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there's little i control

a party hat

i knew she wouldn't wear it for more than 2 seconds. but i wanted to make it anyway. maybe it will end up in a box. maybe we'll take it down next year and see if she'll wear it then. maybe it will become part of a celebratory tradition.

maybe not. it doesn't really matter.

detritus from the making.

first cupcake

her first taste of something sweet with gooey icing. carrot cupcake. one candle. i sang happy birthday over and over and she would smile. maybe next year she'll know what it means.

it's hard to believe a whole year has passed.

i can still picture your tiny tiny face, eyes closed, pink and blue striped hat, bunny blanket, wrapped like a papoose, held over my head, hovering - like an angel. your eyes opened for a brief second before they swept you away.

and now you are one. wow. and we celebrate with family this weekend. your second taste of cake.... and more singing.

happy birthday my dear sweet not so little girl.


24 Responses to “O.N.E.”

  1. # Blogger caramela

    A very(belated) Happy Birthday to a not so little girl!
    Very precious times!
    Annamaria xx  

  2. # Blogger melissa s.

    One comes too fast. Happy celebrating!!  

  3. # Blogger Anke

    Happy belated birthday to one of the cutest baby girls out there! Love the hat!  

  4. # Anonymous Karen

    Wow... Lisa... cannot believe a whole year has passed... My mother says no matter how old, your children will always be your little boy/girl  

  5. # Anonymous Kim

    No way. One?!?! Seriously? Happy birthday little one!  

  6. # Blogger shari

    i can't believe she's one! sounds like she had a great celebration. i love that her first cake was a cupcake. ;) xo  

  7. # Blogger Denise | Chez Danisse

    That sweet little carrot cupcake looks like a wonderful introduction to the world of birthdays + cakes. Happy Birthday not-so-little girl!  

  8. # Anonymous risa

    First, and most importantly, Happy Birthday sweetness! How did her birthday come so fast?
    Second, this post led me to your flickr where I saw your new hair! Looooove it! As a short-haired woman I always love to see others join me.  

  9. # Blogger Katrina

    oh, what a sweet birthday post. happy 1st to the dear little one...  

  10. # Anonymous sophia

    wow. hugs and kisses to the little one along with the happiest birthday wishes from me and my little.
    (d just had a bday too!)  

  11. # Blogger wendy

    happy belated birthday to little cc - I can't believe a year has past - it seems like just yesterday she was born. xoxox  

  12. # Anonymous babelfish

    Aww, happy first birthday cute fifi...can't believe she's one already! The cupcake is perfect!  

  13. # Anonymous Kathleen

    love the hat...and the cupcake:) happy birthday dearest fifi. you are on your way to growing up to be just as amazing as your mom!  

  14. # Blogger Jacqui Dodds

    Happy First Birthday - what a special day!  

  15. # Blogger Eireann

    :) happy birthday!  

  16. # Blogger UNIFORM Studio

    so sweet:)
    happy birthday fifi!  

  17. # Blogger britt

    this is such a sweet little find. i'm totally making party hats!  

  18. # Blogger bugheart

    awww lisa...
    so sweet.
    must be even crazier
    how time flies
    with a little one....
    finishing her prize
    this weekend.

  19. # Blogger Esti

    (belated) Happy Birthday, Feliz CumpleaƱos CC!
    I can't bellieve a year has passed! wow! Time sure flies...  

  20. # Anonymous gracia

    One!? One! Wow, where did the time go? I like everything about this post... your words describe the love and amazement of it all perfectly.


  21. # Blogger Erin Lang Norris

    An entire year? Already? Wow! Happy Birthday, CC!

    That carrot cake looks so good. I've been trying to decide what kind of cake I would like for my own birthday, and since I cannot make up my mind, I will probably just go out for pie.  

  22. # Anonymous Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life

    Awwww! Happy Celebrating! I sure hope the felt hat becomes a tradition!  

  23. # Blogger Leililaloo

    Wow, Congratulations! Your words of the firts moment memory moved me almost to tears... maybe i got overly emotional because my own little girl will be one in 4months...i whish i could say what i feel as elequently as you did. Thx..  

  24. # Anonymous louise

    Happy, happy, happy birthday little CC. Hope you enjoyed it and that your second year is as wonderful and exciting as your first, perhaps even more so. xo lj  

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