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first - thanks for all the kind comments about my cat. the little and i spied a creme orange tabby like chini today and it flooded me with love [longing too, but mostly love]....

is it just me or is this year off to some kind of crazy start? only 9 days into january and i'm feeling some strange buzz. i've already started to make color coded lists [kind of sparked by the fact that i'm using this calendar this year], and i'm already kind of overwhelmed. it might be that i'm in 3 group shows in february and i'm trying to juggle finishing the work, framing it, shipping, installation plans, etc. etc. plus there were a couple of studio visits, some work emails to attend to now that the holidays are no longer an excuse not to reply, last minute [late] presents to get and wrap and send and.... and... and....

i'm tired just typing about it.

but you don't want to hear about that. but i got nothing - no good photos, no good stories, no deep thoughts [at least none that i can formulate in a way that makes any sense].

so you get a stuffed giraffe. it's a late holiday gift for a friend's child. pattern from lion brand . i made his neck longer because i wanted him to be goofier. and he is goofy isn't he? there is something inherently relaxing about crocheting for me. i wish i had the time to make a big blanket like jen . someday. what i do need to do is start some doily trees. soon. i may need to get help making some. but that will be another post.

happy weekend to you. it's freezing here [relatively speaking for california]. hubby said indian food for dinner tonight? and i can't wait. drooling already.

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9 Responses to “if all else fails make a stuffed toy”

  1. # Blogger Leililaloo

    Congratulations on being in 3 group shows! That sounds like a buzzing start of the new year to me! I love your crocheted goofy giraffe :)))  

  2. # Blogger shari

    indian food is so perfect in cold weather. hope it was delicious. also, i think the listography calendar is just great as is your sweet giraffe. happy weekend, lisa. xo  

  3. # Blogger Shell

    Sounds like you have a busy couple of months ahead. 2010 has started in top gear yeah? I hope you get time to breathe! Cute little giraffe. :)  

  4. # Blogger caramela

    I don't really like the framing part at all...I dream of the day when I will be really famous and can afford to have this done for me-hehe-(its nice to dream big...)
    Wishing you some refreshing quiet times!
    Annamaria xx  

  5. # Blogger Denise | Chez Danisse

    Cute little guy! I'd like to make a blanket too, but I always seem to shift that project to the back burner...  

  6. # Blogger Esti

    i've been missing coming to your blog and spy on your doings. I also thought January will bring me some quietness but it hasn't yet. However, it feels good anyway. It might be the snow and the crisp air, I dunno.
    I wish there was some Indian food waiting for me tonite at home, but I'm afraid that there are not any Indian restaurants around here. I'll close my eyes and imagine yours.
    I hope you, your hubbie and the little one are doing great. I'm sorry to hear about your cat.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    What a clever calendar. And an even more creative and FUN giraffe!! Was it hard NOT to give the giraffe to cc? GREAT news about the shows. When it rains, it pours eh?  

  8. # Blogger bugheart

    i always love
    your crochet
    i have the
    listography book...
    didn't know there
    was a calendar...
    sounds like
    just what i need...
    happy week
    to you.

  9. # Blogger Wishful Nals

    very cute!  

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