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happy valentines day

so... why have i been gone?? well.... i have a new valentine

i had a baby girl.... january 12th at 6:04pm. she wasn't supposed to come until feb. 23rd, but i guess she decided that the womb was not the place to be and that the world was just way too interesting to stay cooped up any longer.

she had to stay in the Newborn ICU for 10 days - which in the scheme of things was not very long - but those were 10 of the longest days of our lives. it's really hard to get discharged from a hospital and have to leave your baby behind.

we've been getting to know one another - and getting used to a totally new routine. and my expectations of what i can get done in a day have shifted beyond belief. at the same time when i look at her, i can't imagine my life without her - she has just embedded herself in a way that is hard to describe.

parents talk about the absolute love they feel. and we all, in theory, understand and nod and agree. but then it happens to YOU. and it's beyond anything that you can put into words.

i don't want this to become just my baby's blog. i've been thinking a lot about if i still want and or need this space and what i want it to do. for now i think yes - i do need this space - mostly as a place to still think about and talk about art and the funny things that get made or photographed in my life [some of which will obviously now be baby oriented]. i will not stop doing all those things. in fact my studio in my yard is WELL WELL underway - it's so exciting.

and i miss all my friends online. there are moments [particularly late at night] when i feel very isolated - everyone is asleep except for me and my baby - and it reminds me of how you can feel alone in the studio. and that was why i have grown to cherish this space and the friends and community i feel like i have here.

granted i don't think i'll be able to post or visit other people's blogs or comment on other people's blogs as much as i have in the past, but i'm OK with that and hope you are too. then again - you never know, right?? and the one thing i'm really learning is that you have to take things as they come and adjust accordingly. it's all in the stride.

i don't think i'm going to show many pictures of my baby here [i will post pics on flickr for friends and family often i'm sure]. and i don't want to name her here. it just feels like she should remain a bit private. but... her name is two colors in two langauges - so i'll refer to her as my dear friend wenders did before i would reveal her name. color color - or cc

new baby

but i will give a little sneak peek of her. after 8 months of feeling like a giant science experiment [being pregnant is such an otherworldly experience!] she's here ! she's here!

her grandparents are coming for a visit today.
life shifts in grand ways.

see you soon!

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40 Responses to “happy valentines day”

  1. # Blogger wendy

    oh color color is lovely!!!!
    love those little locked knee legs!

    {i have also seen so many more sunrises than ever in my life with little j - sunrises & the middle of the night - I kind of got to like it after awhile}

    have fun with the grandparents.  

  2. # Blogger Leah

    She's beautiful, Lisa! Congrats.  

  3. # Blogger diana fayt

    welcome wee little cc, you are beautiful. congratulations mama & papa. xox  

  4. # Blogger anniebee

    oh oh OH my dearest! she's lovely!! congratulations and lots and lots of love.


  5. # Anonymous risa

    that photo of her legs is precious!
    i noticed today that my bellybutton is different.
    i don't know why i didn't notice that before.
    a huge science experiment is correct!  

  6. # Blogger ERIN LOECHNER

    she is GORGEOUS. i feel like i know her already from hearing her coo in the background the other day... ;)

    congrats, sweetheart. she looks just like you. ;)  

  7. # Blogger Julia Edna

    pretty little princess! congrats!

    this: parents talk about the absolute love they feel. and we all, in theory, understand and nod and agree. but then it happens to YOU. and it's beyond anything that you can put into words.

    this is just plain true. I feel like this since sept 18th, 08.  

  8. # Blogger Di

    She's very cute! Congratulations! She was born about the same time my friend's little boy was born - and he wasn't due until the 25th of February - both now home and doing well too!!

    ENjoy every moment of her!  

  9. # Blogger shari

    she's beautiful. life does shift in grand ways. so true.  

  10. # Anonymous betsy

    Little cc is gorgeous. And those sweet toes! I'm so happy for you, lj. xoxo  

  11. # Blogger heather smith jones

    welcome to the outside world little sweet cc, we're so happy you're in it!  

  12. # Anonymous babelfish

    So beautiful, I feel so excited for you and the family! enjoy your sweet valentine.  

  13. # Anonymous mari

    ongratulations, Lisa! Lucky little girl...I was wondering where you had been...I love visiting your blog and seeing the creative things you do. Take care!  

  14. # Blogger amisha

    hello cc. welcome to the world!
    biggest hugs to you three...

  15. # Anonymous melissa s.

    life surely does! she's beautiful, congrats to you and D (whom I definitely see in those eyes!!) what a sweet little valentine and welcome to the world, cc!!  

  16. # Anonymous gracia

    She is beautiful, your little Colour Colour... and I am delighted to know that you are doing well, that all is grand, that things change and shimmy and that it is all for the best.

    big hugs to the little and lovely family, g xo  

  17. # Anonymous louise

    Oh congratulations, I hope the three of you are as happy as can be. I've thought of you often during your blogging holiday and kept my fingers crossed that all would work out perfectly for you and cc. lots of love. lj  

  18. # Blogger Jacqui Dodds

    Congratulations to all of you! I had a feeling that this is why you were not posting. She is beautiful and I felt the same and was overwelmed by the love I felt for my daughter when she was born. I can also relate about the solitude of being an artist! You have been missed in this space and it's great for you to share your news. Will look forward to hearing more when you are able to and feel free to get in touch when you feel isolated.

  19. # Blogger Suzy

    big congratulations, she is beautiful. a baby changes you in ways that are unimaginable before they arrive, but it is such an amazing experience.  

  20. # Blogger Camilla

    Congratulations Lisa, and welcome cc to the world of blogging and the lovely things you find on them.  

  21. # Blogger Elizabeth Soule

    She's beautiful! congratulations!  

  22. # Blogger jen

    such a beautiful post. you just made me cry {in the best way}. thank you for sharing this special part of your life. this was just what i needed today. xo to you and cc.  

  23. # Anonymous sophia

    wow...congratulations lisa. cc is beautiful. glad to know that you and baby are doing well.
    sending all my best!  

  24. # Anonymous joanna

    big congratulations to you!!  

  25. # Blogger Katrina

    oh, welcome to the world little colorcolor! and so many congrats to you and your mister. glad to see you are going to post at your own speed and decide how to tie life & art together in a way that feels just right. she's a gorgeous little person...  

  26. # Blogger Meg

    she is just beautiful, congratulations x 1000!  

  27. # Blogger Esti

    Now little by little you'll get that weird feeling of "i know this person all her life"...  

  28. # Blogger julie

    LISA!!!!!!!!! i was just thinking of you on my way into work.
    thinking how bad a friend i am for not writing lately but you have been in my thoughts. cc is just so beautiful and im so glad that the stay in hospital was only 10 days.
    however you intend to be around here, its lovely to have you back.
    hugs xxxxxx  

  29. # Anonymous shisomama

    thank you for the sneak peek of the lovely miss. i'm thinking about you, and sending you lots of love. xo.  

  30. # Blogger Daphne

    this little post just made my day!

    may she be healthy and grow up happy, surrounded by beautiful colors... enjoy this new live!!  

  31. # Blogger Anke

    Congratulations again, I feel so privileged to know your real name, cc! ;) You have definitely picked your mommy very very well.  

  32. # Anonymous Anonymous

    THANK YOU for sharing the glorious news about your little cc joining your family! The love you feel now will only grow in depth and meaning to you in the months ahead. While I know it feels as if you will not find time for your art and blog, you will gradually find a balance that will allow you to continue to engage in this part of your life too. WELCOME to parenthood: the most fantastic experience in the world!  

  33. # Blogger jan

    aw - she's so sweet! you said it so well - "when it happens to you, its beyond anything that you can put into words!" however this blog evolves lisa, i know it'll become and will remain a true expression of the unique and very special person you are and will always be a place i will visit.  

  34. # Blogger Lovely Paper

    aw! she sure is precious! congratulations and hugs!  

  35. # Blogger jenifer74

    so so awesome :) congratulations again! xxx.  

  36. # Blogger clairehelene7

    Oh my goodness! I missed this post! How wonderful! Congratulations!  

  37. # Anonymous blair

    Lisa I love the way you describe those wee hours in the night when you feel alone. I remember looking out the window at of Emma's room, trying to quiet her for sleep, 2-3am, and thinking things like "am I the only one on this whole street awake right now?" Its such a crazy bubble of time with a little one. "They" always told me to enjoy every minute. I tried my best. And now I have a 10 year old who's off at a sleepover and a son who's asleep at 8:00 for the night. It feels like a blink of time from one to the other! Miss you and am thinking of you. Much love to your little family.  

  38. # Blogger Marieke

    Congratulations Lisa on a beautiful girl!  

  39. # Blogger bugheart

    little cc
    you are
    so adorable.
    like your
    can't wait
    to meet you.

  40. # Blogger Wolfie and the Sneak

    oh my goodness, Lisa! I'm so happy for you and your new family of 3 (plus precious little furry ones!)
    She's beautiful! I guess I've been hiding under a rock in my own little world~I had no idea you were pregnant. . .But way across the miles I know there are no better parents in the world for little cc.  

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