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s t i l l {body} :: day 3

s t i l l .
this morning it is foggy and colder. the light is greener and bluer

i'm also s t i l l over here

my mom sent me this link to some absolutely BEAUTIFUL kimonos. just breathtaking. go look

have a good wednesday. i'm off to get a little pampering. [can not tell you how excited i am about this]

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12 Responses to “s t i l l - day 3 + guest posting”

  1. # Anonymous betsy

    Oh wow, those kimonos are gorgeous.

    Hmmm, what are you eating over there? I need to know. I'm nosy like that. xo  

  2. # Blogger deerseason87

    This is such a great project. Also, love the MarCrest mug! I have matching glasses...  

  3. # Blogger jenifer74

    great photo; i too love that pattern & have a few thrifty plate & bowl scores with it :)

    have a lovely pampering time!  

  4. # Blogger heather smith jones

    hi sweet you :)
    i'm not sure what you're eating there but i imagine it may be a bowl of cereal. i just finished mine,,, almost like we had breakfast together. :)

    happy day to you today lisa!  

  5. # Anonymous gracia

    How sweet. This photo makes me hope that you guys will one day come visit us in Melbourne and we can go to a cafe together and take like photos of tea and coffee and fine company.

    happy guest blogging days to you... so busy, so busy!


  6. # Blogger Katrina

    i love this photo. and i'm loving your "still" photos series too. delightful...  

  7. # Anonymous babelfish

    I am loving this shot, matching top, bowl and ring? colour-coordinating heaven :)  

  8. # Blogger amisha

    all of these still shots are making me so happy.
    and hurrah for pampering! i am hoping to squeeze a pedi in this weekend... xo  

  9. # Anonymous blair

    beautiful, and that cup makes me smile : )  

  10. # Blogger wendy

    love your point of view.
    love that they are a slice of your life.
    this shirt & that ring & the bowl.  

  11. # OpenID magandadotgirl

    Cute little mug & bowl pic!  

  12. # Blogger Mod

    hi! just found your blog and i love it! and the felt flower pins are so cute!
    kisses from Portugal!

    ah, and i have a green bowl just like that one!!!  

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