtains!


  4. # Blogger caramela

    I am looking forward to see what comes next too!
    Annamaria :)  

  5. # Blogger Denise | Chez Danisse

    I've always loved the "wrong" side of embroidery. It is pretty in its own way, especially red thread on muslin. I stitched some poems this way and loved turning them around.  

  6. # Blogger life in yonder

    Congratulations to "this is yellow"!

    Looking forward to see more bits and pieces from your new project Lisa. Curiousity...  

  7. # Anonymous gracia

    I like how you refer to this view as 'the backside', yes, I like this a lot. I like the reverse side of collage pieces too.

    Happy experimenting to you, happy days, happy every little thing.  

  8. # Blogger Esti

    I don't know why but this reminds me of how you should look at your work upside down, in order to see how the composition or the color balance works... or so I was told. Looking at the other side of your work, like looking for the soul... what a nice concept.

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