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anniversary ::

1. The annually recurring date of a past event, especially one of historical, national, or personal importance: a wedding anniversary; the anniversary of the founding of Rome.
2. A celebration commemorating such a date.

i'm not even sure how many years this would have marked for my grandparents. but they would have celebrated their wedding anniversary today.

[above: their passport photos that sit on my desk]

i think about how different my role as wife/mother is from my grandmothers... very different indeed. i will most likely not be a permanent stay at home mom. i am not the homemaker that she was by any means. [husband cooks more than i do]...

i come from a long line of long lived relationships [knock on wood]. my parents have been married for almost 40 years. my husband and i have been married for 6 years, but together for 17....

my grandfather was not overly or overtly affectionate with my grandmother. i think in her heart of hearts she wished he was. she would have relished constant romantic attention. he was also not always the world's most easy man to live with. he could be demanding, had a sharp tongue and quick wit which could cut sharply, it was usually his way or no way... i often feel as if i had a really exceptional relationship with my grandpa. as the first grandkid - and the first little girl in his life [he had 3 sons] - i got very special treatment indeed.

but for their 50th wedding anniversary there was a big party. and i will never ever forget how my grandfather stood up in front of a room full of people and spoke about what his wife meant to him. it was so moving. and there were small tears... he spoke of seeing her across a room, of dancing... of what kind of mother she was. it was beautiful.

sometimes it's not how often you express something, but how truthfully and deeply you do when you do it.

tomorrow erin at design for mankind launches a new project of which i am a participant. let's just say i'm attempting to overcome my camera shyness....

and shari has launched everyone needs a rock . so true. go see lots of artists, friends, and bloggers show off their favorite rocks....

be well

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13 Responses to “on this day”

  1. # Anonymous shari

    i bet the speech was amazing. i remember a similar moment at my grandparents' 50th anniversary. thanks for the link to the new project. your rock will be appearing soon! xox  

  2. # Blogger heather smith jones

    Wow, you and your husband have been together a long time! Were you high school sweethearts?
    You have such special memories of your grandparents, that is a treasure lisa. do you think about the day you and your husband have your 50th? i wonder what cc's thoughts will be then...

    a new project? how do you have the time? looking forward to seeing it.  

  3. # Anonymous melissa s.

    what a sweet post, lisa. it brought a few small tears of my own.  

  4. # Blogger Esti

    This is sweet. Men surrounding me (my dad, my brother, my husband) aren't very affecttionate. However, I've grown to understand their way to love. I think men as such could be better on the long run...
    It's been a treat to see/hear you on that interview. I totally relate. That's my struggle too. And yes, we are lucky to have loving people by our side to balance it all for us... :)  

  5. # Blogger Camilla

    I loved hearing you talk over on Erin's blog, i'm going to have to watch it all over again when i'm more awake.  

  6. # Blogger Katrina

    what a lovely post. i'm off to find you in these other corners of the blogosphere w/ erin and shari. how fun!  

  7. # Blogger Leah

    Re: "i'm attempting to overcome my camera shyness." Pshaw! You are adorable.  

  8. # Anonymous gracia

    "...but how truthfully and deeply you do when you do it."

    Yes, this is so true, friend, so very true.

    g xo  

  9. # Anonymous gracia

    I second Leah, you are adorable... and, of course, wise and talented.

    So great to watch and listen to everyone.  

  10. # Anonymous louise

    Love the photos of your grandparents and your description too. Well done on your screen appearance. I think you did brilliantly. xo lj  

  11. # Blogger Julie

    Very true, Lisa. I think people relate quantity to quality in all aspects of life. That if you say "I love you" everyday, it would mean more than saying it once in a truly heartfelt manner.

    Such a sweet story. Those are wonderful pictures of your grandparents, too!  

  12. # Blogger Anke

    small tears over here, too. beautiful to think how one feeling unites the whole world (cheesy, but i hope you know what i mean...). what a wonderful tribute to your grandparents.  

  13. # Blogger amisha

    this post was so moving to me, lisa. thinking about the conversations i had with my nani in india about her relationship with my grandfather (he passed a few years ago)... things i never knew about their early days together and how their relationship evolved. and how different e + i are from the way they were as young marrieds(though i guess maybe not that young... it'll be 7 years for us this fall!) all of what you wrote resonated with me so much.

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