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there's little i control

- michael a. salter

that's how the text opens at the show....

pile of thunder bots - robo sapiens

here it is... my pile of robots on view at the san jose museum of art . they happen to be having a free event next tuesday in conjunction with the show. getting in for free is nice ....

pile of thunder bots

i guess with this piece i'm talking about broken technology. all these robots just endlessly falling from the sky and ending up piling up. and then trying to make that more palatable, cuter. i guess i believe that you can make someone stop and notice by making them laugh and smile - there isn't necessarily a need to preach... i guess if i roll with the idea that they are stand ins for me as a self portrait this embodies how i feel sometimes. like i can't fly and things just end up piling up. i can only hope that the piles in my mind are this colorful. one of the docents said that lots of kids want to talk about my piece. they talk about recycling and waste and how colorful it is. that made me smile.

pile of thunder bots - detail of the mass

we had a pool going. like the jelly bean jar. how many robots are there on the wall. the curator of the show guessed the closest :) she said she was sure that the museum guards would end up counting them.

it was really fun building this piece. i would pick a color and then place a bunch of robots. in the beginning it was kind of hard and random. then the next color would come in. it became a puzzle of which direction and which color had to come next. i think i might be able to draw my version of the thunder robot in my sleep....

ed ruscha

this is the ruscha i'm across from. sigh

slideshow of all the shots from the show here

coatcheck bots

these were the bots that people made during the workshop. that was really fun. if you want the pattern for the bot - it's here .... i made it so you cut one each of each piece since it's hard to fold over felt and cut... and the extra space is for embellishment. you can cut out legs too. i didn't put legs on the pattern since we only had 3 hours in the workshop....

by the way... i did re-do my portfolio .

happy wednesday!


25 Responses to “"we were promised robots" + free pattern”

  1. # Blogger design for mankind.

    EEK! It all looks so so lovely--- and your new portfolio? FANTASTIC.

    Congrats, Lisa -- you've bloomed! :)  

  2. # Blogger wendy

    love everything about your pile of thunder robots! xoxox  

  3. # Blogger Di

    I love your robots your sentiments and the opener for the show!! The colours are great - so are you ever going to tell us how many robots there are???  

  4. # Blogger UNIFORM Studio

    The show looks like a lot of fun!
    Sometimes it's nice to have a theme that can be interpreted lightly on the surface (and look happy) and yet have all these other layered meanings.
    And your new portfolio is wonderful.
    I really like the format.

  5. # Anonymous risa

    robots, robots, robots!!!! L-O-V-E  

  6. # Blogger Shiny Black Shoes

    ohhhh that looks awesome! Great job!  

  7. # Blogger Esti

    I like the idea of piling robots so much. it's like piling ideas, projects... Very sharp.  

  8. # Blogger Tiffany

    The robots rock! OMG, I really love the colors and their placement and the fact that they're tumbling from seemingly nowhere. And those stuffies are the best!

    I really want to make one!  

  9. # Anonymous shisomama

    oh my god, FANTASTIC!!!!! what i wouldn't give to have this piece to talk about with students - they would absolutely die with enthusiasm. how about one for the oakland museum too? :)  

  10. # Blogger hrsj

    I'm just kind of sitting here with my mouth open, gawking at how amazing this is! It is so exciting!  

  11. # Blogger Erin Lang Norris

    Oh my gosh! What a fun show!!! All of your shows always look great, but this one definitely takes the cake when it comes to all things fun.

    And what a neat little workshop to have! So so cool.  

  12. # Anonymous andrea (scout)

    :::falls on the floor, dies:::

    because amazing doesn't even begin to describe this. and i love that presenting an idea with levity and color and humor can create such powerful poignance and depth. wonderful. and i'm going to go out on a limb and say 867 bots.  

  13. # Blogger andrea

    wow. your work, sweet friend... so good. just so good.


  14. # Blogger amisha

    lisa, it all looks wonderful! i agree with martha's comment... i love the layered meanings in your work... so much happening under the surface.

  15. # Anonymous louise

    Your robots look fantastic! You must have had a ball working on them. Congratulations. xo lj  

  16. # Anonymous gracia

    Broken technology looks so good in your hands...
    hugs, g xx  

  17. # Anonymous ambika

    I have so many friends who would have loved this show. The coat check bots are nosing ahead as my fave, if only for the enthusiastic hands in the air poses.  

  18. # Blogger shash

    very cool. would look nice on sew green...(though i understand if you want to keep your art stuff on your blog!)  

  19. # Blogger jenifer74

    yep, i'd be sighing too if my work was opposite a ruscha!!!!! how thrilling :)  

  20. # Blogger Anke

    That looks like a really really fun show - and colorful too! Absolutely love this! XO  

  21. # Blogger Tracy

    Hooray for Robo-Sapiens :) Looks like a wonderful show, congrats! I would love to make one of those cuties at the bottom. Love the robot pieces in your portfolio too.  

  22. # Anonymous Amy@Pikaland

    I absolutely love the wall! :)
    And your portfolio looks GREAT, by the way, congrats!  

  23. # Blogger bugheart

    that robot
    show looks
    your piece
    is even more
    than i

  24. # Blogger Misty

    I'm making my son a robot based on your pattern and he is so very excited about it. Thanks for sharing. Your show looks fabulous!  

  25. # Blogger Dot

    thanks for posting this... i adore robots!  

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