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i'm a bit tired of being sick. i'm battling illness number 5 this winter. more accurately WE'RE battling illness number 5 as the little has been super ill. this one was kind of a doosy - i won't go into details - but let's just say that some things make you realize that there is no place like home - even if there are piles of laundry and taxes to do. [never in a million years would i have guessed i'd be happy to see tax paperwork]

sneak peek of an installation

so... last year this 7' drawing was on exhibition at a gallery. this year i've taken this drawing and added some more wall elements to create an installation for a show opening this Saturday - the 27th - at the fine arts gallery at San Francisco State University.

the opening is from 1-3 and i'll be there ! come say hi - if you are around. the other artists in the show are really great : Julie Chang, Victor De La Rosa, Jennifer Ferré, Dustin Fosnot, Taraneh Hemami, Andrea Higgins, Ernest Jolly, Katie Lewis, Mung Lar Lam, Victoria May, Ali Naschke-Messing, Francesca Pastine, Anthony Ryan, Jeremy Chase Sanders, and Jina Valentine. [you'll notice some cross pollination with the by a thread show at the ICA in San Jose]

this is the drawing that was all about me being pregnant - here's the skinny on it.


this is just because it's too cute not to share....



ICA outfit

this is the outfit that i wore to the ICA talk on feb. 11th. gwen said she wanted to see it. so here it is. vintage dress....

and i also have to thank gwen as she sent a fantastic box [she always sends lovely packages].

thanks auntie gwen

in it was a valentine robot for the little. who immediately said ooh ooh and hugged it.... how cute is that?? gwen was kind enough to post a tutorial on how she made it so you can make one too. nothing like robot love . i'm happy that even though it's not mine, i get to hug it too !


and one more thing to note: on saturday i start a month long stint over at habit .

if you have yet to see habit then you really should take a gander. the brain child of emily and molly it's a lovely place to stop and behold.

i'm so honored to be asked and be amongst such amazing company

i have to dust off my camera and try to take some good pictures. nothing like a bit of pressure, no?

see you soon.

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11 Responses to “an installation and other stuffs”

  1. # Anonymous betsy

    Hooray! I'm so excited you'll be at habit next month! Also you are so freaking cute I can't stand it. That dress! So fancy and stylish! xo  

  2. # Blogger jen

    love this post lisa. so full of good stuff. hope you 2 get over all these sicknesses soon! xo  

  3. # Blogger caramela

    Its true, you look fab in that dress! Thanks for a great post- I hope all of you are feeling all well very soon!Wish I could come and meet and see the show! Best with it all!
    Annamaria xx  

  4. # Blogger our little love nest

    We went through a similar illness a few weeks not fun! I love those photos. Too much cuteness! That dress is incredible!! Those pjs on your little one are so adorable. I want a robot to cuddle with!
    Wishing lots of health and happy your way!!  

  5. # Anonymous gracia

    I like your dress and I also like an opening in the afternoon. And I like the sweet photos of all your family shown in this post. Yep, I like it all, it seems. Such a surprise! Well, all that is except the part about being so sick.


  6. # Blogger julie

    oh, how did i miss that great post on the explanation of this artwork. i thought the blue triangles looked good as part of the piece!
    you look lovely in the vintage number. and so does little cc in hers. xxx  

  7. # Blogger dandelion

    Hope you feel better soon...x  

  8. # Blogger Denise | Chez Danisse

    Lisa, You are amazing. I arrived home late last night after a busy trip and I have no energy today, yet you... You are always busy, and with 5 illnesses this winter. Sheesh. How do you do it?! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon. I still need to get out to see some of your work 'live'. Looking forward to Habit. Take care. Oh, love that dress too : )  

  9. # Blogger bugheart

    the little & the robot
    you in that dress.
    i am dying here-
    too much cuteness!

    so excited to
    see more of your show
    i love the incorporation
    of more elements.
    we must chat

  10. # Anonymous louise

    Cute pets, cute dress and very cute CC. Hope you're starting to feel better. xo lj  

  11. # Anonymous urban craft

    too cute.  

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