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there's little i control


i thought wearing silver shoes today would help.

i am obsessing over these yellow shoes . honestly i need more shoes like i need a hole in my head. maybe i need a hole in my head [or a whole new head]. perhaps what would come out of said hole would make me smarter, faster, better....

i'm also really into imperfect articles a store that has limited edition T's and stuffs by cool artists. I particularly want andrea loefke's shirt. have you seen her work? . she's amazing.

gotta run [at least i'll look better doing it in my silver shoes]
happy wed.

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26 Responses to “twinkle toes”

  1. # Blogger jenifer74

    am loving the twinkly shoes :)  

  2. # Blogger deerseason87

    just click your heels together 3 times...  

  3. # Blogger shim + sons

    Love your twinkle toes! =)  

  4. # Blogger shari

    hi sparkle girl. when you said imperfect articles i imagined something completely different. like, an article you read in the newspaper or a magazine that is just not quite right. hee hee. xox  

  5. # Blogger Wendy

    thanks for the fun links Lisa. How are doing with the Honolulu work? Will you be able to make it over? I have a couple of things in progress, I should send you images for brainstorming...  

  6. # Anonymous risa

    silver shoes ALWAYS make me feel better.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Not to add to your misery...BUT the yellow shoes are very cute! I must admit I'd prefer one of the other colors, however.  

  8. # Blogger Esti

    Oh, silver shoes! I truly like those shoes!  

  9. # Blogger sk8ordiehard

    ooo, those yellow shoes are completely worth obsessing over.

    so are your silver ones--you're too cute!  

  10. # Blogger Shiny Black Shoes

    I love this pic! I just started a photo project where I take pics of my shoes...I just make a point of stopping throughout my day and take a's been so fun and really just nice to be able to stop and appreciate the little things.  

  11. # Blogger hannah

    i second risa. shoes that make you smile can't be bad, right?  

  12. # Blogger diana fayt

    thank you for twinkle toe*ing* to my sale this past weekend :) it was so nice to see you.

    as for shoes, i have a deep passion for any shoe that is silver, gold, even bronze for that matter.

    and now you tempt me with yellow...

  13. # Blogger hrsj

    when i'm tired on a teaching day, i get out the glitter. a little sparkle and silver always spiff things up!  

  14. # Blogger

    My silly computer will not let me see your silver shoes!! But I am sure they are wonderful!!! And, hey, what's one more pair of shoes!!!!! ? Get em!  

  15. # Blogger wendy

    love the shoes.
    wish i had the time to give you a ring, know i am thinking about you!
    {got myself one of those prints!}  

  16. # Anonymous gracia

    Loving those twinkling silver shoes to make one lightening fast... and I'd love a new head as well. Should you find one, could you put my order on the waiting list.

    Happy weekend, g xo  

  17. # Anonymous louise

    Hope you had a good day in the end twinkle toes. xo lj  

  18. # Anonymous nicole

    love the shiny shoes! hugs.  

  19. # Blogger amisha

    happy shoes do help, i really believe it :) love yours. i am in the same boat though lady... as i get ready to move (just down a floor till august) i am thinking how the heck did i get so many shoes?! i am just one woman! :) xox  

  20. # Blogger lisa s

    no wonder we all get along so well... we are bound by shoes !! :)

  21. # Blogger lisa s

    p/s gracia - YES i will put you on the wait list for a new head as soon as i can find the manufacturer ....  

  22. # Blogger Anke

    Wedge heels are my favourites, so if your were hoping that we might talk you out of buying these...not me. Go for it. Everybody needs a vice... ;)  

  23. # Anonymous babelfish

    Right, I have to get myself some silver flats!  

  24. # Blogger jess gonacha

    now i'm wanting those yellow shoes badly, too!! they are so so cute, as are the silver ones. :)  

  25. # Anonymous ambika

    I've made a rule that I can't buy new shoes without getting rid of old ones. You'd think it would help...

    Love those yellow shoes. I was actually resisting them a few days ago!  

  26. # Blogger bugheart

    the same
    i lust after...
    is that photo
    at your school.
    looks familiar.

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