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a domestic life :: 03 :: yarn

hello there. thanks so much for your kind welcome and words for cc! so special.

so... let's see... above is page 3 in the domestic life sketchbook. i used that blue yarn to make a friend a baby hat - and a hat for someone i have yet to send off. we were supposed to meet in person when she visited - and i was going to hand her the hat, but alas i was in the hospital.

when i came up with the idea to document/draw the domestic for this sketchbook i knew that i was going to be spending a lot of time at home very soon. i have been spending so much time at home. it makes me realize how great it is to feel comfortable at home. to be surrounded by items/colors that are soothing. i have to bust out the polaroid and start taking more photos! cc sleeps for 2-3 hour intervals so i should be able to knock out some more sketchbook pages!

bed drawing: our mirror

this is one of two new drawings i made for the domestic life show [no, i did not know that my sketchbook project and the show i was going to be were going to be titled the same! small world, huh?] at the sun valley art center . the show is up through march 21st. i wish i could see it in person. i'll show you the 7 foot drawing i made for the show soon!

a couple of links:
i'm kind of obsessed with making cakes or plaster casts or candles or soaps [i have always wanted to make soap] candies or something with the molds from here

a friend brought a shopping bag to me from this company une-nana-cool . cute cute japanese lingerie. i just love the aesthetic of the site

have a great weekend!

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9 Responses to “a domestic life {03} + bed drawing”

  1. # Blogger shari

    the bed drawing is amazing. continuing to love the domestic life photo and sketches. i bet you are just having a blast with little cc. xox  

  2. # Blogger Leililaloo

    Congratulations again with your little creature. Isn't it just amazing? I hope to be that lucky next may...
    Your new work is amzing, i always love it, this one is gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing the une-nana-cool link. It is a very pretty site.  

  3. # Anonymous gracia

    Lisa, you really are endlessly inspiring... and I love how every little thing in your world is magically intertwined or references some other part.

    We are lucky to have such comfortable homes or interior worlds to dream, live and work in... really very lucky.

    hugs, g xo  

  4. # Anonymous louise

    Love the idea of your new series. Talk about being inspired by the things around you. Oh and the Japanese site is lovely, as is your new works... it's all fantastic... xo lj  

  5. # Blogger Anke

    Love love love the beds, especially the wallpaper part...what a great idea for a series. xo Anke  

  6. # Blogger wendy

    glad cc is a good sleeper!
    love the beds - especially the mirroring & those frames!

  7. # Blogger Katrina

    absolutely adore the domestic life show drawing w/ the two beds. and the thread between them! how wonderful. happy nesting to you, and little bits of rest...  

  8. # Blogger bugheart

    nap art=
    what gets
    done as
    cc naps.
    love those
    i imagine
    cc brings
    a whole new
    twist on

  9. # Anonymous babelfish

    So great that you have time to create, I love these new pieces for the show and new addition to the 'domestic life' project - indeed, I look forward to seeing new twists on the domestic sketches :)  

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