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this photo has nothing to do with the post, but what's a post w/out a photo? i just added elastic to my green shoes that kept falling off my feet. i couldn't be happier. elastic is an underrated substance me thinks....

so i was tagged by my fellow oakland artist katrina ... and i haven't done a meme in awhile so here goes... i'm not going to tag anyone, but if you want to play along, please consider this a tag

1. what were you doing 10 years ago?
wow. can i think back that far?? 10 years ago i was working for a gallery in down town san francisco. i was making some drawings that would lead to the work that i used to apply to grad school with. we were just starting to think about looking for a house for ourselves and out pets because we were going to loose the house we were renting.

2. what are five things on your list to do today?
1. catch up on emails
2. order flowers and a book for folks
3. finish mending a target for an upcoming show
4. write a blog post
5. work on my syllabi for upcoming classes

3. snacks you enjoy
lately i've been VERY into popcorn. i can't seem to get enough. also loving all the peaches, plums, apricots and berries that are in season. and yogurt. i've been on a serious yogurt kick. almost one a day. [if i'm feeling indulgent i'll allow myself a cream top yogurt. yum]

4. places you have lived
by far this is the most boring aspect of my life. i'm a california girl. i was born and thus lived in tuscon, AZ, but really i've only lived in los angeles, santa barbara and the bay area - berkeley and oakland

5. what are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire
oh this is hard.... that would open up so many things..... ok let's give it a whirl.
1. i would buy a building and set up a non-profit art space with a gallery and artists studios - all the rent would be subsidised and below market rate. i'd have facilities for the artists to use [like a wood shop, foundry, etc]. i'd also set up an outreach for youth - offering afterschool classes to supplement the non-existent art education in schools.
2. have my mom and dad totally retire [unless they wanted to do some kind of work for "fun"] and send them on a very long all expenses paid trip to where ever they wanted. AND either buy them a home [and make it really green] or update their current home anyway they desired. [i know my mom wants hard wood floors]. sort of along the same lines i'd do the same for me and my husband in terms of housing. either move or greenify our current house [and i guess it'd be easy to build a studio in my yard now with that kind of cashola]
3. buy lots and lots of art from struggling emerging artists that deserve support
4. support good causes like animal rescues, finding alternative fuel sources, organic farming, cultivate some bee hives
5. go on vacations to all the places that i've dreamed of seeing and never have [paris, morraco, berlin, vietnam, spain, portugal, sweden, etc. etc. etc.]

i think this list could get longer....


been thinking a lot lately about things UNDER the surface. things that you can't necessarily see, but are there. for all of us. and how little things - things that you can wear [like rings], or smell, or see - can remind you those you love, miss, or memories....

go read the jargon of authenticity by eireann. i love her thoughts on language and the words we choose to use....

back on friday with a show announcement!

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18 Responses to “quick fix + tag i'm it”

  1. # Blogger shari

    love your meme answers. yes to cream top yogurt! eireann's posts are always so good, aren't they? enjoy your day lisa! xo  

  2. # Anonymous risa

    i love those green shoes! definitely worth rescuing.

    i've always thought that if i came into a nice pot of money i would also use a good protion of it to buy art from young artists. and then i would give a lot of it away to other friends without a lot of money so they could all have beautiful art to beautify their lives.
    ps-i'm loving my new shirt from you. ny wasn't too warm and i wore it there 3 days in a row.  

  3. # Blogger bugheart

    i love memes
    just because
    it's nice
    to learn
    tiny tidbits

    i have always
    been fascinated
    by how
    like smell
    such strong
    with memories...
    how i feel
    when someone
    my mom's
    passes by...


  4. # Blogger lottie

    i love elastic on shoes. yours look great!  

  5. # Anonymous betsy

    Love the shoes, love the elastic (I'm a big fan also of all different widths and FOE too), and you have hot toe cleavage. And I loved reading your memes too, especially what you would do if you won the lottery -- so great. xo  

  6. # Anonymous nicole

    the elastic looks so nice, good work! ...and you're so generous. hope we're still friends when you have that much "cashola". ;)

    thank you for the happy birthday, too. xo  

  7. # Blogger hrsj

    in regards to the post you linked to, i've been thinking about something lately in relation to that. words i don't like to use are 'love' [in regards to inanimate objects] and perfect [be/c i believe not much is truly, totally, perfect].

    perhaps i should use the dictionary more often to avoid a rut. thank you lisa for this post, it made me consider...  

  8. # Anonymous blair

    that's a good meme, I like your answers (I feel like its always a struggle for me to be completely original). We are all about the popcorn here.

    I am sad you are closing up Underdog Ink, but I completely understand! Its so hard to keep up with anything these days!  

  9. # Anonymous DAD

    THANKS for including your Mom and me on your cashola list!! It would be great to travel and have a green house. NOW, we have to get your Mom to retire!  

  10. # Blogger UNIFORM Studio

    I agree with Gwen -it's so fun to learn more about you:)
    and you are so so clever w/ the elastic!  

  11. # Blogger wendy

    i love what you would do with your billions! and that your list could go on and on!!

  12. # Blogger Julie

    I think if I ever feel like I'm getting older and want to be reminded that I'm not that old, I should think of question no.1! (I was getting ready to turn 13. Yeesh!)

    As for your comment about things under the surface, I would add things that you hear, too. I'm seeing and hearing things that are reminding me lately.  

  13. # Blogger Katrina

    oh, fun. (and i think you had the perfect solution with just tagging anyone who wants to play.) i totally agree about the greening, and the non-profit arts space, and the travel and securing our families too. now, we just need a billion! (happy weekend to you.)  

  14. # Anonymous ambika

    Love the shoes! & I think my first choice would be to help my folks retire. If only.  

  15. # Blogger julie

    The idea of the building for artists is a great dream..if only. So nice to learn a little more about you Lisa and thanks for the link to eireanns post - some food for thought xxx  

  16. # Anonymous babelfish

    Love your ingenious use of elastic on the shoes + your fantastic list of things to do as a billionaire, keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you :)  

  17. # Anonymous louise

    I love your list. I think your answers to being mega rich are similar to what I'd do. Except I think I'd employ someone else to run the arts complex that way I could spend a little more time at those holiday destinations.  

  18. # Blogger amisha

    i loved reading this list and learning these little details about you!
    and the shoes... so good. how did you attach the elastic?

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