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carbon tetrachloride + cosmic wheel

i'm super pleased to announce that jessica of the shiny squirrel has the above pairing as a print available on her website.

aurora and i thought it would be fun to do another print after the tiny showcase one.

the scoop:
these are SIGNED and numbered and in an edition of 50 - with 6AP's. the images are 6"x6" and the paper is 8"x8" [for easy framing]. you get both for $58.

find the print here .

if you are shopping for mother's day how bout a piece by alyson fox or the alice jacket , or this piece by lisa congdon

happy monday to everyone!

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13 Responses to “carbon tetrachloride + cosmic wheel”

  1. # Anonymous sally

    Oh, this diptych is SO beautiful. I am trying to use every ounce of self-control right now... ;)  

  2. # Anonymous Kathleen

    yay. how wonderful. congrats ladies:)  

  3. # Anonymous louise

    Looks great guys, congratulations. xoxo lj  

  4. # Blogger Shiny Black Shoes

    Those are beautiful!  

  5. # Blogger dandelion

    so, so lovely lisa - i loved your collaboration with aurora...x  

  6. # Anonymous blair

    gorgeous! I love how these look together, a perfect pairing.

    P.S.- It also looks all nice and spit-shined over here as well, like Spring.  

  7. # Blogger design for mankind.

    Good Lord I love this one, Lisa. I may even like it better than your first collabo with Aurora!

    Actually, no. I can't decide. They're both equal parts fabulous--- wouldn't expect anything less from the two of you! :)


  8. # Blogger Tiffany

    That pairing is so very nifty!

    Thanks for the link to the Alice jacket - oh how I want!  

  9. # Blogger Katrina

    i LOVE this pairing. truly super...  

  10. # Blogger amisha

    so beautiful lisa. i am just continually amazed by how well your + aurora's pieces work together! so different and yet so complementary.

  11. # Anonymous babelfish

    I agree with amisha, you guys complement each other so well.  

  12. # Blogger jess gonacha

    the color combo in this pairing is just AWESOME! so beautiful.  

  13. # Blogger bugheart

    i just LOVE
    that pair...
    wish i had been
    on top of it
    to get a set.
    those pieces
    i think
    have to be my favorite...
    maybe i can talk
    you into
    a payment plan...

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