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there was cake

thank you so much for all the first birthday wishes... oh yes there was cake - homemade poppyseed with buttercream frosting... and there were cucumber sandwiches too. it was a lovely afternoon. and then we ALL got sick. one by one every. single. person. that came to the party. it was not food poisoning, but a really wicked stomach virus. oh dear. [hence no post this last week].


i thought i would share with you my vintage boston egg shaped pencil sharpener. it is my friend and companion in the studio. i think maybe gwen would like it.


it has been raining incessantly here. if we didn't need it so badly i might start complaining. i actually really like rain - the smell, the sound, the feel. but days and days in a row and we get a little stir crazy. the little gets VERY stir crazy. any break and you'll find us wandering around outside with an umbrella bundled up so she can look at some flowers and cars and birds.

this morning, i glanced over at the buddha in our garden and it looked like he had just had a good cry. i like that idea.

tonka in school

and finally some funny art.... i was asked to do a drawing for dogs in school an exhibition. [visit the website to learn about why dogs in school].

i immediately thought of tonka as a dunce. couldn't help myself really. i think he might complain and say he's no dummy, but... he doesn't talk - only snores and snarfles, so he really has no say i'm afraid.

Jan 30-Feb 25, 2010 at Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland OR

art sales benefit project grow

tomorrow i'm driving down to monterey to be interviewed for a video that companions another show i'm in. no idea what to wear. no idea what i'll say. sigh. hopefully my hair will cooperate.....

more soon i have LOTS of new art to share. made 10 pieces for ETA 7 .

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15 Responses to “random slices of life”

  1. # Blogger wise craft

    I am shocked, SHOCKED a year has gone by! Happy Birthday!  

  2. # Blogger life in yonder

    Ohh I can't believe it has already been a year. Happy, happy birthday to you little princess! Hope the virus has left you and that the rain gives you a fesh start on the coming year.

    Looking forward to see what beautiful art you will create in 2010.


  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    When it has been raining for a few days in a row, I begin to think of an old song. "Rain, rain go away. Come again some other day." Your drawing of Tonka is great!  

  4. # Blogger our little love nest

    So relating with the family stomach flu...not fun and so much laundry involved in a not good way.
    Adoring the thought of the rain making your Buddha look like he had a good cry.
    Best of luck with your interview! xo  

  5. # Anonymous sophia

    i love that drawing lisa.

    um...yes. "rain, rain, go away..."

    good to hear that you are busy busy making art.  

  6. # Blogger shari

    oh tonka. i'm sorry to hear that you guys have been sick. don't you wish you could see the world through the little's eyes? good luck tomorrow!  

  7. # Anonymous louise

    Hope you're all feeling much better, what a shame to get ill after such a lovely party. xo lj
    PS I LOVE the sharpener.  

  8. # Blogger julie

    Love the Tonka art!
    and i hope you are all feeling better after an upsetting end to the party. xx  

  9. # Blogger Esti

    Too bad about the stomach flu. Something else to be remembered of the little's first birthday.
    It's great to read you are doing so many art things, in good company :)
    Enjoy the rain!  

  10. # Blogger Denise | Chez Danisse

    I just love Tonka as a dunce. So cute!  

  11. # Anonymous gracia

    Special birthdays, sickness, artwork... the full spectrum covered, I do believe. Sending good wishes and luck, g xo  

  12. # Blogger Jacqui Dodds

    Sorry to hear that you were all unwell - but enjoyed the party all the same.
    I am sure you will find something to wear for the interview as you always look so nice and the words will come to you.  

  13. # Blogger Katrina

    i love the dog as dunce drawing... it's adorable. glad you are all well now, i think i had the same thing and am so glad it's behind me! ick. good luck at your interview too. xoxo, k  

  14. # Blogger Studio mhl

    Your drawing of Tonka just turned a smile on my face, like it a lot!  

  15. # Blogger bugheart

    i am dying
    over that
    tonka piece.
    it made me
    so big.
    i miss tonka.

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